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July 28, 2008




Catholics are definitely not a homogenous voting bloc.

True. In 2004 they made up 27% of the total vote and broke 52% 47% for Bush. If the Team Obama interal polling is showing 60% 40% and declining, he won't make it up by expanding the already commanding lead Dems have in the black community (11% 88%). It cripples his west strategy (CO and NM) 25% and 84% Catholic, puts in jeopardy PA (27%), gives him another problem in MI (24%), and is an issue he would probably have to address in OH and MO (20%).


And to the rebellion-may it look like a session of the Taiwanese Parliament...

Rick Ballard




I bet most Americans don't know what Infanticide means or how Obama voted on it. And I bet most Americans, if told, wouldn't believe it goes on here.

There was a great article in the WSJ recently about Martin Luther King's niece trying to change how people think about abortion. I think there is a statistic that says 1 out of 4 black babies are aborted. She is trying to make a change.

Sadly, I don't think it will make a difference in this election.

I don't know a woman nor do I want to know a woman that would vote for partial birth abortion or infanticide.


I know lots who do--but then they've been totally flummoxed by lies about what the procedure is and ehy it's necessary to save the mother's life.


Meant to add I wouldn't vote for a politician that voted for it, either.

***Preview, Preview*** When will I learn! :)


Oh please, they were not
standing up for the athletes. They had far bigger concerns. While athletics
is a fun diversion and takes effort, stop acting like it is some noble
pursuit. It's not equivalent to being a soldier, teacher, doctor,
scientist ... We should stop putting athletes on such a pedestal, it does
neither us nor the athletes any good. Being an athlete does not make you a
good person.


Ignore my last comment. It is a quote from another blog that I was highlighting. I must have pasted without realizing and it showed up here. Yikes! Dumb. So Sorry.



I always thought that was a hell of an argument since the baby is almost out of the womb on one procedure and completely out of the womb on the other. Seems to me, the danger to the mother had past.

I agree though, they are flummoxed.


I'm not trying to start a flame war on this but the Born Alive Infant Protection Act passed the US Senate 98-0--even NARAL blinked. In the IL statehouse, Obama voted no and blocked in committee the same law passed in DC.

Kaine is a member of Democrats for Life so Obama has to be near phobic about this.


Rich, Have you noticed that the Democrats took control in 2006 by running conservative pro-life Dems aganinst incumbent Reps.
Foley, Macaca, The Most Ethical Congress Ever, spending and the war is lost is why they won.

Ok, now I think you have a point on the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. Who can we get in the media to ask him a question? (I am being serious)



...that the Democrats took control in 2006 by running conservative pro-life Dems...

Wonder if buyer's remose has been setting in? Also I'm not sure which Obamagroupie would dare ask a question relating to this. I might just be making a mountain out of a molehill, but the WaPo article an interesting bit of weather-ballooning: Sebelius is also Catholic, and I wouldn't put too much stock in them picking a sitting senator.


Jane at 2:45 pm
**I think Obama is at heart, an appeaser. I think he thinks he can win the whole world over, and if nothing else he can just postpone the attacks on us until he is out of office.**
Exactly, but I think it goes further than that – he thinks he can talk anyone (even tyrants and dictators) around - they only have to speak face to face. I’m positive he REALLY believes this carp. Somewhere (no idea where and can’t find it to save my life) I read about his father supposedly talking someone out of being a racist and admitting the mistake. I think Barak thinks that he has the magic mouth and he only needs to speak and all opposition will fall before him.
Beyond his inability to admit his misjudgment about the surge, I am appalled at his economic and tax proposals. I am reminded of Nixon and Carter – it will be the 1970s all over again. God help us all.
My husband says we should pay off our debts, hold onto our butts, chill the beer, pop the popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show – the Big O is inevitable – just get ready.
We have a bet – but, unfortunately, I think he is going to win this one.


"still eat out of his hand"

That make them,


I'm going with it.

Obama supporters will henceforth be called

the bullshit eaters


Let's hope it is Sebelius! She is crazy as a bat and so is her son. A perfect comparison of two grownups to two liberal nuts. (If McCain picks Romney or Sarah Palin it will be OUR Moment.)

Sarah Palin or Mitt could answer the question of:"Why do you have go many children? What do you think of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act passed the US Senate 98-0?"

I like it, Rich! Especially when I think of Obama talking about "punishing his girls" with a child remark. You got something there. Sleeping on it, Nite JOM.


We have a bet – but, unfortunately, I think he is going to win this one.

Rasmussen now has McCain 1 point ahead for the first time (if leaners are included).

common sense

A person who hears obama's rhetoric and thinks he's smart, is a fool among fools! Is there no common sense in America anymore? Most people would assume if one has a german name he is german. If you have a jewish name you are jewish. If one has a muslim name after the age of 13 he is telling the world he is muslim! Read the quoran or ask a muslim. They will tell you barrak obama Is muslim. You wouldn't let your kids run around known thugs or terrorist! But obama does! Remember what your parents and the police always said, Guilt thru association! Obama supporters please remember, A mind is a terrible thing to waste! So please... use yours before it's to late. Obama is not a christian! A christian would cause no harm to a child alive or unborn because a christian knows that whatsoever you do to a child you have done unto christ! So liberals, put that in your pipe and smoke it! The liberal train of thought is if you don't believe in God he won't exist,and therefore you won't be judged. WRONG!!! You Will stand before God and answer for your decisions, and yes you do know right from wrong. So you can't say you didn't know.Judgement shall come from what you see, think and do! So you had better think hard before you pull that lever come election day,and use some common sense!


before you pull that lever come election day,and use some common sense!

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