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September 21, 2004



Somewhat of a tangent: Tom, do you have any faith left in Kristof?


Faith? Trust no one!

But I think he is pretty good, actually.

P.S. That's a mousetrap - I am relying on the intrepid Mr. Kristof in the Roger Simon "Paris" post below.


There you go trusting Lexis-Nexis over what the MSM is telling you. Shame, shame, shame. (What color are your pajamas?)


Good blog. Blogrollling...


So then, TM, you don't agree with the notion that he's a Michael Moore/Ann Coulter clone, an intellectual dishonest person, which is the characterization that some here are trying spread?

Matthew Schiros

I dunno. Maybe he stole the ideas from me?

And I posted two days before you. So NEENER NEENER NEEEENER!!!!

Humphrey Bogus

FYI, as a current business school student at a well known Ivy League university not in the Boston area, it is considered a grand tradition to come to class drunk--especially on the last day of class. Two years ago, one class actually served champagne, and the professor imbibed as well. While this is obviously not condoned by the administration and doesn't happen all the time, it's not the sort of thing that would shock one's fellow students.

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