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April 14, 2007



You're too sensitive, Tom.


Those fun-loving posters over at the JOM have cooked up a show about what life will be like under the Republicans in 2008. In January 2008, the Republican majority in the House and the Senate will be busy repealing tax cuts, dismantling the War in Iraq, repealing the Bush administration's social agenda, and cutting funding to faith-based programs.

Cecil Turner

Dunno, I only got this far:

One of the admirable things about Red Blogistan is its message discipline.
When I decided he's projecting. And his talking points haven't improved since his last attempt at red-herring farming.

In January 2008 . . .

Even the faith-based don't think they'll get a time machine to install the newly-elected a year early.


Washington: President Bush plans to sidestep critics of his handling of Iraq, it emerged yesterday. In a surprise move, on June 30th he intends to hand sovereignty of the troubled nation to the residents of Hoot Owl, Oklahoma, pop(0).

Back in Washington, House Republicans reacted with delight to the unexpected change of plan. "This is good news for Iraq and good news for America" beamed Congressman Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), "George Bush is pointing the way by handing Iraq over to the honest folk of Hoot. Why, I know a small town in Okalahoma that'll be just right for runnin' North Korea once we've invaded!"


TM: Forget the witty comeback, Kleiman would need a sense of humor to understand it. And as far as backhanded compliments go, he admits you're right twice a day--that's two times more often than he usually is.

By the way, how's that Pelosi 100 day (hour?) plan working out for Kleiman? Was it right even twice a day?


One of the admirable things about Red Blogistan is its message discipline

If you don't invent your own facts, you will generally be agreeing with others who are not inventing their own facts!


I imagine that for someone who lives in that great oasis of intellectual diversity called academia, every one else must be seen as narrow-minded obscurantists.

Man, you need to bring a big shovel if you read Kleiman.

Worst all, there's never a pony at the bottom of the heap either.


Tom Maguire

how's that Pelosi 100 day (hour?) plan working out

100 business days? 2400 business hours?


I see Kleiman's case of projection is not exactly responding to treatment.

Joseph Hertzlinger

One of the admirable things about Red Blogistan is its message discipline.

One of the admirable things about the sky is its bright orange color.

JM Hanes

The idea of running with stopped clocks seems a little oxymoronic doesn't it? When you're a card carrying member of an Authorian Cult to boot, though, I suppose anything is possible.

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