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November 06, 2004


Jim Glass

Look up how big the Democratic majorities were in House & Senate -- more imporantly in state legislatures and governors' mansions -- a generation ago, or even in 1992.

Look where they are today.

For them to say they lost this election because of [pick favorite(s): gay marriage bashing, evangelicals, poor candidate, didn't get our base out, whatever] is like saying your football team lost that game because the damn kicker missed that last-second field goal, no the holder screwed it up, no the long snapper did -- after they blew a 28-point second period lead.

Tom Bowler

Doesn't it seem the advice always boils down to "Who can we pretend to be next???"


Will Kerry ever sign his Form 180 ??


Here are the exit poll results:

Taxes (5%)
Education (4%)
Iraq (15%)
Terrorism (19%)
Economy/Jobs (20%)
Moral Values (22%)
Health Care (8%)

Here are some points about these numbers:

(hat tip to

1) 78% of voters thought something other than moral values was more important.

2) Moral values is a somewhat ambiguous term, so it could mean the voter was thinking about something other than abortion or gay marriage. However, I acknowlegde that most voters that chose moral values were equating it with traditional values, a less ambiguous term.

3) The Iraq and Terrorism percentages could be combined under the umbrella heading of National Security. Those two total to 34%, 12% higher than moral values at 22%.

4) Taxes, jobs/economy can reasonbly be combined, as tax policy affects the economy and therefore jobs. These total to 25%. One can go further and add health care. When voters mention health care as their top item, they are not talking about quality, they are talking about delivery/cost/insurance concerns, an economic concern. These three categories total to 33%, just one point under Iraq/Terrorism.

This means 2 out of 3 voters (67%) chose either security or economics as what concerned them most in making their choices. These numbers make clear that national security and good old fashioned bread and butter economic issues were and are what most voters consider important.

Tom, you are spot on about social conservatives trying to take the wheel, or at least ride shotgun. The Left is trying to demonize social conservatives to spook the moderates. I think the Repub pols will realize this and govern accordingly. Not so sure about the Dems though.


Oh, for heaven's sake!!!

I am so sick and tired of the "Republicans Are Homophobes" meme.

Many of us conservative Republicans have gay children and we love them dearly. Just because we don't see "marriage" as an institutional answer to gay unions doesn't mean that we don't support and treasure and delight in our gay children and their partners.

There isn't an honest parent, on either side of the aisle, who won't tell you that your child's announcement that he/she is gay didn't cause some reshuffling, with various degrees of difficulty, in one's family's outlook. 'Nuff said to those in the know.

Nothing gave me greater satisfaction than when Dick Cheney announced he was on that dias with his FAMILY (which included his daughter Mary and her partner). Trust me, Lynn and Dick, been there, done that. I knew EXACTLY where your family was coming from and I reveled in your joy to be standing there on that stage, with your ENTIRE beloved family, celebrating a sweet victory, a sweet victory on many levels.

BTW, my son and his partner, both successful (Duke, Princeton) professionals, are rabid conservatives. Family values do triumph. Indeed.

Jim, Mtn View, CA

As noted, there are at least 4 things going on here. Naturally "Repubs win due to redneck homophobes" is false. However, on the Dem side, this club is being wielded by the "adults" to take back the party and throw out the Moore-ons, the Hollywood left, the Dean-iacs and other of the somewhat, shall we say, anti-American elements. Think of it as a mild version of the Zell Miller Dems.

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