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November 30, 2004



"Jonah Goldberg has a good column today."

Right. I don't need no fancy machine to tell me that's a lie.


It's a good column but flawed in a couple of ways. What he describes as an appeal to order is nothing more than leadership. And the exit polls say Bush blew Kerry away in terms of leadership. That's what any appeal like that is, just being a strong leader.

And Jonah points to several things as being indicative of a society sliding away and none of those IMO as strongly indicative as crime. And what's going on with the crime rate? Hardly cause for concern.

I'm all for lamenting each and every thing that points toward a need for personal responsibility and lots of guns and stuff. But our sinking crime rate is telling us just the opposite.


Totally OT. I just couldn't put it in the memorabilia comments and the Plame/Novak/Miller thread it too busy. Now, will Jonah mind?

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw;

[...]He cast the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks as a direct assault on the Islamic faith itself,..."

These acts of terror, he said, were "nothing whatever to do with Islam," ...[...]




By a margin of 76% to 7%, Muslims back the Kerry/Edwards ticket over the incumbent Bush/Cheney ticket.


A LEADING Islamic cleric was discovered returning to Sydney with a 150-page notebook on tactics for warfare, intelligence and martyrdom, a court has been told.

[...]focuses on "infiltration, deception tactics, martyrdom and the euphoria of fighting a jihad outside one's borders".


26 Saudi scholars addressed a message to the Iraqi people in which the scholars call upon them to unite, resist the occupation, and stop internal fighting.

The message was posted to the website of Salman Al-Awda, a well-known cleric who was jailed in Saudi Arabia in the past for his radical rhetoric.


[Leftists(?) give alot of attention to the scholars(?)]


30November04: Bush thanked the hospitable Canadians for waving at him "with all five fingers."


HELPING THE TROOPS: Reader Ron Ford sends this very comprehensive list of support-the-troops websites...


Good point about the crime rate being down. The abortion rate is also down from the early 90's, and I suspect that drug use is below the peak set in (I am guessing) the 70's.

My other question about his piece was, what else is new? Richard Nixon ran as a law and order candidate; Reagan was surely offering a return to old-time approaches; even "The Duke" ran on competence, not ideology.

One might argue that in '96, Clinton promised a bridge to the 21st century, but 1996 would qualify as a time when the Goldberg theory would predict that - peace, prosperity, let 'er rip.

John Kennedy's "New Frontier" in 1960 may have been an example of a deliberately forward-looking Presidency. At least, I am sure Kennedy fans will say so,

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