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May 06, 2006


Jim E.

"who cares?"

Apparently you do.

Gary Maxwell

Well well well. Apparently a little ever so gentle ribbing of a major gaff like that, puts our lefty friends a fowl and sour mood. Who knew they were so thin skinned?


Is it possible to have paid any attention in the last 5 years and not know the various ways "Usama" is spelled?

Just where does Amato get his news?


Oh and the Red Sox are winning.


It's just a little trick his mind played on him, like when you look at a word you've read and spelled hundreds of times, and just for a moment it doesn't look spelt right. Soon, he'll not remember which he thought was right and which wrong.

Mario G. Nitrini 111

Mr Tom Maguire,

You had the Courage not to delete me from your website.

Mr Patterico (Patrick Frey) Responded (Kind of) to me on Cathy Seipp's Website:

under this Blog:

"True believers
posted 05/05/06
Comments (48) Permalink"

I wanted to let everyone know.


What I "GOT" here from your website from Sara (Hi Squiggler) is Absolutely legally Priceless for me.

Mr. Maguire, your website is DYN----O----MITE.

I would please ask it anyone is going to respond to me, Please do it where I was Posting on this website here:

"That Would Be "Sir" UGO To You..."

I do not want to Disrupt Mr Maguire's website or this thread.

Thank you.

Mario G. Nitrini 111

The OJ Simpson Case


Everybody's ought to have at least one obsession, and I hear his voice is perfectly entrancing. Seems good-hearted. All you got to lose is your husband.


Shouldn't that be Mr. Umato? Omato?


I liked the one where a commenter begged him to pull the post lest the 'enemy' capture it and use it for ammunition; and then later when a grenade got lobbed in.

That bunch didn't have any qualms about roasting the host, though. Self-correcting blogs are a wonder. Who is that guy, anyway.


Who knew they were so thin skinned?

*raises hand*

richard mcenroe

So we never caught bin Laden cuz the CIA's been looking on the wrong page in the Pakistani phone book?


You say oh-som-ah, I say oo-som-ah...

Paul Zrimsek

Reminds me of the bit in the one Woody Allen short story where the Russian Revolution breaks out when the peasants learn that the Tsar and the Czar are the same person.

Do we have a definitive ruling on Osama/Usama from Prof. Juan "I speak Arabic, you know" Cole?


Just as the koran (quoan?) was given by Allah in arabic, and can not be translated in English neither can OBL's or is it UBL's.

Joe Mealyus

"Do we have a definitive ruling on Osama/Usama from Prof. Juan 'I speak Arabic, you know' Cole?"

Maybe he can clear up the "are Just One Minute posts written while sober" question while he's at it.


There is no word in Arabic that translate into the english word Fuzzy.

Harry Arthur

It seems that when any name is transliterated from any other language into English, the spelling at best only approximates the sound of the word in the original.

Big deal for "gotcha journalism" though.

Anyone care to discuss why we changed Bombay to Mumbai, or Peking to Beijing? Which of the spellings is "correct" and which is "incorrect"?


This is today's history lesson.
Here is a bit of 1790's confusion.

Confused about the proper name for the Nation's capital? If so, you're not alone.

Pierre L'Enfant, designer of the city, thought of it as the Capital City. Jefferson referred to it as Federal Town. Washington, however, considered this undignified, and instead used the name Federal City.

I find this stuff interesting. If you are interested there is more detail at this link.


2 hilarious comments at C&L

Fox news has used the "U"sama spelling always, in fact I think they are the only (at least that I have seen) to use the actual correct spelling. No big that virtually ever other news outlet went the incorrect, but perfectly acceptable "O" route, and as one other commenter mentioned, the spelling - USA-ma - is why the other accepted translation was used BUT of course it's Bush's fault...

I read somewhere recently (can't remember where) that his name really is Usama, but the Bush gang decided to make it Osama so the first three letters wouldn't be USA.

Fits a certain pattern, doesn't it?
dailyread | Homepage | 05.06.06 - 7:34 pm | #

I believe that IS his correct name. Maybe they got it right--for once. VTsecessionist | 05.06.06 - 7:31 pm | #

So...BushMcHitler Co. with their jingoistic USA crap strong-armed all news media to rewrite/censor enemy number #1's true name EXCEPT that puppet news org, Fox!

Giving Glenn Greenwald a migraine?

Laz, says it well

Yesterday there were a slew of complaints about grammatical errors on C&L. Many countered that substance is all that matters.

Well the substance of this post is a downright embarrassment. DoD and FBI use UBL as the man's codename, and a quick google shows that Fox uses Usama as a matter of course and has for years.

Hard to get around criticism that bloggers are sloppy and uneducated with a post like this staring out at you.
Laszlo Panaflex | 05.06.06 - 8:04 pm | #


Ah...a Greenwald see, Fox has used the correct spelling and since they are the only news outlet to do so...rather than just except it for what it is...that they are right and not jingoistic puppets -- LIKE THE REST-- (it is just getting too hard for there premises to remain in tack) is proof of Fox's arrogance...

I've noted Fox do this for years and it highlights the arrogance of the "network". OK, perhaps the use of the "U" instead of an "O" is AN acceptable variation, but clearly not the widely accepted one. Instead of using the one spelling that we have commonly agreed upon, they insist on setting their own. It's exactly how they frame arguments around their own views and call it news.

yeah, yeah, this is a fairly innocuous variation, but it hints at this ridiculous propaganda-machine's elitisim.
r | 05.06.06 - 8:16 pm | #

this is just TOO funny.


Sorry, ts--I think the loons are beyond laughing at--I'm looking for a large net and strait jackets..

Charlie (Colorado)

Anyone care to discuss why we changed Bombay to Mumbai, or Peking to Beijing? Which of the spellings is "correct" and which is "incorrect"?

In both cases, the new spelling makes the sound come out a little more like the way in sounds in the local language. Mandarin in particular suffers from a horrible traditional romanization that includes an apostrophe to indicate whether a consonant is voiced or unvoiced, so "P'e" would be pronounced "pay" and "Pe" is pronounced "bay". The city's name sounds, in Mandarin, like "bay jeeeng".


I believe the Indian government itself changed to Mumbai. Similarly, they have changed Calcutta to Kolcata. It's relatively expensive and largely ineffectual. Most Indian people I've met still call it Bombay, though. And Mollywood doesn't sound quite as charming.


That's why it is Istambul not Constatinople,it was too hard pronouncing Byzantium


Things have come to a pretty pass,
Our romance is growing flat,
For you like this and the other
While I go for this and that.
Goodness knows what the end will be;
Oh, I don't know where I'm at...
It looks as if we two will never be one,
Something must be done.

You say Osama, I say Usama,
You say Bin Laaaden, I say Bin Lauden,
Osama, Usama,
Bin Laaaden, Bin Lauden,
Let's call the whole thing off!

(apologies to George and Ira)

Tom Maguire

I threw in a "MORE" in a fit of blogger solidarity.

Geoffrey Wykes

I would like to point out that the military in general and the intelligence community specifically tend to use "Usama" as well; hence, there is a lot of talk about 'UBL' this and that. Most intelligence documents will refer to him in this mode.


Muhammad - Mohammed
Muslim - Moslem

Philistia - Palestine - Falastin

Pil (Sanskrit) - al fil (Arabic) - Elephant

And Yeshua bin Yusuf somehow becomes Jesus Christ.


Let's call a spade a spade here. They were attempting to mock Fox and their attempt made fools of them. You can't outfox the Fox. ::grin:: Just be careful we don't fall into the same category in our mockery of MSNBC. ::grin::


For ordi, PUK et al. An Englishman, when told that the British had burned Washington late in the Napoleonic Campaigns, remarked, "Washington? I know we burned Joan of Arc, but Washington?"


I just love al, the typical man on the street, most lief to laugh, or leaf.


This is typical of this crowd. Almost every single post on Think Progress is this type of "scoop". Let's not mention that Richard Clarke used to say "Usama" all the time in the documents, which I think we see in the 9/11 Commission.

It is a telling sign of not BDS, but OCBDS: Obsessive Compulsive Bush Derangement Syndrome.

Harry Arthur

Charlie(C), exactly. This is why it's quite ridiculous to criticize any transliteration of a name.

Yeshua bin Yusuf somehow becomes Jesus Christ. Hebrew transliterated to Greek, transliterated to English. Christus, of course, is the the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew form of the English transliteration Messiah, hence Jesus the Messiah.

My head hurts.


Don't worry,Cat Stevens became Yusuf Islam.

richard mcenroe

Actually, his name is properly spelled 'squiggle, squiggle with a dot over it, spiky thing, squiggle, squiggle'...

richard mcenroe

"Who knew they were so thin skinned?"

Gary — Have you MET a lefty? It's their default state on boot-up...

Robin Roberts

As for transliteration of Chinese words, I'm still fighting the pinyan system and refuse to use anything but Wade-Giles to this day.

Futile, that's my middle name.


I smell roasting meat and see wine spilled on the ground.

Late for the party, again?


Robin Futile Roberts-
Pinyin is an evil plot to keep English speakers from learning Mandarin.

Mick Pup

Is it just me or is the menu on the right displaced at the bottom on the main page? It’s the same in Opera, Firefox and IE…


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