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July 28, 2007


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Not George Soros' Billionaire Boy's Club

That link doesn't work. Also isn't ACORN in Soros' constalliation.

King County, WA...voter fraud...John McKay

John Edwards: Man enough to hire ACORN to steal elections

Patrick R. Sullivan

And sometimes it pays to be paranoid of creeps like this guy who wrote a letter to the editor of the WSJ: is also shocking that so few physicians will see Medicaid patients given that these physicians were more than willing to accept and be the beneficiaries of the large subsidy by government to their medical education.

I would suggest that each person entering medical school be given a choice: Don't take the subsidy (somewhere in the neighborhood of $150,000 to $200,000) and be free to choose your patients as you see fit, or accept the subsidy and in return agree to treat all patients who need your help. This isn't involuntary servitude. In the words so dear to all, the prospective physician would be "free to choose."

Rashi Fein|
Professor of the Economics of Medicine
Department of Social Medicine
Harvard Medical School

Especially when a guy claiming to have a Phd in Economics from UCLA agrees with the Soviet style idea--we educate you; we own you--espoused in the letter:

This is a phenomenom I've seen in a lot of industries. One can be a rugged individualist free-market type while getting all kinds of bennies from the government. Rugged individualist free-market views only conflict with others receiving bennies from the gubmint.
hit and run

John Edwards alerts his followers that "they" want to "shut me up".

As Sue mentioned in an earlier thread, "we" want him to "keep on talking".

Are "we" who he is insinuating wants to "shut him up"?

'Cause "we" would like nothing more than for a microphone to be put to those luscious lips 24/7.

[VIMH: "luscious lips"]
Listen. As I've said it on other threads, I MISS mrs hit and run. Yes, at this point even Edwards' lips look luscious.

[VIMH: "luscious lips"?]
Drop it. Satire. Hyperbole. I am sick and tired of literalists.

[VIMH: Are you literally sick of literalists]
That does it. Where's an icepick, you're gonna get surgically removed, if it's the last thing I do.

[VIMH: It may well be]
It's worth it.


Thirty years ago someone suggested that every graduating medical student be given a Jaguar by Medicare in hopes of decreasing future greed. It may well have been cost effective.


I understand John Edwards quit going to football games because every time a team went into a huddle, Johnnie thought they were conspiring to get him.

hit and run

Johnnie thought they were conspiring to get him.

Yeah, he's warped. You ever been to a good highschool football game? In between cheers, the cheerleaders form a huddle to plan their next cheer.

THAT is where John should have worried.

Because if he were at the game, the cheerlearders would be conspiring against his hair.


ACORN nailed in Seattle by an 'acting' US Attorney. What happened to the previous actor?

Schumer's posturing, and Bush's DoJ is exposing paid Dem workers filling out phony voter registrations from phone books in the Library.


"THAT is where John should have worried.

Because if he were at the game, the cheerlearders would be conspiring against his hair."

You know perfectly well the minxes are jealous of his coiffure.


"Schumer's posturing, and Bush's DoJ is exposing paid Dem workers filling out phony voter registrations from phone books in the Library."

Which explains the latest wonderful adventure of the Judiciary Committee.

hit and run

OK, to present my bonafides on the cheerleader angle....Has anyone ever googled my REAL name? Get beyond the Maine video guy and whatnot, you will find a cheerleader background (scroll to the bottom)...uncannily, near wear I live now.

Or if you are an unbeliever, up yours slacker.


John Edwards can talk all he wants but actions speak louder than words. I hate when candidates play the victim. That is usually Hillary's forte. After the recent dust-up with Obama she sent out an e-mail message to her supporters saying he was picking on her. She already played the victim to win her Senate seat-New Yorkers may fall for her act but Midwesterners don't buy into her martyr act. She'a actually making money off of pretending to be under fire. How is she going to stand up to world leaders? Oh Yeah she doesn't intend to dialogue with them-she'll send her faithful minions to do her dirty work.


It's not paranoia if they're really out to get you.

kepa poalima

why want him shut up? the more he opens his mouth, the more the public can learn what a dangerous loser he is.

hit and run

It's not paranoia if they're really out to get you.

Just ask Sara!

hit and run

Old thread, but oh well...did you see John Edwards' latest (via Taranto):

"That's enough. No, you stop. You've talked enough. Are you going to give me a chance to respond or are you just going to give a speech? Why don't you sit down and let me respond."--John Edwards to an unidentified New Hampshire voter, July 29, 2007

It's hard to fault him, though. I mean, it's probably just that time of the month.

[VIMH: Don't go there girlfriend]
No. Wait. That's not what I meant.

It's the end of the month. He's cramming in a lot of campaign stops to try and meet his fundraising goals. He was tired.

Oh, and don't worry:

The exchange ended amicably however, and the two shook hands and smiled.

The unidentified NH voter probably recognized the symptoms and was sympathetic to the wild mood swings this time of month can cause.

[VIMH: Oh you think you're so cute, don't you?]
I feel pretty....oh so pretty....

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