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August 10, 2008



Georgia Ceasefire and withdrawal petition


Omigod, Pete: 'Butch Georgian female police officers dressed in US style police uniforms'! What a link.


Oh dear, Obama surrogates are crying that the Georgia situation should not be political. "WE all need to rally around the president".

I guess being caught with your pants down twice will do that to a bloke.

They must be suffering on Oahu today.


Gori. Roki.
What about Kodori?


'Butch Georgian female police officers...

Hmm. And where could a fella meet some of these officers, say, at a happy hour or something like that? I mean, just out of curiosity.


Its amaizing how deliberately blind the left can be. This is Talk Left's take on the Russian cease fire:

Declaring in no uncertain terms that it was calling it own tune - that it was providing the world with its Tom Friedman "suck on this" moment, Russia today announced a halt to military operations in its conflict with Georgia:

They then quote the NYT, with this sentence bolded:

The president [Medvedev] said Russia had achieved its military goals during five days of intense fighting . . .

They completely ignore Bush's statement yesterday. And it doesn't occur to them that maybe the Russians are simply "declaring victory" to save face. If, as it now appears, the Russians wanted to depose the Georgian government, then they have failed in their objective. Of course no government is going to admit that they failed or that they are halting military action because of threats from another country. That is a point that seems totally lost on Big Tent Democrat.

To the left, if the Russian say it, it must be true! The Russians would never lie about something like this!


Oahu has lots of water edges.


Hey Jim, the commenters at Fernandez's joint have been touting Georgian red wine. Be there or be squared. Or scared.


I still say Putin and Bush cooked this up at the Ringling Circles. It's called Peek 'n Duck.


I'll rattle my cage if you scare the pants off the Persians so they'll quit pointing missiles at Moscow.


The left seems to be longing for the cold war again.

I've been astounded by how many on the left (the online left) have been whining that we won't back up words with deeds, so we can't do anything.
But what in the world is 'strong diplomacy' if it isn't all about words? Do they really want us to just threaten everyone with military action and then attack?

Final question- when was the magical time when we could get Russia to do exactly what we wanted?


Kim- I don't think Bush would give Putin the greenlight to kill Georgians, but I do think he knew when Putin would stop.


Right, MayBee, I think it was obvious that Georgia couldn't hold those two provinces. But I'm not sure Putin knew when he'd stop until Bush spoke.


AP - Russia's president has agreed to a proposal calling for both Russian and Georgian troops to move back to their initial positions and stop fighitng.


Obama parted the Red Army.


"'Butch Georgian female police officers dressed in US style police uniforms'!"

In Gitmo that would have earned them a clutch of Democrat senators,a bunch of liberal left lawyers,condemnation of the US from the UN,Amnesty International and compensation.
It pays to be seen in the right places with your "butch female police officers".
Perhaps SCAM should start an agency?


An interesting observation at>Belmont Club that the both the Russian stock market and the Ruble were tanking, and that was before Bush's statement.

The Russian government may have feard a total stock market collapse as a result of Bush's comments if they didn't take action seen to resolve the situation immediately.

I also find it interesting that no one is seeing the lesson that the Georgians' actions is giving to those who have relied on Russia for protection. Yes, the Russians did drive the Georgians out of South Ossetia, but the cost to the Ossetians has been catostrophic. Their one major town in South Ossetia has been destoryed, and given Russia's weak economy, will take decades to rebuild. The cost of being a pawn for the Russians is a very high one.


They've also given us an excuse to build a big fat airbase over there, too.

Barney Frank

Who knows how this will all shake out?

VDH thinks its a win/win for the Russians at NRO.
But I'm not so sure. Depends on the Euroweenies and to a lesser extent the Baltics, Ukraine, Poland and Turkey.
At the heart of the Euroweenies IMO still beats the savagery that was willing to slaughter their neighbors, man and beast, at the drop of a hat and while their defenses are woefully underfunded, 1% of the EU GDP is still no small sum.
Any Soviet, oops I mean Russian misadventure north of the black sea may result in the Euros baring their not insignificant fangs. Of course it's possible they're too far gone to save. We'll see.
BTW, the idea that Russia couldn't hit a pipeline if it wanted to seems silly. We could hit pipelines in WW2. They didn't hit it because of the unrest it would cause in the 'stans, which is something they surely don't need or want.
Wonder if part of the reason they (seemingly) quit is because their hoped for oil spike didn't materialize without actually severing the pipeline.


We've been warning Europe how dangerous it was to be so reliant on Russian gas and oil--they just got a wake up call, I think.


We could call it the Balad Project.


I really like the idea of four score advisers styming the Red Army in Uncle Joe's own backyard.


Barney Frank,
"At the heart of the Euroweenies IMO still beats the savagery that was willing to slaughter their neighbors, man and beast, at the drop of a hat".

Please! By "Euroweenies" you mean the European Union,the temple of "soft power" of bend over and grab your ankles power? Not a chance.
The EU was designed to be powerless,to be militarily incapable.The EU was a response by the founding mothers,Jean Monnet et al,to the horrors of WWI,consolidated by WWII.The basic premise is that anything is better than war,surrender,selling out your own people,paying Danegeld,gelding.
One factor which has not been considered in Russian aggression in the Caucasus,is that Europe recently neutered itself with the Lisbon Treaty/Constitution.Twenty seven countries will never speak and act as one.


I do not know how to use the wakfu money ; my friend tells me how to use.

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