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December 22, 2004



The article also credits "repeated calls from big-city mayors..."'

Spear Shaker

"Mr. Bush and some members of Congress had wanted to give an even greater share of the money directly to cities using a threat-based formula, instead of a state-by-state system, responding in part to criticism that states like Wyoming now get more per capita in terrorism grants than New York."

- now that Bush is elected, perhaps the NYTimes is simply reinforcing a meme that rural RedStates are somehow compromising the safety of BlueStates through transfer payments as an opening salvo in the '06 elections. . .



I think the person who Bush wanted taking the credit was Bernard Kerik, but he's now otherwise occupied.


3 years after 9/11, Republicans get "serious" on the war on terror. Hurray!.

John Kerry

I was serious about the war on terror, before I wasn't!


Wow... you just cant win with a bushy can you.

Report on him for the incompetent he is, and they hate you for it. praise him, and they think theres an ulterior motive.

What a buch of clowns.

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