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August 27, 2008


M. Simon

David Axelrod is a red diaper baby.

M. Simon


Href and href to show how far back this last crisis really starts. The point, really is, that just like the Soviets with the Amin regime in Afghanistan, and Dudayev in Chechnya; nothing happens in the Russian sphere of influence by accident. Specially when an KGB/SVR man in involved; and his entire administration is honeycombed with
silovki, fellow security bureaucrats.

M. Simon


Georgia is all about keeping Russia from putting undue pressure on Europe through control of their energy supplies.

Now if Congress had allowed more exploitation of American oil resources this little adventure in Georgia might have been avoided.

In any case Russia's former vassals hate her. That is not going to change by giving those places back to Russian control. If those places prefer American protection I think we should protect them. Simply to uphold the principle of self determination. Will it be ugly? Of course. It is the Balkans. Can the situation be improved over time under the American umbrella? Yes. Just as over the last 50 years South Korea and Taiwan have improved. YMMV.

Let me note that Singhman Ree was no angel. Nor was the Kuomintang of Taiwan. Under the American umbrella they have evolved.



and far too much of what we're involved in DOES seem to happen by accident.

So, the Clintons had plenty of red diaper babies on their staff--why shouldn't the Obamas? It's the Democratic way.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

From NRO Media Blog:

The Kurtz - WGN Issue [Greg Pollowitz]

An interesting side note to the story of Obama's scuzzy tactics to stifle Stanley Kurtz is that WGN, the radio station that is the target of the Obamaniacs, is owned by the Tribune:

DENVER — Sen. Barack Obama's campaign is organizing its supporters tonight to confront Tribune-owned WGN radio in Chicago for having a critic of the Illinois Democrat on its air.

"WGN radio is giving right-wing hatchet man Stanley Kurtz a forum to air his baseless, fear-mongering terrorist smears," Obama's campaign wrote in an e-mail to supporters. "He's currently scheduled to spend a solid two-hour block from 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. pushing lies, distortions, and manipulations about Barack and University of Illinois professor William Ayers."

If Obama was looking to keep this out of the papers, I'm not sure going after a newspaper's revenue stream was the best strategy.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Oops wrong thread


Yippee! A new foreign policy doctrine! Roll over Monroe, and tell Dubya the news! We've got the Simon docrine: any country--wait, Kosovo proves it doesn't have to be a country yet--any PLACE that asks for American protection gets it. America will determine whether or not the PLACE, however big or small, qualifies--on a strictly ad hoc basis. And if we decide to walk, as we did in South Vietnam, well, that's too bad.

Hey, it's fine if you can pull it off, I guess, Realpolitik to the max, but don't expect it to make many people happy with us.

But if South Ossetia asks for Russian protection, they can't have it. Just because.


You're correct, the Koumingtang was a splinter from the Communists,who 'disagreed'
over the events of Shanghai 1927. Syngman Rhee was an authoritarian figure, but with a long history of opposing the Japanese. The Sr. Kim, was essentially a Soviet puppet. Not surprisingly, much of the US diplomats on staff had contempt for the former and 'understanding' for the latter.
The John Chubbs, Stewart Service, et al; had a good word for Mao, Kim, et al, they really believed we drove the Communists to the extremes. That was the subtext conveyed by Halberstam; that even Mary McCarthy found
hard to believe
Russia on the other hand, has gonebackwards to a 'czarism without ermine robes' one half Ivan the Terrible/Peter the Great. This attitude had some unfortunate
consequences, notably the Crimean War, and the pogroms; a similar resurgence in a nuclear power, is extremely unsettling.


If Obama can't run roughshod over McCain's "1,000 years" comment, all's fair, bidges.

Sally Jones

Jake Tapper is either a fool or biased. Obama CLEARLY says Iran is NOT a threat to us and uses the word TINY to describe it's power. A nuke blowing up just one of our cities would destroy life as we know it nationwide. So Obama for that reason alone is unqualified to be Commander in Chief for not understanding that most basic threat.

Of course, for befriending an unrepentant domestic terrorist who bombed our police and our soldiers and says he did not bomb enough, Obama should be disqualified from the White House.


The subliminal thought is that he will make America tiny and not a threat to anyone. Absolutely typical behaviour for someone who's been abused. It's positively correlated with survival, at least for the time being, or is it 'peace for our time'.


Georgia is all about keeping Russia from putting undue pressure on Europe through control of their energy supplies.

Question: why do the Euros need the US to prevent Russia from having a huge part of the market for gas? What would happen otherwise? My understanding is that the Russians need all the money they can earn from energy, so they're as dependent on their customers as their customers are on them. Withholding gas from the Euros would harm Russia as much as or more than it woud harm the Euros. Seems a perfect equilibrium. It's a relationship that has worked thus far--why shouldn't it continue?

And what would be the purpose of Russian "undue pressure" on the Euros--how would the Russians use their influence? They didn't cut off gas during the Balkan mess, so what are you afraid of? Specifically. You admit quite frankly that we're acting directly contrary to Russia's interests, since the North Caucasus pipeline route would be far less challenging than is the BTC, and presumably safer since it would be further away from Iran. So, specifics please.


Simon, another thought. ME countries have something close to a stranglehold on world energy--that is, a large enough share that they could utterly cripple the world economy if they were to withhold oil. They also have a cartel. And yet we seem able to live with that. Now, you might say, well that's because we (the US) have alternative supplies and, in fact, don't get that much of our oil from the ME. But, I would reply, your expressed concern is for the Euros and they (as well as China and Japan) DO get most of their oil from the ME (I think). So, again, specifically why are you so worried about Russia yet don't appear (as far as I can tell) overly worried about ME regimes using the energy weapon to put "undue pressure" on Europe and Japan--and these ME regimes give huge amounts of money to terrorist movements and other radical movements. Saudi money for "education" in Pakistan--an unstable, nuclear armed, illegally proliferating ally of the US--is one good example. So, again: specifics please. I say the benefits of engagement with the Russians outweigh any risks. Why do you disagree?


The greatest threat to each of us is the effect our leadership has on the world. If we elect a leader that is an old arrogant, impulsive, hawkish bully, we have a greater threat to our safety at home.

Leadership that keeps telling the world what to do in the name of Christianity will be the death of all of us.


The problem with OBama is NOTHING. The true measure of a person is when they have failed what they do. What has OBAMA done? OBAMA campain is about NOTHING. What has he changed? When has he actually taken a risk on? When did he put is life and job at risk? What has he done? Every person that has been elected President in this Country did somthing before he became President. Like it or not OBAMA has not done anything he can be sorry didn't work out. The first choice that he has made he may regret is Bidden. The GOP should start a campain of NOTHING. Jerry Seinfield would be proud of OBAMA.


Interestingly Churchill and Hitler almost met before the war, but Churchill who was in Berlin at the time refused a dinner (or lunch) invitation with him.

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