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June 26, 2006


Carol Herman

The Huff Post is "popular" the way Variety is popular. In an "industry" news fest. It gossips. And, it gets its readership by those who are looking for BAD NEWS headlines. Since every reader has an ax to grind. Sometimes, it acclaims a few individuals as having "box office" appeal. But most stars age. And, stop working. So there's a gleeful search for information. And, job tips. And, all around lunch date talk.

This isn't a big deal for mainstream America.

And, IF they're getting coverage for any reason in the NY Times, it isn't much of a puzzle how they're related. And, fit together. Just as it used to be when Macy's and Gimbel's faced each other. (It would be funny if they still do!) How much can people shop, that once, both the stores saw traffic?

Miracle Max

My one contact at a luncheon-conference w/journalists from the big media outfits certainly revealed apprehension on their part about blogs and the Internet taking their cookies. The reporters were also afraid of their own managements, who have been thinning down the news-content resources for some time now.


Rost has his own blog now and appears there are more PuffHo comment problems, but the funniest part is...Rost appears to be a fellow traveler nutcase...go figure.

The blog MAXPOWER has just posted an amazing story about how this IP address and the people behind it (supposedly HuffPo staffers) have abused the internet.


Have no idea about this or what to make of it, other than it's out there...Max Power

Anyway, someone (or someones) at The Huffington Post (THP) seems to have a keen interest in MaxPower. Recently, I wrote a post about how I believed THP was “astroturfing” (the use of paid shills to create the impression of a popular movement [source][wikipedia]) after I received an unsolicited anonymous email that asked me to promote THP’s newest marketing venture with an ad firm called JWT. I label it anonymous because this initial email did not disclose that the sender, an intern, worked at THP.


Agree 100 percent that Armando effectively "outed" himself. And John Cole has become as worthless as his blog. On most days it (and the comment threads) are almost indistinguishable from the drivel one can find on Eschaton and other moonbat sites.


> Is it possible that my wild guess that the Times is detemined to trivialize lefty blogs actually on the mark?

I think the times, (Newsweek etc) is shilling for Hillary. The exposure of all this moonbattery does not accrue to conservatives, it accrues to so called "centrist" which is how Hillary choses to label herself.


That's part of it to be sure, but the ACLU is also chewing on its forelegs...Maybe the left is having a meltdown.


You know it was interesting, yesterday, even famed nazi-hunter Dick Durbin said he would support Lieberman in his election.

I think there must be an unidentified lefty cabal that has actually infiltrated the Kos cabal and decided that now is time for a pushback on netroots.

I sound just like them but that's what it is adding up to for me.


So where's the apology to Glenn Greenwald - and the admission that, once again, you and your moronic brownshirt [deleted] cohorts were wrong?

I don't expect you to ever admit you're a liar, so I'll settle for the above. Thanks in advance, [deleted].


Wrong about what?

Quote the offending claim.

Barney Frank


Your mom says its time to come in now.



Duncan Black has put out the word that if you don't hightail it back to Eschaton pronto, he will name you Wanker of the Day.


Well, Glenn's Authoritarian Cult meme blew up in his face, since he get's his order via Townhouse...and so everytime a GG/Townhouse minion comes demanding something on his behalf it compounds Glenn's troubles... love it.

Tom Maguire

Dave - send better minions, please.

Tell you what - have Geenwald defend this from his original post:

Zengerle caused The New Republic to print a completely fabricated e-mail and then falsely attribute it as one Gilliard sent to the Townhouse list.

Please cite the evidence showing the "Gilliard" email was "fabricated", rather than simpy mis-attributed.

Thanks, clown.

Rick Ballard

Uh-oh - JOM is a stop for the Kossucker short bus today. Gonna need a case of air freshener.


The irony here is that "The Huffington Post" fired an "employee," who had previously been a whistle-blower at Pfizer, for being a whistle-blower.

That doesn't sound very progressive to me.

Carol Herman

Gee, another example of the left eating its own. Must be a regular menu item.

Meanwhile, at the American Spectator, today; there's an excellent (free) article by Ben Stein. Who got invited to Karl Rove's house for dinner. Sure, the conversation was off-the-record. But Stein says Rove is a really nice guy! He doesn't have an "anger gene." He's never mad at anybody. And, it's one of the reasons Ben Stein says "he's a republican." Gosh, I loved that article! You could go see if for yourself.


Second the motion Carol. Poor Karl frequently in interviews passes up opportunities to politely say FU to his detractors but always demures. Then he gives a speech that accurately describes the Democrats/lefties and they go berserk!!


OT: You should never miss Jay Cost. Today he explains why 2006 isn't 1994 and what it means to "nationalize" a mid term election.


Well you're the expert in gossip. How 'bout a full retraction and apology to Glenn Greenwald for repeating the falsehoods about the supposed e-mails?

Got Integrity?


Moe Lane

Well, at least this minion doesn't have to be edited for profanity.

Barney Frank

Anyone else noticing how a threat to Kos or Greenwald results in the same silly yet rabid defenses?
Seems a little cultlike doesn't it?
Although I suspect a few aren't quaffing the kool aid quite yet.

Great Banana

I would love to see even one (1) of the major left-wing bloggers get on Truthout about their journalist ethics in the way they are getting on the right-wing blogs over this matter. It seems to me that the Truthout "reporting" is much worse in terms of ethics then this. But, what do I know?

Do you suppose that if TM did ** Hypothetically ** admit he was wrong about the one email out of the 3, the lefty bloggers and commenters would discuss the substance of the issue? Somehow, I doubt they ever would. It seems to escape them that there vaunted "grass roots" is really just a scam artist and others controlling them with anger and smoke and mirrors - in a highly coordinated and organized way. If I were a lefty, that would be what I was most angry about. But, I guess that would also put a huge dent in my ego and worldview, as it would demonstrate that I was easily led and controllable. So, I suppose it would just be easier to ignore the facts alltogether and spew out easy cliches.

So, in for the sake of left egos everywhere - Hey, TM, when are you going to admit you are wrong about everything? And apologize to all lefty bloggers for being wrong? And admit that Rove should be indicted?

Carol Herman

Oh, Clarice, that Jay Cost article triggered all sorts of responses when I read it.

To start, 1994 had Waxman's nostrils waving around at the tobacco industry. And, while it's good to issue health warnings about smoking, I think he was far enough off the mark that people got angry. Which was just another reason to toss the donks. Also, to get at Bill Clinton, and his communist wife. Especially her secretive attempts at taking over some government controls, and worsening health care for the multitudes. SO, the multitudes spit back.

2004 was also an election whose results were hidden from view. In other words, the "exit polls" were phony. Though their media release as soon as noon rolled around on election day, scared the President. And, certainly scared Rove.

It didn't let up. Kerry was so dellusional, he decided he didn't have to make the loser's call to the White House on a timely basis. He went to sleep so he could think about it. And, at 3:00 am the President told his dad to also give up staying awake, waiting for the dellusional Kerry to call.

And, the news that was hidden from view? Daschle got tossed. Majority leaders meeting EXIT signs on election day are very rare, indeed. But it happened.

And, then Cost talks of Katrina. And, all I could think of was a link at Drudge that was so busy I got timed out. But it seems transvestites have formed dangerous gangs in New Orleans; and they've gone wild. Costumed or not, I do not know.

But the donks, as far as we can tell, were hoping for a blow out election coming up. Instead, it seems Howie Dean will have something to scream about. He has "only so much money." He's spent it on "get out the vote" states in important districts. And, it looks like his plans are "almost" a success. It looks like people are gonna get out and vote! Alas, they're gonna vote GOP.

The fur is flying.

I'll take a stab at possible outcomes, ahead. Especially if Lieberman is forced into becoming an Independent. (He'd need 7,500 signatures. And, volunteers are already out. They've been collecting them.)

IF Lieberman splits; the donks will see a number of others jumping into the waters of "independency." What they'd promise, I do not know? That they'd vote with the GOPsters? Boll Weavils, and some other names for these "cross-overs" always come up as disappointments; when push comes to shove.

The public may not buy it.

And, that's why 2006 may not be 1994. But it may yet be the "Year of the Edsel" for Dean, and his maniacs.

In all of this stuff, what's the possibility that the NY Times would lose its press privileges at the White House? And, if this happened, who'd know?

Jim Treacher

Hey, it's MBF Dave! I wondered whatever happened to that guy.

Dr. Weevil

Me, too. I've always thought his "moronic brownshirt f***s" line was an unusually blatant example of psychological projection.

richard mcenroe

Why does the name Maxpower put me in mind of a desperate, sweaty middle aged fat guy popping a little blue pill before he waddles into Hooter's?


Who the hell names their kid Yaco-Mink?


Townhouse... aren't those the little elves than run around their tree making delicious cookies and snacks?

Oh wait, no that's Tollhouse.


Arianna is a parvenue, and so is her site. Everything she's done, I did before her.

I even had one of my celebrity contributors *chain himself to a desk at my headquarters* over six months ago. I not only immediately revoked his password and fired him, I had him arrested for public indecency! That was the last time he'll try something like that.

M. Simon

This meltdown on the left certainly looks like the Dems may be in a good position to lose seats in Nov.

Hence frantic mode.

M. Simon

Tall Dave,

It is really sad that you failed spelling in school.

It is Troll House.

I won't hold it against you. LOL


Perhaps it isn't an attack on the Huffington Post for being progressive, but more tit for tat. Huffington Post was especially brutal about NYT and Judy Miller story. Maybe NYT is trying to enjoy a little payback. I post occasionally on Huffington Post, and I found Dr. Rost's articles to be increasingly bizarre. At first he wrote about the pharmaceutical industry, which was interesting and brought up good debate, but then later articles were about friends of his who were having affairs, and how Italian women stay in better shape by cleaning house, and generally posting pictures of women that were more of Cosmo/Baywatch material than a political/current events blog. I kept wondering WHY they were allowing him to post. In my opinion, if he had a problem with the tech, he should have discussed it with the staff, rather than publish his name and photo in some screaming manic rant after another. His behavior was totally bizarre. For my two cents worth....

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