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July 29, 2006



How about that. He always seems to wear a flak jacket, too.


Re: my comment above about this article disappearing from the headlines...

Lebanese Civilians Flee During Respite


We may have to dub AJ the "swifter" - he's after every dustless pic. Glad to know these old eyes still work at times.
Links to pics at his place.

I don’t know about you, but these are the cleanest rescue workers I have ever seen. Even when wearing dark clothes, as in this AFP Photo, these folks never get any dust or dirt on them (check out the body verses the men carrying the stretcher in this AP Photo). Anyone think this Reuters Photo reallsy shows a mannequin that was able to land in the street upright with the dress it wore barely disheveled? Staged photos should be flagged and the offending media organization taken to task....AJ

Photo of dust free photo in rubble:


Hey, Gary, my ancestry does trace back to Scotland, Ireland, England, France, Italy, and American Indian! :) A little bit of everything.

So what do you think will come out of the Syria, Iran, and Lebanon meeting? Iran getting nervous about it as per link provided by Michael Totten? This plus the complications coming from UN Security Council?



I share your mood. I was lying on the dock this afternoon, wondering if we are hearing the distant rumble of The Guns of August, trying to imagine the mood of the world back in July of 1914, lazily enjoying its summer, totally unaware of what was ahead. The difference is is that many of us are disturbingly aware of the overlapping layers of history and hear that rumbling more distinctly than others, moreover, we know that rumbling for what it is.


Cabinet decides on expanding ground operations

Sounds like a PLAN!

Larwyn, I'm just as amazed at the staged photos. I'm beginning to wonder if his normal job is acting or model during peaceful times and that he was hired to act for the Hezzies?

Interesting that you're one of the first ones to take notice of the discrepancies in the photos and the rest is history! :)


As per above link, IDF thought that the Hezzies may have fled north but who knows? IDF planned this to time with the assumption that there would be a UN resolution in place.

Can you believe the Gitmo prisoner abuse inflicted towards the guards?

Prisioner Attackes


I have personally with sledge and then reciprocating saw ripped out many walls in three different homes.
I have also taken out concrete block/brick walls and a stone gas heater "fireplace" with flue up 2 stories.
All before "Swifters".
Wish I had some walls to demolish right now.
Of course 103 pounders eventually pay for playing female superhero. (memory fails).


If you follow Larwyn's link above, be sure to click on the "updated story" link at the top of the story. The main character from the Qana rescue "Green Helmet" is shown by Reuters in Tyre watching bulldozers remove wreckage from yet another Israeli strike. The photo is time stamped at 10:37 AM 7/31/06. This guy really gets around.....


Libby wants memoryt expert at trial.


Interesting reading from "Across the Bay"

Also discusses whether to negotiate with Syria or not...Chirac interviewed...BUT...France met with Iran and Lebanon.

There is a post-meeting report but nothing newe there.

Interesting about memory expert request but Walton doesn't see the relevance of this testimony. On the other hand, it takes convincing of him to see it.


You're right Lesley.

1914 is a good reference, but it almost feels like a mix of the thirties along with it. I'm reading Steven Spender's autobiography "World With World" with it's wonderful description of Weimar Germany. Much of the world has that type of sickly feel to it right now--especially Europe. The European left is quite literally on the other side, and would rather think about global warming in any case.

Our enemy will not be appeased. They have absolutely no interest. Like Hitler, they will lie to buy time until they can make themselves stronger.

In some ways, we've been living on borrowed time since 911. I've always had faith in the American people. I just hope that the rot has not set in too deep, and we'll be able to do what must be done.

One million more Jews were killed in the Holocaust than currently live in Israel. Barak offered Arafat 99% of what he wanted, and still it was not enough. The UN did nothing to enforce it's own resolution moving Hezbollah out of southern Lebanon.

Iran and it's murderous proxy Hezbollah have made it clear that they don't want peace with Israel, they want the extermination of Israel. And no diplomacy is going to change that, any more than Chamberlain could stop Hitler.


A Google of Lebanese Actors came up with this,something or nothing?



I too share your mood.

>"After repeated Israeli efforts to destroy Hizbullah’s al-Manar television station have failed, an IDF intelligence unit succeeded this week in hacking the station’s live broadcasts, planting Israeli PR messages in the transmissions..

Everything boils down to marketing. No matter how much the "bombing of civilians" story is debunked, the people who need to hear it won't, or they will block their ears and stamp their feet.

Over and over this administration loses the PR war. Reagan won the cold war with marketing, and that is what should be happening here. The bad guys are simply better at it than the rest of us, and that includes Hezballah, al Qaeda and to some degree the left in this country.


And Jane, think how utter pathetic it is to put Hezballah and Al Qaeda on the same list as the American left. But that's the way it is! How many times this week have we seen some "progressive" state in the media that Hezballah is not a terrorist group? It's sick.


make that utterly pathetic


Well, there's hope that this prediction will come true by reliapundit


>And Jane, think how utter[ly] pathetic it is to put Hezballah and Al Qaeda on the same list as the American left. But that's the way it is!

Indeed. But I'm more concerned with the whole marketing issue. There must be a way to get out in front in the PR campaign. We need it in Iraq and we need it in Lebanon. (I keep thinking that in this country rational heads will prevail.)

Most people who are not as nutty as those of us here, only believe the first thing they hear. They heard Israel bombed civilians. Period. End of story. they aren't doing analysis of dust particles and recurring faces. And now they are asking why we support Israel.

Surely among those of us who are so vigilant, and care so deeply, someone can think of how to win the PR war.



BTW Macsmind has an interesting post on Libby hoping to have a memory expert testify at Libby's trial, and more on the NSA investigation.


Well I am sick. It's weird, they made off with the few precious things (diamond bracelet, ring, laptop) but were all nice and neat about it, put things away and left a bunch. I think they were here when I got home, they had everything unlocked for their way out and shut the door behind them.

They must have come in the front window but I do not remember having it open, At all.


OT: larwyn: tar baby

Eugene Volokh in HANDICAPPED at Volokh Conspiracy speaks to the issue: "People are getting offended -- and then trying to use that offense to change others' speech -- based on sheer myth." /OT



Sorry to hear about the robbery. It's one of the ickiest feelings you can have. I hope you were insured.


Ts, I am sorry. It certainly is scary and I am glad you weren't hurt.

PUK may have a point about that green hat being a Lebanese actor. He has a three picture montage done that shows quite striking rememblances.


Update..I found the guy's name and a current story about him. He resembles green helmet but is much younger and thinner.>actor


C'est la vie...worst part, I got jury duty tomorrow on top of it all. I"m mentally prepared for number 3, root canal?


Compare, this the latest with this.
Ya Libnan is a Lebanese site,the entry has been scrubbed,all that is left is the thumbnail.
I said actor,because that is what the search was for,there is no name.
A few points the nose is similar, both wear glasses,green helmet appears to be bald,the younger picture has thinning hair,both have the same cheekbones and arch of the eyebrows.Both have similar body language.
Does anyone know who this man is,so that he can be eliminated from the inquiry? In the nicest possible way of course?


Thanks Clarice.


OT: Ailing Castro gives power to brother

Another crisis?


Sorry for your losses. Please stay with friends tonight until the shock wears off. Hope the police can recover the items.


Sounds like Libby's lawyers are covering all the bases.


Know how you feel, my home was broken into once. For weeks I was unable to sleep and stood guard until daylight. With 3 toddlers under 3 that couldn't last long.
So I took a Samuri sword (an uncle gave to me from WWII) to bed with me. It was by my side on edge of bed. Only problem, I brought my knee up during sleep.
Still have the scar on front of knee. Thank goodness shortly thereafter we were transferred.
Only the new surroundings gave me the security to actually sleep thru night.
Stay with friends and get an alarm system - change locks - did you have extra keys in house or recently valet park?
Please change the locks but
don't sleep with swords or butcher
Hate that the "L" lurks somewhere in this in our minds.
God Bless.


I dunno, PUK, Mr. Green helmet has a very distinct point on that eyebrow. The actor's eyebrow is a little more curved.

As somebody over at Roger Simon's site pointed out, he looks just like Steven Spielberg!

cathy :-)


Plot thickens:

Also, if the refrigerated bodies weren't the ones buried in Tyre on Satruday, where did they end up? Qana? It's possible, read below.A full day before an air strike in Qana currently making headlines around the world, the Mayor of Tyre prepared a mass grave for 32 bodies killed in the area during the course of the recent conflict.
Early Red Cross reports from the scene in Qana indicated only 27 bodies. Ironically enough, if you add 32 and 27 you arrive at the number of Qana dead reported by the press today.
Current reports seem to fluctuate between 56 - 60.
A Tyre for Qana? RiehlWorld

Wonder what effect the ongoing war in the MidEast will have on these committee hearings, other than DUMB DEM & Specter RHETORIC posing as questions.

August 2, 2006

Senate Armed Services Committee
The Future of Military Commissions
Full committee hearing on the future of military commissions in light of the Supreme Court decision in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld.
Witnesses: Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England
Location: 216 Hart Senate Office Building. 2:30 p.m.

Senate Judiciary Committee
Detainee Trials
Full committee hearing on "The Authority to Prosecute Terrorists Under The War Crime Provisions of Title 18."
Witnesses: TBA
Location: 226 Dirksen Senate Office Building. 9:30 a.m.

House Armed Services Committee
Southern Border National Security Concerns
Full committee field hearing on "National Security Concerns on the Southern Border."




When you skip the / must close
twice. Now, I think I've got it!


larwyn, Have I told you lately that I love you?


Back at you Clarice.
Where is everyone? What am I missing?
Reading comments over at Belmont
Club. Generally optimistic, expecting big move in few days. No consensus on Syrian play. But they are thinking that overthrow of Assad would be real mess. Therefore wondering it lots isn't going on behind scene with Syria and Assad putting troops on alert is actually a smoke screen. Big question is if Syria does get involved - does Turkey respond.

Have to tell Tops (pray she's OK and it is not related to the V-Jerks) that all those National Geographic maps sure come in handy.


Two day's new from Iraq

07/31/06 UPI: Army equipment said wearing out

07/31/06 Security forces assault Al-Hurra correspondent in Iraq

07/31/06 KUNA: Four Peshmergas killed,

07/31/06 DoD Identifies Marine Casualty Pfc. Enrique C. Sanchez

07/31/06 DoD Identifies Marine Casualty Cpl. Timothy D. Roos

07/31/06 DoD Identifies Marine Casualty Lance Cpl. Adam R. Murray

07/31/06 DoD Identifies Marine Casualty Lance Cpl. James W. Higgins

07/31/06 AP: Marines Prop Up Ailing Local Gov't in Iraq

07/31/06 Reuters: Number of Iraqi refugees from violence swells

07/31/06 Reuters: Soldier died from body armour shortage

07/31/06 AP: Three bullet-riddled bodies found in Baghdad

07/31/06 AP: Suicide bomber kills four Iraqi soldiers near Mosul

07/31/06 AP: Gunmen kidnap millionaire businessman and his two sons

07/31/06 Dunya: Iraq fixes sabotaged Turkey pipeline

07/31/06 AP: Gunmen open fire on street sweepers in Baghdad

07/31/06 concordmonitor: 2 years after deaths, families are told circumstances

07/31/06 Reuters: Gunmen kill advisor to the health minister

07/31/06 Reuters: Gunmen kill brigadier in the Iraqi National Intelligence Service

07/31/06 Reuters: Two wormen killed by gunmen

07/31/06 Xinhua: Car bomb hits Iraqi police patrol in Baghdad

07/31/06 BBC: Baghdad gunmen kidnap 25 people

07/31/06 AFP: Four shot dead in Iraq

07/30/06 AP: Iraqi cleric demands ceasefire in Lebanon or else

07/30/06 Reuters: 15 bodies found in baghdad (Update)

07/30/06 Reuters; Policeman killed in Baiji

07/30/06 Reuters: Roadside bomb kills 4, wounds 11 in Baghdad

07/30/06 KUNA: Three policemen injured in car bomb explosion in Mosul

07/30/06 AP: U.S. airstrike kills two militants amid fresh violence

07/30/06 AP: Shake-Up Expected for Al-Maliki's Iraq Government

07/30/06 dpa: Bomb Kills Five Near Baghdad

07/30/06 Reuters: Gunmen kidnap truck driver in Falluja

07/30/06 Reuters: Three policemen seriously wounded in Mosul


Two days old in Iraq:

1. Saddam Hussein ordered the "Anfal" campaign against the Iraqi
Kurdish people. By any measure, this constituted a crime against
humanity and a war crime. Chemical Ali has admitted to witnesses that
he carried out this campaign "under orders." Human Rights Watch estimated that 100,000 Kurds were killed. Based on their review of captured Iraqi
documents, interviews with hundreds of eyewitnesses, and on-site
forensic investigations, they concluded that the Anfal campaign was

2. Saddam Hussein ordered his forces to invade and occupy Kuwait. During the
occupation, Saddam Hussein's forces killed more than a thousand
Kuwaiti nationals, as well as many others from other nations. Saddam
Hussein's government held hostages from many nations in an effort to
coerce their governments into pro-Iraqi policies.

3. Saddam Hussein orders use of chemical weapons against Iran. 5,000
Iranians were killed by chemical weapons. Theuse of chemical weapons has been a war crime since the 1925 Chemical
Weapons treaty, to which Iraq is a party.

4. Saddam Hussein and his cousin Ali
Hassan alMajid -- the infamous "Chemical Ali" -- ordered the dropping
of chemical weapons on the town of Halabja in northeastern Iraq. This
killed an estimated 5,000 civilians, and is a war crime and a crime
against humanity.

5. In March and April of 1991,
Saddam Hussein's killed somewhere between 30,000 and 60,000
Iraqis, most of them civilians.

6. Saddam Hussein orders the ethnic cleansing of ethnic "Persians" from Iraq to Iran, and an
ongoing campaign of ethnic cleansing of the non-Arabs of Kirkuk and
other northern districts. This ongoing campaign of ethnic cleansing
was documented by the former U.N. Special Human Rights Rapporteur for
Iraq, Max van der Stoel in his reports in 1999. Thousands died.

7. In July 1982, Saddam Hussein ordered the destruction of the town of Jubail. More than 140 men were apprehended and never heard from again. Approximately 1,500 other townspeople, including children, were rounded up and taken to prison, where many were tortured. After a year or more in prison, many were exiled to a southern desert camp. The town itself was destroyed; houses were bulldozed and orchards were demolished.

8. Saddam Hussein's regime has carried out frequent summary executions, including: 4,000 prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in 1984; 3,000 prisoners at the Mahjar prison from 1993-1998; 2,500 prisoners were executed between 1997-1999 in a "prison cleansing campaign"; 122 political prisoners were executed at Abu Ghraib prison in February/March 2000; 23 political prisoners were executed at Abu Ghraib prison in October 2001 o At least 130 Iraqi women were beheaded between June 2000 and April 2001


Lebanon: We will sue Israel in Hague

"Lebanese minister of justice states that Israel's attacks constitute war crimes, crimes against humanity, and wonders how pictures of Qana did not bring about ceasefire. Red Cross publishes that 28 corpses evacuated from Qana, contrary to Lebanese reports that 57 people were killed "

But I see two links:

IDF says it may not be responsible for Qana deaths

Israeli rights group urges PM to order probe of Qana attack

Israel is now saying that they have no information on rockets fired from that site of the building , or the presence of the Hezzies at the time.

Personally, I don't care whether there were rockets fired from that site or next to it on that day or previously.

The whole thing still stinks of Hezzie's hand into it.


Will these soldiers from Iran make it to Lebanon?

On their way to fight with the Hezzies.

Go all the way to the bottom and see the Israeli flag being burned.


"I disagree heartily. The Geneva Conventions, as written by the survivors of Europe's horrific wars and their descendents, are absolutely suited to what we face in terrorists, because the people who wrote the GC were veterans in the wars against war criminals, pirates and brigands.

The problem is not the Geneva Conventions, the problem is us. We have forgotten the pre-GC traditions, where civilians mostly got screwed by war -- but in those individual cases where civilians were able to capture and subdue soldiers they could do pretty much whatever they wanted to them, if for sport if nothing else. A huge fraction of our population has the bizarre notion that saying "the Geneva Convention applies to XYZ" is equivalent to saying that "XYZ gets the privileges of lawful combatants." These are otherwise sane and intelligent people, who would never take the statement "the Criminal Code applies to Charles Manson" and interpret it to mean that "Charles Manson shouldn't be in jail."

Look, according to the Geneva Convention, unlawful combatants (aka terrorists, pirates, brigands, war criminals) give up their lawful combatant privileges. We can torture them to death slowly on pay-per-view and all the Geneva Convention says about it is, "Here's this list. If you hadn't done the things on it, then you would have avoided this fate."

Cathyf, good to know but does the Geneve cover laws on trials and tribunals?


Tops- I'm so sorry for you about the robbery. What an icky feeling.


May I recommend the Bloodhounds of JOM get on the case with Qana,since,it isn't net warfare which is the most significant advance in warfare,the Qana media coup is.This is the face of future warfare...and we are losing.

Other Tom

Interesting piece by a guy over at The American Thinker.

He says southern Lebanon is like Iwo Jima (interconnected tunnels, bunkers, etc.), and the way to defeat Hezbollah there is by isolating them, then cutting them up piece by piece. Problem is there were no women and children on Iwo Jima, and no CNN or Al Jazeera.


Good one, Patton.


That is the third AT piece on the battle plan. I think it is the most accurate one.(IOW, as with most reporting, I think the MSM is dead wrong, and this guy is right.)


Which means that we have to learn to adapt so that we will win the next war in all counts, military, diplomacy, PR, finanicially.


It means we have to be able to think the unthinkable,and stop judging the enemy by our standards.
We have even forgotten the lessons of WWII,yes people will do these appalling things,any brief look at the Russian front,or the War in the Pscific and Malaya.
Sorry folks,coffee break is over,back on your heads.


PUK, one of the problems is the definition of enemy versus terrorist.

We see Russia not considering Hezbollah and Hamas as terrorist organizations. Why? Because Russia does not consider them threats to its own country.

We see many left-wingers that do not see them as terrorists.

As for enemies, will they follow the GC in spite of their signatories?


Rule of thumb,if they are trying to kill you,they are the enemy,shoot them first define them afterwards.


Why? Because Russia does not consider them threats to its own country.

Sure they do. Islamic fascism has been a thorn in their side too. What they aren't willing to do is lose the contracts they have with Iran (they lost Iraq, due to our intervention there). When you peel back the layers, what you usually find is money or religion is the key component in any issue. The Russians aren't doing it for religion, which leaves ... money.


We see many left-wingers that do not see them as terrorists.

My thoughts on that are they are for anything that shows Israel, and now Bush in a bad light. Look at Wilson's pre-Iraq speeches. Laced with hints that we are fighting Israel's battles...yada yada yada...throw in Bush and you have the perfect storm. A group that is punching Israel and Bush in the proverbial eye.

Other Tom

Appropriate quote from "Cump" Sherman, one of my favorite American Generals:

“We are not fighting armies but a hostile people,” Sherman wrote, “and we must make young and old, rich and poor, feel the hard hand of war….I would make this war as severe as possible, and show no symptom of tiring till the South begs for mercy.”

And this:

“The crueler it is, the sooner it will be over.”

(Both quotes are from here: ://

I have some hope that the Israelis are capable of adopting this attitude. I seriously doubt that Americans are.


We are in the midst of WW3 and Syria alerting its military to stand up is an ominous sign. I believe Israel and the forces of good will triumph. We can't go wobbly now. Destroy as much of Hezbollah as you can. Lebanon -a new theater in the War on Terror.


Check AJStrata's new post about the Hezzies being in trouble. Interesting analysis.

He also has a post about the dems wanting to surrender on top of surrender.

Sue, good points.


First off the US did *not* sign the 1977 GC expansion to cover terrorists. First, it would not get past the Senate and, second, it gave legitimacy to unlawful combatants that they do not deserve.

Second, it would infringe upon the perfectly *legal* methods the Congress gets Constitutionally to wage war by other means via the Letters of Marque and Reprisals language. By being unable to sign the Paris and Hague Conventions outlawing that, the US keeps in reserve the ability to hand out warrants to non-military but Congressionally certified US companies and citizens to go after those enemies that are difficult for the Nation as a State to approach and deal with. The United States is, in fact, one of the very few Nations that can do this sort of thing by *not* having amended the Constitution to remove this power from Congress.

I have speculated on what that would look like in the modern era here.
On Congressional cowardice to even recognize their OWN powers of warfare, here. And my letter to various Congress critters, here.

And why I continue to push for this, here.

It is possible to put out State Sanctioned but non-State military with proper accountability via Congress. This is directly opposed to non-State Sanctioned and unaccountable non-State military organizations that are terrorists. It is a fine distinction and points out the difference between the two: Privateering has an old heritage and is an allowable form of warfare as scoped out within the Constitution so as to be crafted for particular needs of the Nation. Warrants and Letters are specific as to Nations, Companies, Supplies, Trade, Commerce and individuals and companies involved in same.

To the US Privateers fall *completely* within the GC as being State Sanctioned and accountable operations.

Terrorists do *not*.

Why the Congress refuses to examine its full and mighty warpowers to put out Warrants, Letters and Bounties or Allowable Auctions of confiscated goods is beyond me. Just because it has not been used since the Civil War does not mean it is not *there*... it is clearly so stated within the Constitution and remains there no matter how many people want to ignore it and claim otherwise.

That is the *other* form of war footing of the Republic: Giving sanctioned and authorized Civilians the right and power to act *for* Congress to get things done. Outside of the US they will be seen in various ways, but once back home Congress can offer them full protection from extradition as they are working FOR the United States to Protect the United States to Harrass, Kill and Interdict the Enemies of the United States, so as to carry out the Congressional will of Protecting the Nation at sea and on land.

Because that is *how* you attack a non-Nation State opponent: asymmetrically via commerce. And without remorse for taking those actions against *any* that support those enemies, be they Nations or Companies or Individuals. That is how the Republic is *meant* to defend itself in these situations, which we have forgotten in the era of the powerful Nation State military.... it seems like a quaint idea... until you realize the scope of commerce of the American People across the globe. To hell with the NSA, CIA and military dropping *bombs* on these barbarians... I want them starved and friendless and isolated more and more as their suppliers feel the pinch and bite and pain of supplying those seeking to harm the US and its Allies. The military cannot do this... only Congress can mete out vengeance via We the People.

Justice with avengeance.


Once more we stand upont the walls of Byzantium,History has graciously proffered the opportunity to rectify our errors...will we sieze it?

Gary Maxwell

Syria putting its sad sack army on alert is a joke. The last time the Syrians had anything resembling a fierce fighting force, the Soviets were supplying them with weapons and munitions. Their navy is virtually nonexistant, the air force cant fly and its army is used mainly as a palace guard to make sure the street does not get a chance to show its appreciation to the Baath Party.

Dont forget our second best friends in the middle East, the Kurds have a significant presence in Eastern Syria. They dont like Assad, and given a distraction might just act on it. Assad has to be changing his Depends hourly. If the optometrist has 20/20 eyesight, he can see that his days may well be numbered by one wrong move.

does the Geneve cover laws on trials and tribunals?
According to the GC, lawful combatants, when captured, are POWs. It is prohibited to treat them like criminals for anything that they did as lawful combatants. So a soldier goes out in uniform, under orders, and tries to kill your soldiers -- that's precisely what soldiers do. If you capture him, you may not in any way punish him for killing your soldiers or trying to kill your soldiers, as long as he didn't break the laws of war. You may not try him for anything which is a lawful act of a lawful combatant.

On the other hand, unlawful combatants are subject to all of the traditional penalties of killers. They can be summarily executed, which is the most common punishment. That's what happened to all but two of the German sabators put ashore in the US during WWII.

Art. I Sec. 8 Cl. 10 of the Constitution for the United States delegates the power to Congress to "define and punish ... Offenses against the Laws of Nations". (link) I think that the Administration was usurping Congress' authority by setting up military tribunals, but Congress had better get off its collective backside and fulfill their constitutional obligations.

cathy :-)


"Because that is *how* you attack a non-Nation State opponent: asymmetrically via commerce. And without remorse for taking those actions against *any* that support those enemies, be they Nations or Companies or Individuals."

That is why the Qana tactics have got to be discredited if they are bogus,otherwise the enemy can sap the will of the people to prosecute those very actions.
Qana was an enormous psychological victory for Hezbollah,it hit the MSM full colour,full spread above the fold,reinforcing the left's viewpoint and causing support to falter.The campaign hase not even got under way yet,the politicians and Academe will beating the anti-war drums for years over this.


OT but look at what>Chavez may be up to!

"They say the soldiers were on their way to investigate reports of an illegal checkpoint when they were attacked near the border with Venezuela."


Maybe the use of dead child porn is losing its effectiveness.Here is an incredibly powerful essay.

"So, have I no compassion for this ceaseless cascade, this barrage of dead babies hurled into our mind by the masters of terror? More to the point, must I have compassion? Am I marooned forever on John Donne's continent where "any man's death diminishes me, for I am involved in all mankind?" I suppose that, since I am yet of the world, this remains true in some sense. But at the same time I am convinced that while compassion remains within me, the expression of it is currently overwhelmed and what I feel, much more than compassion, is a grinding sense of "compassion fatigue."

I feel this not so much because of the platters of dead babies being served up in Gaza and Lebanon, but rather because I know it for what it is -- the cynical attempt by a weak and cowardly cadre of killers to manipulate my compassion gland that is just as base and unrelenting as the attempts of pornographers across the internet to manipulate my lust. The main difference being that the Terrorists are getting better at their game and you don't have to swear you're 18 to see their creations. Most major media outlets around the world are only to happy to beam them into your brain 24/7.

If you aren't sure exactly who has the moral high ground in the current struggle in Lebanon, you might reflect that while it is possible to see a grown man on the Lebanese side of the struggle dangle a shredded child by an ankle for the world's cameras, you don't ever see that sort of thing at an Israeli funeral, do you?

And while you might be feeling very, very bad for the dead and dangled child, you might also ask yourself where the pictures of all the dead Hezbollah and Hamas warriors are? Don't see many of those, do you?

Or perhaps you do, if you ask yourself what sort of man could hold up a dead child by the ankle to be photographed. Or what sort of man could seek out and take the picture and make sure it got out to the ever accommodating Associated Press?

Because you do see the "brave" terrorist warriors in these pictures after all. They're the ones digging up the kids, and holding them up for the feast of the cameras. Indeed, the terrible truth that we in the West cannot confront is that, in some instances, they're the ones that are killing the kids in the first place. As we know if we are honest with ourselves at this stage, there is nothing too base and too vile for the proud "warriors" of Islam to do in the service of their anachronistic god; their banner is the Bloody Shirt, and they will never have enough blood to quench it. And any blood, as long as it is not theirs, will do. "


Old Tom: “The crueler [war] is, the sooner it will be over.”

Read the Colonel's Monolog from Apocalypse Now [three minutes of Marlon Brando]. It's brilliant. It's why excellent generals and true pacifists agree that war should be avoided. But if necessary to fight, remember how tenaciously Socrates fought. Our job is to convince those who, like Hezbollah, would undercut the umbrella of peaceful problem resolution for their own private dreams, that in war, as in the jungle, there are no guarantees the "good guys" will win, nor is it clear in the fog of war who are the good guys. The race is for civilization, but many in this country and the world see it not, and call "peace" the goal instead.


Unfortunately,the MSM only used the most harrowing pictures,propaganda is easy when all one has to do is provide the raw material,safe in the knowledge that the worlds best editors will sift out anything not on message.
First the photographers pick a subject which they can sell to the news agencies,who then filter the content to be passed onto the media,nothing that interferes with the message will get by them.


Indeed. It induces the wickerd thought:How would they cover a direct hit on the Reuters' offices?

Rick Ballard

"Israeli's Destroy Hezbollah Propaganda Ministry" would be the correct headling. I don't think we would see it in Terrorist Press though.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to a better Israeli news source than YnetNews? They're the most up to date that I've found so far (they beat Haaretz and the JPost most of the time) but I'm wondering if there is another better source?


Best to use captured missiles,terribly inaccurate Katyushas.
I would dearly like to see the pictures that the photographers did not submit,you know, everybody having lunch in the studio commissary,make up adjusting the dust.Kev and Al Helmet in the bar.



I found this blogger in>Israel. He was on Hugh Hewitt's show the other night.


Interesting post about bunkers under civilian targets YARGB


PUK, such a cynical guy you are...It's a business and those terrorists are the international equivalent of the Fenton p.r. handoffs to the AP here.(Why actually work for a living?)

Rick Ballard


Thanks. Yoni is good - Treppenwitz is also good and Samson Blind lends a view that should chill Hezzie's hearts (if they had any).

I agree with Treppenwitz that the current stillness masks the beginning of a stronger push by the IDF.


The criminal nature of Hezbollah,is well worth bringing up,we are looking at a kind of evangelising mafia.


And on the other side it seems as though half of the West had its brains sucked out of their heads.Millions of wusses parading around in papier mache heads and Che tee shirts screaming for the victims to lie down with vicious wolves..

But then--

---Britain and Germany today watered down a strong European Union call for an immediate ceasefire in the Israel-Lebanon conflict as foreign ministers clashed in Brussels.
Instead of calling for an immediate ceasefire a convoluted statement issued by the 25 member states called for "an immediate end to hostilities to be followed by a sustainable ceasefire".

The move by Britain and Germany backs the stance of the United States which believes a ceasefire call should only be made if it was "sustainable".

It will be also interpreted as a snub to Jacques Chirac, the French president, who has been demanding an immediate ceasefire.

Margaret Beckett, the foreign secretary, was joined by her German, Czech and Polish counterparts in resisting a challenge by the Finns and the French to unite behind a stronger statement which also warned of breaches of international law in the three-week old conflict.



Of course, the EU will keep pumping money to Hamas and Hezbullah and to the UN for kiddie jihad camps while it cuts off trade with Israel and trans shipment of arms to make a "cease fire" stick.

(Today two crude bombs were found and dismantled on German trains.)


This in the nature of,"Now look here Israel,how many times have i told you not to pull Hezbollah's hair,if you persist,you will cause nothing but trouble,there will be tears befor bedtime,mark my words".

"an immediate end to hostilities to be followed by a sustainable ceasefire".

This sustanable ceasefire,is it going to be wind powered?

The International Law acolyites,never explain how it is to be enforced without an International Police Force.


PeterUK - This unaccountable Foreign Legion of Iran must go... permanently.

The Transnationalists have been brewing this *people have a right to...* for some decades and conveniently overlook that the foundation of Nations is that individuals have rights, not groups. Terrorists are *not* a people, but they put forth group identification and group conceptions and kill and terrorize to get that point across. Be not of *their* group of self-selected elite or 'victims', and you deserve punishment for not being so.

And 'Enlightened World Opinion' can go with it, too. As can all of these non-charity NGO's that teach how being a victim allows you to batter people with the fact that you have been victimized rather than to try and cope with the problems suffered and start rebuilding your life. There will be no peace in the middle east or around the world until these noxious notions made to diminish and destroy the Nation State are put to a full and final end. Then the world can return to the old problem of State to State conflict... which is bad enough without this non-State form that leads only to death to kill the individual and diminish individualism. Until the meaning of being an individual is lost...


They think we are as stupid as Kerry--people who don't know that a document inked and sealed with red wax is as meaningful as the capacity and willingness of the parties to enforce it.


Order of battle
1. Hezbollah
2. Syria
3. Iran
4. UN
5. NGO's that perpetuate this nonsense.


AJStrata took note of the photos depicting the Qana building being bombed. The media said that this was taken on the outskirts of Qana but the photos showed that the bombed building is in the center of town. Cuz a building on the outskirts wouldn't be surrounded by tall buildings like they are in the center of town.

Other Tom

Interesting piece here, stating that Hezbollah deliberately staged the Qana event by installing a launcher on the roof of the building and stocking the building with invalid children. The source for the article is a Christian Lebanese website. I hope to see this pursued; if true it's a potential momentum-changer.,7340,L-3284514,00.html


"Because that is *how* you attack a non-Nation State opponent: asymmetrically via commerce. And without remorse for taking those actions against *any* that support those enemies, be they Nations or Companies or Individuals. That is how the Republic is *meant* to defend itself in these situations, which we have forgotten in the era of the powerful Nation State military.... it seems like a quaint idea... until you realize the scope of commerce of the American People across the globe. To hell with the NSA, CIA and military dropping *bombs* on these barbarians... I want them starved and friendless and isolated more and more as their suppliers feel the pinch and bite and pain of supplying those seeking to harm the US and its Allies. The military cannot do this... only Congress can mete out vengeance via We the People."

Ajacksonian, boy, you've been working to push letters to those committee members.

That's why I thought a combined effort of whatever, such as military, diplomacy, PR, and financial, will work than any alone.


I saw that but have no idea how legit it is and it seems a bad idea to promote something which may be as questionable as the thing who are questioning.

The point is this..when attackers like these hid in civilian populations, fire weapons from them, and have apparently preplanned banners advertising dead babies, their aim couldn't be clearer except to dopes and willing dupes.

I piss on world opinion. I want these people destroyed. And I piss on their stupid tricks.


**thing WE are questioning*****

OTOH here's a cool idea..Nominations being accepted..

Damascus, 1 August (AKI) - Syrian intellectuals and activists have come out in favour of a proposal by their Egyptian counterparts to persuade top cultural Arab and international figures to act as 'human shields' for civilians under Israeli attacks in Lebanon. Promoters of the campaign say that, since the Israelis, fearing negative publicity, are not likely to target them, the famous personalities will be able to guarantee the aid consignments get to the needy.

Syrian activists have responded to the appeal, first launched by the EgYptian-based Kifaya movement, and are now trying to enlist the support of prominent religious, political, cultural and sports figures.

Kifaya has started drawing up a map of pinpointing isolated villages in southern Lebanon as well as routes that can serve as "humanitarian corridors" to deliver assistance.


It's very clear that UN and EU diplomacy aren't working so far. There are a few articles saying that whateve Condi came up with aren't good ideas. They're pushing for Mt. Dov / Shebaa farms, for one.

I'd like to see Israel finish this war BEFORE UN and EU diplomacy finish their process. That's when Israel has more bargaining chips in its hand.


I can sense the argument coming from the left-wingers that this war will turn into a much bigger war than ever. Perhaps that's what needs to be done to bring Europe, UK, USA, Japan, Australia into this??? implied by AJacksonian???

Barney Frank

"that HEH goes out our brother Barney Frank, who we all WISH would add his 2 cents more!!!!)"

TS9 posted this nice comment on another thread. This one is active so I thought I'd acknowledge her kindness here.

I know we don't usually post too much personal stuff on this blog, but I really like the people here so I will give a very short explanation for why I haven't been posting.

My beloved wife has metastatic breast cancer which is in her pelvis, spine and ribs and she has been hosptitalized for the last week or so. She starts chemo in a week or so in the hope of putting it into remission followed by hormonal therapy. She's only 52.

This blog and its cast of characters has been a very welcome diversion from a very stressful situation and I'd like to thank everyone for the fun atmosphere here.
I'll take a look once in awhile but won't be able to post too much, if at all, for awhile anyway.

Thanks everyone. I won't single anyone out for special thanks because you're all great.

Barney Frank

A thought occurred to me after I posted;

Cancer is the Hezbollah of our bodies.


Barney, our best wishes to you both.


Clarice: their aim couldn't be clearer except to dopes and willing dupes.

Which is why I pointed out the Colonel's monolog in Apocalypse Now.

We went back [to the camp where we had vaccinated the children] and they had come and hacked off every inoculated arm. There they were in a pile. A pile of. . . little arms. And, I remember, . . . I cried. I wept like some grandmother. I wanted to tear my teeth out. I didn't know what I wanted to do. And I want to remember it. I never want to forget it. I never want to forget. And then I realized, like I was shot.... Like I was shot with a diamond... a diamond bullet right through my forehead. And I thought, my God, the genius of that! The genius, the will to do that.
The weakness of the left dopes and dupes is misplaced empathy that short circuits thought before it recognizes cease fire as slow war flying below consciousness.

Their attention span does not put two thoughts together and demands consistency.


Barney,Strength of character always shines through,best wishes to you both.


***demands consistency*** s/b demand consistency. Sorry.


CNN TV just had a reuters report that israeli troops have landed in the baalbek.

IDF officially has no comment.


Yes Barney, all the best to you and your wife. You'll be in my prayers.



Hang tough! I'm so sorry to hear what you and your wife are going through.


(OT) but--thank goodness DDT is now back to fight malaria.."International experts are touting the widely banned pesticide as a best bet to save millions of human lives threatened by malaria. The disease, which kills mostly children and pregnant women, is largely spread by mosquitoes. The overwhelming majority—90 percent—of malaria victims live in Africa, where the disease plagues both human and economic health (Africa facts, maps, more). In May the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) endorsed the use of DDT for indoor antimalarial treatment in the developing world. The World Health Organization (WHO) is expected to do the same in short order, according to a comprehensive report published in... "


Barney Frank, I'm sorry to hear about your beloved wife. I wish speedy recovery for your wife. I'll be praying for you.


But Clarice,what about the mosquito's right to life,surely if Gaia created them....?



Please keep us updated. Thoughts and prayers being sent you and your wife's way.

God Bless!



Fearful of Arab Backlash, EU Refuses to Add Hezbollah to List of Terror Groups

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