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January 25, 2008



Well what works against your argument is that Romney repeats verbatim the whisper.


Plastic Turkey award goes to the Nutroots!


Poor fella, he's so good it's just got to all be arranged.


A few years ago, Russert was interviewing someone, and a microphone fell out of his ear. I think Imus asked him about it, and he made a lot of excuses, but finally admitted that he was taking cues from someone offstage.
From that time, I always saw him as a ventriloquist's dummy.
Walter Cronkite wasn't any better, but he at least didn't drop microphones from his ears.
To be a mainstream media puppet, you have to be able to listen fast and follow instructions.

Tom Maguire

Well what works against your argument is that Romney repeats verbatim the whisper.

All that means is that someone (Williams?) whispered loudly enough for Russert, a microphone, and Romney to hear it. Seems pretty simple.

But wait'll you get a loud of the MSNBC UPDATE, which claims no one in the hall heard it.

I would say they are covering for Williams but I don;t think he would care - he is, after all, the guy who welcomed us back to Los Angeles during the Vegas debate and laughed about it.

Covering for Russert I totally believe.

JM Hanes

"Covering for Russert I totally believe."

Ditto that. Somebody was probably desperately trying to upgrade Russert's lame questions.

Daniel meyers

I'm voting for Huckabee anyway!

I was decided on Huckabee before all this anyway!


Tut,TM. If Russert knew they all did..remember? I say it was David Gregory transmitting from the nearby closet.

Bill in AZ

No one needs to cover for Russert, he's his own cover. He prolly doesn't even remember moderating a Republican debate by now.


Please do not hesitate to have habbo credits . It is funny.

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