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September 24, 2004


Appalled Moderate

While I think the Heinz-Kerry tax return is a good live political issue, the image of Dick ("Deferrment Pacemaker Man") Cheyney, the man who did battle to keep his Energy Taskforce records secret, demanding that Kerry free up his medical and military records is a little hard to take this early in the morning.

Jim Glass

"By retaining her dead husband’s name—there is no genteel way to put this—she is publicly, subliminally cuckolding Kerry with the power of another man—a dead Republican man, at that."

Yeah but considering the power of the other man's money, he'll put up with that happily. Kerry's own income wouldn't even cover the property taxes he owes, literally -- much less the cost wind surfing.


My October surprise predictions:
Osama will be found hiding in John Kerry's hair.
The WMDs will be found in John Edwards hair.
The press will concede that Dick Cheney has nothing to hide.

Cecil Turner

"While I think the Heinz-Kerry tax return is a good live political issue, the image of Dick ("Deferrment Pacemaker Man") Cheyney [sic] . . ."

I agree it would not be a particularly strong dig, partly because it opens the Administration to charges of hypocrisy, but mostly because the White House has been (correctly) treating the Vietnam stuff as old hat--while Kerry and the DNC are self-immolating by trying to resurrect it as an issue. The bottom line is that it really isn't terribly important.

However, VP Cheney is eminently qualified to discuss national security from the standpoint of the National Command Authority (having twice been in the chain during highly successful major combat operations). And he's already
jabbing at Kerry on his most vulnerable point:

President Bush and leading Republicans are increasingly charging that Democratic presidential nominee John F. Kerry and others in his party are giving comfort to terrorists and undermining the war in Iraq . . .
(The fact that it calls to mind a certain 30+ year-old track record is just a bonus . . .) Cheney was just on Fox repeating the point and relating it to Kerry's moronic comments on Allawi. I predict more of the same.


Hasn't Kerry released only one year of "his" tax returns? That's not exactly standard practice. I'd also like to see some clamoring from the press for his campaign to provide full disclosure on their donors - his is worse than scammin' Al Sharpton.

The Kid

More troops of a pacific nature?

In a move that has not yet been announced, the former Soviet republic of Georgia is planning to send 800 troops before the end of the year to join the 180 it has in Iraq, officials said.

"It's not yet official, but that's the general idea," said Irakli Ignti, first secretary of the Georgian Embassy. Gela Bezhuashvili, the Georgian national security adviser, said he also has been told that Romania plans to send troops in addition to the 800 there.

Also, a U.S. official said he thinks Fiji will offer a contingent. A Romanian official said she was not aware of any additional deployment being planned. The Fijian Embassy did not return calls seeking comment.

Talk about diversity! The Samoan Army Reserve unit is on the way too! Just wait until word gets out: Pacific islanders and former commies join forces to fight terror in Iraq!


As to the energy task force issue, not a bad point. Maybe some other surrogate, or maybe Cheny just folds that in - look how the press hounded me, when will it go after him?

As to the idea that the miltary records are ancient history, well, yes. But the absurd media tilt for Kerry is a current event.

That said, does Cheney want to be Spiro Agnew, and run against the press?

I'll grant that Karl may not play this card if Kerry continues to flail. But I think that if Kerry gets some traction, this will come up.

Frank Martin

(Cough) Medical Records (Cough, Cough) Cancer Survivor running for President(Cough)Might be an issue ( Cough) Underwent Surgery just-last-year (Cough Cough),Looking increasingly weak on the campaign trail (Cough) out with a "cold" this week ( Cough Cough)


The most interesting thing about this is that TuhRayZuh isn't predicting a NOVEMBER SURPRISE.


Appalled Moderate,

You are absolutely right, but they are stunningly shameless and hypocritical in just about every single regard, so I have no idea why we would expect anything different this time around.

As for Kerry's tax records and/or THK's tax records, I'm curious, were they released in 2002, when he ran for the Senate? If so, wouldn't looking at them give us any indication of what we might expect?

And can someone tell me exactly what good reason we have for trying to dig through the estate of John Heinz? This seems to be nothing but dig for a possible scandal.

capt joe

Well, the press has hankered for every GWB doc and he has supplied them. The press requested correponding docs from Kerry and Kerry has not produced them. Not his medical records, his military record (only 6 out of 100 pages), and only the most basic tax info. The press did ask for his wife's also. If there is no problem then why not give them. Isn't that the line the press took with Bush?

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