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June 27, 2007



And just who leaked this unredacted portion of the opinion to reporters when Armitage was unveiled? This quote appeared word-for-word in newspaper articles.

Perhaps it was an affidavit? Prepared testimony? Awfully accurate for a paraphrase or dictation from memory.


Went ballistic huh.

After the Armitage-Woodward tape that's hard to credit as sincere.


Somehow Tatel is confused here. He seems to think that the Cheney-annotated article is evidence of Cheney's state of mind, not Libby's.

Also, though Libby now claims not to remember Cheney telling him to discuss Plame’s employment, he told the FBI during a preliminary interview that it was “possible” that he received such instructions. (I-201, 391.) Perhaps indicating the issue was on Cheney’s mind, the vice president’s copy of Wilson’s op-ed, which Cheney cut out and kept on his desk, carries the following handwritten note: “[H]ad they done this sort of thing before[,] send an ambassador to answer a question? [D]o we ordinarily send people out pro bono to work for us? [O]r did his wife send him on a junket?” (I-308-12.)

Pdf p. 75, Opinion p.33


A bunch of misinformed losers. The tags don't always close here.

No issues ever.

And of course as always I prooved the little twit didn't know what she was talking about with her hate allegation on Obama who didn't attend a midrassa.

That was the point and of course you all are afraid to address that I was right.

Somehow Tatel is confused here. He seems to think that the Cheney-annotated article is evidence of Cheney's state of mind, not Libby's.
My, my, what a silly boy that Tatel is...

"And of course as always I prooved the little twit didn't know what she was talking about with her hate allegation on Obama who didn't attend a midrassa."

One "s" in "madrassa" old girl, "a" not "i",you seem to have "prooved" an almighty twit yourself.


That was the point and of course you all are afraid to address that I was right.

I couldn't address your issues for laughing. At you, not with you.


Still, no evidence that the IIPA could ever have applied. No analysis of "agency did everything in its power" or "w/in five years of serive abroad". No legal opinion from the CIA or the DoJ. It seems obvious that he relied on the same nothingburger statement from someone in the agency that Plame was "covert" and ran that ball down the field.


My experience here, coupled with the horrible candidates has confirmed for me why Republicans will lose.

There are some decent posters, and like most blogs a lot of poorly informed/educated ones.

Most of the trolls, you know who you are avoid issues.

WSJ ignores Libby hypocritical--nothing but childish name calling.

Some twit Sara claims false old info that's false from January 2007 alleging because Obamma has a name many African Americans have, and btw the majority of Muslims aren't who caught Bush flat footed and killed people at 911 and you know it --any more than your religion is a security threat.

Some twit claims Obamma was educated in a Madrasa (one s or two--the point is the false accusation or allegation.

It's totally untrue. Only a moron would concern themselves that Barach Obamma is a terrorist or imply it.

He happens not to have been raised as a Muslim and attended American schools like the majority of these posters or British who cares--they were normal schools.

Unlike most of the lawyers here, he finished Harvard Law School. He taught constitutional law at U Chicago and in a debate with Bush or any of the candidates--only Thompson undeclared is a lawyer--he would clean their legal clock.

Republicans will lose for the exact reason most of the posters here are losers--you don't discuss issues.

Tom Maguire--a winner. I don't agree with him, but he's bright, articulate, legally very well grounded and he only posts to discuss issues.

It's a pleasure to debate anyone like that.

I'm sorry I didn't see that. I brought out trolls because I disagreed. The posters that must usually debate issues are refusing to post.

I don't care if they don't respond to me, but I want the conservatives to be able to debate their issues and educate each other. \

That's healthy. Did I cuss?

Once in a while because you get tired of taking all the name calling and the Coulter screeming.

The best way to show someone their wrong is to educate them with the facts.

If anyone can show me why WSJ ignored Libby--go for it.

But the reason why and the reason why somoene liked about Obamma and his schooling is also sadly for you all, why you will lose election after election.

This administration lies, stonewalls and covers to a degree none of them have.

All sides are political. We all get that.

But no one has covered more.

And Monica compared to wiretapping--I'm sorry--you ask Tom Maguire which he thinks has more civil liberties impact or should be debated.

The Republican party narrowly won with the help of a biased 5-4 court opinion.

It won't be narrow and they won't be winning and that's the hard reality. And it's because they and their base have an image of lying and people are fed up. If you think Iraq is helping 2008, I'd talk to Tom Maguire about that. I bet he thinks differently.


The tags don't always close here.

Clear mark of a psychotic mental state ...

Here is a view source extract of the psyCHCHo moron:

"Billary, the first lesbian to run for high office"

I am not sure where your homophobic hatred began. You hate Cheney, because his daughter is a lesbian correct?

Notice the unclosed em.


Great ... the ampersand tag worked in preview and failed in post.


"Some twit claims Obamma was educated in a Madrasa (one s or two--the point is the false accusation or allegation."

Obama,one "m".


Anybody else around here been a net.addict since usenet? The typepad developers should have gotten some grownup assistance when they put together the typepad comment software -- these kids left out the kill file. In these modern days of cascading style sheets, it wouldn't be hard to embed killfile capability right into the page description...


View Source:

"Billary, the first lesbian to run for high office"

I am not sure where your homophobic hatred began. You hate Cheney, because his daughter is a lesbian correct?

Notice the unclosed em.




Looks like we'll have Al Gore to kick around again.>Convenient Untruth


This is what the edit window looked like when I hit post ...

<em>"Billary, the first lesbian to run for high office"

(had to double the amp, it resolves the first one one the next preview in the edit window too!)

Appalled Moderate

Interesting if Gore gets into race. He's turned himself into such an enviro-nerd that I doubt I want him as President, but it would give those Clinton nostalgia types someone else to vote for, other than Ms. Rodham-Clinton.

Rick Ballard

"he told the FBI during a preliminary interview that it was “possible” that he received such instructions."

According to - Eckenrode - the invisible FBI scriptwriter.

Should Tatel be referred to as "'Hook, line and sinker' Tatel" in the future?

Pal2Pal (Sara)

only Thompson undeclared is a lawyer

Chch - are you nuts or just so full of hatred toward everyone that you just act nuts.

Rudy G:

New York University Law School in Manhattan, graduating magna cum laude in 1968.

Upon graduation, Rudy Giuliani clerked for Judge Lloyd MacMahon, United States District Judge for the Southern District of New York. In 1970, Giuliani joined the office of the U.S. Attorney. At age 29, he was named Chief of the Narcotics Unit and rose to serve as executive US Attorney. In 1975, Giuliani was recruited to Washington, D.C., where he was named Associate Deputy Attorney General and chief of staff to the Deputy Attorney General. From 1977 to 1981, Giuliani returned to New York to practice law at Patterson, Belknap, Webb and Tyler.

In 1981, Giuliani was named Associate Attorney General, the third highest position in the Department of Justice. As Associate Attorney General, Giuliani supervised all of the US Attorney Offices' Federal law enforcement agencies, the Bureau of Corrections, the Drug Enforcement Agency, and the US Marshals.

In 1983, Giuliani was appointed US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, where he spearheaded the effort to jail drug dealers, fight organized crime, break the web of corruption in government, and prosecute white-collar criminals. Few US Attorneys in history can match his record of 4,152 convictions with only 25 reversals.

Sounds like a lawyer to me.

Romney: JD from Harvard Law, MBA Harvard Business School as noted upthread.

Duncan Hunter:

A Vietnam veteran, Duncan Hunter served in the 173rd Airborne and 75th Army Rangers and, after coming home, utilized the G.I. Bill to attend Western State University Law School in San Diego (now Thomas Jefferson School of Law). While completing his degree, Hunter supplemented his income by working in farming and construction, and opened a storefront legal office after graduation where he began serving many in the Hispanic community, often without compensation.

I could go on, but I think the point is that you are an idiot chch


Hillary! Yale (flunked DC bar--admitted inArk.)


Rick, I believe that was before the jury--Libby said after hours of grilling that that was "possible" but he had no recollection of that and did not believe it happened.

Pal2Pal (Sara)

Oh what the heck:

Sam Brownback: Kansas State University and president of his class at University of Kansas Law School.

Tommy Thompson: Thompson began his career in politics in 1966 as a representative in the Wisconsin State Assembly, after earning his law degree at the University of Wisconsin Law School.

Jim Gilmore: After graduating from the University of Virginia, Jim Gilmore volunteered for the Army. He graduated with honors from the Army Intelligence School and the Defense Language Institute and was assigned to the 650th Military Intelligence Group. Fluent in German, he served in the U.S. Army’s counter-intelligence unit in Germany during the Vietnam-era. Jim Gilmore also is a former Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the U.S. Air Force Academy, having been appointed by President Bush and elected chairman by his fellow board members.

Returning to Virginia, Jim Gilmore entered the University of Virginia School of Law and graduated in 1977, beginning practice with a small Richmond law firm. After opening his own firm and private practice, Jim Gilmore ran for prosecutor in Henrico County, Virginia and was elected in 1987 and reelected in 1991, establishing an impressive record as a crime fighter.

In 1993, Jim Gilmore ran for the office of Virginia Attorney General. Although he was considered a long shot for both the nomination and the general election, he won both contests and was elected Attorney General by a substantial margin. As Attorney General, Jim Gilmore was a legal champion of the taxpayers launching successful investigations into Medicaid fraud, government waste and consumer protection. He also led a nationwide effort to stop arson attacks against African-American churches.

Ron Paul: Not a lawyer but ... He was then accepted to Duke University School of Medicine, where he received his Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) in 1961. He did his internship and a year of residency training, both in internal medicine, at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit from 1961 to 1962[6] and residency in obstetrics/gynecology at the University of Pittsburgh from 1965 to 1968.[9]

Paul is well-read in the economic philosophy of the Austrian school of economics, and has pictures of Friedrich von Hayek and Ludwig von Mises in his office.[10]

Paul interrupted his medical training to serve as a flight surgeon in the United States Air Force at Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio from 1963 to 1965. Paul served in the Air National Guard from 1965 to 1968 while completing his medical residency in Pittsburgh.

Paul began his medical practice in Lake Jackson, Texas, as a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, delivering more than 4,000 babies. He took over the practice of a retiring doctor and was busy as the only obstetrician and gynecologist in Brazoria County. Paul said of his time as a doctor, "I delivered forty to fifty babies a month and did a lot of surgery."

Pal2Pal (Sara)

RE: the London car bomb, the Times of London has this:

The “patio gas” bomb defused in Haymarket would have generated a fireball the size of a house and a shock wave spreading out over a diameter of at least 400 yards, explosives experts said today.

The propane cylinders and petrol used in the device would have triggered a huge conflagration, as well as causing shrapnel and blast injuries from the exploding car chassis and the nails packed around the bomb, according to Hans Michels, Professor of Safety Engineering at Imperial College, London.

Just one 13kg propane canister — the type sold by Calor under the brand name “Patio Gas” — would release a highly flammable cloud of vapour that would spread over an area of 50 to 60 cubic metres before igniting into a still larger fireball, he said.

“The vapour cloud from one cylinder would fill the order of a big room, and when it ignited the effect would be even bigger,” Professor Michels said. “In addition to the power of the explosion and the shrapnel, you would get a fireball the size of a small house.”

As several propane or butane cylinders were recovered, the volume of the fireball would have been greater still, though it is impossible to calculate the size without knowing how much gas would have been involved.

Pal2Pal (Sara)

Sky News: explosive found at second car in London. News conference coming.



"Looks like we'll have Al Gore to kick around again.

Convenient Untruth"

"An Inconvenient Girth"?


Some more news


Oh--what a surprise:
"British police have a "crystal clear" picture of the man who drove the bomb-rigged silver Mercedes outside a London nightclub, and officials tell the Blotter on he bears "a close resemblance" to a man arrested by police in connection with another bomb plot but released for lack of evidence. Officials say the suspect had been taken into custody in connection with the case of al Qaeda operative Dhiren Barot (pictured), who was convicted of orchestrating a vehicle bomb plot involving targets in London, New York, Newark, N.J. and Washington, D.C.

Officials say a surveillance camera caught the suspect "staggering from the Mercedes" shortly after parking it outside the Tiger Tiger nightclub.

U.S. and British law enforcement officials tell ABC News it is increasingly clear Friday's bomb plot in London involves multliple vehicles, and is described by a senior official as a "terror plot involving lslamic extremists."

And some will still say we should treat this as a law enforcement matter.

Pal2Pal (Sara)

Thanks PUK. Must be nice to have so much money to blow, that you can use big 4 door Mercedes as the vehicle of choice.

Pal2Pal (Sara)

And Clarice, wasn't it thru electronic surveillance chatter that we heard last month that al-Qaeda had graduated about 1000 suicide bombers with plans to send them out worldwide to wreck havoc?


The articles say we knew they'd just graduated a batch of newbiws from bomb school but I don't recall how we came to know that.


We've had them released under the Human Rights Act,judges say they can't be held.The Western world is being ruled by the Woodcraft Folk.
Easy to spot new graduates,they post on Friends Reunited.

Pal2Pal (Sara)

New York City being put on high alert.


A question on the high rate of HIV infection among African American teens triggered the liveliest exchange when Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware said: "I spent last summer going through the black sections of my town, holding rallies in parks, trying to get black men to understand it is not unmanly to wear a condom, getting women to understand they can say no, getting people in the position where testing matters. I got tested for AIDS. I know Barack got tested for AIDS."

I'm not saying Joe Biden is a liar (or that he and Barack Obama have anything more than vigorous man-love going on between them) but I'm willing to pay good money for video of Joe Biden holding a use-a-condom rally in a black neighborhood somewhere in Delaware.

I second that!!

Pal2Pal (Sara)

PUK: What can you tell us about Gordon Brown, the new PM? All I've heard is that he is very pro-America and as committed to fighting terrorism as Tony Blair.

Pal2Pal (Sara)

Via The Corner:

James Forsyth of The Spectator has an important comment: One of the great delusions of our time is that once Blair, in the UK case, and Bush, in the American one, stepped down from office the terrorist threat would disappear. The news that a car bomb attack was foiled in London last night illustrates just how wrong this belief was. Although, the fact that the vast bulk of planning for the 9/11 attacks was done during the Clinton presidency should have shown people how wrong-headed this idea was in the first place. Even George Galloway might have difficulty pointing to this attempted outrage as down to Brown's close relationship with the USA. Probably won't stop them trying, though.

Are they not both married men,exactly how did they break it to their wives that they were having an AIDS test?
"Honestly Honey,it's only a political gambit".

Pal2Pal (Sara)

Are they not both married men,exactly how did they break it to their wives that they were having an AIDS test?

I wondered the same thing, but then remembered that before both my knee surgery and knee replacement surgery, the doctor & hospital required a mandatory HIV test. So I've been tested twice. I did require that my doctor prove to me that he had also been tested before I let him stick his hands inside me.



Biden had his test because of blood transfusions. Obama and his wife were tested as a political stunt while visiting Kenya. Oh, I added the political stunt part.

Pal2Pal (Sara)

And I think I recall that each time my husband gave blood, which was frequent because of a very rare blood type, he had to sign a form permitting the blood to be tested for HIV, plus the Navy tested all members on a regular basis, especially after returning from a deployment. A lab tech at Navy Hospital told me that wives of servicemen had a very high rate of STDs that were transmitted by their husbands after overseas deployments, especially when they had leave in the Philippines.


Greg Guttfeld does a great take off on that if Blair were gone all this would cease theme in today's Huff Post.


I wouldn't trust him any further than I trusted Blair.Americans should realise that,in the UK and Europe,now almost the same thing, transnational socialism moves on apace under the cloak of the terrorist threat.


I'm not linking to him, but you all know how to find him if you want to. Here's Scary on the London car bombs...

Still a crock of hype and over-reaction. Let the police do their job. Investigate the culprits and get these nitwits out of circulation before they harm themselves.

Uhhh...isn't that what they are doing? Investigating? As if the news isn't going to report it, especially after 9/11 and 7/7. Talk about crock...

Although, the fact that the vast bulk of planning for the 9/11 attacks was done during the Clinton presidency should have shown people how wrong-headed this idea was in the first place.

Um bah - Democrats's are gonna threaten to revoke their publication rights or website or something.


Sara- have so much money to blow, that you can use big 4 door Mercedes...

The car is either stolen or a wreck/flood rebuild. I'd be surprised that if the car was local: Singapore is a possibility [if it a right hand drive car]


...wasn't it thru electronic surveillance chatter that we heard last month that al-Qaeda had graduated about 1000 suicide ...

This report

Search from The Blotter



I would have thought it was obvious that the terrorists would test any new Western leader.


And speaking of Asia...I'm curious if the the authorities are looking for any Indonesians. The attack tooks like it may have been inspired by the Bali Bombing [ wiki- link


The attack involved the detonation of three bombs: a backpack-mounted device carried by a suicide bomber; a large car bomb, both of which were detonated in or near popular nightclubs in Kuta; and a third much smaller device detonated outside the United States consulate in Denpasar, causing only minor damage.



tooks like...looks like

Pal2Pal (Sara)

Thanks RichatUF, now that I read that "report" I remember as if hearing it for the first time.


"Still a crock of hype and over-reaction. Let the police do their job. Investigate the culprits and get these nitwits out of circulation before they harm themselves."

It doesn't seem to have entered Chubby Larry's fat head that it was only by the grace of God that this attempt failed.There was no super sleuthing or master spy work involved,simply luck.
Worth noting that the perpetrator could almost be in Pakistan by now.
Also worthy of note,at this time of year many people would have been outside,probably the reason the shrapnel was included.That and the pieces of the exploding car would have created horrific injuries.
If Larry's brain was made of Semtex,there wouldn't be enough to blow his hat off.


One more comment....about the Bali bombing

a suicide bomber inside the nightclub Paddy's Pub detonated a bomb in his backpack, causing many patrons, with or without injuries, to immediately flee into the street. Fifteen seconds later, a second and much more powerful car bomb hidden inside a white Mitsubishi van, was detonated by another suicide bomber outside the Sari Club, located opposite Paddy's Pub. The van was also rigged for detonation by remote control incase the second bomber had a sudden change of heart

Dangerous times we live in.



If Larry's brain was made of Semtex,there wouldn't be enough to blow his hat off.


Pal2Pal (Sara)

Now isn't this special? NOT:

Hamas TV on Friday broadcast what it said was the last episode of a weekly children’s show featuring “Farfour,” a Mickey Mouse look-alike who had made worldwide headlines for preaching Islamic domination and armed struggle to youngsters.

In the final skit, Farfour was beaten to death by an actor posing as an Israeli official trying to buy Farfour’s land. At one point, Farfour called the Israeli a “terrorist.”

“Farfour was martyred while defending his land,” said Sara, the teen presenter. He was killed “by the killers of children,” she added.



...Worth noting that the perpetrator could almost be in Pakistan by now.
Also worthy of note,at this time of year many people would have been outside...

This is something that has always bothered me, going back to the First World Trade Center bombing. The authorities had a good idea that the vehicle was carring a bomb, but they didn't close the airport. In the WTC-I case 2 of the suspects left the day of the bombing and one left about a week later.

I wouldn't be surprised if they round up the usual suspects, but a few people leaked out on flights or trains this morning.


Pal2Pal (Sara)

From Flopping Aces quote of Scary Larry, it appears he thinks the car was packed with gasoline. It was propane. Scary claims gasoline is not explosive.

"For starters, gasoline is not a high explosive"


As we all know,except Chubby Larry,suicide bombers are by their very nature expendable,all others will have an exit plan.
If the police are lucky,the perpetrator will be wandering around wondering where his virgins are,the others might be on CCTV,but everyone knows about the cameras and it takes an age to check them all.It seems obvious that the perpetrator did not care,lets face it they are at war and we are not,a bit like threatening to detect and arrest the bloody Luftwaffe after the event.


In the WTC bombing the FBI fell for a ruse--the patsy was set up twice to return the truck so he'd be caught and other evidence was left in plain view to nab the yeggs while the perp flew to Iraq.

Pal2Pal (Sara)

RichatUF: In the wee hours of this morning, it was reported either by Sky News via Fox or CNN, I don't remember which, that the trains, buses, airports were put on alert for fleeing suspects immediately.


"Scary claims gasoline is not explosive.

"For starters, gasoline is not a high explosive"

Did Chubby Larry drive a Pinto?

Petrolium vapour is highly explosive,that is what the propane and the explosive is for,to vapourise the gasoline.What this was is a crude air fuel bomb.


Seems that he was already known


Pal2Pal (Sara)

I guess most of us are not used to living somewhere that has as many security cameras as they have in and around London. I think I read somewhere that there is 1 camera for every 8 people or some such. (Don't quote me.) It should be easy to track a suspect fleeing on foot from the bomb loaded car there in The Haymarket just down the way from #10 Downing and from there follow him even if he had another vehicle waiting to pick him up.

As I recall during the London subway bombings, they had pictures almost immediately and knew right away that one had fled the country, where he was later arrested.


"As I recall during the London subway bombings, they had pictures almost immediately and knew right away that one had fled the country, where he was later arrested."

Sadly for all we are the most surveilled country in the world,these bloody cameras are only of use after the event.
Having said that kudos to the constable who pulled the fuse.


Yes. God Blass that man.


Actually,the CCTV cameras are a symptom of our malaise,policing is the administration of vengeance by the state after the fact,the new terrorist paradigm shows just how unsuitable such a doctrine is.Our system is predicated on the perpetrators having some fear of legal retribution,terrorists obviously do not.
Until our system introduces some corrective,this will drag on until we have to go into virgin overload.


Get their state sponsors or you will depend on good luck and the occasional hero as happened here.


Maybe it's time for someone to figure out what interest Larry has in persuading people terrorism isn't a threat, Iran isn't a problem. He started this campaign in July 2001, did he not?


'Fraid so Clarice.
I think the police officer is deserving of the George Cross, don't you?

Pal2Pal (Sara)

I don't get it either Maybee, that and why some want to let all those terrorists at Gitmo loose to go back and kill again. Of course, the most important thing in their lives today isn't the current terror threats, but the release of the iPhone. Priorities. All night vigils to be the first to own one, idiots.

Of course, I once stood in line 19 hours for front row Neil Diamond tickets, and I got them and then got a great big kiss from Neil for my trouble. I doubt back then I would have put a terrorist threat above that priority. ** blush **


An update on the car bombs
RichatUF was right,on car was stolen in Scotland.
Looks like,these were fuel air IEDs used in Iraq.
What an appallingly ignorant a inconsequential little man is Larry Johnson.


Terror warning issued to clubs two weeks ago.


Sara- I don't agree with closing Gitmo right now (mostly because I don't know what to do with all those people), but I at least understand the humanitarian desire to do so.

I don't understand Larry Johnson, who is supposed to be a terrorism expert and who definitely has the ear of the US media, and his compulsion to wave his arms in the air and warn off the idea of terrorism every chance he gets. And is often wrong.

He is also at the forefront of the group that simultaneously tries to push the idea that Bush wants to go to war with Iran, and that we should not be going to war with Iran. All the while saying it is Bush doing the fear mongering.

I want to know who pays and/or props up Larry Johnson.


At a minimum, PUK. Maybe we could also start a collection to pay off the Labour party so he could be knighted.

Pal2Pal (Sara)

If anyone is interested, I just posted a graphic that shows the way the cannisters were packed in the vehicles that I picked up from the "Daily Mail." Also a good map that shows where each car was located.


Scroll to updates.


I see breathless discussion of the two bombs that didn't go off in Picadilly Circus, but not one mention here or in the media of the fact that 5 bombs did go off in Iraq and kill several American soldiers in the Surge that Fills More Dover Coffins faster.

And the current London car bomb/rigged van is yet more evidence that when Bush says "We're fightin' 'em over there so we don't have to fight 'em here" he has totally lost contact with reality. So the UK is over there or is it "over here"? So Bush thinks Picadilly Circus is in the middle east lol?

Two Car Bombs Are Found in London (Hint: It's over here not over thre where Bush said fighting takes place)

Thanks so much for Rudy's mini-CV. Of course I've never heard of Rudy 911 and his attempts to squeeze a fortune out of the fact he was Mayor when his inept policies facilitated 911, the deaths of the firemen because of no communications from choppers to EMTs, to NYFD, and NYPD. Brilliant use of Google or whatever.

Rudy's not a serious contender. He is sinking fast--so his past as a US Attorney wasn't a consideration of mine. It didn't help him protect NYC agains 911 nor did he mesh the radio frequencies because large Republican contributor corps like Clear Channel refuse to give up their frequencies.

Obssessing again about spelling and of course becaue it was inconvenient no one wants to talk about the idiocy of the false claim that Obama was an Islamic fundamentalist and that he was scholled in an Islamic fundamentalist school that would turn children into terrorists known as a madras(s)a take your choice. You can't get beyond spelling or invective to the issues.

Again no one can show me a Republican candidate that has an actual chance in the general election.

@Boris--You can't do issues so you're all overtags atta boy or girl.

Again getting past closed tags which are the skirt you hide behind to avoid the issues the hatred here for lesbians applies to Cheney, his daughter, and the Baby Jesus Cheney raised by two lesbians right? You all use lesbians as a derogatory way to spue your cruel hatred further, so I assume it applies to all lesbians as well as any lesbians who contribute here and your friends who are lesbians.

Why not just put a banner on the JOM site "We hate lesbians" and call Clinton or any woman who makes us afraid she could beat us a Lesbian. "We bash Bill because we are afraid Bill could help Hillary and we call her names because we're afraid of her."

If Hillary were a non-issue why would she get mention here?

@Roundball in Indiana
"Poor Libby.. a great man brought down"

Stop the cryin'and whinin' and worry about the minority defendents who have none of Libby's tremendous access to the courts (although it's wasted by someone as inept as Larry Robbins).

America is a much safer place with this traitor off the streets. He refused to give up his cotraitors Cheney, Rove, and the White House Counsel, press secretaries, and a gamut of people at State.

Here comes the comedy:

"The left thinks the same thing about Libby. They believe that the laws on classified information are utterly arbitrary created by John Birch Society fascists to hide their destroying the civil liberties of this country. Of course this is a combination of outright projection, and too many dope-smoking viewings of Dr. Strangelove...Except, of course, that the laws that we really have don't say the things that they imagine.

@Cathyf and you know this from tarrot cards or your mental telepathy abilities?

Some people who don't want your party to win in 2008--who have had it with the lying and dishonesty and record number of convictions recognize that Libby put many people in harm's way by protecting Cheney, Rove, et. al. and so far they are letting Libby twist in the wind as he should. The actual 24 months is way too light a sentence when someone like Johnathan Pollard is serving a life sentence.

My experience is that a large number of conservatives I know smoke a large amount of "dope" if you mean THC. One more weak aspersion to cast toward someone or some group who disagrees with you..

Some although few people are acquitted in federal trials every day who testified. Libby didn't testify because Fitz would have destroyed him and Wells and Libby knew it.

After the panel opinion against Libby, there will be two more bites of the Apple for Scootie.

"There is progress in Iraq. The kids are all in school"--Rupert Murdoch

@Barry the immigration backlog goes back many administrations. You all are so paranoid you think every statement is an "us vs.them" Republican arrow.

The blame is on both sides of the aisle for the immigration incompetent bureaucracy. I made that clear. It didn't start with Clinton and it didn't get any better with Clinton or Bush. It has taken an immigrant who goes a legal route 10-15 years for over 30 years.

Great to see all the spellers here who can't tackle the issues. They aren't mispellings at this end, they're typos and you're well aware of it but it gives you cover from having again to discuss any issues.

Tom Goldstein's Commentary on S. Ct. granting cert to Gitmo Appeals

@Sara--was the terrorist threat to Neil Diamond from you? Sounds like an IV phenergan-requiring event.

Pal2Pal (Sara)

chch -- you fantasize. No one said Obama was an Islamic fundamentalist. He was a coke and pot addict however, by his own admission.

I just don't understand your hate or your attempts to project that hate on the rest of us. I don't hate Democrats, I just have vast philosophical differences with anyone who is a socialist and most of them are or at least tout socialist policies. And I would never vote for anyone who isn't pro-military or who I think does not understand the terror threats we face. Dhimmitude is not a quality I admire in a presidential candidate (or anyone else). As to Obama, I have nothing against him except his total lack of experience to be President. He is still wet behind the ears and perhaps in a few years when he has more experience, more seasoning, he might be a qualified candidate. He is just too naive at this point. I can see why you feel an affinity for him, since you seem very young and just as naive.

Pal2Pal (Sara)

I really don't care if you like Rudy or not. You said that Fred Thompson was the ONLY Rep. candidate who is a lawyer. A statement I now hope you will retract. They are all have law degrees except Huckabee who was a Minister, Paul who is a medical doctor and McCain, who I do not think is a viable candidate.


PeterUK- car was stolen in Scotland...

Stealing Cars and Terrorism

It's a global problem Hariri Report


131. Collected samples from the crime scene and further forensic examinations, have succeeded in identifying the Mitsubishi Canter van. Through a part of the engine block, found and collected at the crime scene, it has been concluded that the engine comes from a Mitsubishi vehicle stolen on 12 October 2004 in Sagamihara City, Japan.

Find a car theft ring, discover a terror cell



I don't hate Republicans. I didn't come here with any hate for Republicans or anyone else. Like most of you I try to follow politics closely. I had lunch with one of my favorite conservative friends who has the same conflicts over what he sees now, immigration, etc. as many of you.

But I posted long before I began to hit back from the pure hate rhetoric towards me and towards anyone you can think of who is a Democrat or you perceive as "bad choice of words" 'liberal.'

My friend wanted to know if you all ever discussed any issues and why no one wanted to answer the question about the WSJ acting as if Murdoch was a villain when the Bancrofts have been cherry picking news and slanting coverage for years.

What Murdoch has done, and much of it is reprehensible is even when there was clear bright line law, he has bought his way out of it and the regulators and Congress and Senate who were bribed on these ocassions--I resisted calling them whores but they were-share much of the blame. The 39% media reach that you all know well was a glaring example.

BTW how 'bout that 91% saturation of conservative talk radio which I definitely never listen to.

Air America is streaming though.

Sara you are someone said Obama attended a Madrassa or a Madrasa take your choice of the spelling. A couple other words you all called me on have two spellings in the dictionary but wth.

I'm not a socialist and neither are most democrats. They are heavy capitalists none more so than those in Congress and the Senate. They know if they bail out they will have instant lobby money (better than breaking into an ATM).

How you know the age or the occupation of anyone brings a lot of grins to people who read this.

"only know the medicines because a doctor prescribed them for you." LOL Try pounding your head on the wall and think of perhaps another way."

Obama used drugs as a kid. Well known. So did a lot of people. I don't see anywhere in his CV where he didn't shake that period and start on a pretty impressive upward trajectory whether you want to vote for him or not.

I'm sure there were things in your past you might do differently particularly during your teen years. There are for many of us.

You have to be joking if you think Obama or most candidates don't really understand the terror threats. They all do. But how to spin them for the best vote yield is what worries them and their campaigns.

I know, it seems to work for Rudy or McCain or some of the conservatives from the house to invoke the "democrats want to fraternize with the terrorists" approach, but getting past that fiction what has impressed me is that I don't see how you're safer with Bush in office.

I think they simply are incompetent at fighting terror. Iraq is not the biggest asset in the terror fight--it's the biggest albatross around the neck and the biggest liability.

El Quada and hundreds of organizations that want to harm Americans and their interests are real, but they are ectopically and metastatically scattered to the 4 corners of the planet.

They are but a small component of the insurgents or the civil war problems that are making no good choices available in Iraq. now.

This lack of experience rap on Obama--we both know Senators on both sides of the aisle who have years of foreign policy experience but would they be better as President. 81 year old John Warner isn't running although he can pull the trigger on withdrawing from Iraq--he has that stature.

Biden has a tremendous amount of experience, but realistically he isn't going to get the nomination.

Again, with no emnity--it's just a question--we all know Bush's history in Texas for 12 years with Rove, Gonzales and the soon to be departed Dan Bartlett. But he had no foreign policy experience. When his Dad was president, he was peripherally focused on politics.

And we all know that whoever is in that Oval is going to have a lot of advisors barking into his ears. It's how the advice is assimilated and handled that's key.

The promises are flying now. They always do 17 months before a Presidential election. Tsunami Tuesday if anything has made it more compelling to get ideas out and identity with voters.

I appreciate the young part of your assessment. I have taken a close look at all these candidates--none of them are new faces to me--even the ones who are running just to get their opinions out like Ron Paul, M.D.

Paul makes a lot of good points. So did Dean and anyone who thinks Dean is a twit is doing themselves no favors. He was a good internist, and he's plenty savvy I don't care how many yells he gave in Iowa or wherever. People who want to detract love to grab a snapshot moment to do it.

I don't think I'm naive. I've seen an awful lot that most people don't get to see in my years of work, including several years in an environment where life or death emergencies come in every hour, but you are welcome to your opinion.

Pal2Pal (Sara)

OT - Dumb criminals. Via TechDirt:

Cops Who Started 'Hackers Are Us' Service Convicted

By Mike Masnick

A few months back we wrote about a private investigation firm in the UK that had a separate "computer hacking" division called "Hackers Are Us." It seemed like the sort of thing that you wouldn't necessarily want to name a company that clearly was breaking computer fraud laws -- but no one ever said criminals were smart. A court has now convicted the two guys who set up the service... and it turns out that both were actually on the police force at the time (though one was on leave for depression). Yes, "Hackers Are Us," a private investigation firm that would illegally install keyloggers on anyone's computer was run by two moonlighting cops. For future reference, though, if you're setting up a business to do illegal stuff, it's probably not a good idea to advertise it in your name. It may help for marketing purposes, initially, but sooner or later it seems likely to come back to bite you.

Pal2Pal (Sara)

So if I understand you chch, you object to the fact that in a "Libby Reply" thread, no one is discussing Murdoch's WSJ move? Granted, we go way off topic sometimes, usually when TM is away and no new threads are posted, but I just don't see the complaint about not talking on a subject that has nothing to do with the subject at hand. And your point that the WSJ hasn't covered Libby seems way off base. A quick search of the WSJ website brought up 148 articles, several within the last couple of weeks.


No, Sara. I agree Murdoch, and he's being covered well now by a lot of media and the NY Times was good I thought. What I'm relating to a Libby thread, is that the Wall Street Journal now looks like it will go to Murdoch. Their reporters have staged demonstrations that and the Bancrofts who own WSJ have engaged in a Kabuki Minuet of various plans to keep Murdoch from doing what he usually does, put some heavy hands on the editorial choices and the news coverage choices and the actual slants of the stories.

Someone a few days ago made a good comment I thought about what happens when someone who has billions takes over media--and how that relates to lobbyists and legislation and I think Murdoch is a good illustration of this. Ck out the NYT articles on him if you haven't seen them by just going to their site and doing a search on Murdoch last 7 days.

The Libby story was a major story. It's obviously a focus on most political blogs if not all.

I was amazed to see besides a few editorials that the WSJ who claims Murdoch will ruin them with his political pressure, no coverage of Libby during the last few weeks and now.

I don't want to veer threads off topic, and people want to discuss different things especially when they know people they want to hear from will react to them.

I wasn't making the point about what should be discussed--Murdoch's takeover is a separate discussion--I was just pointing out the lack of Libby coverage in a Conservative paper who has many employees that are making loud noise that they want to preserve Independence and I don't think it has much independence nowif it's not going to cover stories because it doesn't like the way they are unfolding.

I haven't seen several articles. What I have seen is a one sentence mention the last few weeks on the front page on the left "What's News" that capsulates the stories that will be appearing and some that won't. But I read it every day and I can't point to any stories on the Libby trial or appeal--sure there were the two editorials by Rabinowitz and by I cringe when I say these words, she's like chalk on a blackboard to me--Vicki Toensing. I'd love to see a link to that search. I don't have WSJ Online (subscription) so I don't know if it's needed.

Pal2Pal (Sara)

I'm just not all that interested either in Murdoch's modus operandi or the WSJ. I spent close to 20 years in the newspaper business and another 10 in public relations and it is a dying industry. And now that I'm retired, I don't have all that much interest in business reporting anyway. I can get stock quotes online, I don't even need my own hometown paper. I read the OpinionJournal online when I see an interesting link, but I rarely seek them out. 30 years ago, I would have been interested, but I've reached an age where I can't get too exercised over things I cannot control. Life is to short now.

Pal2Pal (Sara)

too short

Stobo Blobo


No one is crying.

No one except you that is, crying because not enough people here will discuss issues with you the way you want.

I asked you before, but you didn't answer, so I'll ask again: what do you estimate your emotional age to be?

I don't give a flying fuck whether anyone responds here.

You are critical of the 'fact' that not enough people here want to discuss issues with you because you don't give a flying fuck right if anyone responds to you, right? Do you know what dishonesty means? Do you know what denial means? Do you know what psychotic means? How about narcissism? Or stupid?

Can you explain why it is that liberals have the trouble they do embracing the whole truth?

Almost none of you can stick to issues.

LOL! Can you guess why I just guffawed? You are hilarious!

Would you please take the time now to give us your opinion as to why liberal talk radio has been such a dismal failure?

Stobo fuck yourself as usual.

Being the intellectual that you are, I am not the least bit surprised that you said something so clever! How is it that a creative genius like you isn't envied and fawned over by everyone?!

None of you pansy asses can discuss issues...

Why don't you answer the following question, and then elaborate on the answer? Which is more likely true: no one here can discuss issues with you because they are too stupid to hang with you cerebrally; or, no one cares to discuss issues with you because you are a thoroughly unlikable, obnoxious, self-righteous, arrogant, psychotic, monotonous liberal nutcase dying from lack of attention, and it's more interesting and entertaining watching you work yourself up to a froth because you aren't getting the exact response you want from the people here than it is to debate you?

The volume of my comments MJW makes up for the lack of substantive focus on issues by 95% of your commenters.

Do you realize that is one of the funniest and most pathetic rationalizations by a cowardly loser unable to face the ugly truth about herself ever?

Do you honestly believe that your verbosity is some kind of virtue which should emulated by all? LOL I am shaking my head and LAUGHING at you and your stupidity! Thanks for the show!

I have seen about 3 people in 3 days besides Mr. Maguire who are serious about issues.

Would you care to explain what ever led you to believe that you should trust your perceptions? I can't wait to hear your explanation! :)


"no one cares to discuss issues with you chch16, because you are a thoroughly unlikable, obnoxious, self-righteous, arrogant, psychotic, monotonous liberal nutcase dying from lack of attention, and it's more interesting and entertaining watching you work yourself up to a froth because you aren't getting the exact response you want from the people here than it is to debate you?"

I would add the almost messanaic raging ego that all such trolls exhibit,seems to be in direct proportion to their stupidity.

chch16 is a newly minted troll,as I have said,apart form FDL and a Trance record chch16 doesn't exist,although I feel sure we have met chicht for brains before under another name.


no one cares to discuss issues with you because you are a thoroughly unlikable, obnoxious, self-righteous, arrogant, psychotic, monotonous liberal nutcase dying from lack of attention, and it's more interesting and entertaining watching you work yourself up to a froth because you aren't getting the exact response you want from the people here than it is to debate you?


TypeKey would seem to agree.


By the way chch16, YOU ARE WRONG.

Obama did attend a Madrassa for two years in Indonesia. And if you care to actually read the right wing news, their take on the story was not that they undercovered some deep dark secret, but that the HILLIARY CLINTON CAMPAIGN was spreading the story.

And a madrassa, spelled many ways in Arabic by the way, does not have to be a religious school. Let's review:

Madrasah (Arabic: مدرسة) is the Arabic word for ANY type of school, secular or religious (of any religion). It is variously transliterated as madrasah, madrash, medresa, madreseh, madrassa, medrusha, or madressa.
The word "madrasah" also exists in many Arabic-influenced languages such as Urdu, Hindi, Persian, Turkish, Kurdish, Indonesian, Malay and Bosnian. In the Arabic language, the word مدرسة implies no sense other than that which the word school represents in the English language, such as private, public or parochial school, as well as for any primary or secondary school whether Muslim, non-Muslim or secular.

So even a Catholic school in a Muslim country can be called a MADRASSA.

Sorry to burst your bubble. I especially enjoy the Lamestream media propping up Obama by visiting the school and proclaiming it secular. OF COURSE OBAMA DIDN'T ATTEND THE SCHOOL LAST WEEK, HE ATTENDED IT IN THE LATE 1960S/EARLY 70S.



I was just pointing out the lack of Libby coverage in a Conservative paper """

IN FACT, the WSJ editorial page is Conservative, but the news bureau is on the left like most all major papers.


Some good reading on the actual goings on at the WSJ news desk.


Date: December 14, 2005
Contact: Meg Sullivan ( )
Phone: 310-825-1046

Media Bias Is Real, Finds UCLA Political Scientist

While the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal is conservative, the newspaper's news pages are liberal, even more liberal than The New York Times. The Drudge Report may have a right-wing reputation, but it leans left. Coverage by public television and radio is conservative compared to the rest of the mainstream media. Meanwhile, almost all major media outlets tilt to the left.

These are just a few of the surprising findings from a UCLA-led study, which is believed to be the first successful attempt at objectively quantifying bias in a range of media outlets and ranking them accordingly.

"I suspected that many media outlets would tilt to the left because surveys have shown that reporters tend to vote more Democrat than Republican," said Tim Groseclose, a UCLA political scientist and the study's lead author. "But I was surprised at just how pronounced the distinctions are."


The psychotic who has the delusion LOL sockpuppets exist when their aren't deserves his delusions just as apathetic americans get the democracy they deserve.

Glen Greewald now blogging is very good and I know all of you will want to buy several copies of his new book on how Bush has ruined this country and he's blogging at Salon now.

Truthout is convenient for its links

and it's ownly semi-interesting that many of you are so paranoid.

It's pathtecially funny how a few of you project not only issue positions but that someone is coming from Leopold or Greenwald or whomever. I knew Greenwald because I know Slate, and Salon and his books and in other ways when he was an attorney in NYC but I never really heard of Leopold's name until some of the paranoid personalities here kept invoking it. His site is useful. You don't like it because it's yet another source showing how this adminstration lies.

The good news is that the lies have gotten about 36 of them into the custody of the bureau of prisons.

You all know you can follow indictments very well at TPMMuckraker and pending indictments.

When are you scootie fanboys and fan girls going to convince your patron saint to face the inevitable like a man--24 months a lot of people do standing on their head--and free up that 6 million or 7 million defense fund to a charity. Scootie inherited a ton of money (millions) from daddy, an investment banker, and he needs to dump that defense fortune and give it to charity.

I'm not attached to or sponsered by anyone. I think you're not getting out enough--there are a lot of people who hate Bush, and hate Cheney and would be happy if they were gone tomorrow. The approval ratings have about 80% of Americans hating them.

This is turning into a comment area for psychotics. Almost every post is now delusional eg.


chch16 (and his sock puppets) didn't even both to respond his/her plagerism of a Wikipedia entry [or anything else I've written, a pity].

It must get lonely working the blogger seminar room in MoveOn's basement. On the upside, it is probably being paid by the word, so it'll have lunch money for tomorrow.

Plagerism of a wikipedia entry sounds terrific.

'Moveon's basement' another brilliant piece of writing.

Maybe your delusions got crossed with Feline's basement.

Actually what I have to show for that Bush chickenhawk AWOL paste is that 80% of my country opposes Bush. He must miss that Iraq puppy now that Tony's moved outta 10 Downing.

You people are sure paranoid of a lot of demons that your shrinks don't seem to be handling. Tell them to up the neurloleptic dosages and titrate your Lithium to the upper limits of normal.

The Jason Leopold Demon
The Glenn Greenwald Demon
The MoveON Demon

Must piss you off that Al Franken's going to fire Norm Coleman and take his office in Minnesota. Air America and Sat. Nite Live go to the Senate.

@ Sara what you haven't done is defense litigation and you're naive about the BOP and DOJ and it shows. BOP has thousands and thousands of people accused of being illegal immigrants and you don't have much to say about how DOJ has stuffed political appointees in as Immigration Judges now who have no litigation experience. Read and learn.

You don't know who Monica Goodling is do you?

Soon BOP will be fucking with Scootie and he'll find it difficult to make phone calls and talk with his defense team and his free scootie because he's white, republican and an aristocrat. Screw the laws he broke. Right?

It sure as hell wasn't impossible for Bush's records to get lost and misfiled. They kept finding more each week, but they never found records to show why he didn't show up for so many required meetings and drills during 1972-1973 did they?

What doesn't fly with you Sara can be taken to the bank as fact. You're so naive for someone in the newspaper biz.

Sara are you seeing your srhink. You've bought into the paranoid delusions that I take Lol marching orders from some organization.

What this comment area has done has been to show me how pathetic the Romney Backers and the Thompson groupies are.

Even your RNC chairman Martinez is now reading Rudy911 and Romney the riot act because they wouldn't support him on the Immigration Bill and Bush who adds new meaning to the phrase lame duck. Bush is a cooked duck--he might as well get pot belly Cheney to shoot him in the face--Cheney is a badass hunter who hunts turkeys after their wings are clipped and he waddles out of his SUV, talks to his Pacer, and shoots his buddy in the face.

What kind of fucked up mind keeps ruminating that someone who shows that you can't discuss an issue is posting at the behest of some liberal web site.

They have better things to do than pay people to post.

I have to say though I've been impressed that you paranoids have an endless stream of conspiracy theories. What don't you understand when polls say 80% of the country disagrees with your leadership on every issue including Iraq.

What's going to happen eventually is the US will pull its troops up to Kurdistan to contain the civil war within the borders or to try to.

According to my emails from Iraq this morning there is no place with clean water, sewers that work, or electricity longer than 3 hours in every city North or South. Not good.

Slam Clarice? Clarice hasn't posted anything substantive and she said some nasty paranoid things about me--idiotic really--it's just I've never seen a lawyer with such an anemic vocabulary and such an amatuerish view of the Libby appeal.

All these breathless prayers to some Appellate God to cut him a break or amazing when you have the most Bush knee jerk reflex circuit in the federal system. The DC Circuit has 14 judges just waiting to rule the way the administration wants them to.

They have under investigation for lying to Congress Judge Brett Kavanaugh now as well.

Interesting that you commiserate "no citations" to your paranoid buddies that can do nothing but call names and bitch, whine, and moan without any ideas of their own. How ironic.

I've butressed everything I've said with "citations."

Whadaya Sara naive about the law--you want case law and code sections that you annd 98% of your paranoid buddies wouldn't understand?

Is Clarice part of Fox Noise now since she watches TV or Sky News and breathlessly reports bombing updats?

You think the cells are gonna blow your ass up over the 4th in the umbrella of Chertoff Home Security?

Calling someone names is not debunking them Sara. It's admitting you can't debunk them because you and your homies are lazy and don't really have any ideas.

Debunk those Goodling (a political operative and dumb as it gets for a lawyer) immigration judge hires Sara. Let's see this. They sit in court and beg my friends to show them what the fuck to do because they've never been in an immigration court room. They're a metaphor for Bush incompetency where people are appointed for their loyalty to tired old Republican platitudes instead of their ability and experience.

This was the story @ Katrina and @Iraq under Bremmer as well. Kids with no experience went to Iraq with Bremmer and dumped billions into the garbage.

Idiots who want to testify in secret with no oath, no transscript. Ask Clarice if she really practices law how many fucking hearings she's done with no oath and no transcript. I haven't seen any ever.

Debunk that--no oath and no transcript and no public hearings. I pay these fuckers. I have a right to hear from them.

Clarice can we expect to see you as an achor at Fox Noise anytime soon? You seem to think no one here has access to the same information you do. My dog can follow news events better than what you're wasting type here saying. A child could do it.

Why do these people need you to watch TV or the web for them or are you channeling from Glascow using a Sciance?

You can pull in 4500 newspapers with an RSS feed on one web page--why would you all need the Clarice version of breathless Glascow updates? You all are reading challenged and he she it is your reader?

Sara what a hateful thing to say. Your doctors are all foreing born and some doctors who have twisted minds help /or are terrorists. How does that relate to the doctors you choose to use? Have you ever walked through a teaching hospital? Most of the residencies are full of foreign born physicians and private hospitals have considerably more than university teaching hospitals because they're easier to get into. Open your eyes--why should you be creeped out? A lot of professions have turned to terror historically. Your boy Bush has increased terror with his Iraq fiasco and attention deficit in Afghanistan and other places where the real terrorist are.

Why hasn't badass Bush gotten Bin Ladin? He's had 6 frigging years. It would only martyr Bin Laudin but Bush held up the megaphone at WTC and said he was gonna ride out on the range and nail him. They make better videos than the administration.

Clarice is onto something though--if she smacks her hand to the forehead enough times, maybe she can jar out some more anemic vocabulary from the frontal lobe.

"How many more sociopaths and psychopaths can there be out there. This whole village was slain and left to rot, just because our troops were getting close."

Answer--an infinite amount of them drawn by the magnet of Bush hatred and using the occupation as an excuse to keep doing it forever.

And you can learn from this site! Look what Dr. Rick MD posted on someone with 3rd degree burns that are the major percent of their body with a prognosis that is grim:

"You have to admit - a fella laying there half-roasted has to be feeling kinda low."

This is astute and the stuff of considerabld burn care and trauma team experience. Straight from Dr. Rick.


Media Bias is real allright. Consistent surveys show that Right Wing Radio is 91% of talk radio.


Linda Greenhouse Review of S.Ct Term (Attended Harvard Law like Scootie)


RTO Trainer made me a photoshop present -- Here is is bigger

Baghdad Larry.


By the way chch16, YOU ARE WRONG.

Obama did attend a Madrassa for two years in Indonesia.

That's the same delusional and stupid right winged rhetoric that has been debunked for months. It was again, again investigated by all the mainstream news media.

But since I'll bet Martinez stays up nights waiting for your call on how the RNC should proceed and Rove wants to be fuck buddies with you, call 'em and tell 'em to run with it. See how many nanoseconds it takes for them to hang up on you.


Obama Smeared As Former ‘Madrassa’ Student, Possible Covert Muslim Extremist
This morning, Fox News featured a segment highlighting a right-wing report that Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) attended an Islamic “madrassa” school as a 6-year-old child.

Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy pointed out that madrassas are “financed by Saudis” and “teach this Wahhabism which pretty much hates us,” then declared, “The big question is: was that on the curriculum back then?” Later, a caller to the show questioned whether Obama’s schooling means that “maybe he doesn’t consider terrorists the enemy.” Fox anchor Brian Kilmeade responded, “Well, we’ll see about that.”

The Fox hosts failed to correct the false claim that Obama is Muslim. One caller, referring to Obama, said, “I think a Muslim would be fine in the presidency, better than Hillary. At least you know what the Muslims are up to.” Anchor Gretchen Carlson responded, “We want to be clear, too, that this isn’t all Muslims, of course, we would only be concerned about the kind that want to blow us up.” Obama is Christian, a member of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ since 1988.

CNN Debunks False Obama ‘Madrassa’ Smear
Last week, Fox News and other Rupert Murdoch outlets amplified a right-wing report alleging that Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) attended an Islamic “madrassa” school as a 6-year-old child. One Fox News caller questioned whether Obama’s schooling means that “maybe he doesn’t consider terrorists the enemy.” Fox anchor Brian Kilmeade responded, “Well, we’ll see about that.”

Commenting on this report today, Wolf Blitzer said that CNN had done “what any serious news organization is supposed to do in this kind of a situation”: actually investigate and learn the facts. CNN’s Senior International Correspondent John Vause filed a report from Indonesia.

In the report, Vause says, “I’ve been to those madrassas in Pakistan … this school is nothing like that.” He also interviews a classmate of Obama’s who says the school was not even strictly Muslim; it also taught Christian, Buddhist, and Confucian students.

JAKARTA, Indonesia (CNN) -- Allegations that Sen. Barack Obama was educated in a radical Muslim school known as a "madrassa" are not accurate, according to CNN reporting.

Insight Magazine, which is owned by the same company as The Washington Times, reported on its Web site last week that associates of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-New York, had unearthed information the Illinois Democrat and likely presidential candidate attended a Muslim religious school known for teaching the most fundamentalist form of Islam.

Obama lived in Indonesia as a child, from 1967 to 1971, with his mother and stepfather and has acknowledged attending a Muslim school, but an aide said it was not a madrassa. (Watch video of Obama's school )

Insight attributed the information in its article to an unnamed source, who said it was discovered by "researchers connected to Senator Clinton." A spokesman for Clinton, who is also weighing a White House bid, denied that the campaign was the source of the Obama claim.

He called the story "an obvious right-wing hit job."

Insight stood by its story in a response posted on its Web site Monday afternoon.

The Insight article was cited several times Friday on Fox News and was also referenced by the New York Post, The Glenn Beck program on CNN Headline News and a number of political blogs. (Watch how the Obama "gossip" spread )

School not a madrassa
But reporting by CNN in Jakarta, Indonesia and Washington, D.C., shows the allegations that Obama attended a madrassa to be false. CNN dispatched Senior International Correspondent John Vause to Jakarta to investigate.

He visited the Basuki school, which Obama attended from 1969 to 1971.

"This is a public school. We don't focus on religion," Hardi Priyono, deputy headmaster of the Basuki school, told Vause. "In our daily lives, we try to respect religion, but we don't give preferential treatment."

Vause reported he saw boys and girls dressed in neat school uniforms playing outside the school, while teachers were dressed in Western-style clothes.

"I came here to Barack Obama's elementary school in Jakarta looking for what some are calling an Islamic madrassa ... like the ones that teach hate and violence in Pakistan and Afghanistan," Vause said on the "Situation Room" Monday. "I've been to those madrassas in Pakistan ... this school is nothing like that."

Vause also interviewed one of Obama's Basuki classmates, Bandug Winadijanto, who claims that not a lot has changed at the school since the two men were pupils. Insight reported that Obama's political opponents believed the school promoted Wahhabism, a fundamentalist form of Islam, "and are seeking to prove it."

"It's not (an) Islamic school. It's general," Winadijanto said. "There is a lot of Christians, Buddhists, also Confucian. ... So that's a mixed school."

The Obama aide described Fox News' broadcasting of the Insight story "appallingly irresponsible."

Fox News executive Bill Shine told CNN "Reliable Sources" anchor Howard Kurtz that some of the network's hosts were simply expressing their opinions and repeatedly cited Insight as the source of the allegations.

Obama has noted in his two books, "Dreams From My Father" and "The Audacity of Hope," that he spent two years in a Muslim school and another two years in a Catholic school while living in Indonesia from age 6 to 10.


Poppy you sure jerk yourself off parsing words.

The reason Fox Noise (only News to morons and the uneducated Murdochites who drink the coolaid) ran with the story--I don't care if you think they call the schools Britney Finishing Schools using the word Madrassa instead of pointing out that for 2 years he went to a typical catholic school and two years he went to a neutral school is that like all good Republican liars Fox wanted to use the buzz word Madrassa to slam Obama.

And it didn't work.

When I was really naive, Poppy I thought WSJ only had inbecilic editorials like those from Teonsing and Rabinowitz and the news wasn't slanted. That was true 5 years ago. It's not any more and that's my point.

Pull your old issues if you have an online subsciption.

They did not cover the Libby investigation, they didn't cover pretrial litigation, and they definitely have not since April covered any of the trila and now they aren't covering the appeal.

The Bancroft WSJ is slanting the news coverage and cherry picking stories and that's a black and white fact. I read WSJ every day. I also find this Clarice airhead a purported lawyer, becomming more and more of an exponential idiot every post.

She calls readers of the NYT idiots. That's hardly the case. Readers of the WSJ are a pretty educated group as well, but it does selectively cover stories and the Libby on his way to prison story is newsworthy. It leads right to the criminal activity of the OVP and the President.


"no one cares to discuss issues with you chch16, because you are a thoroughly unlikable, obnoxious, self-righteous, arrogant, psychotic, monotonous liberal nutcase dying from lack of attention, and it's more interesting and entertaining watching you work yourself up to a froth because you aren't getting the exact response you want from the people here than it is to debate you?"

I would add the almost messanaic raging ego that all such trolls exhibit,seems to be in direct proportion to their stupidity.

chch16 is a newly minted troll,as I have said,apart form FDL and a Trance record chch16 doesn't exist,although I feel sure we have met chicht for brains before under another name.

Stobo, PUK, and others,

I agree. Chch is an idiot for believing everything that (s)he posted. This person is really brainwashed by those left-wing blogs and mainstream media and sees them as "facts" when they are not facts at all.

Time will continue to prove this person and his or her friends wrong.

There is no point in arguing with this person. Ignore him or her.

Bill in AZ

cheche: "Media Bias is real allright. Consistent surveys show that Right Wing Radio is 91% of talk radio."

So all you "progressives" "...have left to counter the Right-Wing Noise Machine is ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, TBS, NPR, CNN, BBC, HBO, HSN, MTV, VH1, Showtime, The Abortion Channel, Gore TV, Reuters, The Associated Press, Time Magazine, Newsweek, The New Republic, the Nation, The New Yorker, TV Guide, People Magazine, Teen People, Us Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, Oprah Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Woman’s Day, The Advocate, Esquire, Vogue, Cosmopolitian, Humpty Dumpty, Architectural Digest, Cat Fancy, Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, Swank, Sugar Tits Quarterly, the Harvard Perspective, High Times, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Seattle Times, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle Weekly, The Boston Globe, The Village Voice, The San Francisco Chronicle, The San Francisco Examiner, USA Today, The Washington Post, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Arizona Daily Star, The Anniston Star , The Decatur Daily, Montgomery Advertiser, The Tuscaloosa News, Anchorage Daily News Arkansas Time, Tuscon Daily Star, The Alameda Times-Star, Contra Costa Times, The Los Angeles Daily News, The Fresno Bee, Marin Independent Journal, Merced Sun-Star, The Modesto Bee, The Monterey County Herald, The Oakland Tribune, La Opinion, The Santa Rose Press Democrat, The Sacramento Bee, San Jose Mercury News, San Mateo County Times, Santa Cruz Sentinel, The Valejo Times-Herald, The Eureka Times Standard, The Ventura County Star, Aspen Daily News, The Boulder Daily Camera, Durango Herald, Fort Collins Coloradoan, Greeley Daily Tribune, The Stamford Advocate, The Wilmington News Journal, Bradenton Herald, Daytona Beach News-Journal, Florida Today, The Gainesville Sun, The Miami Herald, Orlando Sentinel, The Palm Beach Post, St Petersburg Times, Sarasota Herald-Tribune, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Treasure Coast News/Press-Tribune, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Macon Telegraph, The Honolulu Advertiser, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Bonner County Daily Bee, The Idaho Statesman, Chicago Defender, Chicago Sun-Times, Edwardsville Intelligencer,Rockford Register, Lafayatte Journal and Courier, The Des Moines Register, Iowa City Press-Citizen, Quad City Times, The Storm Lake Tribune, The Hutchinson News, Lexington Herald-Leader, The Louisville Courier-Journal, Teen Lexington Herald-Leader, Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer, The Shreveport Times, Bangor Daily News. the Kennebec Journal, Portland Press Herald, The Baltimore Sun, The Berkshire Eagle, The Framingham MetroWest Daily News, Milford Daily News. The Springfield Republican, The New Bedford Standard-Times, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, The Argus-Press, The Bay City Times, The Battle Creek Enquirer, the Detroit Free Press, The Flint Journal, the Lansing State Journal, Livingston County Daily Press & Argus, The Muskegon Chronicle, Parasites Weekly, Petoskey News-Review, The Saginaw News, the Port Huron Times Herald, Traverse City Record-Eagle, Duluth News Tribune, The Mankato Free Press, St. Cloud Times, the Columbia Daily Tribune, The Kansas City Star, St. Louis American, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Springfield News-Leader, Billings Gazette, Las Vegas Mercury, the Las Vegas Sun, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Nevada Appeal, the Reno Gazette-Journal, the Concord Monitor, The Keene Sentinel, the Portsmouth Herald, The Nashua Telegraph, the Lebanon-Hanover Valley News, The Bergen Record, the Burlington County Times, the Bridgewater Courier News, the Camden Courier-Post, The Vineland Daily Journal, the Parsippany Daily Record, The Jersey Journal, The Gloucester County Times, The Hackensack Record, the Newark Star-Ledger The Trenton Times, the Albuquerque Tribune, The Santa Fe New Mexican, The Buffalo News: “News for Discerning Buffalo”, the Oneonta Daily Star, The Ithaca Journal The White Plains Journal-News, The Corning Leader, Newsday, The Glen Falls Post-Star, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, the Elmira Star-Gazette, the Staten Island Advance, the Albany Times-Union, Willie the Wino’s Grand Central Station Restroom Scribblings, the Asheville Citizen Times, The Charlotte Observer, the Elizabeth City Daily Advance, The Greenville Daily Reflector, The Raleigh News & Observer, the Greensboro News & Record, The Southern Pines Pilot, the Wilimgton Star-News, The Bismarck Tribune, the Grand Forks Herald, the Akron Beacon Journal, The Toledo Blade, the Dayton Daily News, the Zanesville Times Recorder, The Daily Astorian, the East Oregonian, the Medford Mail Tribune, the Portland Oregonian, The Eugene Register-Guard, the Salem Statesman Journal, The Coos Bay World, The Beaver County Times, The Bucks County Courier Times, the Wilkes-Barre
Citizen's Voice, The Doylestown Intelligencer, the Uniontown Herald-Standard, The Allentown Morning Call, the Washington Observer-Reporter, The Philadelphia Daily News, The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, the Anderson Independent-Mail, The Myrtle Beach Sun News, The Memphis Commercial-Appeal, The Jackson Sun, Nashville Scene, The Tennessean,
The Berkeley Daily Planet, Berkeley Voice, The Berkeleyan, ¡Berkemundo!, The Baytown Sun (11,374), the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, the Lone Star Iconoclast, the Longview News-Journal, The Lufkin Daily News, the Waco Tribune-Herald, the Bennington Banner, the Brattleboro Reformer, The Burlington Free Press, the Rutland Herald, The Barre-Montpelier Times Argus, the Newport Daily Press, The Roanoke Times, The Virginian-Pilot, The Everett, The Olympian, The Tacoma News Tribune, The Bremerton Sun, the Tri-City Herald, the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, the Boston Phoenix, the Charleston Gazette, the Huntington Herald-Dispatch, Howard Stern, the Madison Capital Times, The Green Bay News-Chronicle, the Racine Journal Times, the Kenosha News, the La Crosse Tribune, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Sheboygan Press, The Wausau Daily Herald, The Guardian, The Independent, the Paris Daily Snivel, Der Spiegel, Democracy Now. The Huffington Post, The Progressive Review, Alternet, Dissident Voice,, Common Dreams,,,, Counterpunch, The People’s Kool-Aid, BlameBush!, Mother Jones, High Times, The Progressive, New Internationalist, Multinational Monitor, Covert Action Quarterly, The American Prospect, Dollars and Sense, The Progressive Populist, The Weekly Standard, New Left Review, Pacifica Radio, Progressive Mind, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, YouTube, Marvel Comics, The Weekly World News, Indymedia, DailyKos, Wonkette, DemocraticUnderground, The Prairie Home Companion, Coast to Coast with George Noory, Pravda, Granma, and Al Jazeera.

So much for that right-wing myth about the “liberal media!”"


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