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May 24, 2004


Cecil Turner

Obviously, a Presidential election is a bit closer to reality than a baseball game.

Repent sinner! Repent, repent!

Patrick R. Sullivan

Yeah, Cecil's right. I've never seen anyone talk their way out of a Randy Johnson slider


On the waiting-for-better-news front, I'm also reminded of Will Saletan's comparison of Kerry and Edwards:

"The good news for Edwards is that experience is easy to acquire. The bad news for Kerry is that caring and honesty aren't."


the current news is bad for Bush, and Kerry is a deeply flawed candidate, but the news can change.

Not for nuthin' but maybe the news is bad for Bush because he is a deeply fl...


...strong and determined leader who will stay the course on the ship of acomplished missions; seeing us through to mroning in America again with honor.


Willie, save some of that Kool-aid for me, please.



Fair enough post, and I really, really don't mean to put this on you alone, but did last night's speech really convince you, or something like that, or did it sound like the same (great, I'll tell you, it is great) rhetoric we've come to hear from Bush.

The news may say he's addressing important issues, but how much of that is spin? If we can't trust the press to give us the straight story on Iraq, can we trust the White House talking points to the media?

Isn't it ultimatly more important that the president come up with a coherent plan and less important that he convince us he has one.

I know policy merits are never, ever self-evident in today's environment, but still, as someone who's not going to vote for him, I will believe that the extent Bush has fallen in the polls stems from the fact that the "convincing" is more important in the administration's mind than "coherent."


The american people by and large want Bush to win.They like him and want to vote for him so if iraq can just get marginally better or hopefully a lot better..i think Bush will be on his way but of course the press will be the usual whores they are


... did last night's speech really convince you, or something like that, or did it sound like the same (great, I'll tell you, it is great) rhetoric we've come to hear from Bush.

The short answer is no. I think Bush needs to create an appearance of confidence and competence in order to rally a bit of public support, but I think reality will drive events. Yes, the perception of reality is important, and the press is in love with the "Iraq=quagmire" theme, but eventually, if we are making progress on the ground in Iraq, people will see it here, and Bush will win.

I happen to think that Bob is right, and that there is residual good-will for Bush. It is also true that roughly 75% of Americans supported this war at the outset, and that Americans like to believe we are both the good guys and a can-do, problem solving nation of high achievers. All of that plays to Bush, whose basic message will be, you were right to support this war, and if you continue to support it we,as Americans, can do graet things.

That is not an unappealing message. It may be unrealistic, but it is not one I would be in a hurry to campaign against, which is why I think that, if the news ever does turn, Kerry could be in serious trouble. Trouble that his pleasing personality cannot solve for him.


"we,as Americans, can do graet things."
Oh, the jokes I could make if I was a little more anti-American...


OK, pretty funny. You try typing the way Bush speaks some time.


Bob: Comparing the press to whores is unfair and
demeaning to the ladies of the evening.


Thank you for reminding me of the 2001 Series. It was pleasant to close my eyes and see Luis Gonzales bloop that single in again for the winning run.

It is still May. hardly anyone is paying close attention right now.

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