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January 12, 2005


Rod Stanton

Rush to air? What rush? Dan started work on the TANG smear in 1998? A smear five plus years in the making that Viacom spent $millions on "research" was RUSHed?
Dick was hired by Viacom to write a coverup and he did.
The panel is almost as biased as the Sep report was! Just much better organized.

Paul Zrimsek

Hey, it only took half as long as our rush to war in Iraq!


Well at least we don't fake "WMD"s and sell 'em to ya.
The reason that you know the US didn't find WMD is because the US told you.

But by your loopy moonbat logic Rove pulled off 9/11-yet couldn't plant a WMD.

And-for the love of...go to the dictionary look up two words-STATIC and DYNAMIC.

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