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June 01, 2008



Bummer. I guess we can use the 0900 'hours', central time instead of 0900 'hours' eastern that I expected?

Danube of Thought

I don't think a tape exists. If it does, I don't think any blame will fall on anyone but Michelle Obama; the person who makes the tape public (if known) will be largely irrelevant by comparison. And I don't think anyone who has it, and who wants it seen, would have any trouble at all getting it out into the public domain anonymously.

I couldn't get onto Crazy's site this a.m., but I'm assuming he fizzled.

TMF, thanks for all that decisive info about the November election. Remember how in May of '88 Dukakis led Bush I by 18% Remember in May of '04 when Kerry led Bush II by 7%? But keep hope and change alive, buddy.

Danube of Thought

If there is any poll in early June that has any predictive value at all, it is this one from Rasmussen: Obama's unfavorables (50%) exceed his favorables (47%), and 35% view him "very unfavorably." Those are very ominous numbers for that candidate.


I have not seen it but I have heard from five separate sources who have spoken directly with people who have seen the tape.

Good Lord. How ridiculous can you get? Oh yeah, it's Scary. The skies the limit.


Yeah I love it when a lefty gets his orders to go spam the right side and then shows up with his own version of the facts. One quick example is "definitely MI". Only problem for the troll is each of the last three polls done there all show McCain leading! All recent polls too. And if you understood anything about Michigan, with it status as a one state recession, and Granholm having raised taxes to less than stellar reviews and then Kwame Kilpatrick playing the race card and blaming suburbanites for his troubles as "meddlers" and telling them ( white suburbanites ) to "butt out", you might understand that some different dynamics are in play there. Or you could just make up your own facts.


probably MO (McCaskill anyone?)

Depends on how many fradulent ACORN votes the State Attorney General is willing to overlook. McCaskill won MO with exactly FOUR counties. It depends on how much "Change" the rural voters are still buying.


Oh, yeah.

And Talent ran a TEERRRRIIIIBBBBBLLLLEEEEEE, and I mean awful, campaign.


Apparently the folks calling Roger Stone are all asking about a tape -- everybody seems to have heard that someone else has it...

It seems to be a secret in the way that Valerie Plame was a secret. No tape, I guess Scary Larry was foiled again. All someone would have to do is pass it onto Dick Morris and he would weld it to the Red Witch...


"I think O is going to take CO, probably MO (McCaskill anyone?), definitely MI, MN and WI"

MN will be tough for McCain, but all the others are in play, McCain has actually been consistently ahead in MI by a few points, and way ahead in MO. I think Obama will outperform other Dems in Colo but he wont win there either. I think by November Obama will just be another liberal running for President like Gore and Kerry, a divided electorate, etc. but no sure thing at all for Obama.

Finally I don't know where TMF got the "RCP has Obama running away with the EV", they currently have Obama 228 McCain 205 and Undecided 105 thats hardly running away with anything.

Here are the last polls taken for MO btw

SurveyUSA 05/16 - 05/18 1523 LV 4845 McCain +3.0
Rasmussen 05/06 - 05/06 500 LV 47 41 McCain +6.0
SurveyUSA 04/11 - 04/13 542 RV 50 42 McCain +8.0
Rasmussen 03/24 - 03/24 500 LV 53 38 McCain +15.0
SurveyUSA 03/14 - 03/16 536 RV 53 39 McCain +14.0
SurveyUSA 02/26 - 02/28 632 RV 48 42 McCain +6.0
Rasmussen 02/11 - 02/11 500 LV 42 40 McCain +2.0
SurveyUSA 01/11 - 01/13 562 RV 51 40 McCain +11.0


Larry's tape released in 24 business hours which equals never?

Thought so.

(concept stolen from Maybee)

Danube of Thought

I was joking the first time, but now this thing is becoming remarkably similar to Richard Gere and the gerbil. I was living in L.A. at the time, and I heard the story repeatedly. Each and every time, there was a very persuasive witness (e.g., an ER nurse) who was at one remove from the teller. ("My friend's roommate was in the ER at Cedars when they brought him in...")

Crazy Larry, Roger Stone, Jason Leopold--these are the bottom-feeders of the web, and it's caveat emptor at all times.


There is no tape.

If you read LJ stuff, it's clear that he is trying his best to believe his own rumours .. and still doesn't believe it himself.

Nobody has gone on record as having seen it (except perhaps LJ).
Nobody knows if Karl Rove, Lee Atwater or Donald Segretti have a copy of the tape, that's only LJ spinning.

Have a good laugh .. but don't expect any tape .. ever


Allright, maybe my boxers are getting twisted over nothing, but the RCP electoral map looks forbidding.

Ohio is again going to be pivotal- if loser Kerry only lost by 140k votes (IIRC) then Obamas hopeychangey aura could easily make up that shortfall.

If McCain loses Ohio I dont see where he picks up the remainder


Obama couldn't beat Clinton in Ohio. They don't really love him there or he would have carried it.



Novak really didn't seem to like the book. I think he would be about the last person I would want to tick off if I were a Washington D-lister.

One note I would make is that the comparison of bipartianship of the GHW Bush presidency (and the ridiculous notion that the Clinton presidency was full of harmony) and the "climate of fear and partianship" in GW Bush's "neo-con" presidency [central tenet in McClellan's book from the reviews and interviews I've seen] is a focus- grouped and polled talking point in Obama's stump speeches. I'm lazy so I don't have the links, but BHO has mentioned it a few times and I believe that some of his "issue statements" on his website reflect this. Maybe one of BHO's speechwriters was a ghostwriter on the book (call it a group effort).


Larry would be the perfect choice for that kind of disinfo assignment -- he's not officially attached to Hillary's campaign, and he's got a rolodex full of all those media folks who used to use him as an expert.

I don't recall where I read it, but some commenter made reference to Larry's partner William Wagner - Berg Assoc/Paladin as being hired by the campaign. I don't know how to begin to find out if that is true .


I don't know how to begin to find out if that is true...

narciso probably. Go to google; advanced search, site:; terms: narciso Wagner


If Crazy Larry can't even get this right he must have been a piss poor analyst.


"Ohio is again going to be pivotal- if loser Kerry only lost by 140k votes (IIRC) then Obamas hopeychangey aura could easily make up that shortfall."

Michigan could make it up or Wisconsin and New Hamphire. But I would not give up on Ohio yet, it's very hard to see why Obama would be a stronger candidate than Kerry there. Obama might do marginally better than Kerry in Democratic counties, but I think he will do a lot worse in rural areas and small towns. The main point is that we don't yet know what the perception of Obama will be after Labor Day. Will he still be the candidate of hope and change and unity and feel good, or will be the anti-religion, anti-American, anti-gun, anti-military, pro-surrender, pro-tax candidate?


MN is solid Obama. I think the current numbers trend toward Obama picking up CO and IA. If he also flips NM or NV and McCain picks up NH, that results in a 269-269 tie. Yikes. Let's hope it doesn't fall that way - it'll make 2000 look like a game of jacks. McCain has a chance in WI, MI and PA and should hold OH. I am not worried about MO.


I got into Crazy Larry's site ok, no tape yet but lots of desperate Hillary supporters begging him for the tape "while it could still help Hillary".

One example:
"well. the bottom line is this:
the tape can seriously help Hillary if it is released in the next 24 hours–before people go to the polls tomorrow, before the SDs close ranks tomorrow, before Obama’s rally tomorrow night.
After that it will probably only help the republicans, because no way the DNC is going to oust Obama if we wins the majority of delegates and the majority of the estimated (including caucus states) popular vote.
So, Larry, if you want to help Hillary you need to release the tape before this evening’s news hour."


Has anybody read Geraghty at Campaign Spot about the so-called tape? Sounding more and more like it is probably a fizzle.

Also, you guys are dreaming if you think any tape, saying anything, will blunt the onward push of Obama. The media simply will not allow it.

Danube of Thought

I disagree, CC--if there were such a tape, it would circulate very widely with or without any cooperation of the MSM.

But there's no tape. There was no Rove indictment. There was no gerbil.


Oh I bet there as a gerbil.


via Reason Hit-n-run

Last week, I learned of a Clinton donor who'd seen the video on an iPhone and was trying to push it onto liberal media. But iPhones display video from YouTube—where you can't find this video—or in digital format burned onto the phone. Could someone convert the video to an easily-downloable format and just decide to keep a lid on it?* Whatever! Last night, I learned that the same donor had actually seen a DVD of the "whitey" speech, and that Louis Farrakhan appeared in it. This was around the time that Johnson poured gasoline on the story by promising an "explosive" break in the story. Today's update:

he goes onto mock Larry.



" I learned of a Clinton donor who'd seen the video on an iPhone and was trying to push it onto liberal media."


"Last night, I learned that the same donor had actually seen a DVD of the "whitey" speech, and that Louis Farrakhan appeared in it."

so much for republican hit, huh?

Rick Ballard

"There was no gerbil.

There is however, a spineless worm of a candidate who slithers away from the putrid stink surrounding the people with whom he has chosen to associate for all of his adult life.

Bubbastink's got nuthin' on BHOstink. Maggots retch at the sight of him.

That doesn't mean that BHO will lose. McCain's play for the Muddle only works if enough of the base, which currently is wholly uninspired, drag themselves to the polls to cast reluctant ballots in opposition to the Red Worm. The Talent/McCaskill results in MO provide a nice illustration of the possibility. The final tally was

McCaskill 1,055,255
Talent 1,006,941
Total 2,062,196

while the total votes cast in House races was:

Rep 1,049,346
Dem 992,258
Total 2,041,604

A fair portion of McCaskill's success can be ascribed to ACORN whipping one race (Senate) voters accross the line (that's where her early declaration for BHO comes from) but Talent's inability to generate enough enthusiasm within those who bothered to vote for their Congressman but could'nt be bothered to pull the lever for Talent was almost as significant.

We'll see how dim BHO's bright light becomes over the next five months but I would not bet a dime on McCain's ability to generate more than a 40W enthusiasm anywhere - base or Muddle.

Danube of Thought

Keep your eye on the Bradley effect.


LOL. Since Scary doesn't let me post over there, I decided to snoop around.>Sitemeter

I get the idea Scary wanted to drive up traffic. It worked.

Bill in AZ

"The Gag a Maggot Candidate" (gotta reduce these to soundbites/bumper stickers)

Poor Scary Larry - he's probably tried to farm this out to various Republican sources hoping it will take off - but the practice copy of a TANG memo stuck to the back of the DVD tipped them off. Scary Larry, Wilson, Plame - the worst bunglers in the history of Central Intelligence.


Coming in late. Hillary taped a gerbil to Rove?


Larry's like Lucy. Keeps pulling up the football just when Charley Brown gets ready to kick.


Charley's On his ass again. Lucy laughs, looking so damn smug.

You can only play this game so many times.

Unless Charley Brown is your foil.



A whole lot of Charley Brown's at Scary's place.


You got that right, Sue. This time, Snoopy lifted his leg. Might have done someting else too.

He always does it off camera though.

Danube of Thought

Go to the link under my name (if this works right) and watch a delightful video of an enraged Clinton supporter following Saturday's proceedings. I'd say that woman is pretty steamed.


Think happy thoughts. If no sheep, then a gerbil. Something fun. Videos of space aliens, free.

Danube of Thought

From the felicitously named Thurlow Weed at RCP:

"By setting aside election results to Hillary's disadvantage, the DNC has saddled its likely nominee with an enraged opponent who now has every incentive to carry the fight through the summertime. Simultaneously, it has told Michigan voters that the DNC - and by extension, its nominee, Obama - is willing to set aside election results it does not like. That cannot have a positive effect on Michigan swing voters - and Obama needs to carry Michigan in the fall to have any shot at victory."


I think Hillary should run as an Independant - no as a Clintoniant. We could have a whole new party, named just for her.

Danube of Thought

I think Hillary running as a third-party candidate would be the most delghtful political surprise of my lifetime. But there's not the slightest chance it will happen.


Slightly OT,

Cathleen Falsani, who interviewed Obama about his religion back in 2004 for the Sun-Times, has posted the complete transcript of her interview on her blog. (I think "GG" in the transcript stands for "God Girl," her pen name.)

I don't even know how to start analyzing this thing, he dodges her questions so many times. But this stood out:

GG: Who’s Jesus to you?

(He laughs nervously)

Jesus is an historical figure for me, and he’s also a bridge between God and man, in the Christian faith, and one that I think is powerful precisely because he serves as that means of us reaching something higher.

And he’s also a wonderful teacher. I think it’s important for all of us, of whatever faith, to have teachers in the flesh and also teachers in history.

This would also be a topical standout:

GG: Do you have people in your life that you look to for guidance?

Well, my pastor is certainly someone who I have an enormous amount of respect for.
I have a number of friends who are ministers. Reverend Meeks is a close friend and colleague of mine in the state Senate. Father Michael Pfleger is a dear friend, and somebody I interact with closely.

Read the whole thing. It's infuriating, but it tells you everything you need to know about his "faith," all in his own words. He doesn't seem to truly believe any of it.


As far as the Michelle tape, my theory is she was just quoting Gil Scott Herons "Whiteys on the Moon" (circa 1970)


Oh I bet there as a gerbil.

Posted by: Jane |

Funniest line of the day..
Thanks Jane


Posted at Scary Larry's site:

FYI, for those expecting to SEE the tape, GET REAL. Read Larry Johnson’s description of what is ON the tape. That is the story.

WEll of course it is...




When my old friends start getting me down
And pastors are just too much for me to face
I push them off the back of the bus
And all my cares just drift right into space
Under the bus it's peaceful as can be
And there the old friends can't bother me
Let me tell you now

When I come home feelin' tired and beat
I go down where the air is fresh and sweet (under the bus)
I get away from the TUCC crowd
And all that race bait noise down in the street (under the bus)
Under the bus, the only place I know
Where you just have to wish to make it so
Throw them under the bus (under the bus)

At night the stars put on a show for free
And, darling, you can share it all with me

I keep a-tellin' you

Right smack dab in the middle of town
I've found a paradise that's trouble proof (under the bus)
And if this world starts getting you down
There's room enough for two
Under the bus (under the bus)
Under the buuus (under the bus)
Oh, come on, baby (under the bus)
Oh, come on, honey (under the bus)

Everything is all right (under the bus.)




JM Hanes

"Father Michael Pfleger is a dear friend, and somebody I interact with closely."

Obama Communication Director (!) Robert Gibbs has got your Pfleger update: Yesterday's Father figure is naught but a Trinity "guest speaker" today.


The wheels on the bus go round and round...

Rick Ballard

"The wheels on the bus go round and round..."

Yeah but the bus just sits there 'cause it's high centered on TWP Granny et al infinitem.


Is Clarice on vacation or something? Haven't seen her in comments for awhile.


Has anyone noticed that being a friend and mentor of Barack Hussein Obama is like getting a kiss from the Don?

Rick Ballard


Maybe she's doing more organizing of the Condo Commandos for West?

She did mention a vacation though.

Danube of Thought

Jane, I believe you have a dirty mind. Which makes me love you all the more.


but Talent's inability to generate enough enthusiasm within those who bothered to vote for their Congressman but could'nt be bothered to pull the lever for Talent was almost as significant.

Talent went Wholly negative with his campaign. At election time, I still didn't know what his positions were, except I'd heard a couple interview with him on local talk radio. He fell into the role of the typical bad/bullying rethuglican by constantly running negative ads on McCaskill and not reitierating any of his positive policy stances. I don't know if that's because he'd been a pretty staunch Bush supporter, of if he was just a piss poor candidate. I don't remember him doing terribly well in the MO governors race, either. Hell, he lost to Holden, who made Republican voters cross over to get him out of the next PRIMARY, he was so universally despised.


Porchlight- thanks for posting the link to that interview. I hope it is seen far and wide.

On Lynne Sweet's blog, I kept trying to post a question that was not allowed to be posted.
Her reporting about Pfleger was strong, but she repeatedly made the point that Obama's people were surprised that Pfleger would say this all now. That he would be so politically unsavvy.
I kept trying to ask:Are Obama's people surprised Pfleger has these opinions at all? The timing of his words are the least of the real-world problems of what he said, even if it is interesting politically.

I'm going to assume Obama knows what his friend thinks, and chooses to surround himself with these friends.
I would still like to have Lynne Sweet (or someone) ask Obama about it. I'm still surprised she won't at least let me post the question to her blog.


Jane, I believe you have a dirty mind.



You're welcome, MayBee. He makes so many remarkable statements in that transcript, and not just about religion. Like this for example:

… IT’s interesting, the most powerful political moments for me come when I feel like my actions are aligned with a certain truth. I can feel it. When I’m talking to a group and I’m saying something truthful, I can feel a power that comes out of those statements that is different than when I’m just being glib or clever.

And you are right, even his handlers are disingenous. Obama is claiming to be surprised that Pfleger is saying this stuff at all, but his people make it clear that they've all known about Pfleger all along and are only wondering about the timing.

Obama is beginning to make the revolting Kerry look like a stand-up guy.


A little humor at Obama's expense.

This morning McCain made a great speech at AIPAC where he got his digs in at Obama over Iran. Obama is scheduled to speak there on Wednesday if they don't laugh him off the podium first:

Barack Obama, apparently trying to assure Jewish voters that he's Israel friendly, mentioned that his outlook has been informed by several Jewish thinkers. Who? Philip Roth, for example.

Yep, reading Portnoy's Complaint did it for me too. LOL.


"Obama is beginning to make the revolting Kerry look like a stand-up guy."

Steady on there girl,don't get carried away.


Ha! Completely OFF TOPIC yet had to come here and gloat ...

Researcher Mark Changizi of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York says it starts with a neural lag that most everyone experiences while awake. When light hits your retina, about one-tenth of a second goes by before the brain translates the signal into a visual perception of the world.

Scientists already knew about the lag, yet they have debated over exactly how we compensate, with one school of thought proposing our motor system somehow modifies our movements to offset the delay.

Changizi now says it's our visual system that has evolved to compensate for neural delays, generating images of what will occur one-tenth of a second into the future. That foresight keeps our view of the world in the present.

That's what I've been saying: What we consciously experience is a time shifted pre-analyzed reconstructed 3D virtual animation. The mind does far more than just fill in the gaps, it constantly works to produce a coherent facsimile of what it expects reality to be by the time we can consciously perceive it.


BTW band musicians and athletes fine tune that "one-tenth of a second" through training and practice to match and synchronize with band mates and team members.

Rick Ballard

Rezko verdict close.

23 out of 24 counts have been decided, they are hung on one count and the judge sent them back.

Any entrail readers care to speculate on whether they will convict or acquit?

JM Hanes


On a slightly different topic, in an item on Quitting Trinity, Lynn Sweet stated that:

Obama joined Trinity after moving to Chicago about 20 years ago to work as a community organizer and took up the suggestion that if he was working with South Side churches, he ought to join one.
I posted a question about the source of that advice last night, although my query didn't appear in the thread till today. I don't think many journalists actually spend much time on their own comment threads, though, aside from having someone vet new posters for profanity. I usually have better luck getting answers via email, but being new to Sweet's site, I thought I'd give it a shot online.

I stumbled on Sweet's Transcript of Obama's press conference when I was looking for a copy of the actual letter of resignation Obama sent. According to Obama, he only decided to hold a presser because the (intensely personal!) letter was promptly "leaked" -- by and to parties unknown as far as I can tell. It's been quoted, along with Mister Otis' Regrets, in multiple venues, but has anyone seen it published? It seems odd that it hasn't surfaced in full somewhere, doesn't it?


Boris: After my Mother had her strokes, we began to notice that she didn't always react to things that normally we would expect her to react to immediately. Then hours, or sometimes a day, later she would react in a very normal manner as if it just happened seconds before. Her neurologists were amazed and said her brain was adjusting to the damaged areas, forming new detours around those areas, especially in her occipital lobe (vision processing area) and undamaged areas of the brain.

One day we were in the garden and I pointed out a beautiful new rose bloom and she seemed to look right at it, but had no reaction whatsoever. Roses were one of my Mother's big passions, so this was very out of character.

The following afternoon, she looked at me and said, "It is so beautiful, so delicate, and that pink color so unusual, just beautiful, beautiful." At first, I didn't have a clue and then I realized she was reacting to my "isn't it beautiful?" of the day before.


I swear, I have fallen into an alternate universe. Scary's site is now asking his readers to tune into Hannity's radio show and provides the link to listen live. ::sigh:: The world is upside down.


Steady on there girl,don't get carried away.

Heh, PUK, maybe that is going a bit too far. But Obama is beginning to creep me out in a way that Kerry never did.


Gerbil? Reminds me of this. From 4:00 to 4:21 in the clip.



Remember his first public statement was back in June 1996; when as a former State Department official on MSNBC,(which was it turns out a more accurate description than his current moniker) instantly assumed TWA
800 was a terrorist hit. And his June 2001
op ed. which last time ! checked, he didn't
have the decency to excisr from his press
packet; couldn't have been more wrong. His
snap judgements on the JFK, Transatlantic aviation, and the London/Glasgow plots were
equally flip, and more importantly wrong. Then again he probably represents the
'acceptible center' of Democratic intelligence policy; go knows who's Obama's
intelligence guru; Brennan was a strong candidate, but his TAC/breach and statements
in support of the TSP, deepsixed that opportunity.



LOL. I didn't know that. It would have been good ammo to use against Scary, before he locked me out. The funniest thing is calling him an expert. ::grin::

Although the cause of the explosion was not known, terrorism expert Larry Johnson said, "This was a bomb on board, without a doubt. You do not get these kinds of catastrophic mid-air explosions in airliners without an explosive on board.">Source

hit and run

Obama is beginning to make the revolting Kerry look like a stand-up guy.

"Stop me if you've heard this one before...A priest and rabbi and a Senator go into a bar to order drinks in a manner reminescent of Ghengis Khan before they were against ordering drinks, which if you study hard you can do well, if you don't you get stuck in Iraq....get it?...stuck?...hello...::tap, tap, tap::...uh, is this thing on?

Danube of Thought

Whose first public statement was back in 1996?

Boris, I've had detached retinas in both eyes, and the first one left a bit more residual damage than the second. The doc assured me that, with the aid of the better eye, my "brain would fill in the blanks," which proved most miraculously true.


look at Scotties original book proposal

[I]nstead of whacking the press for not digging deep enough into the Bush administration’s rationale for war, as he does in his memoir, the proposal dings the press for a left-wing bias. “Fairness is defined by the establishment media within the left-of-center boundaries they set,” he offers. “They defend their reporting as fair because both sides are covered. But, how fair can it be when it is within the context of the liberal slant of the reporting? And, while the reporting of the establishment media may be based on true statements and facts, is it an accurate picture of what is really happening?”…

“I will directly address myths that have been associated with [the president], some deliberately perpetuated by activist liberals and some created by the media, and look at the reality behind those myths,” he writes. His book, as published, would seem to indicate that after looking behind those myths, he apparently decided many of them were accurate.

McClellan also promises to “get into the influence of activist liberal reporters, like Keith Olbermann, Nation Editor David Corn, and Washington Post blogger Dan Froomkin, and activist liberal media personalities like Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, Al Franken, Bill Maher and Arianna Huffington.”…

McClellan promises plenty of material on the media and even offers a chapter on NBC correspondent David Gregory. “I will take a look at notable personalities in the White House Briefing Room, including David Gregory and Helen Thomas. I anticipate an entire chapter about the former,” he promises.

Lots more Hotair


I speak of course, of Larry Johnson, the new
muckraker of the airways, his track record of gaffes, prove to be more more of a feature than a bug, in 1999 after the Embassybombings around the time of the first PDB about Bin Laden attacking
:href*<> on Front Line of all places


And even more from Hotair (this will make you laugh or cry or puke or something):

Democrat: We pressured Bush into ordering the surge, which is “somewhat working”


LOL Hit. Heh, I'm so dumb, I just realized how my commment must have read - I actually meant "stand-up guy" meaning upstanding, good kind of fellow. Not a comic.

Pure comedy pyrite, my comments are.


Barry is a superficial flim flam man,Kerry is the real thing,he had thrown a whole army under the bus when he was half Obama's age.


PUK, you are right, BO's never done anything that horrible. Give him time, though, he may get there.


Hi--Just got back from L.A. (My grand daughter's third birthday). Still no tape? Now, there's a surprise. I guess this weekend's big news was BOs leaving his church...Too late, of course. This has to be the stupidest campaign in my lifetime.


Keith Olbermann's Delinquent NY Taxes Now Top $150,000
Four tax warrants issued.

Are you planning on actually paying the high rates of taxation you routinely agitate for, Sir? Or, Sir, do you feel that taxes are for little people?


This will appeal to Mr Ballard,but will it work? We really need the opinion of a qualified Demonologist.

Danube of Thought

Narciso, I go way back with that fraud Larry, and corresponded with him at length before he banned me from his site. His op-ed was in July, 2001, and it was entitled "The Declining Terrorist Threat."

As I've suggested, back in May of 2006 he assured me he had three independent sources confirming that Rove had been indicted. I hope someone who can post at his site will remind him of this, and ask him if any of his "sources" for the tape story were included in those three.

Rick Ballard

Mr Uk,

Two tonnes plus that bent feather are certainly insufficient for the task. I believe that we've even moved beyond the lead casket stage. I would suggest a uranium casket dipped in molten lead crystal and then launched into the sun. Nothing on earth will keep that harridan at bay - an extra terrestrial end is our sole hope.


"I would suggest a uranium casket dipped in molten lead crystal and then launched into the sun. Nothing on earth will keep that harridan at bay - an extra terrestrial end is our sole hope."

Might even stir up the sunspots


Welcome back, Clarice! Many times these past few days I found myself wondering "but what does Clarice think?"


Heh--Thanks porchlight.
I think if all else fails I could make a fortune on Venice Beach selling cookies decorated to look like flip flops . I made them for the birthday party as favors and they were a major hit.


Rats. I really wanted a tape. I remember when Larry had the Rove indictment. I've even appeared on his site, but in one of my other forms and with writers, so it seemed intelligent. He's a wacko. But, I so wanted a tape. Even an 8 track.


Me too Porchlight.

Clarice: Do you agree with BOO that Jews will be convinced of his friendliness toward Israel because he has been informed by that great "Jewish thinker," Philip Roth?


I think the Jews who will vote for him are not very discerning or do not care much about Israels fate. (Sadly an increasing number of them do not.)


But, I so wanted a tape.

You know, I hate to admit it, but a Rove indictment would have exposed an awful lot of detritus that we never got to see.

Danube of Thought

Maybe so, SBW, but that's hardly a reason to hope for a man to be subject to a federal criminal indictment.


Anyone catch the O'Reilly/McClellan interview? I was busy and missed it, but just read that O'Reilly ripped him good.

The Gerbil

Are y'all lookin for me? Read it in my tell all book, "Richard and Me".

Jim Miller

Porchlight - Many thanks for posting that link to the transcript. Among the many things I noticed while reading it is that he says nothing about black liberation theology.

(I'll be doing a brief post on it tomorrow, mostly to give others a chance to read it for themselves.)


No, I didn't say Wagner signed on to the Clinton campaign; I said he followed Larry's advice and signed on to that petition showing outrage by mostly VIPsers
(Marcinkowski, McGovern, MacMichael et al)
at the idea of CIA officials being outed. Of course, this contrasts with the outing of Foggo and Rodriguez, by Jason Vest,at the Nstion & the Boston Phoenix (crickets chirping in the background), the exposure of our entire rendition/interdiction program, the actual full bore, and indiscriminate 'burning' of agents and even presumed agents by the likes of John Young's
Cryptome,and the German publication, Geheim
as recently as 2004; which took over for Agee's Naming Names column in the CAQ after
the "Welch bill" passed. There are two particular details about Agee's treachery
that contrast with anything that happened
with Agee. Besides, this being done to further an enemy agency. One, he barely knew Richard Welch at all; the proof of it
was in his first book Inside the Company, he mentioned his one time contact with him when he headed the Greek Desk; yet no mention of his Latin American postings. Two, he not only gave the name and c.v. but
Welch's home address in the Athens suburb of Psychico in the 1975 edition of Counter
Spy. What possible good reason, would some
one do that for. That was also the same year, Vincent Cannistraro (Jiddah, VC) and the late Gust Avrokotos were also burned.
All of which makes Mr. Wagner's effort somewhat puzzling. As he dealt with unsavory
characters as COS in Bogota; Ochoa's rivals in los Pepes, who handled things in a much more informal way. That of course, is the way, you deal in searching out an Escobar,
a Hussein, a Bin Laden.

Finally I discovered who are the Obama campaign's intelligence 'braintrust. Mara Rudman of the Soros funded CAP; who's VP was Agee apologist Mort Halperin, Alterman
of the increasing Saudi financed CSIS
(Emerson's House of Saud, revealed how deeply such funding affects policy and Rand Beers, at the National Security Network. Kerry's former majordomo on such matters, allied with Richard Clarke, who a decade ago, set up the interdiction policy
that exploded spectacularly in 2000 over Peru, with a plane flown by a missionary family .

Danube of Thought

Robt. Byrd hospitalized. The hospital has announced that no white niggers will be allowed to attend to him.



No problem. I keep going back to it and finding more stuff. I hope everyone gets a chance to read it at some point - it's a goldmine. Allah discussed this quote over at Hot Air:

GG: Do you believe in sin?


What is sin?

Being out of alignment with my values.


The tape I want is O-baa-ma. Gimme sheep, white, beautiful sheep; shinin', flaxin, waxin'. Gimme sheep down to there.

There was never a Rove indictment. It is 10,000 times more likely that MO has been vidoed screeming "kill whitey," than there would be a Rove indictment.

Without a generous helping of the attorney-client privilege there would have been no Libby indictment or conviction.

OK. So what about a tape with Vanessa Chase? I have a friend who mentioned her name. Who is she?


porn star?


Sara. I love you.


:: BLUSH ::

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