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November 25, 2008



A pretty good one-sentence description of the Efficient Market Hypothesis.

I would note that looking at the last 3 months' actual volatilities in virtually any organized market in the context of the EMH is pretty frightening...

Thomas Collins

This is more evidence that Hayek rules: provide a reasonable framework of regulations for folks and within that framework, let them do their own thing. More prosperity, better predictions.


Mr. bad thinks Selma Hayek rules...


Obama wants to see the budget page by page line by line; he already voted the foreign aid for five years entitlements. The programs can't be gone through line by line because the government won't print the budgets or the bailouts.

The economy was planned and Obama is happy with the Congress.


Tierney takes a dig at Nate Silver, obviously forgetting that Silver caught somoene trying to game the intrade price a month before intrade officially announced it. HEH. Anyway, I think the intrade price basically reflects conventional wisdom -- not one pundit's opinion, but the aggregate. BTW, the price chart for McCain was ABYSMAL like 4-6 weeks before d-day

Thomas Collins

Well, bad, regarding your remark on Salma Hayek, since TM shows propensities on occasion to bring a food/nutrition component to this blog, maybe he can be convinced to post on the entertainment industry!


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