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October 06, 2008


M. Simon

The thing that is weird is no one in Chicago politics is willing to talk about the Obama/Ayers connection. Are there no republicans in Illinois?

Not in Chicago. Libertarians fare better.

Outside of Chicago most of the State is Republican. As you would expect in farm country.


Here is the link - a little different...

I just recall that this caught my eye

S. 3168, the `International Development Association Replenishment Act of 2008' authorizes U.S. participation in the fifteenth replenishment of the International Development Association. The U.S. three-year commitment, 2009-2011, amounts to $3.7 billion, representing 14.7% of the total $41.6 billion replenishment


(a) The United States Governor of the International Development Association is authorized to contribute on behalf of the United States $3,705,000,000 to the fifteenth replenishment of the resources of the Association, subject to obtaining the necessary appropriations.

(b) In order to pay for the United States contribution provided for in subsection (a), there are authorized to be appropriated $3,705,000,000 for payments by the Secretary of the Treasury.

15th replenishment to the tune of billions?


it's called



this shows you the cost to single, family, etc

for something we don't even know about.

Family of 4? $43.35

International Development Association Replenishment Act of 2008 - Amends the International Development Association Act to authorize U.S. participation in, and authorize appropriations for, U.S. contributions to the fifteenth replenishment of the resources of the International Development Association (IDA).

Authorizes the Secretary of the Treasury to negotiate the creation of a pilot program that establishes an anticorruption trust at the World Bank.

Requires greenhouse gas emissions impact assessments of a multilateral development bank borrower's proposal before the U.S. Executive Director of the bank may vote in favor of the proposal.

Requires the Secretary to report: (1) annually to specified congressional committees on greenhouse gas emissions associated with multilateral development bank actions; and (2) to such committees a process to address grievances with such banks.
Status of the Legislation

Latest Major Action: 9/16/2008: Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 969.

Biden proposed this

Here's more info


Hmmm...Ayers' kids are in their 20's (?) and Obama's are 6 and 9 - I don't think they go to school TOGETHER unless Ayers' kids are really retarded (is that redundant?).


Care to tell us which thread at Ace's you "crabbed" that from?


TM:"As a bonus wrinkle, Obama was hired as a summer associate after his first year, which was rare for Sidley Austin. They say it was because of glowing recommendations but I say there may be an Ayers tie there - Sidley was the Ayers family firm and Bill and Obama had just partnered up on education the year before."

Excellent catch.
Most firms only hire 2d year students as summer associates.They don't actually need their work and, frankly, can't be trusted to do much. Second year associates aren't much better trained but the idea is to see what they're like so that the good ones can be offered a job on graduation.

The ABC catch is good, too.

The circumstantial evidence grows ever stronger that the two men met in NYC in the 1980's, doesn't it? Why not get someone to ask O straight up when they first met? I know--we really need to know what he eats for breakfast more,no?


David Axelrod is the name of the main character in one of the most underrated novels ever - Endless Love by Scott Spencer. Set in Chicago by the way. A romance novel with plenty of graphic sexuality, but very well written. Don't pay attention to the Brooke Shields movie. That tidbit has nothing to do with anything, just an fyi. I think of that book everytime I see his name though.

Blues Brother

By odd coincidence, several scenes from the movie version of "Endless Love" with Brooke Shields were shot on location at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, where Obama's kids are now students.


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