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March 10, 2008



"Sheez! I thought Conservatives believed in limited government and federalism...."

They do,they just don't want their daughters forced into prostitution by drugs and being groomed by pimps.
Do you have this strange idea that these women go into prostitution voluntarily? Often young girls are groomed by older men,with gifts and flattery,it is only after that they find themselves gang raped and sold on the streets.Many young people are picked up at train and bus stations,they might be running away of having an adventure and end up as prostitutes.
Free you mind from belief that prostitution is free will,free enterprise,in most cases it it is slavery.


I'm with Tops. The booker said he had a reputation for not being safe and not being nice. Anger sex is hard to come by without a desperate ex-wife or a hooker.

Men have been transporting women for immoral purposes across state lines since July 5, 1776. (The reverse is true as well) The Federal Government should not be in he business of enforcing personal morality.

Things have changed for women since July 5, 1776 but exploitation is the danger with prostitution in an environment where women don't have other economic opportunities (as was the case then).

However, what you think should be the law isn't what is the law. Spitzer was in the unique position to propose any changes to laws he felt shouldn't be enforced.

ps. there is some sexual slavery in this country still. These girls weren't slaves and did make money, but reading the transcript in the indictment you see that the agent says that all the girls seem to self-destruct at some point (on drugs, etc). I'm not sure prostitution is the victimless crime many say it is.


Prostitutes last as long as their looks,from then on it is a descending spiral of depravity to make a living as they have to satisfy the desires of those with bizarre habits.
A large majority of prostitutes do the job to pay for their addictions,which were in many cases given them by their pimp.

Oskar T

Kristen and the rest of the gang are now famous, will get rich writing a book and Eliot will get an early retirement, end of the story. I`m just sorry for the wife and teens, looked like a nice family.

How to avoid this if you are an elected official:

1. Don`t do this at home.
2. don`t have sex.
3. if you need to do it, fly out of the US
4. try an escorts resort
5. is one of them
6. never choose an escort named Kristen.


At Least it was with a women, and a nice looking one too. You know them Republicans, Looking for love in the John, Young Pages, Oh and getting laid while getting a Back Rub. That's as in Conservative, Evangelical Percher.


Wish you were out here on the golf course with me today. Partner just went to get the beer. Let's is LATE...gotta shotgun the first three beers!

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