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June 27, 2007



One can see why Lindsey Graham wanted to exempt them from back taxes.


unwillingness to destroy our enemies

 Iran and Syria?


I'd settle for Iran. Iran is the base of the house of cards. Syria falls without Iran to prop it up. Hezbollah, Hamas, all will wither on the vine. Threaten the royals in Saudi with their demise, afterwards, and they will likely find new books for the "Islamic studies" departments.

Bush had it right (or his speechwriters did) when he made it clear that the state sponsors had to be destroyed. I don't know what happened afterwards. Loss of will? Just political BS? I've given up trying to understand the rational for allowing Iranian designed and or manufactured bombs, and the training of and direction of use, to kill American service members without retaliation.

Rick Ballard


Weaponized anthrax.

Iran has to be toppled from within because they're holding too strong a hole card.

At least that's the only reason I can come up with for not making Qum a glass space beacon.


"Iran has to be toppled from within because they're holding too strong a hole card."

The biggest "a hole card" being the liberal left.


Rick, with all due respect, would you prefer anthrax or nukes?

I given up trying to understand GWB's rationale for anything. He lost me a long time ago.

Pal2Pal (Sara)

Via Matt Apuzzo:

WASHINGTON (AP) - For years he was known as chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney and assistant to President Bush. On Wednesday, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby became federal inmate No. 28301-016.

Libby, who was convicted in March of lying and obstructing an investigation into the leak of a CIA operative's identity, faces 2 1/2 years in prison.

The assignment of an inmate number by the U.S. Bureau of Prisons represents another step on the road to prison. Inmate numbers stay with prisoners even after their release.

Libby, however, is hoping that an appeals court will intervene and put the sentence on hold before he is ordered to surrender.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has not indicated how quickly it will rule. Lawyers in the case said Libby had not yet been assigned to a prison or given a date to surrender.

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald opposes Libby's bid to delay his prison term. He says Libby does not have a good chance of having his conviction overturned and should begin serving prison time immediately.

Libby's friends have asked President Bush to step in and pardon him, a request that Bush has sidestepped while the legal case drags on.

Libby, 56, is the only person charged in the leak scandal, which erupted after CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity was revealed in a 2003 syndicated newspaper column. Libby was not the source for that leak and neither of the two Bush administration officials who provided the information were ever charged.

When confronted by prosecutors and FBI agents, however, Libby lied about how he learned about Plame and whom he told, a jury found. He is the highest-ranking White House official sentenced to prison since the Iran-Contra scandal in the 1980s.

The Bureau of Prisons does not say where its inmates will serve until they begin their sentence. Normally, prisoners are assigned to facilities within 200 miles of home. As a nonviolent, first-time offender, Libby likely will be placed in a minimum security prison camp.


The most powerful weapon is a clear statement. Admittedly GWB does not have that in his arsenal. Blair did. Others do, but they appear neither from the left or the right.

As foolish as the left may be for not having principles, so, too, are the right, for not understanding what underlies the principles. Both sides fold up like cheap suits when called on to explain themselves.


Old action in the Dow Jones/AP case

6/19/07 (UNDER SEAL) RESPONSE filed [1048468-1] (5 copies) by Appellee USA in 04-3138, 04-3139, 04-3140 (certificate of service dated 6/19/07 by hand) to court's inquiries [1029757-1]. Original plus 2 copies filed. [04-3138, 04-3139, 04-3140] (lmf) [04-3138 04-3139 04-3140]

Rick Ballard

"for not understanding what underlies the principles."


There is always the tiny chance that someone on the right might not agree that democracy can be wished into existence. Someone might have examined the tenets of islamic ideotheology to the extent that they consider this particular attemp to synthesize watrol by mixing oil and water to be a waste of time and energy.

Just maybe, ya know?

By the way, how's the moderate Muslim Salman Rushdie doing these days? Those darned muslims. They take apostasy so seriously. No sense of humor whatsoever.


Iran has to be toppled from within because they're holding too strong a hole card.

Iran has to be toppled from within because if we attack them, every person who currently opposes the Iranian leadership will suddenly side with them against us. And they will, to a man, fight to the death to protect their country.

I just hope we are actively helping the toppling.

"Iran has to be toppled from within..."

And if they cannot? What then?

I really don't care who sides with the verminous murdering tyrants in Iran. In reality, they'll side with the winners.

To be clear, I don't have any desire to invade Iran. Destroy their military, their nuke sites, their command and control. Destroy the regime. Let the Iranians pick up the pieces.


We've been slow to aid the dissenters w/in Iran, but they are building up steam. This week there were riots all over Iran about gas rationing. Every week it's something else. And then there are all those mysterious accidents involving airplanes carrying Revolutionary Guards.
From inside is best, but for God's sake keep Karen Hughes away from the propaganda being beamed inside Iran.


I think the Iranian people need to get 'the letter' from President Bush submitting our complaints. First the terrorism. Then the nuclear weapons. And now killing our soldiers directly.

A few days later, Iranian resistance should set fire to the refinery.


cboldt--that is an interesting docket entry. I wonder what the court's inquiry was?


"On Wednesday, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby became federal inmate No. 28301-016."

24601 would have been something, but this is close enough to sustain the Fitzjavert angle.


I suspect that the FDL and Next Hurrah denizens already have begun referring to Libby as either "28301-016" or "The Inmate."


Rick: What you've stated can be summed up as "Enforce existing laws".

Obviously what we need is a new law that makes us enforce the old laws.


An interesting op [iece on Libby.


The Rigases were ordered to jail yesterday 3 years after they were convicted. The speedy 2nd Circuit upheld all but one of their convictions last months while they enjoyed being free on bond.

Hopefully Scootie, enjoying his 5 level appeal for bond will save us the ugly site of this Traitor Trainwreck in a much shorter time:

The 4 Potential of Scooter Appeal Hell to be exhausted by either side:

1) Asks the trial judge for bond--Denied
2) Asks the D.C. Circuit 3JP for bond
3) Moves for en banc consideration
4) Asks for Rule 21 consideration by the S. Ct.


Correction that would be the Scootie Libbinista 4 tiers of Appeal to stay out of the slam, although I don't know that he would not have to report waiting for an appeal of this 3 judge panel's opinion should he need it.


No matter how long the appeals in Texas are, there will be intact charges and Delay will be convicted. I don't know how many rungs of hell Delay could use to delay his joining his Republican bretheren on the prison bust. I don't know if Delay's trial will occur in this decade but I expect it could.

There is substantial reason to believe all the Abramoff chior who are now climbing on the prison bus and singing like canaries doing "The Marriage of Figaro" could precipitate the long overdue federal indictment of Delay and his wife, and his daughter, despite the obvious Sopranoesque EOUSA and "never litigated in a federal courtroom" Fredo Gonzales' continued stonewalling with respect to Congressional requests and finally subpoenas.


Specter is continuing to behave as the wussie he's always been. The American people are entitled to have testimony from Rove, Cheney and the others involved in the warantless wiretapping.

under oath and of course with a transcript exactly the way their DOJ examines and cross-examines witnesses every day.


"I think we ought to give consideration to bringing in those individuals and finding out what we can under the president's terms. It doesn't preclude us from compulsory process and proceeding with the subpoenas at a later time."

That's his usual brand of happy worthless horseshit considering Fielding has already insisted:

"Such interviews would be private and conducted without the need for an oath, transcript, subsequent testimony, or the subsequent issuance of subpoenas."



'Fredo'. I love it.


chch16, I figured it out. You're flipping a double-headed coin. So you've lost the irony imbedded in randomness. I guess you don't know you can't call future events with any predicability of accurateness?

I have no idea what the Texas Appeals court will do. I have no idea, even, what my son will be doing. But I did listen to Tom DeLay's new book on tape. (I enjoy books on tape while I drive). And, I must say it was fun listening to him.

Tom DeLay got elected to the House of Representatives, in 1980. On Reagan's coattails. At the time, he was one of only six republicans from Texas, heading into the HOUSE.

Honest man. Wasn't faithful to his wife, at first. He got called "Hot Tub Tom." But eventually, (and his wife must have the patience of a saint); he turned around. So when he says he has a great marriage, now; he and his wife, as a couple, got to know some pretty terrible times. (The contract, I know, says you stay married through them. But I didn't. I tossed in the towel. Maybe Jesus saves?)

Anyway, DeLay rose up the ranks in leadership. His book is as honest as I've ever heard a politician SAY.

And, DeLay said he saw TROUBLES COMING for the GOP! Deciding to get out of the 1996, by taking the stage door exit provided by Ronnie Earle, SO HE COULD GET A BREATHER FROM POLITICS!

Hastert wasn't as smart.

DeLay will be back.

He's also pointed out to the terrible decade with Newt (a twit), in charge. And, to counter Newt, now; he's pointing to Newt's new-new campaign, based on SOLUTIONS. Hello, says DeLay. It's the government, stupid. You're not gonna get solutions, as advertised.

Within the HOUSE, too, Newt accused DeLay of trying to get him tossed out of the Majority Chair. While Dick Armey stood around, and served, well. Just Dick Armey.

Again, I don't know what the future brings. But I think there's a mainstream to the public views. And, Tom DeLay pointed out that the art of politics was in the art of compromise.

Like I said. An honest fella.

While up ahead? If nothing else, Fred Thompson will use the Internet. It will cost hom less; and he's gonna run to the front. To win? He has to run to the center. Not always possible to do that, though.

By the way, just like whore houses pepper the landscape, so, too, does money wax the system.

What will the Supreme's do with these "separation of powers" issues? I don't guess the future. And, you can't even call events by guessing them with coin tosses. It's nice to be alive. You get to stick around to find out.


Of course Fielding and Clement who has an obvious recusable conflict of interest in the defiance of subpoenas by the White House and Cheney and Rove and Miers and a long conga line of liars don't want them under oath with a transcript.

They recognized the very high propensity of all of them to follow in the footsteps of Scootie and to commit purgery. The SJ Clement cannot be impartial nor can the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Jeffery Taylor.

This is an obvious situation in dire need of a Special Counsel but neither of these scumbags will apoint one or move to get all of their fingers out of their asses. It is truly a Nixonian stonewalling hiding wire tapping and hijacking DOJ to engineer political prosecutions from the West Wing.

Bruce Fein, former Republican DAG under Ronnie the Raegan who is falsely given credit for the downing of the Berlin Wall and fall of the Soviet Union when oil was in fact the reason has advocated the impeachment of Cheney.


Talk about pot kettle black - the lefty hero in the Abramoff scandal - Marc Schwartz -has found himself the subject of a massive government corruption investigation/scandal in El Paso - and defrauding the feds on contracts that were awarded on basis that the labor was conducted by disabled people of a non-profit - nice guy.

In that document, the U.S. attorney states that his office has acquired information for the case by "intercepting communications" from targets of the investigation, including former NCED and Access HealthSource spokesman Marc Schwartz. Schwartz is still the spokesman for ReadyOne Industries.

Schwartz was one of three El Pasoans whose cellular phone was tapped and monitored by the FBI. The two others were Flores' son, David Navarro, and Adrian Pena, who works for CF Jordan, a prominent construction contractor in El Paso.

...It is the enormousness of the case that has the full attention of the FBI, which is ensuring that everything is done properly and that all evidence is concrete.


Several sources tell ABC-7 that just last month, FBI agents searched the home office of Marc Schwartz. Schwartz has been acting as Ready One's spokesman.

While Mr. Schwartz declined an on-camera interview with ABC-7, he did speak to via the phone. Schwartz tells ABC-7 the FBI agents took some documents related to Ready One from his home. Mr. Schwartz added that he is cooperating with the investigation.


So Sue of the crooked penis discorse--a first on a political blog for me--but some of 'em are Sue--you know that--you're Delay's mommy?

No one is predicting what a judge will do. I'd like to educate people that of about 1250 federal judges most have never litigated in a federal court room either trial or appellate.

But I am predicting Delay will get to romp around the prison libary and probably his pseudo-religiosity "ah found Christ in a hot-tub nailin' babes behind mah wife's back" could give him some time in the prison chappel where hypocrisy has to be pandemic.

Carol I don't want to shock you, but fucking other women besides his wife is common in the House of Representatives particularly among sexually repressed holier than thou Republicans.

That's not the public's problem with delay--it may be his family's.

His intimate involvement with Abramoff which is well documented is his problem and frankly his big federal legal liability--forget the Texas case that will get him up close and personal with the shitty Texas prisons courtesy of Bush and their legislature.

Carol Google Delay/Marianna Islands/and another Republican who was nuked when he thought he could run for governor Ralph Reed. He showed his stripes early when he was fired from his college paper for plaguerism.

Delay engineered the sexual slavery of little girls and young women in the Mariana Islands along with Ralph Reed and then tried to hide it.

Delay">">Delay Engineers Slavery in the Mariana Islands with Abramoff and Reed

Delay will be in the back of the prison cubes trying to get his radio and earphones working.

He'll be in the back of the TV room watching Hip Hop BET videos.

If you think he'll be back in the House as corrupt as most of them are, what do you smoke as a rule?

Carol promise me you'll use your obvious compelling influence to get Fred in the race. It's an easy victory for the Dems if he does. See if you can get Bloomberg to enter as a 3rd party candidate. Make the Dems day!.


It should have read of course, Carol of the crooked penis ***discourse*** with a "u" and not Sue.


That's rich--the FBI "insuring everything is done properly" in the Schwartz case, kind of the way several thousand laptops and guns are missing from the FBI, and the way Mueller has ignored the law in issuing thousands Security Letters illegal, and the way the DOJ has refused to answer nearly all inquiries from House and Senate Judiciary.

I don't see the Schwatz case helping protect Delay, Libby, Abramoff, the prison bus with Abramoff's face painted on it, or Delay's exposure to federal prosecution based on his and his wife's and his daughter's Abramoff ties and law breaking. It's just a matter of the snitches rolling on Delay. I suspect he'll serve his Texas prison term, and then his concurrent federal one.

Jeff Dobbs

Dude, you proofread your work and let "plaguerism" stand?

he was fired from his college paper for plaguerism.

I'm sure you meant Che Plagueveraism.


No, Dude. Instead of plagiarism I meant Reed and Delay Plabramoffgiarism and Reed and Abramoff and Delay forcing Mariana Island women into prostitutiongiarism and Delay, Abramoff, and Ralph Reed's efforts to promote and protect commercial sex trade in the Marians:

Delay">">Delay Promotes and Protects Commercial Sex Trade for Reed and Abramoff in Marianas




The What House be invokin' Exkootive Privledge out on da ledge but they can be beaten (not in the D.C. Circuit) but in the Sooopreme Court despite the newly forged mujorettye with the 2 Amigos joined at da hip Alito and Robertzzz (despite Nino's differences with Roberts) with Kennedy getting the middle aged itch and instead of buying a Boxter or a Vette swinging over to be the 5 to any future 4.


che che - your conspiracy theory link (both of them) don't work.


Whoopsie Boxster.


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

I don't even the google translation tool could handle that.


Sorry--I don't know why--I checked it twice unless it's because the WaPo requires a sign in. I get the 404 as well.

One will do. Prison should help stimulate some of the Abramoff and Randy Cunningham snitch action not to mention the about 7-10 Abramoffites who have pled guilty or will plea in the next few months:

Democrats Renew Push for Mariana Labor Bill
Legislation Blocked by DeLay Extends Controls Over U.S. Territory

By William Branigin
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, June 7, 2006; 5:06 PM

House Democrats led by Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) introduced legislation today to extend key federal controls over a U.S. territory in the western Pacific, renewing an effort that was blocked for years by lobbyist Jack Abramoff and once-powerful Texas Republican Tom DeLay.

The bill aims to apply U.S. immigration law and basic labor protections, including the U.S. minimum wage, to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), a U.S. territory 3,900 miles west of Hawaii. Human rights and labor investigators have found rampant abuses there over the years, notably the trafficking of women for a commercial sex trade and the exploitation of mostly female workers from poor Asian countries in a largely foreign-owned garment-manufacturing industry that uses the territory to turn out "Made in U.S.A." clothing exempt from U.S. tariffs and quotas.

As a lobbyist for the Northern Marianas government and, subsequently, the garment industry on the main island of Saipan, Abramoff enlisted DeLay and other Republican leaders in a battle against the Clinton administration, human rights groups, labor unions and a bipartisan group of lawmakers to preserve local control over immigration and the minimum wage.

In a 2001 pitch letter obtained by The Washington Post, Abramoff boasted to the then-governor of the commonwealth that his lobbying team had worked with DeLay and other congressional leaders to bottle up reform legislation, stymied the efforts of Republican critics such as former Sen. Frank Murkowski of Alaska and obtained "extra CNMI appropriations" from Congress for infrastructure projects on the islands of Tinian and Rota.

Now that Abramoff is headed to prison for fraud in a separate case and DeLay is leaving the House under indictment for alleged political money laundering in Texas, Miller and his allies hope their efforts to rein in the commonwealth will finally succeed.

"For years, DeLay and Abramoff used their power and influence and corrupt practices to defend the indefensible," Miller said in a statement accompanying the introduction of his bill. "The House of Representatives failed to stop extraordinary abuses of poor women guest workers in the textile and tourism industries in the Marianas despite overwhelming evidence documented by the federal government, Congress, the news media and other sources."

He charged that DeLay, the former House majority leader, and Abramoff, a conservative Republican who became one of Washington's top lobbyists, "ignored well-documented threats to American security, criminal activity, violations of labor law, forced abortions and human trafficking" in the Northern Marianas.

"They were running a protection racket," Miller said. "DeLay and Abramoff protected the Marianas garment industry from congressional scrutiny and were rewarded handsomely for it with trips, lucrative contracts, campaign money and more. The most exploited women in the world, and the American legislative process, paid the price."

Miller charged that DeLay, who was majority whip before becoming majority leader, "used his office to block Congress from considering our bipartisan reforms," telling key committee chairmen not to hold hearings on them.

"The bill we are introducing is a test of whether that protection racket continues today," said Miller, a member of the House Resources Committee, which has jurisdiction over the Northern Marianas.

A spokeswoman for DeLay, Shannon Flaherty, responded in a statement, "It's clearly good news to Democrats that Tom DeLay is leaving the House because they hate free-market values and everyone who defends them. Bad news is, socialists like George Miller still won't win."

DeLay is scheduled to step down Friday. He was among a number of lawmakers who traveled to the Northern Marianas on trips arranged by Abramoff. On one trip with his family and staffers over the 1997 New Year's holidays, he told his local hosts, "You are a shining light for what is happening to the Republican Party, and you represent everything that is good about what we are trying to do in America and leading the world in the free-market system." He later called the Northern Marianas "a perfect petri dish of capitalism," adding, "It's like my Galapagos Island."

At a news conference to publicize his bill, Miller also announced that he is releasing a May 2002 Justice Department report on the Marianas that he accused Abramoff of helping to suppress. The report found that continued local control over immigration would "seriously jeopardize the national security" of the United States. The two federal officials who wrote it were subsequently reassigned to lesser posts; one of them, who had initiated a criminal investigation into Abramoff's lobbying activities on Guam, was demoted from acting U.S. attorney for Guam and the CNMI to an assistant U.S. attorney under an appointee reportedly recommended by the Guam Republican Party and approved by top White House political strategist Karl Rove.

The legislation proposed by Miller, the U.S.-Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Human Dignity Act, would gradually impose the U.S. minimum wage, apply U.S. immigration law "as if the CNMI were a state," allow U.S. Customs agents to board ships in the CNMI and require studies by the Interior and Homeland Security departments on labor and human rights violations and security and immigration vulnerabilities. It would stipulate that no products could leave the Northern Marianas with a "Made in the U.S.A." designation, and no goods could be shipped to the United States free of duties or quotas, "unless the minimum wage was paid to the workers, all labor laws were obeyed and no indentured servitude was allowed."

Appearing with Miller at a Capitol Hill news conference to announce the bill were Rep. Hilda L. Solis (D-Calif.), who co-chairs the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues, and Rep. John M. Spratt Jr. (D-S.C.), the ranking Democrat on the House Budget Committee.

"Let's give Tom DeLay a real going-away present" by passing the bill, Solis said. She said that with Saipan's garment industry starting to fold as quotas come down under worldwide trade accords and factories move to China, thousands of women garment workers who were brought in from countries such as China and the Philippines have become stranded on Saipan without jobs, and some are being forced to work in brothels.

"The situation has gotten even worse in some ways" since the 1990s, when attempts to impose federal controls were defeated by Abramoff and his allies, said Katherine Spillar, executive editor of Ms. Magazine, which recently investigated the conditions of foreign guest workers on Saipan.

Spillar said the magazine, which is published by the Feminist Majority Foundation, found that unemployed garment workers on Saipan "increasingly are finding themselves trafficked into the sex industry there," along with women from Russia and other countries who were promised jobs in restaurants at U.S. wages only to end up forced into prostitution. She said the vast majority of sex workers on Saipan now are former garment workers.



I do believe that it's




I know it's Ralph Reed but do not know why my links have stopped working because on this end they work when checked by pasting into an IE browser adress bar, but not when posted.

He spells it that way at any rate. Sorry about the links. I've checked them carefully when I paste them. They work in the browser as I said.


On final approach in the browser without any degree of flaps, the links work. My links have worked before here, but the last three haven't. I thought signin to Wapo could have jinxed it but people post NYT links here all the time and that requires sign in, so I'm not sure.


Doesn't matter chichi. No one wants to follow your links, or read your BS. I'm begining to think your jealous of Carol.



If you can't pass by Carol's commentary, could you at least try to pick up some of the less pruient portions? It's nice to be able to read JoM at work and not have to worry about its content triggering any filters.

Your links are failing because the tool you use to generate code is adding an additional http:/ in front of the one you copy from your toolbar. Not knowing the tool you prefer, I'd just suggest you edit it manually.

Come to think of it Carol, could you perhaps focus on the more family-friendly language?

Thanks to both of you.


Walter points well made on the work filters. Of course although it means turning a few cheeks to the insults of some of your collegues who would rather sling name calling than talk about appellate issues, etc.

I appreciate that you participate in discussions of issues.

I'll ck the double http and thanks for the tip. What puzzles me is that hasn't happened until now, but I'll take extra care to try to make the url work when I post and test it first.

After all it's nothing exotic to link, and certainly can be done manually.

Good suggestions.

Thanks much


Hypocrisy rules America absolutely. WSJ reporters stage protest against Murdoch while not one of them had the caj er gutts to write a Libby trial story--the subject was banned except for slanted editorials by delusional individuals.


I'd like to be first to have the pleasure to post Scootie's Inmate number here:

It's beginning to look a lot like prison (sung to the tune of It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas):



Rick: There is always the tiny chance that someone on the right might not agree that democracy can be wished into existence.

Rick, don't misinterpret what I'm saying. I'm saying it's important to know when to defend yourself and why. To do that you need to know the underlying minimums of society. And, surprisingly, understanding the attributes of democracy helps see the minimums more clearly.

That gives one the courage to oppose thuggery at every turn.


I'd like to be first to have the pleasure to post Scootie's Inmate number here:

Too bad your reading comprehension skills are about as good as your links because
Sara and then Elliot.

Seriously, Che Che - Save Ferris - Crazy -etc. etc. How much does Townhouse/DNC pay you?


You should consider paying me TS--I'm more continuing education than you could ever afford.

My links are solid from now on mah boy. I overlooked an extra http:\\ but I have the url touch now.

You aren't jealous that Scootie got an inmate # before you or was it after you, or is your friend posting for you while you're where Scootie is going?


Delay Enslaves Women Marianas


Delay, Reed, Abramoff protect commercial sex trade of young girls Marianas--Republican Values



TS you'd be a paradigm more successful if you had 1/20 of my reading comprehension.

What kind of moron deigns to measure someone else's reading comprehension?

You know you don't have the vocabulary do ya?

I'd say you and Paris Hilton have about the same number of words in recent memory.

You could have done that Larry King favorite bible passage interview just like cipher brain Hilton--you know they could have interchanged you TS.


You aren't assuming with all I have to do I'm reading every comment on this Knee Jerk Right Winged Rhetoric blog where everyone pats each other on the ass and says "yeah that got 'em good" are ya TS?

e.g. Fred Thompson, a bozo who has made his significant money not at Law and Order but because his Tennessee Bud Frist the thoracic surgeon gave Thompson's Phillip Morris clients access and Thompson made a couple million simply because of tha. Phillip Morris is a cigarette company whose products usually aren't in a thoracic surgeon's bag of tools to help FEV1, pulmonary function, and coronary artery patency.

Frist didn't mind though--the thoracic surgeon left and the whore got in him once he became Senate Maj. Leader. Frist rammed the terrible health care bill through that has elderly people without medication in case after case. He ran interference for the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies so there would be no competitive bidding in Medicare the way there is for every single private hospital pharmacy in a consortium or so that you can understand the concept, TS--Duh!


"To be clear, I don't have any desire to invade Iran. Destroy their military, their nuke sites, their command and control. Destroy the regime. Let the Iranians pick up the pieces"

Barry were you planning something like Bushie with his codpiece stuffed in his pants pretending to land on a carrier (he was flown) off the coast of that very risky land called San Diego, California?

You may not be planning to invade Iran but the U.S. ain't either. It don't have the troops to do so.

And what are you smoking? If the nuclear facilities that Iran has near completion could be reached simply by bombing them, Israel would have done it for the U.S. the way they bombed Iraq. Israel isn't going to wait for the U.S. to protect them against a country who can reach them with missles--but this is a country the size of Texas--the only state Bush knows a little about--where he learned enough foreign policy to fly this country into the toilet where it is now.

Stobo Blobo

chch16, I know you won't be able to understand this, but I'll ask it anyways: do you have any idea how much of an idiot and a loser you are? I mean, what other kind of person do you believe would hang around where she isn't wanted, then proceed to cry about how no one there will play with her and about how mean those people are when they insult her as they refuse to play with her? Talk about fitting the liberal stereotype! "pitiful" doesn't even begin to describe you.

Have you ever noticed how much you prattle on compared to the average poster here? (no offense Carol, but you don't represent the average poster here!) Do you believe it's more likely that you do so because you have so much deep wisdom to impart to the stupid Republicans that it shouldn't/can't be contained, or because you are a certifiable, sociopathic nutcase who lacks an internal censor, who has no self-control, and who simply has no clue whatsoever how to interact with those you strongly disagree with in a way that is not alienating?

What's funny is that you are not a good disrupter, even though you probably pride yourself on being one. You are just annoying, that's all. I guess that's what happens when you have the most uninteresting and useless personality conceivable, and when you are bereft of any discernable talent.

'negative attention is better than no attention at all', eh? Go away, you dummy.


chch16, I seldom complain about other commenters, but you are really beginning to annoy me. There's no excuse for the volume of your comments. If you have that much to say, get your own blog.

JM Hanes


It's like the ee cummings version of Ulysses.


No one is crying. The pussies are the Republicans and they are losing. Your so called leaders are being put in prison by your own biased DOJ. In fucking droves.

I don't give a flying fuck whether anyone responds here.

I enjoy injecting the truth into your veins and you can ruminate on it.

Your moron Bush hasn't passed any significant legislation. He's killed a number of people in the future with his moronic stem cell veto. He's killing them in Iraq along with all of your other chickenhawks who were afraid to serve as well as Bush who ran away and hid and had daddy get him into the guard to avoid his seeing any Nam action because the family is a chickenshit family.

Most importantly, no one takes orders from you.

Like Bush, if anyone comes here and pats everyone on the ass the way you all keep jerking yourselves off with very few thoughtful posts, Maguire is a rare exception--a couple others. The rest of you mangy mutts react the way the fatass Rush, the drug dealer who was essentially given a big pass in one of the most hypocritical prosecutions in history, reacts when someone disagrees with him.

It's like being surrounded by endless O'Reilly clones.

Almost none of you can stick to issues.

Stobo fuck yourself as usual.

MJW you want reenforcement for loser policies.

There is not one Republican candidate that has a prayer in 2008. Name him. That includes the coward Thompson who is scared of his own shadow to get in. He's lazy.

Campaigning is hard work. Thompson made money (millions) with access to Frist for Phillip Morris.

There are one girl pimps who work harder.

None of you pansy asses can discuss issues because you don't read--you listen to Rush like Morons, and it's very positive soon that the 91% conservative talk radio corporation owned stations who have not kept the agreements they made as to fairness will be soon reigned in.

– In the spring of 2007, of the 257 news/talk stations owned by the top five commercial station owners, 91 percent of the total weekday talk radio programming was conservative, and only 9 percent was progressive.

– Each weekday, 2,570 hours and 15 minutes of conservative talk are broadcast on these stations compared to 254 hours of progressive talk — 10 times as much conservative talk as progressive talk.

– 76 percent of the news/talk programming in the top 10 radio markets is conservative, while 24 percent is progressive.

This will soon be coming to an end and it annoys the hell out of you.

The Republican party has led in one area; a record number of their Congressmen and some of the White House is either in prison or on its way.

The volume of my comments MJW makes up for the lack of substantive focus on issues by 95% of your commenters. I have seen about 3 people in 3 days besides Mr. Maguire who are serious about issues. The rest of you kvetch and are cry babies when anyone disagrees with your blind devotion to failed policies and the worst leaders in the history of this country.


It's high time people stood up to the loser policies inflicted on this country by this administration and conservative hypocrits and it's happening all over this country. The Supreme Court has been hurt badly, but as Scalia worries, at age 71 he has seen the last Republican apointment before he is off the court. He has tried to bully Roberts to overturn precedent without announcing it is being overturned:

Even in Agreement, Scalia Puts Roberts to Lash

Interesting that it's okay when Mrs. McCain speaks up but not when Mrs. Edwards speaks up. What hypocrisy.


No one I've been countering is like Leopold Bloom's version of Ludicrous or T.S. Eliot stoned meets Ghostface Killah.

What is quintissentially conservative as far as the bell shaped curve goes, is diatribes, pissing, moaning, but no background of reading and thinking.

98% of commenters here are mimetic of the airhead Monica Goodling with a shit education from a shit law school who was given license to vet immigration judges and fire US Attorneys when she didn't know how to litigate her own traffic ticket.



No what I've been countering is like Leopold Bloom's version of Ludicrous or T.S. Eliot stoned meets Ghostface Killah.

What is quintissentially conservative as far as the bell shaped curve goes, is diatribes, pissing, moaning, but no background of reading and thinking.

98% of commenters here are mimetic of the airhead Monica Goodling with a shit education from a shit law school who was given license to vet immigration judges and fire US Attorneys when she didn't know how to litigate her own traffic ticket.



chch16: MJW you want reenforcement for loser policies.

No, I simply want you to post reasonable length, on-topic comments. From now on, until you do, I'll completely ignore you, and hope everyone else does likewise.

Pal2Pal (Sara)

Take your meds chichi, you are melting down. The shock that you support a bunch of jerkoffs and incompetents is getting to you. It must be a terribly traumatic experience to realize that your best is Hapless Harry Reid, Nana Pelosi, Dumbass Durban, MadJack Murtha, Killer Kennedy and Schmucky Schumer and that all important gigolo, John Coward Kerry. Oh and lest we forget, your hero, Mr. So Important Hair Wilson.

If your side could compete in the market place, you might have successful talk radio, but it can't. No one listens because people don't want to hear whining, bitching and moaning all day long and sponsors don't want to pay for someone to whine, bitch and moan all day. They don't want to support a bunch of kook conspiracy theorists either. Or people who think we should feel sorry for the terrorist mommies and daddies and be understanding about why they outfit their children in homicide bombs and send them out to kil.

Your side cannot govern. They are hatemongerers, gossipmongerers, and terrorist loving idiots who dream of the day that the hard working and successful are forced to pay for their every whim. They are racists and bigots who most Americans find disgusting.

It must kill you to look at your field of presidential candidates. Obama Hussein, naive, inexperienced, totally clueless. Billary, the first lesbian to run for high office and her twofer philanderer and rapist husband, Kooky Kucinich. Wow great choices compared to Romney, Giulliani, Thompson or Hunter.

I would venture to say that you listen to Rush more than any regular poster here, most of whom are busy in the day time with real jobs.

I suppose you keep coming here in all your identities because, to date, you haven't been banned like you've been everywhere else. Although, you keep up the foul language and I think you'll be a goner before the day is out.

And how would you know if anything of substance is discussed, you don't bother to read anything? You spew your venom, whine, cry, and generally act like a recalcitrant 2 year old trying to get Mommy's attention while she's on the telephone. But then, it must be hard when the discussion is about subjects that your handlers didn't prepare you for with their daily talking points. Thinking seems to be beyond your capability.


@ Sara the Simpleton--They are kicking your party's ass.

Your leaders (about 35 major ones and some minor whores are in prison or going belly up and turning tale and copping pleas--no balls to go to trial. I'll be glad to compile a list. If I were you instead of making up names for Democrats, I'd figure out who you can back that has a prayer. Right now, not one of the white flip flop loosers has a chance. And Dems would love to see Thompson the chickenshit get in. He and his trophy wife really don't want the limelight. He and his Phillip Morris rejects can't come up with positions.

And Bloomberg will drain votes from anyone else, but can't possibly win.

My side has not been in the position of controlling government for 6 years. The poster child for not governing has been the Republican party. Their greed and their stupidity has the White House now backed in a corner stonewalling to protect their overt systemic criminal activity.

You're talking jerkoffs with Monica Goodling and Kyle Sampson acting as puppets for the White House and subordinating the entire DOJ and EOUSA. That is incredible.

The people you are pissing on because it's easy to do when you're writing to your hard drive, lol, all have years as experienced litigators. Goodling and Sampson had none of that.

Sampson was a gopher for Orin Hatch--that's it.

Goodling was a gopher for the RNC--no law experience and Gonzales who had no federal law experience gave her control of hiring and firing and she acted as a secretary for the West Wing.

Who could be dumber than an AG who can't say who fired 12 now Republican US Attorneys, in order for the White House to try to win elections by trumping up charges aimed at Democrats just before the elections that they lost completely in 2008.

And the result, one idiot Jefferson going to prison from the Democratic House and busloads of Republicans being convicted by their own DOJ.

@MJW my posts are reasonable length and they focus on issues. Try reading your compatriots' crap.


Sara except for pasting a column from Apuzo that showed up on the WaPo search, I haven't seen anything you've posted that discusses the issues and your mommy telephone bullshit that you trot out is pathetic. It's not a substitute for an adult discussing issues.

Pretend (I have no idea if you got through some dogshit college) that you are assigned a paper on any issue you want to choose Sara. I'll be happy to debate your sorry ass and kick it from one end of the web to another. But you don't have the balls do you?

That Obama Hussein shit is pure Ann Coulter--the worst kind of prejudice. The name is nothing but it reminds us all of Bush and his Administration sitting with their thumbs in their ass being told that OBL was going to strike and strike he fucking did when Guilliani was warned that someone had infiltrated the NYFD, stolen plans of WTC, and Guilliani was told

1) Don't locate emergency center in WTC and the asshole did.
2) Rudy 911 because he helped it happen via his incompetence, refused to get the NYFD, the NYPD, and the EMTs on the same radio frequencies. Result: About 275 firemen died who didn't need to.
3) Republican CT Whitman 2 days ago testified that Rudy 911 refused masks that would have given respiratory protection to WTC cleanup. Result--millions of dollars worth of chronic lung disease that is largely untreatable now in New York clinics.

Brilliant discussion--you'd use this in grade school let alone college?

"Hapless Harry Reid, Nana Pelosi, Dumbass Durban, MadJack Murtha, Killer Kennedy and Schmucky Schumer and that all important gigolo, John Coward Kerry."

Your ass would get kicked by any teacher and you'd be on the grateful end of an "F."

Your vocabulary is very limited Sara. You don't begin to understand the court system or the Libby appeal. What is it that you do know that's factual? Can you make any kind of argument besides trying to Piss?

I've never listened to that pathetic hypocrit Limbaugh. The only time I see anything he's done is when people show what a fool he is.

He ranted about drug dealers and then became part of a drug operation himself gathering huge quantities of opiates that would have put anyone else in prison for years.

I frankly don't care what Obama's first names are, and anyone who does shows their ignorance. I don't care if it's Britney Spears Obama. He has a better education than any single Republican candidate, and is considerably more articulate. There isn't one of them who could have made Harvard Law Review or who has a chance and that has to be driving Republicans nuts.

So Important Hair Wilson--there you go again. Who gives a flying fuck about his appearance? He's living a good life. Libby is going to prison for lying and covering up an attempt to get his wife killed out of revenge because he exposed the WMD hoax.

No one cares about Hillary's personal life but you. Calling people lesbians because I suppose you denigrate them. Very much like the position Cheney takes towards his own daughter and she takes towards her fellow Lesbians.

Every scintilla of your discussion is 3 year old name calling. You have no game Sara because you have no ability to grasp issues and write about them.

Again, where is a post on the issues? You copied a column tonight on Libby's new prison number. But again where is your ability to raise an issue--not call names--I said raise an issue.

And you can't.

"I would venture to say that you listen to Rush more than any regular poster here, most of whom are busy in the day time with real jobs."

There you go again. Projecting in areas where you have no knowledge. I never listen to Rush and my real job is one most of your posters couldn't get through the schools and training to do babe.

I've stopped reading most of the posts because they are biased prejudiced name calling like your shitferbrains slur on Barach Obama's name--that's the lowest form of hate much like Colter.

I've been focusing on the bad ideas and criminal activity of your party and I've butressed every statement.

I know you can't do that Sara and I'm sorry for the education you didn't get. Sara is one more perpetual child that No Child Left Behind managed to leave behind.


"that your handlers didn't prepare you for with their daily talking points."

There is medication for delusions Sara--it's in the neurileptic group. We haven't advanced it as far as it should be, and there are increased side effects for the ones with the most efficacy, but you need them badly. You make things up about people you don't know; you act out and since you can't grapple with Obama's ideas, you project hatred onto his name.

According to you, any name that's not a typical WASP name spells trouble.

That kind of hatred is very prevelant among your party, and it is going to ensure that they lose once again.


"I suppose you keep coming here in all your identities because, to date, you haven't been banned like you've been everywhere else. Although, you keep up the foul language and I think you'll be a goner before the day is out"

And this is based on lol exactly what? Everywhere else where? Duh.

I've used a single ID here although your morons put an "i" in the name for whatever reason.

Pal2Pal (Sara)

Yada yada yada. I deal with the issues every day, but I don't try to co-op someone else's blog to do it. Get your own blog and write to your heart's content on whatever subjects attract your very limited mind and world view.

The ad hom attacks and foul language you use are the sign of a small and uneducated mind.
I'll put Mitt Romney with has superlative background in business up against Obama anytime. Romney attended Stanford and Brigham Young University, where he was valedictorian, earning his B.A. summa cum laude in 1971. In 1975, Romney graduated from a joint JD/MBA program coordinated between Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School. He graduated cum laude from the law school and was named a Baker Scholar for graduating in the top five percent of his business school class. All of which beats Obama's madrassa education.

chi chi or che che or some kind of code with chch16, who cares? Your flights of fancy are laughable and your generalities about those here that you know nothing about are ludicrous.


Even poor FDL gets an "earful".Interestingly chch16 doesn't appear anywhere else,except as a "Trance" record,probably accounts for the superficial knowledge of drugs.More likely someone describing their prescription,Deb might be back.

Rick Ballard

"I'm saying it's important to know when to defend yourself and why. To do that you need to know the underlying minimums of society."

Sorry, SBW - my reading comprehension broke down and I didn't recognize your intent.


@Sara--you mispelled madrasa. It has one "s" but you were too lazy or could not remember the word you used to say something quintissentially stupid.

Is Google broken on your box, or do you need to get someone to teach you how to find the spelling of a word using a computer?


Obama’s Religion and Schooling--the Facts

"The ad hom attacks and foul language you use are the sign of a small and uneducated mind."

@Sara, a hate monger just like Colter but not issue one is discussed:

"All of which beats Obama's madrassa (spelling is incorrect--it has one "s" education".

Wrong, Obamma was never educated in a Madrasa. Madrasas are what have multiplied exponentially after Bush's deadly occupation in Iraq that has killed nearly 4000 Americans and rising and hundreds of thousand Iraquis and displaced 2 million of them.

Obama never attended a madrasa, and he's not Muslim although I understand your bias and hate classifies all Muslims as the ones Bush allowed to launch the 911 attack and responded by sitting dumbfounded reading a child's book for several minutes on hearing the news the U.S. had been attacked.

Obama got most of his education as a kid in Hawaii, raised by his mother and grandparents. His mother was born in Kansas, and sent him to an American high school where he also played basketball and went to the State championship.

Only desparate people make up and supply their own delusional facts and you excel at that.

Additional hate mongering and the worst form of prejudice and ignorance @Sara:

Consistent childish name calling but no issues:

"The shock that you support a bunch of jerkoffs and incompetents is getting to you. It must be a terribly traumatic experience to realize that your best is Hapless Harry Reid, Nana Pelosi, Dumbass Durban, MadJack Murtha, Killer Kennedy and Schmucky Schumer and that all important gigolo, John Coward Kerry."

In fact, Kerry went to Nam where Bush and his daddy made sure Bush did not go.


"Billary, the first lesbian to run for high office"

I am not sure where your homophobic hatred began. You hate Cheney, because his daughter is a lesbian correct?

The base hates lesbian raising children and having them, and Cheney's daughter has done this making many of her father's and Karl Rove's anti lesbian marriage initiatives to fire up the base appear hypocritical.

"Obama Hussein, naive, inexperienced, totally clueless."

You have excellent reasons to fear Obama, but none of them have to do with his middle name, a very common name for someone whose father was an African economist.

Only a moron uses that name for the purpose of stoking some hatred in the most ignorant type of person. Let's see Sadam Hussein was a monster who killed people, and anyone else who has that name is a killer. Excellent reasoning on a par with a vegetable.

I won't be responding to your hatred, and will look for a post rooted in issues not hatred and prejudice to respond to.

Sara Hitler would have absolutely loved your degree of simple minded hate. Blended with a borderline retarded IQ you are maleable and he made a career of manipulating haters like you.

Romney has flip-flopped on every issue he raises.

Bush, accumulated exactly zero foreign policy experience in Austin Texas. The S. Court gave him the election 5-4 and the law clerks who were there wrote about it at length in numerous journels angering Scalia, Renquist, and Thomas who could not get a job for years (not because he was black but because he was incompetent) and prompting a confidentiality agreement that all law clerks must now sign.

"All of which beats Obama's madrassa education."

This is blatantly a false statement and you know it's false but you could care less.

Obama thrived in an American High School, and then went to Harvard and Harvard Law School which when I checked last were not "madrassas" and he distinguished himself grade wise at Harvard where he edited the law review partly based on his skills and partly based on his high ranking in his law class.

I think we all have a vivid picture of the dangers of a madrassa education and only a pure vegetable would try to pass that off. You are embarassing to the serious commentors here, but are a metaphor for ignorance and hate that is very real in this country.


More lies. I've posted 3 times at FDL.

My knowledge of drugs and medicine is based on years of experience in fact.

What you have to learn @Peter is just because you hate that someone can debunk your lies, projecting what you wished they were does not make it true.

You couldn't be making more of a fool of yourself UKPeter aka UK Dick.

Interestingly chch16 doesn't appear anywhere else,except as a "Trance" record,probably accounts for the superficial knowledge of drugs.More likely someone describing their prescription,Deb might be back.

UK Peter aka Dick from UK:

Anytime you want to put some money on a little one on one medical/drugs it'd be fun to take your money, but you lack the integrity to cover a bet.

I'd give you about 2 days in a med school and your ass would be out.


close tag

January 24, 2007, 12:43 pm
Obama’s Religion and Schooling
By Kate Phillips

For the past several days, charges and rumors — which appear to have been debunked — have been flying around that Senator Barack Obama attended a radical Muslim school as a child in Indonesia.
CNN sent a journalist to Jakarta to check out the reports and determined that the school was a public one unaffiliated with Islamic fundamentalism. We linked to the CNN story and a Washington Post critique on Tuesday. (Officials told CNN and other news media that the public school doesn’t focus on religion at all.) In addition, The Times’s Bill Carter weighed in today on the feud between Fox News and CNN.
That hasn’t stopped a war of words; in fact, we keep seeing references to the reports in comments on our web site. Even last night, while Mr. Obama was doing interviews following President Bush’s national address, he was asked about the rumors. Senator Obama scoffed at them.
He was asked about it again on the “Today” show. Afterward, his staff released a fullblown offensive –perhaps a few days too late — to the media. From Robert Gibbs, the senator’s spokesman, a statement slams Insight magazine and Fox News for reporting unsubstantiated, false information:
“If (Steve) Doocy or the staff at Fox and Friends had taken to check their facts, or simply made a call to his office, they would have learned that Senator Obama was not educated in a Madrassa, was not raised as a Muslim, and was not raised by his father – an atheist Obama met once in his life before he died.
Mr. Gibbs continued:
All of the claims about Senator Obama’s faith and education raised in the Insight Magazine story and repeated on Fox News are false. Senator Obama was raised in a secular household in Indonesia by his stepfather and mother. Obama’s stepfather worked for a U.S. oil company, and sent his stepson to two years of Catholic school, as well as two years of public school. As Obama described it, “Without the money to go to the international school that most expatriate children attended, I went to local Indonesian schools and ran the streets with the children of farmers, servants, tailors, and clerks.” [The Audacity of Hope, p. 274]
To be clear, Senator Obama has never been a Muslim, was not raised a Muslim, and is a committed Christian who attends the United Church of Christ in Chicago. Furthermore, the Indonesian school Obama attended in Jakarta is a public school that is not and never has been a Madrassa.
These malicious, irresponsible charges are precisely the kind of politics the American people have grown tired of, and that Senator Obama is trying to change by focusing on bringing people together to solve our common problems.
The senator’s staff attached a letter from religious leaders objecting to this attack on Mr. Obama.


The Story was from the New York Times. I know--the idiots will say the New York Times is not a serious paper which would be typical.

But of course the Wall Street Journal (and no one here will touch a response to this) refused to cover any of the Libby trial or appeal for weeks and continues to do this as they disigenuously lie to their staff and are closing a deal with Murdoch, because they manipulate the news just as egregiously as Murdoch ever has.



"UK Peter aka Dick from UK:"

Penis envy will get you nowhere Deb.

"Anytime you want to put some money on a little one on one medical/drugs it'd be fun to take your money, but you lack the integrity to cover a bet."

I'd give you about 2 days in a med school and your ass would be out."

Ooh "Med School" you make it sound so butch,just like "Boot Camp".

OK Deb,put up your medical qualifications,if any,sorry Wiki doesn't count.With your mental issues they wouldn't let you practice or anywhere near the Pharmacy.


If nothing else could someone please teach the troll how to close tags. Sheesh!


@Sara--you mispelled madrasa. It has one "s" but you were too lazy or could not remember the word you used to say something quintissentially stupid.

Sheesh. How many times have I tried to tell people don't go there. Leave it alone, because it will bite you on the hiney. First, you misspelled misspelled. How truly moronic is that? Second, you misspelled quintessentially. Third, you misspelled Iraqis.

Right back at ya' Google broken on your box, or do you need to get someone to teach you how to find the spelling of a word using a computer?


Of course, the English spelling of maleable[sic] is malleable, so maybe you are a ESL person. If that is the case, I'll give you a pass on that one.


Talk about embarrassing. Scold someone on misspelling a word with so many misspelled words that this could go on all day. I'll stop now. Hopefully, in the future, you will ignore misspelled words and make your point. That way your own ass won't get kicked all over the net.


Rick: Sorry, SBW - my reading comprehension broke down and I didn't recognize your intent.

Rick, I appreciate what you wrote. You always help me refine how I say things. As it happens, I was writing an editorial on a similar subject and your comment pointed out that some may mistake the advocacy of democracy as either a substitute for the resolve to face down thuggery, or, secondly, as an attempt to impose democracy on others in some sort of misguided manifest destiny. Either view would distract them from considering the important issues of the day.


It's Ms Debra,not Miss,uses the feminist spelling for everything.


It's Ms Debra

I don't know who Ms. Debra is. Can you elaborate?


Sounds very much like that odd Frisch.


odd Frisch.

The one that Jeff at PW had trouble with? That's just great. I sure pick some losers to get into it with. First Scary, now this one.


Sounds very much like that odd Frisch.

Is she speaking in ebonics yet?


Difficult to tell Jane



Can you tell us anything about the car bomb? What are you hearing locally?


HT to howappealing, the CADC has issued its ruling in the Dow Jones "unseal more of the Miller appeal from subpoena ruling" case. The further unsealed opinion is available from a link at howappealing. I haven't seen the further unsealed affidavit(s).


Only what is one the news,it appears to be based on petrol and gas,here is a Reuters video plus some links.


Thank you very much Cboldt!!


PUK, it appears an ordinary cop saw it, released it was to be remotely detonated and that the cell phone in the car was the device and disconnected it according to latest report. Make that man PM.


***REALIZED if was to be


The US assisting investigation


PUK I've read that the US has established a data base of the styles of various known bomb makers.


Thanks Cboldt!

The newly unredacted portions of Tatel's opinion start at page 74 of the .pdf and are shown in italics.

Nothing new here, except that Fitzgerald didn't even want to disclose this much.


A bit more info.apparently there was a perp seen driving the car erratically,might have been a gas leak.Said "not to be Irish",Now how d' divil,did they know dat?


And Howard, of course!

The opinion explaining why we're allowed even this little bit more is also available. (Both .pdf's are text-convertible.)


...nothing new here...

Well, I kinda buried the lead. Fitzgerald did tell the judges that Armitage leaked best (p. 76):

Regarding Cooper, the special counsel has demonstrated that his testimony is essential to charging decisions regarding White House adviser Karl Rove. (See 9/27/04 Aff. at 22-23). Although uncontradicted testimony indicates that Novak first learned Wilson’s wife’s place of employment during a meeting on July 8 with Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage (see 8/27/04 Aff. at 18), Novak said in grand jury testimony that he confirmed Plame’s employment with Rove (II-153-54), a longstanding source for his columns (II-121-22). According to Novak, when he “brought up” Wilson’s wife, “Mr. Rove said, oh, you know about that too” (II-154) and promised to seek declassification of portions of a CIA report regarding the Niger trip, which Rove said “wasn’t an impressive piece of work or a very definitive piece of work” (II-158). In an October 2003 column describing his sources, Novak identified Armitage’s comment as an “offhand revelation” from “a senior administration official” who was “no partisan gunslinger.” (II- 20.) He referred to Rove simply as “another official” who said, “Oh, you know about it.” (II-20, 209-11.)

Upon reading Novak’s October column, Armitage recognized himself as Novak’s source and, as he told the grand jury, “went ballistic.” (II-859-60.) He contacted Secretary of State Colin Powell to offer his resignation (II-862-64) and spoke the next day with FBI and Justice Department officials investigating the leak (II-878-79). “I was very unhappy at
[opinion p. 35]
myself,” Armitage testified, “because I had let the President down, I’d let the Secretary down, and frankly, I’d let
Ambassador and Mrs. Wilson down. In my view inadvertently, but that’s for others to judge.” (II-860.)
* * * * *[REDACTED] * * * *


And we see that Fitzgerald let Armitage's testimony go the grand jury, as the citations are to grand jury transcripts. (but note that Fitzgerald took about 1850 pages of testimony into the leaks before bringing Armitage in. For reference, Libby's testimony appears at vol. I, page 200.


Up date on London bombing

Rick Ballard

"Upon reading Novak’s October column, Armitage recognized himself as Novak’s source and, as he told the grand jury, “went ballistic.” "

Ah, Brave Sir Dick, you lie so atrociously. Finding yourself naked and trembling in the light when Novak lifted his shield, you scurried like the rat that you are to hide yourself behind Fitz's cloak of righteousness.

What a pathetic being,'man' not serving as an appropriate descriptor.

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