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October 26, 2006


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Gasp--you mean the lefty bloggers arent as smart as they thought they were? Jeez, TM--you shouldnt be giving them hints--Let them run smack into the law of unintended consequences.


“Peter King,” the Republican congressman from Long Island, would bring up a link to a Newsday article headlined “King Endorses Ethnic Profiling.”

That should help him pick up a few votes,it will only be negative re-inforcement to the liberal left.



So far, so good - per this Google search,

Can you check your link? I'm not sure it is working.


Update SOS webpage

Drudge links to
A NY Times story

It identifies a spokesman for HRC as David Smith


This will be just like everything else the nutroots deliver to the Democrats.

Let's see they got both Dean and Kerry elected rejected as President.

They'll get Lamont elected rejected in CT.

Bring it on Moonbats!

Pal2Pal (Sara)

I posted this in the old thread, but can use all the prayers around.

Everyone say a couple of prayers -- the wildfire in Riverside County, CA, that has already killed firefighters and engulfed 400 homes, is bearing down on where my son works and coaches and is headed our way. The smoke is already so thick, I'm having trouble breathing inside my own home and it really stinks outside. The sky is thick like heavy fog. I don't think we will be at risk, but David's school is very much at risk right now. It is so windy though and this fire is moving so fast.


Good luck Sara. I'm thinking of you, and watching it live on Fox. So sad about the firemen.


Sara, good luck. Prepare to evacuate--you knoe get everything ready just in case.

Rick Ballard


I'd grab all important docs (like insurance policies) and go for a drive. You know the Santa Ana winds are killers - don't wait.

Sara (Squiggler)

Thank you. I'm nervous. But, we Californians keep our emergency kits handy. Everyone knows to have a suitcase with all the essentials handy. I'm going out shortly to fill up my gas tank and get some cash out of the teller as a precaution and David and his ballplayers just got back from the field (San Jacinto) where they gathered up all their equipment and anything that was moveable has been secured. My son has the back of his truck loaded to the hilt with bats, balls, uniforms, even the bases off the field and all kinds of athletic equipment. They got flatbeds in to haul the bleechers out. I assume other departments are doing the same.

My home is about 12 miles due south of where the fire is right now. But when you hear Hwy. 79, think that 12 miles is straight down that highway as my home is about a block and a half east of the highway. The air quality is brutal. I just heard from a friend who lives in Hemet and she is having such breathing problems, she is packing up and going into San Diego to her daughter's to get away from it. Her son also lives in Hemet and raises snakes. He is getting out and having a terrible time getting his snakes moved. Yucky huh? My friend is really freaking out because they lost their home in the Tierrasanta fire of a couple of years ago and moved out to the Hemet area after that.


"Absolutely, we're winning" says Bush of the Iraq occupation.

Two questions: Who is we? What are they winning?


Looks like the wheels are finally coming off Carter!>Dems Repudiate Carter Book

“It is wrong to suggest that the Jewish people would support a government in Israel or anywhere else that institutionalizes ethnically based oppression, and Democrats reject that allegation vigorously,” Pelosi wrote in a statement. “With all due respect to former President Carter, he does not speak for the Democratic Party on Israel.”

I guess they are starting to get tired of him too.... must be all the recent polling that's making them scared. Like Lieberman up by 18 points... I guess they need the Jewish vote more than they thought.


Maybe it's time to haul out the Convention Pics with Carter sharing guest of honor position with Michael Moore.
His sentiments have hardly been secret before. Cat had their tongues for so long?

Sara (Squiggler)

Kansas City Election chief says ovr 40% of the 35,000 registration forms submitted by ACORN are forgeries, fraudulent and bogus. These are Dems trying to steal the Missouri election.


This is about the 5th or 6th time they've pulled this. It's time to start prosecuting ACORN and charging them for the extra work they caused the poll workers.

Sara (Squiggler)

I only heard the tail end of the report, but I think they said that someone has filed a formal complaint against ACORN.

Sara (Squiggler)

I put a post up last night about GWB's oval office press conference that is detailed by Michael Barone. Who knew that it would generate a whole lot of interest by the Bush haters. Specter is holding his own against an onslaught of Bush haters, but seems to be the only voice of sanity. Amazing to me the vitriol and misinformation the other side has.

Rick Ballard

ACORN link - it's only 15,000 "errors" so far.


Here is another polling example for you:

SUSA crosstabs 1,000 RV sample, 411 LV respondents - perfect response rate. NY-26 Reynolds +5. Remember - Reynolds was dead meat on Oct. 10, according to RT Strategies, he was -16. Then SUSA had him at +3 on a slightly overstated sample and now he's +5 on a correctly weighted sample. SUSA also had him at +2 on September 26 and -5 on October 4. Zogby had him at -15 on the fifth.

That's a real Foleycoaster ride and it's a perfect example of the nutroots (Gay Squad) in action. If they ever get the Ready, Aim, Fire sequence correct they still will miss the target. This was a Barone 'leans dem'. Mr. Barone is going to have to update his list.

Rick Ballard

Walton hears memory expert testimony. It sounds as if he heard some arguments on exclusion as well.


Isn't it time for the DOJ to prosecute and put some people in prison?

Am I not being disenfranchised when the dead and the illegal and the fictional and the felon vote?

Pal2Pal (Sara)

15,000 is more than the 40% of 35,000 I heard in the news brief.


Yes, MarkD. I know some cases were brought last time around, and one state (Minn?) sued to make ACORN pay for the extra costs incurrred dealing with their mess.

Rick so the Elliott Ness with a law degree " got Loftus to acknowledge that a statement in one of her research papers was taken out of context and that a figure in one of her books was incorrect."
In the meantime he forgot that Armitage was the leaker.

Hope he enjoys this little victory.

...Waxman blasts Justice on Harman

A top congressional Democrat called on the Justice Department to publicize what it knows about an investigation into relations between AIPAC and a Jewish congresswoman.

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), the ranking member of the U.S. House of Representatives Government Reform Committee, said in the letter sent Thursday that allegations of improper relations between Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.) and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee seem “absurd.”

Reports have alleged that AIPAC lobbied Democrats to keep Harman in her Intelligence Committee leadership position in exchange for Harman’s favorable treatment of classified information charges against two former AIPAC staffers.

“The Intelligence Committee has no jurisdiction over a Justice Department prosecution of AIPAC employees, and it is unlikely that she, as a Democrat, could tell this Republican administration what to do on this matter,” Waxman wrote.

He suggested the department was retaliating for Harman’s tough criticism of its zeal in prosecuting leaks. Waxman and Harman are both Jewish.


...Hastings is being promoted for the Intelligence Committee chairmanship by the 42-member Congressional Black Caucus. Choosing him could help Pelosi curry favor with a caucus upset by her decision to kick another black Democrat, Louisiana Rep. William Jefferson, off a committee after the FBI characterized $90,000 found in his freezer as a bribe.

"I don't think the CBC members will look very kindly on Mr. Hastings being passed over, especially since he does have the expertise and he is next in line," said Myra Dandridge, the group's spokeswoman.

Hastings, however, has his own baggage: He's an impeached federal judge. Republicans have already cited that in news releases warning voters against giving Democrats control of Congress on Election Day.

Defense contractors and policy analysts also are sounding alarms about jettisoning Harman, who has won allies through her expertise on intelligence systems and spy satellites, many of them built in her coastal Los Angeles County district.

Loren Thompson, a defense analyst at the Lexington Institute, said no one in the House understands intelligence matters and spy technology better than Harman.

"It seems as though Pelosi is making her political calculations based entirely on Democratic Party considerations rather than on broader national needs," Thompson said. "This is an awfully bad way for the Democrats to get started in proving their defense credentials."

Pal2Pal (Sara)

That Kansas City election guy said that many of the registrations turned in have the same handwriting and are outright forgeries. It is a nightmare for them to sort out, since some of the registrations are probably valid, they can't just throw out the whole batch.


Hey, Gary Maxwell, Rick Ballard, PUK, what are the odds of the TX CD 22 for Nick and Shelley?



It appears that it took hours to get those damning you think the head shaking was because it was absurdly long?


Waxman shouldn't pick on DoJ. The AIPAC allegations are silly. They were first made public by The Nation via Time online and surely came from Soroites who are battling AIPAC.

Rather like the Foley folly began with someone from HRC.

How long do they think they can play this disinformation game and get away with it?

Pal2Pal (Sara)

Fire update - 4 firefighters dead, a 5th in critical condition and on life support. Homeowners and campers are trapped inside the fire ring and perimeters have been set up to try to keep them safe. There is no road access to get them out because of the fire. The smoke is black now and it seems like midnight at my house it is so dark and thick. The winds are fierce and blowing embers up to a mile ahead of the fire keeping it moving at a furious pace. Hundreds being evacuated.

This is a back country area with winding two lane highways into the mountains. Hundreds of homes threatened. Only 10% contained since 1:30 AM when the fire was deliberately set. Federal murder charges pending against the disgusting person(s) who did this. Santa Ana winds causing havoc in fighting the fire. They've named the fire the Esperanzo Fire.

Rick Ballard


TX-22 will send Sekula-Gibbs to Congress. Probably not until '08 though. Lampson is the classic one termer.

Sara (Squiggler)

The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat has endorsed Murtha. If this pisses you off as much as it does me, how 'bout sending an email to: He is the editor.



I am not familiar with that paper. Is there a particular reason it pisses you off that this newspaper endorsed Murtha?

Sara (Squiggler)

Yes, it is the hometown paper for the PA 12th and should know better by now. They've all but ignored Diana Irey's campaign. They are in Murtha's payoff pocket.


ts thanks for the JTA cite. I sent in a blog on that piece of Waxman nonsense.

As for why the audience was shaking its heads--it's AP. We can't be sure there even was anyone on the audience.

Sara (Squiggler)

I wrote to Minemeyer back in May to give him a heads up that Irey's campaign was a serious challenge and that she had the support of the Vets. He responded that a few disgruntled Vets didn't impress him. Veterans groups have raised 10s of thousands for Irey with contributions coming in from around the world.

If you really want to know about John Murtha, see: youdon' and

If you haven't been keeping up, I think you'll be shocked to see what this man is really all about. Or look in The Squiggler's Murtha category. I don't cover everything, just highlights every so often.


I am worried for you. Evacuate now and get to safety soon.
Irey will hopefully beat Murtha whose behavior this year has been deplorable. I hope the voters have taken notice.
It looks at this point that we in Ohio are set to get a dem governor. I'm still voting for Blackwell because he is the far better candidate.Too bad our large Cleveland and Cuyahoga county doesn't realize that better education is only possible with a repub. Our charter school survived a challenge in the courts and won. It will be close with DeWine and Brown.

Sara (Squiggler)

Hold off on deluging Minemeyer until I check something out. Just had a response and he says they have not endorsed anyone yet and that it must be the Tribune Review, a paper I've never heard of. Let me check my original source before getting the guy all hot and bothered.

Sara (Squiggler)

Maryrose, we are still pretty safe from fire, but I'm having a heck of a time breathing. My son took my car to work because he loaded his truck with stuff from the athletic dept. when they evacuated it. He said he just walked outside and my car is covered with fine black soot that is blowing down from the fire. I'm staying indoors with the house closed up tight. I've been to the store for supplies. Gotta have my Diet Coke, ya' know. But, the fire is still several miles from me. My friends up in the Hemet area are not so lucky. They have been evacuated. Fortunately, my girlfriend has grown children down in San Diego, but I have her two cats here since her grandson is allergic. My kitties aren't too happy with the invasion. I may be in more danger from a cat fight than the actual fire.


Allen just released sections of a novel Webb wrote.
Highlight from Drudge:
"WEBB NOVEL: 'The man grabbed his young son in his arms, turned him upside down, and put the boy's penis in his mouth'..." "

All that's going on the world and the election has come down to salacious IMs and novels..PHEH

Sara (Squiggler)

Via Sweetness and Light:

Witness grilled in CIA leak case

Posted on Thu, Oct. 26, 2006

WASHINGTON - Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald took on the first witness in the CIA leak case Thursday, dissecting an expert witness until she acknowledged errors and misstatements in her research.

Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, hoped the hearing would persuade a judge to let him call a memory expert at his obstruction and perjury trial in January.

At the outset of the procedural hearing, U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton indicated that he was not inclined to allow a memory expert to testify at the trial. Still, he allowed Libby's lawyers to present a witness to bolster their claim that memory experts would help in his defense.

When it came Fitzgerald's turn, the veteran prosecutor launched into a nearly three-hour cross-examination of the witness - psychologist Elizabeth Loftus - that had some members of the audience shaking their heads.

It was the first public courtroom confrontation between Fitzgerald and Libby's defense team and foreshadowed a contentious trial.

Libby wants to use a memory expert to help argue that, when he made false statements to investigators about his conversations with reporters regarding CIA operative Valerie Plame, it was because of faulty memory. Prosecutors say he lied.

Loftus testified that many jurors don't understand how memory works and how unreliable it can be.

Fitzgerald challenged the validity of memory research. Citing footnotes in her publications, presenting conflicting statements and questioning her methodology, Fitzgerald got Loftus to acknowledge that a statement in one of her research papers was taken out of context and that a figure in one of her books was incorrect.

Libby's defense team had no comment after court.

Walton did not immediately rule on whether to allow the memory testimony at trial. He closed the courtroom to continue the debate over how much classified information Libby should be allowed to present at trial.

Libby is the only person charged in the leak case. Plame believes the Bush administration leaked her name to reporters as retribution for her husband's criticism of prewar intelligence on Iraq.

It this not truly hilarious?

Citing footnotes in her publications, presenting conflicting statements and questioning her methodology, Fitzgerald got Loftus to acknowledge that a statement in one of her research papers was taken out of context and that a figure in one of her books was incorrect.

Sara (Squiggler)

Was Libby's defense team asleep? Did they not participate in this hearing? Sounds like it was entirely one sided. What am I missing here?

Rick Ballard


The RNC has canceled advertising for DeWine for next week. Keating 5 McCain's 'Gang of Seven' has lost one of its sharpshooters - and Chafee ain't lookin' any too healthy either.

I don't know that Kean is any improvement over DeWine (he would be over Chafee) but it looks like Kean will get some dough.

One smooth move has put the DeWine family out of politics. I wonder if Mike is going to send a Thank You card to Big John?


Sara, this is a pretrial hearing. Defense counsel just made a pro forma presentation to establish her qualifications as an expert--probably took minutes and an argument why they thought she should be permitted to testify .

The rest of the time was Fitz doing a dog and pony show to try to persuade the judge that she shouldn't be allowed in as an expert.


Blogger behind StopSexPred identified, supposedly.

Gary Maxwell

TX-22 will send Sekula-Gibbs to Congress. Probably not until '08 though.

What he said.

If this were a fair fight, Nick Lampson or any other Democrat would not be calling this district his. But the ballot says DeLay and she must run as a write in candidate. She will still get 35 to 40 % and together with the contrary vote that say the hell with it I still want DeLay they will exceed Lampson I predict. But a plurality is all he needs and this one time he will get it.


Seems like either Smithers or Gibbs needs to drop out of that race.


name did not match zack
but sos blog links the radar online and says he will comment later
not confirming or denying yet


SOS is being annoying. Wish he'd stop playing games and get on with it.

Sara (Squiggler)

Webb's novel excerpts go beyond icky. I liked this guy back when he was Secy of the Navy. He is the first one I ever heard talk about getting rid of our large standing army and replacing it with smaller, more mobile, special forces or specially trained units. I had no idea he was a raging sexist pig.


They promised this same sort of stuff with the TV domudrama "The Path to 9/11" but it came to nothing. These people are nothing.

I am the eggman, they are the eggmen.
I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob g’goo goo g’joob.
Goo goo g’joob g’goo goo g’joob g’goo.


There was a Lane Hudson fron SC who was a delegate to the 2004 Dem convention. Don't know if it was the same person, but if it was he can't be brushed off as just some kid who wandered in off the street and did bad things.


--ts thanks for the JTA cite. I sent in a blog on that piece of Waxman nonsense.--

Clarice...I took that Waxman Florida and Jewish and maybe felt pressured to defend her -- as a side note


I take it that he's stupid or thinks his constituency is.


So who is this Lane Hudson character ?


All that whining about the votes not being counted it making it hard for the Dems to get Black voters to the polls. (HEH) href=s/27race.html?ex=1162526400&en=332fb0cdd69b1e61&ei=5099&partner=TOPIXNEWS>Jujitsu



The radar online article is about all there is except for one cached HRC event calendar entry that reflect to gotv events in Michigan

I have not got email back from sos blogger since the one non confirming email right after the news broke

His blog says he will respond about LH later

So I am being stonewalled at this point

I also found one yahoo chatroom about the michigan vote effort

Dave in W-S

"So who is this Lane Hudson character ?"

Lane Hudson of SC is referenced in a 2003 Kerry speech as, "...former Governor Jim Hodges of South Carolina, and his staffer Lane Hudson...".

A Lane Hudson was also listed as staff in this report from the 2001-2002 Congress.

Lane Hudson is evidently on staff with HRC, or at least has an email address through them and organizes event(s) for them. Per Radar, this connection may now be defunct.

If I read the abstract on this (now expired) link, Lane Hudson of SC is 27 and in real estate. -- Election
Delegate status: Congressional District ... T. Lane Hudson , Charleston, S.C. , 27, real estate.

I don't know if this is the same Lane Hudson that is affiliated with HRC and hosted at least 2 HRC events in Michigan this week. If SC Hudson is a former staffer of the Dem governor, that would seem to indicate a possibility that he was also a Democrat Senate staffer in 2001-2002 and a Democrat delegate in 2004.

Is it possible that the "leaked emails" routed not through a former page but a Democratic staffer / operative who may also be a gay activist working for HRC?

Dave in W-S

Oops...Link for the 2001-2002 Staff reference. You have to do a search and find,; it's buried in a list.


There is a Lane Hudson who was a delegate to the 2004 Dem convention, from SC. Highly likely that is the same guy, since our Lane was also from SC.

Sara (Squiggler)

The article referenced says he was on Sen. Fritz Hollings staff and Gov. Hodges staff. He is no novice.

Dave in W-S

Lane Hudson of SC was evidently involved in Dem fund raising at least as far back as 1999. Link

And yes, he was a delegate to the 2004 Democratic convention. Link

Voila! Here's his picture!. Confirmed DC and Charleston, SC linkage.


This may be him:

And here's more:
a Lane Hudson connected to an organization called Earth Force. Earth Force has some interesting members. One held a fellowship with The Heinz Endowments’ Education and Environment Programs, helping them determine their grantmaking approach to environmental education. And on the Board of Directors is someone who worked for CBS and ABC>earth Force


Michigan is a ways from SC. I wonder who paid Lanes bills to go there and work on GOTV.


HRC apparently..

Sara (Squiggler)

Wow! You guys are so good.



someone who worked for CBS and ABC? I followed the link but didn't see that.


National Bd.

Dave in W-S

His Friendster profile is passworded, but there is a search record with a couple of confirming details.

Friendster - Lane Hudson
Friendster: Lane Hudson; location: Washington, DC 20003, US; College of Charleston; Charleston; United States Senate, SC Governor's Office, ...

Per his Friendster profile, he accessed within the last 24 hours (if I interpret that entry correctly), so maybe he tried to lock down his trail once he got canned.

This guy jumps around. In the Fall, 2003 issue of a College of Charleston magazine, Link, He gets a 2-line alum entry:

Lane Hudson is assistant director of annual giving at Episcopal High School in Virginia.



His age is supposed to be around 25 so the picture of him looks about that range maybe


Episcopal is a decent private prep school in Alexandria Va.
The job he held is an entry level position generally held by college grads with good social skills and ties to givers and parents. It's not a job for stars and geniuses.

Sara (Squiggler)

Clarice -- when I quoted the S&L snip from the article on Libby memory expert, I neglected to include S&L's suggestion, which makes me laugh.

The suggestion: call Fitz to the stand and start by pointing out that Mr. Fitzgerald forgot who leaked Plames name originally.

Brilliant move, if you ask me.


I think Steve GIlbert is very funny.


Right now we are seeing that a contract gotv worker is supposed to have been passed emails in some way that if he screws up can be backtracked to heavy hitters that gave him access.

I would reasonably expect them to be dealt with by someone with more of a successful track record

Does a couple of prior staff positions with now a demotion to a contract worker fit that picture.

Dave in W-S

1999 - Dem party fundraising activities in Charleston
2001 - Graduates College of Charleston
2001-2002 - Democratic staffer, US Senate (Who's staff?)
2003 - Staffer for Governor Jim Hodges, SC and fundraiser for private school in VA
2004 - One of SC delegates to Dem national convention
2005 -
2006 - HRC organizer and recruiter
His title:

Lane Hudson

Regional Field Organizer

Human Rights Campaign

202-716-1647 Cell


according to the Radar article Sen Fritz Holland

Dave in W-S

Hmm...Maybe I shouldn't have posted that cell. It was cut and paste from the HRC site, but it's a DC number, not a Michigan one, so maybe it's personal. TM, if you're monitoring, please evaluate and take appropriate action.

Sara (Squiggler)

For the second time, Lane Hudson is listed as being on SENATOR FRITZ HOLLINGS (D) South Carolina staff as well as Gov. Hodges staff.


Dave, that is a DC prefix--

Dave in W-S

It kind of looks from the timing, like Hudson got on Hollings' staff just in time for him to retire, then shifted over to former Gov. Hodges staff. I'm curious what he did/does for Hodges, who runs what appears to be a large political consulting firm with several branches around SC and one in Raleigh. I haven't found any mention of Hudson, other than the convention between '03 and present. It's possible that he drifted away from the mainstream political and into gay life, then back to activism. Or maybe this HRC thing is a consulting job. I don't know how those things work, but there are enough connections going here that I think the term professional operator is appropriate.

I'll be curious to see what y'all come up with between now and morning. Have a good night.

Dave in W-S


Yes, I noticed the 202 area code. That's what made me think it was a personal cell. Of course, if it wasn't, does that mean he was assigned by the national HRC office and not hired by the local organization? Don't know their structure at all and am too tired to dig. Not sure whether it means anything.


I;m reasonably certain from his background he was hired here.
Here are the corporate sponsors of HRC.


It looks like Lane Hudson was the host for the HRC Austin Spooktacular Ball in Austin TX, but not any more.


Maybe one of our Texans can volunteer and pick up the slack.


He was scheduled in Carolina around the Charleston area for several different "Meet up for Edwards" events

Sara (Squiggler)

How does he connect to the IMs and emails? Or should I say, who connects him to them?


From senate staffer to governor staffer to convention delegate to GOTV worker

Doesn't sound like a viable career path to me

Was he less than competent and downgraded


Where does it show his Austin hosting? I only see Kalamazoo and Detroit. I wonder if he did those.


The HRC folks have scrubbed their site of Lane Hudson. Some volunteer Luncheon that he hosted on Oct 5th now doesn't have his name any more.


He should be at the one in Detroit tonight, no?
Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Detroit



The two likely paths of how the mails got out of republican custody are as follows

Alexander staff consulted with his fired staff about what to do with them protocol wise, since they were relative new and Katrina was upon them

Otherwise Trandahl had to give them to the HRC since he was a board member

Alexanders chief of staff and Trandahl are the only two people who had copies of the emails

Everyone else only discussed the content, they did not even view the actual emails


He's still>here:


I believe he set up the Stopsexpredators site to float the email story for Mahoney to use in his campaign. The media had the information . So did the FBI. None felt it was actionable and so another way had to be found to get the story out.
If they handed it to Mahoney he'd be asked where he got it and the game would be over.
The Lucy Rameriz technique in Rathergate didn't work (the unknoen cut out).
So he (and whoever he was working for) hit upon setting up a fake blog site.
If had hardly any posts and virtually no readers, but we are supposed to believe that Mahoney came upon it on his own, spotted it, demanded an investigation and voila--Brian Ross had a hook.

As for the IM's I think the expages were indiscrete and Ross came to learn of those..Someone sent him that the next day. And, no, I do not think that was coincidental was all planned.Who gathered and sent him that, I don't know, but I'd bet by bottom dollar Ross knew before he published the first story that the others would be in his hands right afterward. (They were not sent by the ex-pages who had been the correspondents IIRC, but by an as yet still unnamed person.)


I'm still not sold on Trandahl deliberately being involved.

Sara (Squiggler)

Guys, I know all the background, I have already stated that after all the sleuthing, you are going to come back to where I started, Trandahl. He links all players in one way or another. But, my question is, how does Lane Hudson link to all these others. If he has only been with HRC a month, he isn't really a player in the background of the case. So, why him, who are his friends?


Hello All! I'm so sorry to mass email you twice in the space of a couple of hours, but I have more news to report!

After a long, exhaustive job search in our Nation's Capital, I have finally been offered and accepted a job. On Monday, I will start as a Regional Field Organizer with the Human Rights Campaign. As a Regional Field Organizer, i will help HRC target voters and increase turnout in targeted State Legislative races, Congressional races, US Senate races, and Gubernatorial races in about 10 States.
Help me mine>this

Sept 7, 2006

It will be a challenging and exhilirating 61 days! Please forgive me if I am not in touch very often until after the election, as I will be travelling nearly the entire time. Thanks for all of the well wishes during my job hunt. I'm very happy with how things turned out.



Basically this guy is almost a ghost on the net

Except for friendster no other old or forgotten about profiles hanging around at other sites, a plain vanilia,

No comments on hacker boards , rock groupie sites, haven't even picked up anything from gay publications commenting on who was who at social events etc

No links to other aliases from the 5 email address I now have for him.

So not a kos kid or Dummie type of activist.


Sorry, I messed up my post above. That link is to a board he posted on, and his post is kind of on either side of my link. He announces his job at HRC on Sept 7. Looks like he worked for a Wisconsin campaign at some point before that.

Sara (Squiggler)

If he is from Virginia and attended a private school, who are his parents?

Sara (Squiggler)

His college in Charleston isn't exactly major league and yet he starts his politcal life on a Senators staff. He must be connected somewhere. Who are Momma and Poppa?


I'm still not sold on Trandahl deliberately being involved.

Posted by: clarice | October 26, 2006 at 10:42 PM

I'm not convinced on it either, I am trying to find data which sheds light.

As to his reasons the only thing I can come up with he was in a power position in the Congress, he was not happy with the behavior of some of the pages, he basically lost his job because either he blew up finally over Foley or was shoved aside because of hiding his knowledge of Foleys repeat acting up.

At the time of the dismissal all can agree the emails themselves were not throw people over the side type of content.

If anyone believed the emails were a problem, they had enough time as a party to line up someone to run in Foleys place and let him retire as he half wanted to.

Too many reaches here I agree for Trandahl to throw the whole Rep party under the bus.

When I consider all the other parallel attacks by CREW other than the emails occuring at the same time, the chance of all those coming togeter at one time is to believe in the perfect storm.
Not buying it.


The phone no is from HRC I think--He announces that new no on Sept 7 , the same day he announced his new job.

Sara, he WORKED at that school. There is no indication he attended it.
It looks like it was for a short time between other jobs.

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