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November 11, 2008



AS IF...


While the sourcing would be sufficient for the press if it could hurt a Republican, I don't know why it should be sufficient for us because it aligns with what we think about Obama. As far as I know, this is the same source that said Sarah Palin thinks Africa was named for the poofy hairdo and Bill Clinton killed Vince Foster.


Global labor. We want our social security pensions to be the same as the auto makers. We never cared about Colombian drugs or free trade.

Sarah Plane!!!!!!!!!!

U Are about as dumb as Bush both of them father and son,the Apple don,t fall to far from the tree now u can join their boat it is sinking fast!!!!!!!!!

Alessandro Machi

Now that is one of the funniest/cleverest headlines I've ever read.



Well, if I begin to agree with bgates, the world is hurtling to its brutal end. Nevertheless, Tom, this story is so suspect that I would not amplify it. The problem, first of all, is that it is yet another baseless rumor involving the First lady-elect. (First, we have the alleged whitey tape. Then we have the wierd African media tale. Now we have her and Bernadine being best buds. Um. OK.)'

Second, the Ayers storyline suggests Obama is a puppet, going back to bossman Bill for his radical marchin' orders. Again, if there is any negative quality we have seen with Obama, it is his calm, collected, and really quite amazingly huge ego. Does such a man continue to bother with a guy like Ayers, who strikes me as someone who is mostly living off his rep as big bad radical man?

Look, it is certainly true Kurz was frozen out of the Annenburg archives, and I believe the story of the freezing out. I am pretty sure Obama has minimized his association with Ayers tio the point of uttering flasehoods. I also have no problem believing Ayers was flung under the bloody-wheeled bus a very long time ago, no matter how close they were in days of yore.

Alessandro Machi

ahem, you have a typo in the first sentence. Please feel free to delete this comment, I just thought you should know.


the world is hurtling to its brutal end
Well, you voted for him.

Captain Hate

Professor Diamond has cleaned the MSM's clock as far as doing the heavy lifting to sift through the trail of obfuscation to get to whatever story this may or may not be. The remarkable lack of curiosity and unwillingness to expend any effort to find out what the nature of the relationship between the cretins at hand is perhaps the most damning indictment of the stuffed shirts of the media. Perhaps if they found something unsavory their seat between Katty Kay and Thully on Tweety's show might be in jeopardy.


lol Captain


The Ayers relationship wouldn't be a story at all if someone would just ask Ayers or Obama when they first met and whether they discussed education and politics, provided they answered those questions accurately.

My curiosity is aroused when I know someone has tried to mislead me already, and they make remarks that seem implausible to me.

I'm surprised that Obama and Ayers both share the belief that the best way to reform education is by giving money to community organizers. This doesn't seem like a reasonable idea to me.

Is there a consensus among educational professionals that children should be indoctrinated into an ideology rather than taught the old "Three Rs?"


Yeah Mike, that whole misleading thing does tend to make one curious. So who was wrong (lying) about the Bush/Obama meeting? Obama in what he relayed to aides or the aides in what they relayed to multiple members of the media?


I think Obama is a practiced liar. He has spent his life lying about one thing or the other.


1 - was there a connection between the ayers family and the canfield family?

helen canfield was married to frank marshall davis.

2 - did stanley ann dunham obama soetoro work as a nanny in chicago?

if she did, who for? the canfield family? the ayers family?











See why I call him Cap'n HaHa?

John Podesta said he wanted to clear up misreporting by newspapers that detailed a leak of the on-on-one meeting between the president and president-elect.

"While the topic of Colombia came up ... there was no quid pro quo in the conversation," Podesta said. "The president didn't try to link Colombia to the question of an economic recovery package going forward. They talked about both of them."

Podesta added that the reports were "not accurate" and the Obama team has "cleared up the confusion" after the White House complained that Bush was irked by news that the conversation had been cast as a trade-off between Bush signing a second stimulus package in exchange for congressional passage of the Colombia Free Trade Act.

Podesta didn't throw anyone under the bus here. Curious...



Remember, the toughest interviewer in the business, Bill O'Reilly, asked Obama about Ayers.

Then not long after, when O'Reilly had Kurtz on his show, he defended his interview:

STANLEY KURTZ: But whether they knew each other before 1995, we don't know. And someone ought to really ask Senator Obama that question.

O'REILLY: I did, but I didn't get that micro, and we'll get into that for myself.

So you see, O'Reilly tells Kurtz that he *did* ask Obama the question whether he knew Ayers before 1995, but also that O'Reilly *didn't* ask Obama the question because he didn't want to "get that micro." And then O'Reilly further clarifies by saying that "we" are going to "get into that for myself."

So it's really very simple. Case closed.


U Are about as dumb as Bush both of them father and son,the Apple don,t fall to far from the tree now u can join their boat it is sinking fast!!!!!!!!!

Um, OK.


bad- Marc Ambinder says about the wrong(lying) information about the Bush meetup:
("What we did was hardly hardball," an Obama aide says)

So they know they misrepresented Bush's position.


Good grief, Maybee. That takes me back to an earlier question then: What made Podesta clear it up?


Oh, sylvia, come ovah heah. Run that past me again, please.



Good points. I'm glad you've been posting more in recent weeks.


No news is better than un news. Bush has the right idea after all.


Obama was put in the land socialist's, i mean drug dealer's, computer the day before he was assassinated, i mean shot while resisting arrest. It's not like Obama is a CIA spy or his two brother's in Kenya are on the payroll or his dad was and that's how he got into Harvard. The free trade thing was Obama and his Chicago unions showing what they know about global politics. They were stupid. Now we're broke with no free trade we need and plenty of foreign aid five year entitlements that go into the 100s of billions passed before the election every four years and the US government budget.


was there a connection between the ayers family and the canfield family?

Is there a Mrs. Canfield?


...but we're divorced.

E. Nigma

Ooh, caps.

Stop the shouting, we can all read.

We'll never know, because they question never asked will never be answered. All we are left with is speculation and inferences. It's a black hole; we can't see in and no information comes out.

I'm sure Ayers and Obama know each other, and talk frequently. I don't think Obama is Ayers puppet, but they do share similar ideas; it's just we will never be able to conclusively prove this unless somebody taps Ayers' phone and records a conversation.
And yes, Axelrod probably knows a lot of the truth, too. But then again, so what? How do we get them to break the confessional and tell the world? Not gonna happen, at this juncture.


Mike's the real deal. A coach, too.

The aide says it's hardly hardball. The first base coach called it a balk. The manager says he never through a thing. I say Bush cleared the fence with it. It could might is! A homerun, by George Bush, who ain't no busher.


bad- Podesta cleared it up because they got caught. His clearing up, though, is actually laying blame on 'misreports' rather than Rahm Emmanuel.


The left howled like baboons about George Bush's service record,but oddly the President elect having a relationship with an anti-American,attempted mass murdering,unrepentant terrorist is of no interest to them.
Come on people,Obama will have the bloody nuclear football.Are you going to buy any bag of magic beans as long as it isn't Bush?


In light of Cashill's investigations, a question occurs to me regarding Obama's puzzling description of Ayers as an English professor during his debate with Hillary in Pennsylvania. Was it a Freudian slip?


Maybee, Do you think Bush saying something different is enough to make them come clean? I don't.


E. Nigma, the conundrum is that for them to continue to have contact is to put a public face on the mutual lies they have told each other, which demonstrate fundamental character traits of the two. The truth of their relationship will be revealed just as the truth of the characters will become of obvious. I don't think there is any way they can get out of the trap they have set for themselves.


Thanx Elliot.


Someone reminded the dimwits only conversant with Chicago Ways of Rose Woods.

Thomas Collins

MSM was trying to mainstream Ayers and Dohrn well before PrezElectO was a national figure. NYTimes efforts were derailed by 9/11 (even the NYTimes honchos and honchoesses figured out that continuing puff piece articles on 60s terrorists after the 9/11 attacks wasn't politic [I believe there was actually a puff piece in the NYTimes on 9/11]). There is an ugly aspect to this that I am surprised hasn't been discussed more even among those who are aghast at the MSM's lack of curiosity about the PrezElect's ties with Ayers. The ugly reality is that many Baby Boomers in responsible positions today excuse Weather Underground terrorism on the ground that the Vietnam War was immoral, so that domestic terrorism was justifiable. I am sure the Boomers who check in on this blog, no matter what their political views may have been then and are now, understand what I mean. For Millenials and Gen Xers on this blog, even those of you who consider yourself anti-military may have no idea of the depth of the anti-military feeling felt by many of the Boomers (especially those who attended pseudo-elite institutions in the 60s and early 70s and never were in the military).

Maybe this is too painful for many Boomers to bring up again (no matter where they may be on the political spectrum). I for one choose to attempt not to rail against those in my generation who held such anti-military views and those who try to smooth over the terrorist actions of Ayers and the rest of the Weather Underground. But when issues such as MSM treatment of Obama's ties with Ayers come up, I also choose not to deny the obvious MSM-attempted cover up (just imagine for a moment if MSM had uncovered Palin connections with anti-abortion terrorists comparable to Obama's ties with Ayers).

I suspect substantial numbers of Boomers who make it to the old folks home stage will live out their days with fond memories of the "Movement" (whether or not they actively participated therein) and will block out of their deterioriating minds the reality that the Communism they thought was superior to American middle class values imposed a tyranny on a South Vietnam that had stabilized itself by the mid-70s before our Congress cut off aid. For those who think I am being too harsh on the "Movement" and on the anti-war folks in Congress, please read Derek Leebaert's book on the Cold War. Leebaert is no apologist for the Kennedy, Johnson or Nixon Administration's actions in Southeast Asia. But he does spell out in grim deal the impact of our aid cutoff in the 70s on the people of South Vietnam. The attitudes that resulted in our abandonment of the South Vietnamese people in the 1970s are present in the MSM types who have tried to rehabilitate Weather Underground members and who smooth over the Obama/Ayers connection.


Thomas Collins, the media did work very hard to expose the relationship between Trig and Sarah Palin.


Elliott, I think his use of English, rather than Education, professor was very illustrative of the sort of sophistry at which Obama is highly adept. This was a red herring, an attempt to lead the listener into believing that he didn't know the guy very well, in other words, lying fundamentally and successfully about their relationship. The 'just a guy in the neighborhood' is very much the same thing, and used in conjunction, to flesh out the lie, is just pathognomic of a pathological liar.

Here's the scary part. This liar has successfully lied to everyone, including himself, the press, Bill Ayers, and Michelle. Guess who doesn't believe his lies? Putin. Bin Laden. Ahmadinejad. Sarkozy.

I hope Rahm Emanuel doesn't believe them either.


Maybee, Do you think Bush saying something different is enough to make them come clean? I don't.

No, but once the Obama camp saw Bush's version was going to get a fair airing by the press, they backed off. I think they expected the media to just report Obama's version. They do not need to get painted as duplicitous at this point.


Well, Jim Geraghty says all of Obama's statements come with an expiration date. I guess he gives up on some of the lies sooner than others.


Thomas Collins, I will forever be grateful to John Forbes Kerry for re-awakening the Vietnam conflict. It was only through his intercession that I have come to the insight that we were wrong to oppose the nationalism of the Vietnamese, but right to oppose the Stalinist Mass Murderers. We were in an impossible position in the post-colonial era, and still managed to win the conflict, and stabilize two nations there, when elements certainly in touch with, and possibly manipulated by the Old Communist Bogeyman threw it all away and allowed a genocide and the temporary success of a failed economic and political ideology. On this Veteran's Day, John Forbes Kerry, I salute your service to the nation and to me. And to Kampuchea, oh, my Kampuchea.


Msg to Kim: [invisible writing] :)


An English teacher, an English teacher.
If only you'd been an English teacher.


"all of Obama's statements come with an expiration date. I guess he gives up on some of the lies sooner than others."

You are misunderstanding the man.Obama is a chameleon,just like Tony Bliar,he will say anything which paints him in a favourable light.The is no substance to his words,they are simply words,which can be amended,revoked,forgotten or thrown under the bus at his convenience.
Obama is intellectually lazy,having no interest in anything other than his self aggrandisement.Want a comment on Afghanistan,"Let's reach out to Iran" 'kin wot?


Obama signed a contract with the Democratic Socialists of America's, New Party in July 1995. The contract stated Obama would remain visable with them. In exchange for their support, the New Party arranged "House Parties" for the 4 candidates they were supporting. Is it coincidence that the infamous "House Party" Obama attended with Ayers, Dohrn, Palmer, Young, was also in the same month, July 1995?

Captain Hate

Thomas Collins, I'm certainly aware of what you're talking about and have alluded to it previously. I'm a member of the disgusting boomer generation and I remember a significant number of my undergrad "peers" who thought Ayers was a hero and somebody to look up to. Then as now I considered them people who lacked the basic judgement to tell right from wrong and wasn't afraid to tell them that. Dohrn was a separate case because a lot of dweebs with huge complexes related to sex found her irresistible in a really creepy way. Her also being a self-hating Jew appealed to the antisemitism which is an essential component of the left.


Let's never forget those halcyon days of the Clinton Adminstration, when outright lies were sworn to by a highly-disciplined cast of low-life lackeys, none of whom ever balked even when their hero was shown to have made them liers, too. It's difficult to relate to, as is the concept of an anti-American President, but it's what we're looking at for at least the next four years.


Going to relink Zombie's great, though speculative, article on "Obama's Close Encounter with the Weather Underground". Didn't think it got much circulation the first go around...

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Thomas Collins: I'm a Charter Boomer and I'll never forgive those in what you call "the Movement." Never. I hold them responsible for prolonging the war and I lay every death in the latter years at their feet. And, I lay all the blood lost on the Killing Fields of Cambodia on their heads, plus all those killed after the Fall of Saigon. I despise these cowards and they will forever disgust me.


The auto and finance industries along with the rest of the economy are tanking and we are in 2 wars with no end in sight -- and you say Bill Ayers? Are you a moron?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Are you a moron?

Nah, just your everyday multi-tasker.


lol Sara


We can blame auto and finance on the Democrats. One war is won and the other is the Great Game. So now a liar will put it all straight? A Democrat, no less? You can dream. Yes you can.

Rick Ballard

Obama's puppetmasters at Goldman Sachs started a fire that they can't seem to put out, Jor. Maybe you ought to run along and give them a piece of what passes for your mind. Careful though - giving away anything larger than a micro gram may render you unable to communicate type.

lobbyists for transition

Ayres is interesting because he is probably an informant. Obama and his brothers in Kenya and his father were probably on the CIA payroll too. Informants going from one to another. Obama probably justifies what he's done based on this; he says weird things and is elected anyway.

Obama might be this.


Rick, I'd still go for a PET (or fMRI) scan, but I wouldn't expect any signs of cranial activity.


"The auto and finance industries along with the rest of the economy are tanking and we are in 2 wars with no end in sight -- and you say Bill Ayers?"

Connectivity Jork.
The UAW gave money to the Obama campaign,the UAW,Ayers is connected to Obama,they are all connected to socialism.Socialism is connected to the downfall of nations.
To coin a phrase "Socialism is necrotising".

Rick Ballard

A board certified proctologist could probably identify some activity.


There you go, Peter, necrotizing fasciitis on the body politic.


LOL DrJ and Rick


LOL Peter and Kim


Mr Ballard,
There are some things even a proctologist will not do.


Nah, Rick, there is a cranial obstruction around which not even a proctologist can maneuver.


I would laugh if it were not so dangerous.The trouble with our little liberals is,they think they can play with dangerous concepts thinking they can control them.A bit like having tea with Jeffrey Dahmer.

"Jeffrey Dahmer,just a guy who lives on our block,hangs about the school I take my kids to".


Saw this line from a Politico piece quoted at the Weekly Standard blog:

Nominating Gates to stay, “would be a violation of the mandate for change that Obama says he represents,” said Medea Benjamin, cofounder of the anti-war group CodePink.

Is it correct that Gates would need to be renominated? That doesn't sound right to me.

Captain Hate

Jork's one of those big picture guys who can't be bothered by the details of items like solving global warming by having electricity generated by unicorn farts which aren't carbon based. There are still some problems that we caused by electing Chimpy McHalibushitlerstein and Jork's magic crystals are having a hard time dealing with them and he's really really upset with us.

jimrhoads aka vnjagvet


It is interesting that the Kennedy/Johnson administration was solely responsible for escalating the war in RVN. Kennedy sent in the Special Forces and had Diem assassinated. Johnson escalated the draft and sent them en massse beginning in 1965. Ah yes, I remember it well as it was the year I graduated from law school and was scheduled to go on active duty.

By 1966, there were nearly 400k troops incountry. By 1967 when I went, more than 1/2 million.

It was Democratic administrations and Congresses that caused those escalations. And we didn't even have an attack on the USA.

Please spare me the BS blaming Bush for Iraq. He reasonably responded to a threat to the vital interests of the USA. All the rest is tactics. I am not optimistic about the wisdom of Teh One to meet the challenges. And I am not a Chicken Hawk, unlike BHO, Biden and Emmanuel.

I'm glad that at last I am outside the tent pissing in.


Jim Rhoads, we salute you!!


Gates has done allot of change. When Congress wanted to abolish CIA, he and his Air Force pals moved it to DoD/NSA. Gates is pretty much a CIA guy. Obama is pretty much a paid informant for CIA. CIA is going to get favors.

Like Obama and his wealth redistribution in foreign aid and Gates moving CIA to DoD - they've both done their work and it's time pay off. It's Congress.

It's all about federal jobs and retirement income.

Rick Ballard

Mr Uk,

You may well be right. I had in mind a Level IV Full HAZMAT suitup working from behind plate glass. A trained proctologist might at least describe the complex and terrific forces at work in the peristaltic process in play during the development and expression of a nugget of Jorthought.

jimrhoads aka vnjagvet

Thanks bad, and Happy Vet's day to all who have served or are serving in our armed forces, and to their families.

Especially those serving today in Iraq and Afghanistan.

God bless them all and God bless America.

Angie Smith

I think Obama's relationship with Ayers goes back a long way. He and his liberal illuminati have been so evasive about his past we'll probably never know the truth. It changes often. Why is it that so many Americans won't question Obama about this relationship with a terrorist?


Thanks for the entree to one of my father's favorite jokes. Two Army nurses were playing bridge with a couple of GI's in their tent, when one GI, after a few hands and a few beers, excused himself and went outside. Soon the expected sounds were heard and one nurse, partner to the pisser, said to the other nurse 'For the first time tonight, I know what he is holding in his hand.'


"And I am not a Chicken Hawk, unlike BHO, Biden and Emmanuel."

And you served.It should be a requirement that to be CiC the candidate serve at least a year in the military.


Mr Ballard,
I can see the misconception.Jorthought isn't a solid it is a gas,much like that resulting from rotting vegetation.Pfft,one minute it is there then next it is gone.It is highly inflammable,but quite harmless, since there isn't enough to blow Jork's dandruff off.


Heh, they're in it the moment they take the oath. Obama won't be able to take it. Some people are just sadly lacking.


Well, surprise. The Obama team has a communications strategy. And surprise: it's favorable to Obama and not favorable to President Bush.

Marc Ambinder thinks lying is a communications strategy favorable to Obama and unfavorable to those he lies about.

Thanks Marc for being so open about the whole thing. The candidness is refreshing even if the practice is putrid.

jimrhoads aka vnjagvet

Yeah, PUK. I wonder what the meme will be when those of us who did serve criticize Teh One about his handling of military affairs.

BTW, I thought the Chicken Hawk meme was BS before, and I still do. I just find ironic that all of the dem top guns so far have not served.


when outright lies were sworn to by a highly-disciplined cast of low-life lackeys,

It would seem that a good many of those folks are moving back in.


bad- wasn't that an odd take from Ambinder? To him, the controversy was whether the Bush people were angry or frustrated.


Oh, the tangled webs we weave
When first we practice to deceive.

But, oh, how we improve our style
Once we have practiced for awhile.

H/t Emily Preyer


Maybee, it was bizarre. But I fear we are going to see more of this sort of thing.

Captain Hate

BTW, I thought the Chicken Hawk meme was BS before, and I still do.

The disingenuous nature of criticism from the left, which flies in the face of the concept of civilian control of the military. If only this was a lone example....


God Bless jim, of course, and God bless DoT whose promised reappearance on Dec 3 I am eagerly awaiting.
I know Jane is , too, but DoT if you're reading this, I am certain she's been flirting with Mark Steyn on that cruise when you weren't paying attention...not that I'd want to do anything to interfere with your friendship.........


Don't you get it? They are forming their own reality. But this creation cracks up under the exigencies of the rest of the world. I don't see how he can last.


You know the SS Babylon is called the Love Boat.


Here are the proposed names for Obama Administration officials. It could get worse, I suppose...

Susan Rice, National Security Advisor

Donna Shalala, Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Penny Pritzker, Commerce

Al Gore, "Climate Czar" (proposed, now we know the world is definantly cooling for as long as that position exists and Gore occupies it)

Those were the most egregious. Didn't see Gorelick's name on the list at all, but did see Powell penciled in for a possible State or Education post.

Good times, good times.


Putin knows the Obama type; the glad hander candidates from Patrice Lumumba University.
Sarkozy recognizes him as a '68 type that has blighted his country. Ahmadinejad knows him as a stone cold fool. Ditto for AQ, who can't believe they hit the jackpot.

GM and Ford, have been undermined in part by the predictable price spike in oil;which could have been prevented by judicious
exploration of resources, then the legacy costs that don't trouble their foreign competitors, and finally the unwinding of the subprime bubble (which I chalk up to Greenspan's rate spike). All of these mostly
liberal, some would say daft policies, have combined to challenge the intellectual climate in favor of a socialized society.


Oh yea...forgot...

Richard Clark, Homeland Security

So, by my tally, almost half the people on Obama's economic advisory board have held fiduciary positions at companies that, to one degree or another, either fried their financial statements, helped send the world into an economic tailspin, or both. Do you think any of that came up in the vetting?

And this is just the beginning. LUN


Where Richard Clarke lurks, can Berger be far behind?


And this is just the beginning. LUN

Posted by: bad | November 11, 2008 at 08:05 PM

Heh... I just posted that in another thread... it's a very illuminating commentary I must say.


So if we subtract the proposed people from the transition team are we left with the people who will inhabit the new 501(c)4 shadow government?


President BHO:

You do need a Weatherman to tell which way the wind blows.

PS: saw a bumpersticker: "O-sh*t"


Hey Ranger, How cool to be on your wave length.



Re Berger: at BHO's first intel briefing as prez he isgoing to ask the briefer why the intel estimate has racing stripes on it.


It would seem that a good many of those folks are moving back in.

Yes, and they sure do adore a good liar. It was easy to tell that they were projecting when they accused Bush of dishonesty, because they weren't marveling at the beauty of it, as is their normal reaction. We'll be witnessing again how truly turned on they are by a good liar.


A timely blog entry, TM. Just thie morning I sent an email to the Washington Post ombudsman.

Subject: More to your job than that --

Re: An Obama Tilt in Campaign Coverage, Sunday, November 9, 2008; Page B06

Dear Deborah,

Apparently the criteria to become an ombudsman include a course in statistics and the understanding that history begins at dawn.

That would explain your focus on the ratio of campaign stories and ignore missing threads of substance.

Consider the number of times Obama campaign dissembling changed tack since Obama dismissed Bill Ayers to George Stephanopoulos as a "guy who lives in my neighborhood." Consider how the Obama team defended itself using gloss-over reporting to avoid giving details.

Consider the convenient proximity of Obama's Chicago Annenberg Challenge Office and that of Bill Ayers' Small School Workshop on the same floor of the same building 115 S. Sangamon Street, Chicago. Consider the overlapping directorates like ACORN and the Tides Foundation covering up ACORN's million dollar embezzlement. Consider other non-profit sleight-of-hand like the Obama-Biden transition team.

Your job is to stop Etch-a-Sketch journalism where one shake causes history to disappear. An ombudsman's report should sting at the site of a wound. Either sting or relegate the Washington Post to the irrelevant.



excellent, sbw

hit and run

I am certain she's been flirting with Mark Steyn on that cruise when you weren't paying attention...not that I'd want to do anything to interfere with your friendship.........

Well. From the Tilt thread...Jane included this in her Cruise Report:
Hit, yesterday I asked Mark (BFF) if he knew JOM. He replied that he was coerced into sending B-day greetings to some poor schmuck there last year - little did he know...

That's all he said? That's it?


Here we go.

Forgive me for the length of this comment...

Having now heard from Jane and JMH reporting on the NRO Cruise, especially Jane's report above, I fear I must report to you tonight that I, from all appearances have failed. Not from a lack of effort, but from a lack of execution.

Do you remember Jane's birthday? Do you remember who it was that wished Jane a happy birthday?

Mark Steyn, of course.

Do you remember the condition Mark Steyn put on his birthday wishes?
Do you need a reminder?

Mark's just getting on a plane, but he says fine. But he wants comps for the Executive Box on Mud-Wrestling Night.

Best wishes,

Victoria [REDACTED]
Assistant Editor

Well. Assuming that the cruise would be the first time that Jane and Mark Steyn have crossed paths since that fateful birthday, I did what needed to be done.

Email Mark Steyn, of course.

From: [hit and run]
Sent: Monday, November 03, 2008 10:33 PM
To: Steyn, Mark
Subject: The Cruise!!!

Hello Mr. Steyn,

I went and dug up this old email exchange in hopes that it might bring back some fond memories. Or memories of any sort. Or if not, it would prove that I'm not just making this up.

Anyway, Jane [REDACTED], the object of our affection in the birthday wishes we successfully solicited from you below will be going on the National Review cruise.

And as she was back then and will be until the day she dies -- she is a huge fan.

If I may be so bold, I'd ask if there was any way for you to send her a note to her cabin, welcoming her on the cruise and mentioning that you expect to see her mudwrestle on the cruise as the fulfillment of her obligation she has incurred for your birthday wishes.

You have no idea how much she is loved over in the comments at Just One Minute -- and how much and often she, among many others, expresses her appreciation for your writing and her affection for you personally.

It would mean a lot to her, I know. And she would not only cherish and treasure it beyond measure -- she would rub it in the faces of every other commenter at JOM until her time on earth is through.

Well. I appreciate what you did for her birthday, and appreciate you even considering this matter.

You humble correspondent,
[hit and run]

(oh, and I love you more than Jane)

I got no response. And from Jane's report it appears he either did not get the message, or he did and rejected my plea. I failed.

I Blame Bush Global Warming Myself Obama!!!

Captain Hate

excellent, sbw


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