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April 02, 2008


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Gore has called skeptics 'flat earthers' and unleashed a $300,000,000 ad campaign to push his agenda, funded by 'anonymous' and internet donors. I can't stop laughing.

Lord Monckton claims that Gore can't talk about his green environmental company in the United Kingdom because to do so would be 'peddling a false prospectus'. This apparently stems from the British Judge ruling that there are nine inaccuracies in 'An Inconvenient Truth' and that a disclaimer to that effect must be shown whenever the film is shown to British schoolchildren.

We are cooling, folks. For how long, even I don't know.


Love the thread totle,TM.

Ted really is nuts, marrying Jane FOnda should have been the tip off.


Quite inadvertently, I guess I made it into the print edition of the New York Times yesterday. A comment of mine at Andy Revkin's DotEarth blog telling him he should be very curious about the who and why of the anonymous donors got reprinted. Maybe it is just an April Fool.

I can understand some rich people being anonymously eleemosynary for reasons of privacy, even though often self-interested, but it strains credibility to accept that there would be that level of anonymity for donations to the great moral crusade of this century. I smell a huge rat, and people trying to hide their desire to push carbon capping.

To his credit, Andy Revkin wonders, too, and promises to investigate.


Well, sure, nobody _plans_ on being a cannibal. Then suddenly the plane's been snowbound for a while, you have a nice fire going, and suddenly you notice how Harry's parka is so adroitly cut to flatter his meaty thighs.


Well, C, Barbarella is going to be one of the enduring classics of the whole Twentieth Century. Creatures everywhere, towel in tow, are enthralled.


I had the same thought about a response to Terrible Ted about 10 years ago, and we did not even know about global warming back then!

Danube of Thought

Not to mention, Sanjay, the way Mrs. Harry's stretch ski pants flatter her callipygous buttocks. Yum yum; pass the cranberry.

I'm going to double down on my pledge: not only do I vow to keep my carbon footprint smaller than that of Al Gore for the remainder of my life, I'll do the same with that of public buffoon Turner.


kim--I wish someone as bright as you are would sometimes give us a damned link. I'd blog your moment of fame if I didn't have to dig around for it.


And I thought Turner was anti religion----if
AGW isn't a religion, I don't know what is.
Al Gore would be the Nobel winning High Priest, hmmmmm, where does that put Obamessiah?


Okay, feel really guilty. Heard that interview. Started getting upset. A little panicky. Ate someone's arm. Okay, and foot. Really sorry.

Danube of Thought

Veering sharply off topic, may I inquire just what we are to make of this from Qunnipiac:

Clinton 44 - McCain 42
Obama 37 - McCain 46

Clinton 48 - McCain 39
Obama 43 - McCain 42

Clinton 48 - McCain 40
Obama 43 - McCain 39


Not me I'll just take my rifles and shotguns and go hunt game on some of the millions of acres Turner owns in New Mexico and Colorado.

Just joking I live in Texas, there is plenty of game here. If you own weapons that is........


It what could be a foreshadowing of what could happen in November ( or it could mean nothing at all HEH) yesterday a sitting very liberal Supreme Court Justice who also is Black, got beat by a fairly conservative unknown in an election in Wisconsin. The balance of power in Wisconsin shifts when office is taken in August ( dont ask me why the long delay ) to 4-3 conservative.

As expected the liberal ran up huge margins in both Milwaukee and Madison ( blacks, progs and govt unions ) and lost everywhere else in the State.

The margin was 51-49. Remember Wisconsin was a 6000 vote loss for Bush last time, so I am mildly encouraged at this.




Off topic but a good read concerning the previous thread about Sadr and the Iraqi operations by Jack Kelly.

"Getting the Score Right in Basra" by Jack Kelly

It appears the rooting out of the Mahdi militia continues.

"The Iraq army has cordoned off the city and is methodically advancing to allow residents to leave the city amidst the fighting, militants to turn over arms, while gradually isolating the factions they intend to uproot," a Marine liaison officer to the Iraqi security forces said in an email Tuesday to radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt.


That is encouraging, Gmax. IIRC there were some election day shenanigans in WI in 2004, too - slashed tires on GOP GOTV vans, for example. Had the Dems made serious moves to contest the Ohio results, the Repubs would probably have moved to contest WI where the Kerry margin of victory was far narrower.


Remember in 2000 and 2004 Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha were the sites of massive vote fraud occasioned by the no-ID same day registration law which the legislature has repeatedly voted to change and Dem Gov Doyle has vetoes. Wisconsin is not a blue state. I expect the vote o fraud machine was just not ginned up for this election and is being held in reserve for the presidential election.
Why the people of the state do not march, pickets in hand to the capitol is a mystery to me unless it has something to do with Lutheran DNA that no one has yet located.

As for the poll D(Ot) I don't believe it anymore than I pbelieve the suspicious PPA poll today which erases Clinton's 28 point lead over Obama in Pa and has him winning.
(Do recall that presidential elections have recently been stolen in Philly and Rendell is for Clinton so that vote of fraud machine will also be turned off for the primary.)


The Wisconsin voters threw a sitting Judge off the Supreme Court for the first time in 41 years for a small town unknown.

And they overwhelming passed a statewide measured aimed to limit the Governor's veto power. A clear indication that Jim Doyle is not wearing well on the voters there. As I understand they called it the Frankenstein veto, as Doyle was cobbling together part of legislation passed by the legislature into phrasing they never intended and then vetoing it so better to somehow allow himself to allocate money to places that the legislature never itended. It won by more than 2 - 1.


Ted Turner is simply awful, but I have to be grateful to him for my beloved Turner Movie Classics, the only channel I watch. Thankfully he learned from his huge colorization blunders in the '80s.


**Gov Doyle has vetoeD****

**vote o fraud machine***


Just when you think global warmmongers can't go any farther into parody land, they manage it.
That takes real skill and a special type of willful ignorance.


So how did that happen in this huge turnout, overwhelming enthusiasm and strong Democratic year in a nominally Blue State?

Can we call crap on the whole meme yet?


Maybe they can use this in the AGW Gore ad blitz..Let's write Al and suggest he do that. It would be super effective. Maybe even have Fonda make a cameo appearance with him for this warning.


In a final concession, Bush promised to be a better steward of the planet.

"I haven't always been clear about the threat global warming poses," he said. "In retrospect, having oil industry lobbyists edit our climate reports was probably a bad idea." He also admitted that initiatives such as "Healthy Forests" and "Clear Skies" had led to excess logging and air pollution, respectively.

To make amends, he has appointed former rival and Nobel laureate Al Gore to head his new conservation initiative, which calls for mandatory cuts on greenhouse gas emissions and rigorous protection for species classified as threatened or endangered. "We're calling it 'Pristine Planet,' " said Bush. "And this time we mean it."

Danube of Thought

Here's some Brit musing on a few possibilities for Hillary's next round of whoppers. Pretty funny:

"Her next round of soft-focus adverts will probably feature her soothingly saying, 'My fellow Americans, I drank a pint of walrus milk once for a bet. I speak fluent Eskimo. I once ate all the gherkins in Belgium. My brother's got a yak in his loft. I fell asleep on a night bus once and woke up in Munich, and had to get a lift back on a camel. I used to live on an iceberg. I've got a waffle-maker that works underwater.'"

In 1993 I went on a hunting safari in Zambia. My white hunter had recently guided for Turner, who wanted a lion and nothing else. The law required that in order to be licensed for a lion you had to book a minimum two-week safari. The hunt went on for four or five days, during which time Ted never engaged any of the staff in conversation, and at the end of each day he retired to his hut to dine by himself. On the fifth or sixth day he got his lion, left instructions for taxidermy and shipping, and promptly left without a further word. Every last man there hated the bastard.

Danube of Thought

The hapless Garth reappears, laden with gibberish. Tell us, Garth, will you take the pledge? Do you solemnly swear that you will forever keep your carbon footprint smaller than that of Al Gore?


In 1986 Ted Turner told newspaper publishers that newspapers were dead. He returned to the forum 10 years later to say he had been wrong. More than 10 years later he is still trusting the judgment of one who believes he's right simply because the thought comes out of his own mouth.

The problem, however, is not so much the speaker, as the listener who believes him.


Standing in Gores shadow, isnt that like standing in Wiliam Howard Taft shadow? Didnt they have to get a larger bathtub for the White House upon his election?

Any guess on how many watts he killed last month just in Nashville alone?


If Al Gore wasn't such an pansy, we could have him debate Monckton or somebody else.

He must be afraid. Afterall, he outdebated Perot on CNN over NAFTA. (LOL)

Rick Ballard


You might want to bookmark this link. It allows you to track Kerry's extraordinary, fantastic performance from start to finish. If you click the "More Polls" button at the bottom you can go back to the Feb 16 '04 CNN/Gallup that had Kerry up by 12.

Danube of Thought

Thanks, Rick. I remember it well. I also remember when Dukakis was up by eighteen. I'd be the last guy on earth to suggest that today's polls offer any guidance at all about what will happen in November--and I'll stick with my March 19 prediction that it will be McCain with 300+ EV's when it's all over.

Danube of Thought

Sen. Debbie Stabenow's hubby caught with prostitute. He paid $150. No Spitzer he.


D(OT) -- you might want to add a little "as long as we both shall live" fine print to your pledge. Once Al is dead it will become WAY harder to keep below his carbon footprint. I mean, there'll be a little methane emission at the beginning, but after that he's going to be right eco-friendly.


Howard Dean man of conviction. When I say stripped of delegates I mean ... well can I start over?

Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean says the party is committed to seating Florida's delegates at this summer's convention.

Dean met Wednesday with Florida lawmakers to discuss ways of allocating delegates among Democratic presidential candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The party stripped Florida and Michigan of their delegates because they ignored party rules moved their primaries to January.

Dean says the party is "committed to making sure that we do everything in our power to seat a delegation from Florida."

The party chairman said it was critical that Obama and Clinton were "comfortable with the compromises that have to be worked out."

Dean says discussions are continuing over Michigan.


Have you seen Stabenow? I rest my case.


Well, sure, nobody _plans_ on being a cannibal. Then suddenly the plane's been snowbound for a while, you have a nice fire going, and suddenly you notice how Harry's parka is so adroitly cut to flatter his meaty thighs.

Love it!

Danube of Thought

Stabenow hubby was former head of Air America. What is it with liberals and whores?


I hope someome is saving all of these educated statements from the global warming nuts that can be played back to them endlessly at a later date.


DoT, Garth didn't tell you that was originally published yesterday and fooled a lot of people. I particularly liked the lobbyists editing.


Here's a bumper sticker: 'Global Warming. That's so last century'.

Cecil Turner

In a final concession, Bush promised to be a better steward of the planet.

April Fools' was yesterday. (And just in case anyone has actually forgotten the 95-0 Senate renunciation of Kyoto, Glenn's got a good recap here . . . ending up by suggesting Chelsea and the media twits read WikiPedia.)

J. Peden

For Progressives, now every day becomes April Fools' - Oppressive Neocon Calendarism must not be abided! Power to the Cannibals! -oops, don't want to offend Ted's Inner Zombie.


Have you seen Stabenow? I rest my case.

But they just got married in 2003. It isn't like he didn't know what he was getting.


Although they>look like good neighbors to have if cannibalism is in your future.


Danubius cogitationis,

All those Quinnipiac surveys are of registered voters, which probably makes a small difference. However, I noticed over at Real Clear Politics that other polling firms haven't released results of surveys from those states in about two weeks so Quinnipiac's more recent results probably also reflect a rise of a few points in support for the Democrats.


Have you seen Stabenow?

He's no prize either - I guess that doesn't matter if you are paying.


Fear mongering!!!

Mushroom cloud anyone?


Re the Floroda/Ohio/Penn polls showing Clinton over McCain but McCain over Obama - older working class whites who will back Hillary will never vote for the Glib Lib.

But maybe that will change if enough hipster lefty bloggers tell them they are racist... I bet we find out.


CT, maybe Chelsea meant Bush pulled out of various accordians.

Bill in AZ

I read this article yesterday about the disappearance of Mammoths due to climate change a few years ago, and it made me wonder how libs like garth can't seem to reconcile this current episode of "climate change" with numerous episodes of "climate change" in the past - and sure enough, garth shows up.

The team found that the brunt of the damage done to mammoths was due to Earth's warming weather around 8,000 to 6,000 years ago. Since Earth was coming out of a glacial period at that time, temperatures were climbing and recasting the planet's landscape, and the mammoth's preferred habitat, steppe tundra, was vastly reduced.

So, how about it, garth? Why is this one so different than the countless, and even more dramatic, episodes in the past? Have we just not discovered the auto salvage yards of the Halliburton SUVs the cavemen destroyed the planet with? Bush can prolly make kyoto retroactive and save the mammoths. Or when the planet cools dramatically in the next 10 years, and the steppe tundra comes back, maybe we'll see some woolly mammoths appear again in vast quantities.

Cecil Turner

Mushroom cloud anyone?

What? Nuclear Winter as a response to Global Warming? Might be a bit extreme, eh? But at least it'd get rid of the "too many people" Ted is whinging about . . . and perhaps keep the homos off the menu.

Anyone else see a cameo opportunity for Charlton Heston?


"Love the thread title,TM.

Ted really is nuts, marrying Jane FOnda should have been the tip off."

Shouldn't that be Fondue?

Project Soylent Blue is already in operation,
it's made from liberals.

Danube of Thought

The dolts who carp about there being too many people on the planet never, ever include themselves among the surplusage.


If the liberals had even two brain cells which functioned they would recognize that regardless of all their proclamations that Conservatives push fear, Its always they that are talking about cannibalism and starving masses.

I mean who really believes there is a better chance of seeing manmade global warming caused cannibalism as opposed to some islamic fascist terror group setting off a biological or nuclear device in some western country.


Clinton Testimony on FBI Files Blocked

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton cannot be forced to testify in a decade-old lawsuit over the White House's handling of FBI background files, a federal judge said, sparing the presidential hopeful an unwelcome campaign distraction.

The conservative group Judicial Watch has been seeking Clinton's deposition since 1996. The lawsuit is over the Clinton White House's acquisition of hundreds of FBI files on Republican appointees in the White House during previous administrations.
In a brief order filed Monday night, U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth denied the request to put Clinton under oath. He said he would issue an opinion soon explaining his decision.

Had Clinton been forced to testify, it would have rekindled a controversy in the midst of her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. She faces tough odds to overtake rival Barack Obama in the delegate race but has vowed to keep running...

..."Hillary is not out of the woods yet and the issue may come up again in litigation," Fitton said. "If I were the defendant, I would not take much solace in this ruling."

M. Simon


Solar Scientists say a Little Ice Age bottoming out around 2030.

The solar cycle is already late starting and NASA say sunspots will return around 2009.

Solar scientist say: Dalton Minimum.


Breathe, everyone. We need to get the carbon up to 1000 ppm so our plants can thrive and survive the coming cold.

Or else it will be cannibal time! Yeehaw!

M. Simon


I have been thinking for a while that the pollsters are cooking the books.

One recent poll saying Obama suffered no Wright damage oversampled Blacks.

Go figure.

Bill in AZ

This one will be named the Goracle Minimum.


In a more enlightened age the Algore would have been strangled and thrown into a bog or burnt in a wicker man,certainly the Aztecs would have known what to do with him.

M. Simon


The Aztecs would have been disappointed.

Al has no heart.

hit and run

Oh gosh...If it were to come to a point where cannibalism is necessary, please do not think of me as beer-basted.

Name that movie:

hit and run: It's outrageous! Why, you won't believe what they tried to do to your poor hit and run. Look! Look at this!
[reading from menu]
hit and run: "Prime Country hit and run a la provencale, stuffed with chestnuts"...? "And basted in white wine." Hic!
Clarice: Basted? He's been marinated in it.
hit and run: Dreadful! Being hit and run, I would've preferred cheap light beer.

I prefer marinated.


Hit's a red-blooded American. How can you even think of marinated him in WHITE wine? Pheh. Now, a nice Chianti...And maybe a side of Fava beans



Charlie (Colorado)

What is it with liberals and whores?




Charlie (Colorado)

If the liberals had even two brain cells which functioned they would recognize that regardless of all their proclamations that Conservatives push fear, Its always they that are talking about cannibalism and starving masses.

Royf, I've never quite figured out how to write the Definitive Work on this, but I think this can all be explained via projection and denial: they know what they would do (or are doing), they can't accept it, and so they insist the Republicans/Conservatives/VRWC are doing it. Then when someone gets caught, the say "well, it was just a reaction to their perfidy."

Of course, the prediction here would be that whenever a Liberal says a Conservative is Doing Something Bad, we will hear shortly of some Liberal who actually did that which the Conservatives are accused of doing.




What better bond than shared values?

Charlie (Colorado)

Speaking of Dalton: "People who really want to have a good time won't come to a slaughterhouse."

M. Simon


There is nothing like watching a pig that has been improperly stunned thrashing around with its throat slit. It causes quite a bit of excitement for a minute or two.

And yes. I have done my time on the killing floor. A life time of meat eating with no guilt.

My favorite was boning pig snouts next to a machine that ripped the snouts off the skulls. It was called the offal room. It did smell awful at first. You don't even notice after a while.

All i can say is that microprocessors smell better. :-)


What is it with liberals and whores?

Birds of a feather and flocking ( I made sure not to mistype the last word )?

Crunchy Frog

Old Trotsky Ted doesn't have anything to worry about. Nobody'd want to eat him anyways - he's far too gamy.


Jefferson's brother Moses indicted--

The eldest brother and political strategist of indicted U.S. Rep. William Jefferson has been charged with giving payoffs to a school-board president — a bribery case apparently unrelated to the one against the congressman.

In a federal indictment handed up Wednesday, Mose Jefferson is accused of giving $140,000 to help secure about $14 million in contracts to bring a computer-based teaching system to Orleans Parish schools. He is charged with bribery, money laundering and obstruction of justice.


Simon and Bill, it will probably be called the Eddy Minimum in honor of Jack Eddy who popularized the Maunder Minimum, actually discovered by Spoerer. Jack Eddy preferred Maunder Minimum at least partly because of the alliteration. He liked words.

And yes, I think a new Grand Minimum approaches, or perhaps a Lesser Minimum.

To commemorate his foolishness, I've proposed that the recent warming be called the Gore Maximum. It's been seconded.


Ted's enthusiastic in expressing his opinions. Doesn't mean he's wrong. I mean Reagan was the same way and idiots thought he was charming. Global Warming has been around since Reagan was elected. (the cooling myth is b.s. data from some rightwingers...after all, melting glaciers don't lie.)

Bill in AZ

datadave, you are absolutely correct. Global warming due to solar activity has been around since Reagan. Surprisingly, global warming episodes have been around off and on a few million years even before Reagan. The high solar activity of the last 3 sunspot cycles (30 years) caused "global warming". As in previous periods of 3 consecutive high intensity solar cycles - the last one being about 900 years ago - droughts occurred and things melted. The sun has cooled now, and solar indications are that we may be in for a significant cooling episode. The evidence is already coming in to support this - and at best, you and the Goracle have only a few more months to peddle your bullshit.


yeah, yeah, all the hot air you're spewing will counter the effect of your wishful cooling wave. So wait 'til the scientific evidence comes in as I've seen nothing but politicized micro-data of little worth.

The other problem for you of the reactionary set is the carbon dioxide increases and increasing growing periods in temperate regions....but just keep cherry picking your distortions and stretching them....and remember too much Hot Aire might just turn off the cooling anomaly. Careful, be coooool.


and warming can cause cooling of the oceans as the melt water of our rapidly shrinking ice sheets would do yet again.


Whoo Hoo, datadave. The reliable thermometers, the satellites feeding the RSS and UAH and the Argo buoys show no warming for the last several years. The Pacific Decadal Oscillation with associated Las Ninas has flipped to a 30 year cooling phase. The sun is unusually, not quite extraordinarily, quiescent. Arctic and Antarctic sea ice extent is now above the average for the last thirty years. Your general circulation models don't model clouds or the oceanic oscillations well and the role of CO2, which continues to rise, has been exaggerated. And I'm supposed to be worried it's going to quit cooling? Why aren't you worried about the poor and powerless of the earth who risk freezing and starving?

Why does Al Gore feel the need to spend $300,000,000 to try to convince us we're warming catastrophically? Because we are cooling, sucker. All the money in the world won't change that.

Cecil Turner

....but just keep cherry picking your distortions and stretching them....

Oh, please. Like Ted Turner's cannibal dreams or Fat Al's propaganda are unvarnished truth? I'm not sure what exactly the future holds for climate science, but I'm pretty much convinced that Kyoto is a waste of effort. And if the GHG picture is as bleak as the doomsayers' predictions, caps (that are rarely met) are a waste of time. You wanna reduce carbon? Don't proffer a $300 million ad program with Al Gore shuttling diplomatically between mansions. Build nuclear power plants. I think most folks on both sides of the issue would probably support a general stewarship (and precautionary principle) approach. Converting to hazardous waste light bulbs . . . not so much.

Start advocating something positive, might be surprised at how well it goes over. Cannibals? Whatever.


I think a new Grand Minimum approaches, or perhaps a Lesser Minimum.
And we might not know which until the convention in Denver.

The other problem for you of the reactionary set is the carbon dioxide increases and increasing growing periods in temperate regions
Wait - I heard about the polar bear extinctions and the cannibalism, but do you mean to tell me global warming could (gasp) increase growing periods in temperate regions? We should rename it 'climate pleasanting'.


Right, bgates, warmer periods haven't been called 'climate optima' for nothing. Increased growing periods increase agricultural production, that's 'feeding the masses' for regressives like you datadave. What is a good deal more worrisome is long term cooling, leading to less agricultural production, and starving of the masses.

Famine, and the associated wars and pestilence may be riding down hard on you, datadave, you poor sap.

M. Simon

To commemorate his foolishness, I've proposed that the recent warming be called the Gore Maximum. It's been seconded.

I approve.



I couldn't find your blog with the link you gave me. Do you have a link? Credit where due.


M. Simon


You should study the latest data.

Satellite: slight cooling for the last 10 years. Proof (not argued by NASA) of a water vapor/cloud negative feedback mechanism as opposed to the positive feedback mechanism the modelers assume. Just as the sceptics have been saying. Lindzen for one with his Iris theory.

Ocean temperature surveys: 3,000 buoys that measure temps from the surface to 3,000 ft. They can't find the "missing" heat.

Crops are easier to grow on hotter land (or even under water) than they are under ice. So warming will be easier to adapt to than cooling.

So datadave. Might I suggest you recheck your data?


BTW over at Althouse (a moderate liberal blog) the sceptics are out in force with the above knowledge. And they seem to be the predominant voice. Word is getting out. People are getting educated. The Warmists are getting trounced in the court of public opinion. Despite Al "Flamethrower" Gore.

I just knew that Al's Nobel was the Warmist high point.



M. Simon, I'm afraid I don't know to what you are referring .

M. Simon


You said you were going to put up a bit on the blog Stop Barack Obama and give me a link.

If you did that I wanted to make sure there was a link back to your blog. The ole link love thing.

If you changed your mind - no worries.



Simon, I read where one scientist thought that the 'missing heat' had been radiated to space.

Well, now, that would explain it. Can't argue with that.


Glad to hear that about Althouse, Simon. It is hard to keep up a false front in the face of a cooling world. Like the 'Pinto Pony and the Navajo', Gore stepped out in front of solar physics and oceanic oscillations. His $300,000,000 ad campaign is like building sand castles against a rising tide.

But why couldn't we have figured out this fraud without cooling temperatures? Some scientists we turned out to be.

M. Simon


They are starting to make fools of themselves aren't they? When it becomes so obvious the end is nigh.


"Global Warming. That's so last century"
Sorry - Yankees own the copyright.

I can't help thinking about those little children going door to door nagging in Colorado for Earth Hour. In Turner's World, they would be home delivery veal?


"The dolts who carp about there being too many people on the planet never, ever include themselves among the surplusage."

I first read that as "sausage". Memo to self: never read the cannibal threads before lunch.


M.Simon,I did blog it and send it to the editor but he didn't run it, alas.

M. Simon


I thought the place was interesting because if you didn't know they supported Clinton you might think they were Republicans. They even reprised Debbie Schussel's piece on Obama's NOI ties.

This is the craziest election year I have ever seen.


It is crazy--I just hope it ends the way we need it to end. We are in dangerous anything can happen times.

"We have to be thankful to the anthropogenic global warming alarmists for one thing: if it weren't for them and their voodoo science, climate science wouldn't have attracted the attention of people from outside the field and we would be sleepwalking into that rather disruptive cooling that is coming next decade."

That's excellent, Neo. On climate audit D Archbald spoke of the look on the carbon cappers faces as he gave that presentation. It is hilarious.

BTW, he is engaged in a running battle with Leif Svalgaard over there who is more agnostic about the sun's effects. Truly even the best aren't for sure we are headed for decades of cooling or just a short term blip down.

And yes, we are still sleepwalking into a mess. The dreamers are having more memorable dreams, so we are awakening.

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