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October 30, 2006


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Geek, Esq.

Oh, I think the Dick Armey/libertarian Republicans fighting it out with the James Dobson/Tom Delay big government Republicans would make a doozy of of a fight.

Just imagine what fun it would be to see John McCain try to pick a faction of the GOP to pander to.

The Unbeliever

Just in case the blind missed it:

Democratic officials said they did not set out with the intention of finding moderates to run. Instead, as they searched for candidates with the greatest possibility of winning against Republicans, they said, they wound up with a number who reflected more moderate views.

Gee, kinda makes you wonder if all those "wingnuts" who decry the national party as far lefties had a point after all.


"Clue - their country is the United States. Oh, well, we know what she means. We just wish we could get her on camera explaining that she is voting Democratic because that is better for China. That would put the "bites" in sound bite, all right."

Since we are a debtor nation owing China a TRILLION dollars,
it would seem that the
term "our country" is quickly becoming trumped by the reality that America
is not far from being 'THEIR country"

The Unbeliever

Someone wanna try to clue in cleo on the realities of how debt and international credit works?


"Someone wanna try to clue in cleo on the realities of how debt and international credit works?"

Someone want to educate UnB on the initiation fee for membership in the Ownership Class?

You can't afford it but you buy into the sales pitch that nets you a '59 Edsel they are glad to lease you, for a price. What a maroon.


OT -- 2008 -- Boston Herald touting dream ticket of Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush. I intend to vote for Romney (yes he will get the nomination and win by a landslide) and I don't really care who is 2nd on the ticket. Jeb is okay with me, although I'm not sure the country is in the mood for another Bush. Two years is a long time though. For those who want their eye candy, this really is a dream ticket of two tall good looking guys.

memories, Larry Johson's TPM Muckraker, all 500 things that came out after Plame and the investigation in congress(not that they were being monitiored by NSA and that's what Plame got mad about). All started by retired CIA operations officers that came out around Plame.

Shadowy front groups, non profits, attacking dems? Maybe they should send another Plame to destroy national security and the whovever runs the US at the time. Atrios/Eschaton and Hamm or is that Hale attacking foreign countries and begging for coups when we already have them planned. Maybe they should just kiss retired CIA agents asses like KOS, Plame, Wilson, Clooney(dinner at KOS) and the others.

Soylent Red

Gee, kinda makes you wonder if all those "wingnuts" who decry the national party as far lefties had a point after all.

Makes me wonder how the nutroots can figure that their ideas will resonate with anyone.

It further makes me wonder how Howard Dean has avoided some DLC operative whacking him and dumping his body in a landfill.

But, it illuminates who was right on the whole "Should we tack right or tack left?" argument from a couple of years ago.


I hope you copyrighted this post. TM, especially this:
"Apparently, the Dems are committed to a woman's right to choose only until that commitment prompts people to choose Republicans."

I'm not naming names but I am very close to someone who says,"I want to steal that, but it would be wrong."

Gary Maxwell

47 New Democrats in congress now. And over half of the tightly contested races being run by Democrats who have pledged to join this group. And Nancy get according to a lot of sources at best about a three seat margin. Man the cat fights are going to be intertaining. While I think Republicans will nominally retain the majority in the House, a part of me wants to see the spectacle of hung votes for Speaker of the House ( like the UN security council votes ). And seeing Democrat Party fissures exposed on a daily basis would be almost worth it.

As I have been saying a 4 seat majority is not managable in this big of a body.


We are all conservatives now. It would have saved a lot of fuss if the Dems had accepted that years ago.


"WASHINGTON - Without ever mentioning him by name, Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald, in a court filing Monday, argues that a jury in the CIA/Leak trial should not consider evidence concerning why he did not charge former State Department official Richard Armitage with leaking Valerie Plame's name to reporters. It is a crime to intentionally disclose the name of a classified CIA operative.

I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, the former top aide to Vice President Cheney, is the only one charged in the CIA/Leak case. Libby is accused of perjury, obstruction and lying to the FBI about his conversations in 2003 with three reporters regarding how he learned of and what he told them about CIA operative Valerie Plame - but not with leaking the agent's name.

Fitzgerald writes, "The fact that no other person was charged with a crime relating to the disclosure of classified information says absolutely nothing about whether defendant Libby is guilty of the charged crimes."


This is just crazy! Any real Christian Conservative would be laughing his/her head off at this type of idiocy. What do the Democrats think we are anyway...well, according to them, idiots! Actually, they will be again surprised at the vote...

Silly people...


Since we are a debtor nation owing China a TRILLION dollars

What's the old saying? If you borrow $100,000 from the bank and don't pay them back, you're in big trouble.

But if you borrow $100 million from the bank and don't pay them back, they're in big trouble.

China stops buying our debt ("vendor financing"), we'll have a recession, but they'll have an economic collapse.

Anyway, China only holds about 10% of our debt. We can withstand a decision by them to stop financing our red ink.



I have a feeling that the republicans are going to maintain the majority in both houses, that the MSM and pollsters know it, have skewed the polling in order to set up another stolen election.

I could be wrong, though.


My only fear is if these Blue Dog dems get in Congress they will go the way of Senator Salazar of Colorado and talk one way before the election and then change course after they gain office. Salazar , I believe voted against the confirmation of Alito after saying the president's judicial nominees deserve an up or down vote.


OT -- FIRE UPDATE -- The good news, fire expected to be 100% contained by 6 pm PDT.

Second, today sheriffs and Forest Service Investigators "swooped" down on a home about 1/4 mile from where fire was started and are still questioning 2 men and a woman arson suspects. Witnesses say they are skin heads and neighborhood trouble makers. Fingerprints were taken and boxes of evidence seen being carried out. Developing story.


Ignoring the typo in a,,11069-2428558,00.html>timesonline-uk article,

Party is worried that the precdicted [sic] hurricane will just fizzle out

it would seem the tide is indeed turning, if there ever was a wave to begin with.


Correction - suspects = persons of interest

Whatever they are, they better get protective custody. The mood in these parts is ugly.

richard mcenroe

There is no reason to assume ANY Democrat running on conservative values is telling the truth. Remember, Al Gore his own self first entered Congress as a God, Guns 'n' Guts Democrat. Got over it real quick... and so will most of these if Mafiosi Pelosi controls the pig trough...


Fitz is obsessed with this nothingburger case and is going to hang in there until the last dog is shot. He excuses the true leaker -Armitage and is frustrated that he didn't land any big players in the WH. What a loser!


The Old Democrats seem to be more excited about destroying WalMart than destroying Al Quida. If the New Dems are the other way 'round, I'll take 'em.


I hate to date myself even more but it reminds me a lot of '72. McGovernites really did think they had changed the party and would change the world. And when failure came, they sort of faded into the woodwork.

If the left moves right after this election,I suspect Kos will lose his franchise, and if we are all lucky George Soros will return to bankrupting Europe.

Then we can return our full concentration to Libby, where it belongs!


January will be here before we know it and the Libby trial will hold our attention-if he isn't pardoned first.



JM Hanes

"As a group, they are moderate in temperament and reformers in spirit,” Mr. Emanuel said.

Anyone want to have a go at describing a "reformer in spirit"?

Barney Frank

Anyone want to have a go at describing a "reformer in spirit"?

Nancy Pelosi in a tub of Old Turkey?


Is today a troll holiday? Other than Geek putting in some overtime here, I don't see the little critters anywhere.


TM, Your point about not starting wars without a plan is well taken, but the Twenty-Fifth Amendment not a mid-term defeat would dictate not nominating George W. Bush for President.


gun-wavin', Bible-thumpin' pro-lifers...haha

I guess that means God-fearing Republicans heh.

Actually, this describes normal conservatives to a tee....!

The idea that this in ANY WAY describes any Democrat is just hilarious!

Well, I enjoyed the satire....



You can take Dick Armey to the woodshed... He is no longer one of ours... I guess the power and the possible financial gain finally got to him.... A fair-weather friend at most.




Most of us already know that the Libby prosecution is a farce! Hang in there and keep spreading the word... Seems like justice has taken a prolonged nap these days...


So what happens now? The judge decides whether or not Fitz gets his way?


Whoops, Clarice...sorry for the mis-spelling.


Good leaks. Bad leaks. Good prosecutors. Bad prosecutors.


I wonder if Greta would be interested in this? Probably not enough drama for her show.


Next, Libby responds and the Judge decides, SD.


Well, I guess Libby's lawyers expected something like this, otherwise Fitz would be scr***d.

He's scary.


Yes,... Fritz is scary!


Anyone know Fitz's email? I would love for him to read Clarice's latest. ::grin::

Great article, Clarice.


I hope Rush reads it. I have it on good authority (Rush himself) he reads AT everday. If he reads it, Fitz will hear about it.




Hey, I'm sure that you've heard this before, but the number of comments show up this a bug? Just wondering...


A lot of servers are hinky today because of the time change. Earlier today I couldn't post, and when I could my responses showed up before the posts I was responding to. (Hum scary music)


Okay, thanks Clarice (spelled right this time I hope)...


America is not far from being 'THEIR country"

Cleo's probably too young to remember when we schooled the Japanese....they paid almost a billion for Pebble Beach and when their bubble burst we bought it back for 50 cents on the dollar

I doubt you've ever been to China sweety...


but the number of comments show up this a bug?

I know with my server, we set it so that it would only update nonessential things like this periodically - like every 30 minutes - it conserves resources during busy times.

The server here is hinky today, too. I'm on high speed cable and it is only partially loading the page sometimes.


Poor cleo has been thoroughly taught that the US is completely bankrupt.

Libs should take economics instead of gender studies. haha.


Black Democrats Cross Party Lines To Back Steele For U.S. Senate


wow...shots fired across Botoxsi's bow


Dems winning a Congressional majority isn't going to be because of centrist Democrats, it's going to be to neutralize the Cheney effect on the government. How long before the missing daughter says something on MTV about inferior skin color? That'd sure complete the trifecta.


According to wiki China has less than $325billion US debt.

If it's true we have spent $300+billion on Iraq how about we give it to China and call it even?

Closer to the original topic, I have a theory that Mark Warner dropped out of the President's race because after spending a weekend in Las Vegas with the netroots he realized nothing on Earth was worth 2 years courting them and campaigning with them, plus another 4-8 years of it if he won.

Is it possible for something to be unfair, mean-spirited and nonetheless still remain too likely not to be true?

Foo Bar

We just wish we could get her on camera explaining that she is voting Democratic because that is better for China

TM, I suggest you reread that section of the article when you're in a less cranky mood.

She says:

“It makes me insane to know that we had this huge budget surplus, and yet we’ve run up such debt in a six-year period.”

and then says:

China gains “so much power and control by carrying so much of our debt,”

So she's angry that we've been running up debt, and she says China gains power and control by carrying so much of our debt. Would it not be reasonable to conclude that she would have preferred us not to run up so much debt and hence she would have preferred us not to allow China to gain so much power and control by loaning so much to us?

I do not see how you can possibly read those pair of quotes as putting China first.

I guess I can see how an irritable Republican itching for something to gripe about might read the final quote- about the possibility of the U.S. not repaying our debt and her girls not having a relationship with their country- as somehow being "China first", but even that doesn't really make sense. Maybe it would make sense if she thought that defaulting on our debt would be just swell for America and bad only for China, but I can't believe you really think that's what she thinks. Obviously, it would be bad for us as well as for China.

All she implies is that a default would be damaging to the relationship between the 2 countries. I guess a real patriot wouldn't care about our relationship with China or about the possibility of the US government defaulting on its debt (which is not to say that's particularly likely any time soon, but we're not evaluating her on her finance acumen).

You're better than this, TM. Much, much better.


Although I read this blog religiously, I don't usually post. I'm not a lawyer and I don't have government connections, so what can I say??

Well, actually, I do have something to say. Tom Maguire, I cannot believe that you would allow that sort of stuff to go on on your blog without stepping in. It's beyond the beyond.

It's difficult to 'mimic' Rick Ballard. Sounded right to me. Step up and say he didn't say it........ or say he did/



TM, If I read this correctly are you telling us Madonna could have just gone to China and adopted a baby, or 2, or 3, without having to steal one from Africa?


“It makes me insane to know that we had this huge budget surplus, and yet we’ve run up such debt in a six-year period.”

and then says:

China gains “so much power and control by carrying so much of our debt,”

I'm not an economist, but even I know the debt and the deficit are two different things. Even when we were reportedly running a surplus we had a large debt.


Clinton loved China and China loved Clinton. They even gave him money and he gave them secrets. Now all of a sudden the left wakes up with a start and notices China is there and its BIG. jeez.

I live in Indiana and have seen some of Ellswoth's ads. He is running away from Pelosi, away from the left and lets us know all day every day that he supports the war on Terror, will not cut and run from Iraq, does not support abortion on demand, does not believe in amnesty for illegals and thinks any American who wants an arsenal in his basement has the right to bear arms by God.

If they did not put that paid for the Democrats thingee on the end the locals would think he was a Republican.

What happens if and when he wins? Will he keep his word to the people of Indiana or will he vote with Nancy Pelosi, a woman he refuses to even claim any manner shape or form?


"the pro-life party of lower taxes and a strong defense"?

Yeah, we'll need all those new embryo-citizens to go die in Iraq 18 years from now to keep us safe, besides, the country will have gone broke by then anyway (war spending, and bridges to nowhere, all the while cutting taxes).

I'd rather not have to say that we deserve what we get....


Heavy handed, Jerry. Heavy handed, argumentum ad absurdum, illogical, unnecessary, irrelevent, and not funny, ironic, or worth reading. Save your keystrokes.

hit and run

Then we can return our full concentration to Libby, where it belongs!

Well, then we need to ask the burning question. How has your Aspen?

Mister Snitch!

A lot of wisful thinking here, hoping the left will be pulled right by these 'New Democrats'. The Left isn't going anywhere, and will work hard to undermine newly elected officials who don't toe the line. They'll cave under the pressure, not having been around long enough to do what Lieberman did. The electorate will not be happy with the stances (and the extraordinary waffling) their new reps will be obliged to undertake.



Regarding Libby's motive. Fitz has already speculated about motive and introduced his own theories. Specifically, he has mentioned in his memoranda of law that Libby may have been motivated to lie to save his job and to shield the WH from shame.

In all fairness, Libby gets to present counter theories as to motive. I sure hope Fitz loses this in limine motion.

Cecil Turner

All she implies is that a default would be damaging to the relationship between the 2 countries.

Did you miss the part about: “never have an ability to have a relationship with their country”? Or that "their country" obviously referred to China? Because it seemed to me that (combined with the previous woman who was proud of Seattle but not the US) was Tom's point.

The Left isn't going anywhere, and will work hard to undermine newly elected officials who don't toe the line.

Perhaps. But it seems to me the most likely election result (GOP holds narrow majority in Senate, Dems gain narrow majority in house) is a recipe for gridlock. And any group of disaffected Dem Reps (or GOP Senators) larger than the margin of control holds veto power for any partisan proposal. If the margin is thin enough, that might be just a couple mavericks in either chamber. Add in the promised congressional investigations, and the dynamic will resemble the UN Security Council, at least for capacity to get anything done. (Which would be a lot more of a concern if they'd been more active in the last congress.)

BTW: Nice article, Clarice.


Ah I love to listen to liberals talk about the foreign debt, and especially ours with China. They are more to blame than anyone for the exodus of jobs from the US, and the increase of imported products from China. Over the past 30+ years, the unions, along with social programs like Workers Comp, have caused more American manufacturers to close down or move off shore. And now they are bragging about wanting to raise the minimum wage - again, as well as mandate that companies offer fully funded Health Care...

And don't forget if it were all that bad, why is China still buying our bonds, for a mere 5% return, whereby American firms who've invested in China are getting 12% on average.... I guess China must think it's a good deal too!


I encourage everyone to go to Hugh Hewitt's blog and listen to his 3 hour interview with Mark Halperin.


Halperin is utterly clueless. He tries to act like sweetness and light, when in reality ABC news is as guilty as Dan Rather and Mary Mapes were in the TANG memos scandal.

Do we think it was an accident that Brian Ross "broke the story" on Foley the day after it was impossible to get Negron on the Fla. ballot?

Excuse me, the great P T Barnum said that one is born every minute, but I'm not one of them.


Thanks, Cecil.
Chants, it seems to me that Libby has a number of defenses but the strongest would be that he did not leak to Novak, had no knowledge of Plame's status in the agency,that she apparently and therefore had nothing to hide and did not deliberately hide anything.


Dems like Ellsworth are like a fox in sheep's clothing. The real question is will he vote for Pelosi as speaker? I would absolutely love it if she didn't have enough votes.
I must say at this late date I am still holding out hope for DeWine in Ohio. Brown does not represent Ohioan views. He's way too liberal. Unfortunately Blackwell has to pay for trying to do his job correctly as secretary of state. I refuse to pay more taxes if Strickland wins.

Patrick R. Sullivan

'When she travels abroad, said Mary Nassif, a school psychologist...'

Well, the schools in Seattle certainly are in need of therapy. Glad to see they're working on it.


********Thanks, Cecil.
Chants, it seems to me that Libby has a number of defenses but the strongest would be that he did not leak to Novak, had no knowledge of Plame's status in the agency,that she apparently was not covert and therefore hehad nothing to hide and did not deliberately hide anything.


Good read clarice...hit 'em again. Especially liked that you put Colin Powell into that picture. When you look back at Powell/Armitage points right at Powell and this is who Fitz has fought so hard to cover. Fitz deserves thumbscrews.

President Bush, please give the Dems/MSM a surprise......pardon Libbey on Nov 6, 2006.

Sue...I have a feeling that the republicans are going to maintain the majority in both houses, that the MSM and pollsters know it, have skewed the polling in order to set up another stolen election.

It sure fits the pattern that emerged. They talked about the 'machines' until 'Diebold' became a brand name. The MSM has since written it hundreds of times to give it all legs (media Plame created Bush Lied). After their Culture of Corruption, this is the one they have worked the hardest. It's their backup insurance plan...Diebold/polls.

I think they got a surprise when Drudge headlined the Chavez connection to 'machines'. Sure do not think this is an accident and someone else is watching their patterns. LOL



For 3 elections, they have been able to keep the stolen election talking point at the forefront, making anything Bush does appear illegitimate. It also keeps their base stirred up and provides them with a reason why they continue to lose. It couldn't be their policies, they are so main stream America.


Yep....but what is different is their new "the Repub machines stole it". Somehow they forget (with their media's help) that they forced those machines on us.

Gabriel Sutherland

Remember Mutally Assured Destruction? It still exists. It's not nuclear weapons though, it's econimcs. Industrialized nations are engaged in mutually assured economic destruction with China. If one side walks away from the table, it's likely that both will suffer destructive fates.

It's not like the Democrats need a China bogeyman. Medicare and Social Security are a much larger threat than China. The two combine create one massive bomb waiting to explode. It doesn't need to be smuggled into the United States. It was installed by Democrats. It's protected by Democrats. It's going to blow up, eventually.

Some say the AARP is a greater threat to the United States than Al Qaida. :)


Thanks, Owl..Dr. Sanity has a great blog on this today--about the repeated media meme that the Dems are going to win and the subtext that if they don't it's because (once again) the election was stolen. She says its because they think they are smarter than the voters, deserve to win, and therefore all cheating is virtuous--despite what this does to the nation.


Gabriel...China has a similar problem:An aging population and NO pension plans or social security.


They can blame the machines all they want but we all know that the dem's utter bankruptcy of ideas is what hobbles them at the polls. According to Fox News 22,000 dead people are still on the voter rolls in New York State. How is this possible? I'm sure there are felons who are still registered and no scrubbing of their names has been done. People don't care about a fair election. Just ask Rossi of Washington State how the dems screwed him over in the governor race.

Florence Schmieg

As for any of the potentially newly elected more conservative Democrats changing under pressure to support their lefty leaders, that would be a recipe for defeat 2 years later. Most of these guys/gals are running in Republican districts and only could (but won't) win because of conservative disaffection with the Republicans right now. If they move left they are goners next election, even with an incumbency advantage. Now, in the Senate, it is more of a problem since they stay 6 years. How do we keep these leftys like McCaskill, Tester, and Brown out of there? Casey would blow in the wind (what a total zero), Webb would shock the Democrats into wondering what they could have been thinking with him (guns, misogyny, Buchananite philosophy), Ford who knows what he would do (always has struck me as a slick phony), Whitehouse for Chaffee is pretty much a wash. Come on Republicans!! Don't let any of this happen. We hold the cards here. If we vote, they cannot win. That is the math.


Isn't it somewhat sickening to think that Dems even have a shadow of a chance in this election, considering their shallow, transparent and seditious behavior these past few years? Talk about fiddling while something burns.


I don't get the Casey/Santorum contest. There is no contest. Casey will not debate him. Casey will not state a clear position. Casey has managed to keep the lead because he has refused to define himself. This is the race that has me scratching my head. Are republicans so insane in PA they will put a democrat in office to punish Santorum for supporting Specter? Is that what this is all about?


Clarice, another issue with China:

Most chinese do not have access to western healthcare, with no plans to change things on the horizon. In other words, the old folks don't get expensive drugs, or costly surgery, followed by a couple of weeks in an ICU like so many in this country do. They have to settle for acupuncture and a few herbs. So that's one huge cost to the GNP that they do not worry about.

With all the privatization going on though, esp. with housing, it will be interesting to see what happens to all the old folks who have to depend on one child.

Also, who are all the "little emperors" going to marry? The male/female ratio is already disturbing thanks to sex selection abortions and female infanticide.

Even so, women are still treated like second class citizens in China. Wonder if that's going to change as marrigable women become a scarce resource?


What lies beneath


The old folks still have to be housed, clothed and fed.

And then there is the utter absence of workmans comp and virtually no industrial health and safety measures and talk about polluting resources...China has some substantial problems looming which they still are not addressing.


Some good news on the election front:
"Sources tell Peach Pundit that the Republicans have moved Georgia's 12th Congressional District into the "leans Republican" category and the 8th Congressional District into the toss up category from "Leans Democrat." The GOP fully expects that once the President leaves Perry, GA today, they'll be able to put the 8th in the "Leans Republican" category too."


I am also flummoxed by this Pennsylvania race. They managed to keep the dem Green candidate off the ballot to help Casey. NOW and other fem groups are holding their nose and voting for Casey. I can't believe Casey has much mojo in Harrisburg or Amish country. Too bad...I like Santorum. Maybe President Bush can find a high profile position where he can boss some Senators around. Also has Specter campaigned much for Santorum?


Wonderful, on point article. "Foolish and desperate he is." Best line on the blog today.



It truly is and so is the pass that I see many bloggers giving this guy. NO, I am not prepared to applaud 'his honesty' just because he acknowledges media bias. So what else is new except they see the downward spiral of the NYT, WaPo and MSNBC?

Is there a person alive that does not believe that ABC/Ross had seen the IMs when they just all of a sudden, decided to publish the emails? ABC makes me cuss each morning because that is what I get with my local news.

Is this not the same Halperin that brought us the ABC 2004 presidential debate memo?????

It's the TV that is driving the vote and delivering Dems to the masses. The NYT only starts the ball. The TV is never given their due because many seem to believe that only the 'readers' vote. Campaign ads are pennies to millions compared to Dem free TV.

Yep...unfreakinbelievable. Show me. Until then I will file this with the NYTs apologizing for not questioning the war enough. Sure. Their way of starting their 'you fooled us with your lies and we are sorry' so this is why we will bash the war AND soldiers, each and every day. Poor mislead babies.

M. Simon

The plan for winning WW2 was "Germany first".

That is it.

Italy was a debacle except for the initial invasion (sound familiar?).

So did we retreat from Italy?

Gabriel Sutherland

Sue: It's because Bob Casey's name is Bob Casey and he's running in Pennsylvania. The state's voters just love anyone with the name Bob Casey. They've elected something like 10 Bob Caseys to various seats in Pennsylvania. Apparently, one Bob Casey ran for a seat, raised no money, did no campaigning, and didn't even want to win the election. He ran anyway and the name "Bob Casey" was on the ballot. He won in a landslide.

The name "Bob Casey" is almost as loved as Jesus in Pennsylvania.



1. Reading the comments of some lefties here just makes me feel tired and bored. It's 2006 already. Get a new schtick will you?

2. So what if we owe China $1 trillion? The Chinese government owes it's citizens well over $2 trillion dollars looted from the national banking system.

3. The reason why the Chinese buy so much American debt is to prop up the dollar. Why? Because that powers American purchasing of Chinese products. Why is this important to the Chinese, particularly when it looks like the Chinese are giving us money to buy their crap?


The Chinese expect their government to provide them with job opportunities. With jobs available people have income, are happier and will generally put 50%+ of their annual income into their savings accounts (at the banks being slowly looted dry by the Chinese government). Additionally it's the promise of jobs that's driving the massive increase in higher education that will result in China producing enough educated engineers to potentially create a high tech industrial base.

etc etc etc.

So here's the deal. The Chinese buy our debt to help fund the creation of jobs inside China. This aids in stabilizing the Chinese economy and, by extension, their politics and society. If the Chinese stop buying American debt then Americans will generally stop buying Chinese products. This will result in a drop in economic growth, which in turn will result in either low job creation or negative job creation.

i.e. The Chinese are buying American debt because they almost have to.


Right Owl. Mark Halperin is suffering from the same delusion that most of the elite have. The idea that he can somehow be free from Bias--and that we'll believe him just because he says so.

His father was not just "left", he was rabidly far left, and now works for George Soros "open Society." One of Mort Halperin's best buddies was Phillip Agee for goodness sake!

Mark went tho Harvard. He lives in a place where 90% are liberal democrats. He workes in an industry where 90% are liberal democrats. Yet HE is not a liberal democrat, and is going to "save the day" and show how special he is by having an intern from Bob Jones University! WOW! I'm impressed by his overwhelming generousity! (NOT)

Well, Halperin can pat himself on the back all he likes. Ross and ABC played a key role in the Foley scandal--all the evidence points to it. And Halperin completely avoided the question--alluding to some BS like "anonymous sources."

He went on and on about how aweful Mary Mapes and Dan Rather were in Rathergate. Well, hate to tell ya sweetie, but you and Brian Ross are no better. Nothing by liars and democrat shills as far as I'm concerned.

Gary Maxwell

The GOP fully expects that once the President leaves Perry, GA today, they'll be able to put the 8th in the "Leans Republican" category too."

I am sure this is because Bush was down there fiddling with the Diebold voting machines. All of them in the two districts. The fix is in. Despite Bush having carried these two districts 2-1, the fix is in.

Man when the goose fails to lay the golden egg, the moonbats are going to be baying for pate. In a big way. Mark it down.


If anyone can provide a link to the Fitzgerald's motion, I'd appreciate it.

I'll be eagar to see Libby's reply. Perhaps they can propose as an alternative to denying the motion that Walton simply prevent either side from implying that revealing Plame's CIA affiliation might have been a crime.

I hope Libby's team files a motion in limine to prevent Fitzgerald from stating or implying there was anything improper about about Libby's disclosure of information from the NIE to Miller.


MJW a JOM poster emailed me the pleading. You might check the Fitzpatrick website to see if he's posted it. I haven't seen a cite anywhere.

Libby has not yet filed a responsive motion. I expect he'll need permission to file a pleading on asbestos.


The pleadings for both the gov't and Libby are linked at TalkLeft for all of you Plame addicts!


Thanks. I cannot access them. Maybe too many people are trying to.

Soylent Red

This will result in a drop in economic growth, which in turn will result in either low job creation or negative job creation.

Pretty good Ed, but I have to add:

Loss of jobs in China means shrinkage of the new middle class, further exacerbating the collapse of manufacturing.

All those out of work Chinee will have ample opportunity to reflect on the whole democracy/capitalism thing they toyed with in the late 1980s, and further, to speculate on how much better their economy would operate if it weren't run by a corrupt government mafia.

China is SOOOO not our enemy. Anyone who says otherwise exhibits his/her stupidity.



Actually China *is* our enemy.

The Chinese government is committed to the establishment of China as the world's sole hyperpower. Which of course will require America to either be humbled in some permanent way or eliminated.

This doesn't mean that China will accomplish it. Just that this is their ultimate goal.

The Middle Kingdom does not suffer equals.

Foo Bar

Did you miss the part about: “never have an ability to have a relationship with their country”? Or that "their country" obviously referred to China? Because it seemed to me that (combined with the previous woman who was proud of Seattle but not the US) was Tom's point.

One of Tom's explicit points was that the woman with the adopted kids was putting China first. If she believes China gains power and control by holding so much of our debt, and she's basing her vote on a belief that with Democrats in control we will run up less debt and hence give China less power and control, that's a strange way to put China first.

Soylent Red

Actually China *is* our enemy.

I will relent and say: perhaps our enemy, but certainly not a threat.

Not when we can throw their economy into a tailspin and foment insurrection by simply not shopping at WalMart.

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