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November 13, 2008





Forget Al Gore, I want to know what the conversation was like at the Cheney Household today.

Scratch that. I'd rather know what Cheney was thinking but didn't say.


Yah, he would have to divest himself of what he hopes will make him a billionaire. He may not know it, but it's all tanking, anyway. We are cooling, folks, for how long, Al Gore has no idea.


Yeah, bad, I'll bet it felt like an out of body experience, with Dick constantly observing himself trying to act like an equal.


Al gore has other important work to do.
But arent we glad this guy isnt anywhere near the treasury?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Phil Gramm's UBS work raises new lobbyist questions for John McCainPhoenix Business Journal - by Mike Sunnucks

A senior Swiss executive at the banking giant UBS has been indicted in an investigation of the bank and its offshore private banking services for wealthy Americans, federal prosecutors said on Wednesday.

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The executive, Raoul Weil, oversaw UBS’s lucrative cross-border private banking operations from 2002 to 2007.

In a move that could spell bigger trouble for UBS, the indictment also referred to unindicted co-conspirators who “occupied positions of the highest level of management within the Swiss bank.” The individuals, the document said, sat on committees that oversaw legal, compliance, tax, risk and other issues. The indictment also referred to unindicted senior bankers, and the managers and “desk heads” who oversaw them.


Conflict of interest. He just wants to get rich off someone elses wrong-headed decisions. Plus, when the glaciers roll down, he would be remembered for the "Gore Minimum"™.


Funny line, esteemed moderator.

Captain Hate

Al gore has other important work to do.

The sad thing is you really believe that. Send smarter trolls, Axelrod.


You think they really believe in global warming, Captain? Maybe the rubes, sure, but all of them?


TM- did you see my link in the other thread? In the new afterward to his memoir, Bill Ayers called Obama a neighborhood and family friend.


Why did Ayers trumpet a relationship with Obama that Obama repeatedly denied?

Oh yeah, Ayers is trying to sell a book that didn't sell that well the first time out.

But Ayers despises capitalism...

Captain Hate

Extraneus, believe is the key word; it's replaced religion in their empty lives. I would think that anybody that has a sense of science would reject it out of hand just from the danger of coming to rash conclusions out of a hypothesis that hasn't withstood rigorous challenges. I still refer to it as the refuting of Galileo, where man is the center of all problems.

jimrhoads aka vnjagvet

Guys like Ayers are usually irony-challenged so it can't be that, can it, bad?

I say it's hypocrisy and I say the hell with it.



Frau Jedöns

Gore has done enough for and to the U.S.already. We are stuck with the carpy Gorecrapper(of torpid flush) and mercury bulbs (call hazmat). Whereas the Democrats today are buying and investing in worthless stuff, just a decade ago they were selling off irreplaceable government assets. Gore (now don't be shy, Al)was the inspiration of the sale of the Elk Hills Naval Oil Reserve to his family friends at Occidental Oil.

DOE announcement: On February 5, 1998, the Department of Energy and Occidental Petroleum Corporation concluded the largest divestiture of federal property in the history of the U.S. government. The sale agreement completed a privatization process that began in 1995 when the Clinton Administration proposed selling Elk Hills. The divestment removed the federal government out of the business of producing oil and gas at Elk Hills.
In May 1995 the Clinton Administration proposed placing the federally-owned Elk Hills Naval Petroleum Reserve on the market as part of its efforts to reduce the size of government and return inherently non-federal functions to the private sector. In February 1996, the Congress passed and the President signed the Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1996 containing authorization to proceed with the sale.

The following are public announcements and Congressional statements that describe the divestiture:
*Largest Federal Divestiture Completed, Elk Hills Reserve Transferred To Private Owner - February 5, 1998
*Energy Department to Sell Elk Hills to Occidental Petroleum for $3.65 Billion - October 6, 1997
*DOE Formally Places Naval Oil Reserve on Market, Privatization Could be Largest Since Conrail - May 21, 1997
*Statement of Secretary Hazel R. O'Leary Following President's Signing of Authorizing Legislation - February 10, 1996
("President Clinton today once again demonstrated his commitment to 'common sense government' by signing legislation that will get the federal government out of the business of producing oil and natural gas at the Elk Hills Naval Petroleum Reserve near Bakersfield, Calif. This completes the process the President began last year when he proposed selling Elk Hills, and it paves the way for the government to earn more money from the other naval petroleum reserves. This Administration believes it is in the public interest to remove the federal government from non-federal activities. By signing into law the National Defense Authorization Act for FY96, the President has further delivered on his promises to balance the budget, reinvent government and provide for the financial security of retirees.

Gas and Oil! Reduce the size of government! Common sense government!


Very funny,TM. I suppose you're advertisers will now start getting threatening letters.


We all need to boycott Ayers' book so he will stop writing and go away. Why read it? He's just going to lie round and round his ideas and his involvement with the liberal illuminati prez. But maybe Barack Obama will write the forward, eh?


Glad to hear I am not the only one anxiously baking these days.

Here's a good read, while you are preheating the oven:

Bitterfest ’08 By Jay Nordlinger


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So the Swiss, who previously sheltered Nazi gold, Colombian drug kingpins, BCCI
embezzlers, and the Russian mob, are not trustworthy; who knew?

So Sarah set the guidelines, no more bailouts if she has anything to do with it.
Ignore the Gallup subliminal poll. Paulson's about face makes me spit; how did they not do what they were supposed to. Who wrote these stupid TARP laws anyways.

Paul Zrimsek

Being czar for a guy with so many Communist pals would be a risky undertaking.


These republican governors with some
exceptions (Bobby Jindal,)annoy me, Christ went out of his way, after he won, to give felons the franchise (2500 voted in the last election) keep energy exploration shuttered until last August; pass a meesly
tax cut, that the courts reversed. He really was a RINO in the worst way. The only one who said anything of substance
was Sarah; she laid down the rules for cooperation with the new regime. Haley Barbour's a nice guy, he's way too Foghorn Leghorn for the party image; plus the fact that his firm helped underwrite that Allawi boomlet against Maliki; which would likely undermined the surge.


Christ went out of his way
I should say so, but our governor like our new president has no "H" in his name.


So they are pissed that the Vice presidential nominee gets more spotlight than they do????

Boo Fuckin Hooo.


4. The Internet will "democratize" TV

Gore is the founder of Current TV, which features "pods" -- short programs largely created by member viewers. Members get to vote on the pods, causing them to go up or down in the ratings (clearly less complicated than Google's ranking algorithm). What Gore seems to promote is the idea that providing this type of media entertainment will offer more choices and to a broader audience. A quick tour of Current TV does indicate a platform on which social issues (oh, say, global warming) could be promoted. But there is also room for tech talk -- user-created content that could bring, for example, regularly scheduled instruction on technology issues. That can be focused on seniors who want to learn about downloading pictures, kids who want to learn about Photoshop or adults who just need to brush up on computer skills. Think "public access" in a slick package.
what a moron slacker!cause we wouldnt want to be like these losers!
20% Renewable Energy for South Australia, 10 Years Ahead of Schedule
by Warren McLaren, Sydney on 11.11.08

South Australia's ninth wind farm just opened on the Barunga Ranges near Snowtown. Its 47 turbines, installed by Trust Power of New Zealand, (who already operate that countries largest wind farm at Tararua), are said to have the capacity to deliver over 98MW of electricity. The company reckon this output should provide sufficient power for around 70,000 Australian households.

Not only was this project completed ahead of schedule, but it allows the state of South Australia to claim that they now produce almost 60% of Australia’s wind power. Additionally it means that South Australia is poised to meet Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s target for all states to produce 20% of their energy from renewable sources by 2020.

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