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November 16, 2004



At last! Reform Islam to join Reform Judaism!

This should work.


"there is no central church that certifies [imams]"

This, in fact, is a central problem in the military in certifying Muslim chaplains. While most other faiths have some formal ordination process that certifies an individual posesses the requisite knowledge to serve the needs of their flock, the distinct lack of similar regular process in Islam requires the military branches to apply their own standards in making this determination.

Richard Aubrey

Exposure to western culture is a moderating influence, which is why the Islamists want their own schools, among other things.
A high school teacher of our acquaintance told the following story:
She has a Muslim girl in one of her classes who dresses with substantial modesty. A couple of weeks ago, on the Friday preceding the Big Rivalry in the state's college football season, the girl showed up with a sweatshirt promoting one of the teams. "You must be hot," said the teacher. "Mrs. ---, I am hot." It was clear, said the teacher, that the reference was not to stifling clothing.
The class, discovering that it was Ramadan, then voted to delay a party until the girl could eat with them in daylight.
After which, she watched but did not participate in the Powder Puff football game.
No wonder the gynophobic wankers--to borrow a phrase--hate western culture.


As to whether they are hopelessly liberal and have no chance of making an impact outside of Manhattan (or Minnesota), I have no idea. 

Hmmm. I would counsel that nurturing movements like this is more, much more, important than pushing a "conservative" agenda. Not that I think you were advocating the opposite above; yet I think that it deserves special mention that any conservative that stands in the way of THIS particular liberal movement because of opposition to, for example, gay rights should be knocked upside the head.

Very interesting article; I've been hoping for such groups for a long time. Let's put our private dollars to work against terrorist apologists and hit that Paypal button!

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