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November 30, 2008



Obama is a forced victim like he was with Congress; to be an early president. He has to put up with the oppressors who pay him, the man, and pay them like he did Congress. Terrorists have forced his hand into leading the world.

Obama has to save the world and that is what things ordered. They should enjoy paying for what they voted for, but the terrorists are all overseas. Everyone seems to pay but the oppressed as it should be; victims using, a poor inheritance of evil we must fight with power.

There's that movie about that guy who fought in a war, surviving to become PM. There's the UFO files Obama won't release cause he knows they're luciferians. There's Disney corrupting minds again. There's lawyers calling for more international environmental courts. There's the war against civilization................


It's going to be an awfully long four years if we have to read this sort of "dear leader" gush about Obama -- and let's not forget the Michelle leader, who has already been lauded for having an authentic Af-Am Woman Butt. It's going to make four years appear like forty.




How else will he cover his ineptitude?
He'll be able to maintain employment well over 80%; health care will improve for enough people to get one new heartwarming anecdote per day per network news broadcast; and by the time he gets his (unprecedented third consecutive) Nobel Peace Prize, he should feel comfortable announcing that the tight regulation of productive business has staved off global warming, while creating thousands of high-paying jobs for those whose science credentials match Gore's or Kennedy's.
The fourth Nobel will come for bringing peace to Iraq, for which he will humbly insist he was necessary but not sufficient, and credit must be shared with the men who carried out the change in strategy he had pressured Bush to employ.

The press, meanwhile, will undergo a great deal of soul-searching, and conclude that they made the mistake during the past decade of being much too hard on the party in power. They will resolve not to make that mistake again, for the good of the country, so that they may prove themselves worthy "stewards of our most precious freedom, the First Amendment," as the President will somewhat incoherently describe them as he signs their bailout into law.

The new patriotism will sweep academia as well; some few will want to compare economic statistics over the whole period 2001-2012, but "prosperity deniers" won't get tenure.

Hollywood, of course, will return to the depiction of America and its president familiar from, well, "The American President", and "Dave", "Independence Day", "Air Force One", to name a few. Now is a good time to buy stock in anything to do with Will Smith.

Everyone the American people depend on for their information will tell them things have never been better. How could they know otherwise? The biggest propaganda threat to the Soviets was the counterexample of the material success of the West, and the constant flow of people trying to get here. With Obama in office here, what can people compare us to? Where else can anyone go?


His comment on Plame is the only one that isn't rather universally derided at the agency.One former really undercover agent told me when he was outed by Random House, he was advised the criminal statute was inapplicable to him--ergo it certainly was not applicable to Plame. Tenet talked the WaPo and NYT out of disclosing his name..and as we know Tenet did nothing to dissuade anyone from revealing Plame's. We are still awaiting--I believe--the Agency's response to Hoekstra's request as to whether she was covered by the Act.

What an unmitigated crock that was.

Whatever thee agency does to repair itself, it's conduct re Plame will forever remain a black mark against it--for obvious political interference against the Bush administration based on utter lies , perhaps to deflect attention from the crap intel job it had done in the run up to the war. Whoever is responsible should rot in hell.


**its conduct re Plame****


I take Rick's exploding heads bet is on June then.


Just got our Christmas tree in the stand that we cut down at the tree farm on Saturday. The season has begun and I hope everyone here had a nice holiday with family and friends.

Thanks for all the compliments on my Halloween pics. Glad you enjoyed. I especially loved Caro's. Just the image of a liberal face when she explained the bowling pin made my day.

Looks like the upcoming week will be filled with surprises. Two really fine ones: Clarice's birthday and hopefully the return of our wise and dearest DoT.

The columns are up and the flags are flying for tomorrow's cabinet announcements. I predict a killer read pantsuit to coordinate with the background and the RED Witch.

Let the season begin with good tidings and a cup of good beer, We won't go until we get some; We won't go until we get some; We won't go until we get some, so bring some out here
( I really should leave the songs to the experts at JOM! Can't wait to see what the true meaning of figgy pudding is this year! :) )


Dennis, you're assuming they were once professional, a very big assumption. My home town paper, the Herald was always pretty liberal; but it has gotten mind-bendingly bad. They were very Clintonian
in orientation; they were pretty scathing
on the whole Whitewater/scandals and dismissive during the Elian case. Not dismissive enough for the likes of Ryan Lizza, then at the New Republic and Salon.
Only the Spanish version really has an center right critique; Armando Gonzalez and
the previously mentioned Adolfo Rivero Caro;
brought forth any criticism on thecampaign's
evasions. This brought the wrath of the ombudsmen, who insisted the coverage had been balanced; based on headlines. They really don't realize or even consider the existence of sites like McClatchy Watch.
The editorial director Anders Gyllenhall
(yes of those Gyllenhalls) was formerly of
the lefty Minneapolis Star Tribune, which to be fair employs Lileks and Kirsten. Other guest commentators include Pat
Buchanan,defending Russia in the Cauccasus,
Moonbat truthers like Ray McGovern, and the famous crackpot and Chavez confidant Wayne
Madsen (yes their judgement is that poor)
Their typical columnists, Pitt, Wasserman
(who took up Dan Rather's defense in the
AWOL tapes!) Hiassen, Steinback,regurgitate the party line, with disturbing regularity.
Their weekend commenters like Reinhart, and
Vazquez, never waste a second in not taking
an anti-Palin, anti-Bush cheepshots;usually chock full of lies and distortions long debunked. Their recent pet project seems to be to prove the mass Cuban Americandefection
to Obama; there was a mild increase among the younger cohort but no landslide.

Rick Ballard


The rent boy is going to pay off the progs fairly well when he starts shoveling money in January. There will be $1K per nonproductive family in the prog hells - 95% of which will be in the rich progs pockets within two months. Numerous communisty organizers will get low paying jobs indoctrinating preschoolers (also in the prog hells) as part of his "investment" in schools and there is a fair chance that card check will be tucked into the great bonfire as well. He will try and pay off the alternative energy scam promoters at the same time. Nothing much not to like if you happen to be a prog without principles.

The downside is that Russia, Venezuela and Iran are teetering and China is going to have some pretty severe internal problems. If the Chinese cut oil shipments to North Korea, Obama will be faced with a nice "humanitarian" crisis cracking just as he is sworn in. Will the commie in the WH bail out the Axis of Evil commies in North Korea or will we be treated to stories of good progressives engaging in their traditional winter cannibalism (women and children first, of course)?

bgates has the reporting side down very well but some of this stuff is going to leak out. Toss in the Russians or Iranians blowing up the Baku pipeline in order to assure production cutbacks and Obama is going to begin to understand what "living in interesting times" is all about.

And he jes ain't up to the job.


Oops, should of read the rest of the thread after Lucifer!

Well, how about good tidings and a cup of 100% alcohol. I fear you are both right, but what the heck are we going to do about it now.

Clarice, I hope you are home safely, if not stay a couple days extra in Cal. The weather forecast looks bad.

Captain Hate

Whatever thee agency does to repair itself

Does anybody really believe that's possible? Not that any President would have the ability to give the nest of vipers the full cleansing it deserves; but lacking that does anybody think that it won't continue to stumble on ineffectively as always, with having diminished responsibility because they've earned the distrust of everybody that would ordinarily be at least somewhat positively disposed toward what their mission should be? Just another bureaucratic landfill of submediocrities.


By the way, Clarice, happy birthday.
Bgates you are being, 'tongue & cheek' like Tom's famous socratic exercise yesterday, right? I thought I plumbed the levels of negativity some times, on these threads; but that takes the cake. Elliot, cheer me up with Part X of your serial.
I did not know that Random House had outed
"Ishmael Jones" but it wouldn't surprise me.
What the heck is the "Welch Act" that's my shorthand for the IOIA if it doesn't apply in this circumstance. One recalls that Paul Henze, one of the first to bring forth the Soviet involvement in the John Paul
assasination attempt was listed as "former State Department" on the book jacket. Is the trick, that the person has to end up dead like Richard Welch; and then the motive has to be applied.


This post (and the NYT article) reminded me of two old PBS programs: The Merchants of Cool and dot.con.

And I'm disappointed in the New York Times, a thousand word piece, and not a single mention of sang froid French for "coolness". Wonder how her love letter to get to their White House desk will work out once this oversite it pointed out to her editors.


It's quite cool in L.A., too. We head back very earloy tomorrow morning. Niters.

JM Hanes


"Moonbat truthers like Ray McGovern"

Hard to believe, but just yesterday, the lefty email processing center delivered a McGovern screed on the proposed retention of Gates at Defense. Apparently, all it takes is a year or so to find a whole new crop of impressionable folks who have no clue just how poisonous vipers really are.



I haven't read Ignatius' book so maybe it's better, but the film itself seemed to borrow plot elements (cough, Treadstone, cough) willy nilly. I was struck by the parallel to Spy Game.

Rick Ballard


One more story on problems for "emerging" markets and a nice commodity chart to match up with oil.

I hope AIG isn't insuring the Baku pipeline.


Very curious-I'd think that a 1950's, positivist, behavorialist psychology would be anathema to the sort of project that Pres.elect Obama would like to install in Washington. He needs people at the knife-edge of emotion, not "cool", as they are always reacting to the next crisis so they will surrender more and more to the state. Thought some of the terminology in the NYT article sounded familiar.


Ann Coulter wrote a column several days ago, that I can't get out of my head: TERRORISTS' RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME

I knew we treated terriorists better than anyone, but the U.S. taxpayers paided for a $75,000 bill for a terriorist prosthetic leg.

I wish someone would ask Obama what he would of done with Abdullah Massoud? Especially, before he closes the Gitmo Spa.


No, the movie is worse than the book. They compressed a lot of ideas; the Treadstone type team were a group of hackers, not one
creepy Brit. After this and Quantum I'm sticking to light fare like the Spirit; remake of "the DAy the Earth Stood Still"
with green elements, are they insane, yes.
Some very creepy Will Smith vehicle that might as well have been an Obama ad. Yes, there was a touch of Spy Game too it, this moral equivalence disguised as
sophistication. The Kingdom is the only film that really tried to get the War on Terror, right, even they have a coda where
the message is almost totally undermined.



They all seem to be connected at the roots [a blast from the past, AIG's Africa Fund]; pretty sure with the Russians, Iranians, and the ICG all stirring up trouble the BTC will be little more than a flute at the end of Obama's first term.

Noticed an article you flagged up a few threads back re: oil and OPEC from the NYT's-it read as if the author was spying on the comments here, aside from the sympathetic gloss to anti-American oil exporters. When will we learn that to not be "addicted to foreign oil" we've got to look for our own here, and when we look for our own, we'd probably find it-keeping jobs in the US and keeping capital in our banks. But we've got another 4 years of "green energy" and "green collar jobs"-maybe re-visiting Carter Era/Club of Rome energy policy we'll be able to shelve it for a fresher mix.

In re: copper, I guess the Chinese smoke and mirrors of its 586b stimulus package is finally starting to lift. I really thought that it would have given the "Post-American World" crowd something to chew on for more than a few days although it hasn't stopped the Dollar Apocalypse Soon folks from making the commodities/emerging markets plug.


No, the movie is worse than the book. They compressed a lot of ideas; the Treadstone type team were a group of hackers, not one
creepy Brit.

That's good to know. I'll try to track it down.

After this and Quantum I'm sticking to light fare like the Spirit;

Have you had a look at the Sandbaggers? I think you'd like it.


narciso - I remember reading that the director of the Kingdom was horrified that audiences had mistaken it for a pro-American movie. The coda was his message.

As for my last comment, take heart that straight-line extrapolations are always wrong.

Frequently things are much worse.



Frequently things are much worse.

What a cheerful thought? Wonder when the first articles will appear in the WaPo showing how Obama is running the administration on polls, much the same way that Clinton did. Can't wait for the "you haven't seen anything yet" pep talks and poll results showing that tax increases have 65% support.


Have to get it from Netflix. One does see a pattern of how we ended up on the Wahhabi,
Chavez, Czarist habit. First, you have to chalk it up to Teddy Roosevelt,the original maverick who broke up Standard Oil;listening to Harper's is never a good deal. They reunited under the Achincarry agreement in 1927. then came the 1932 oil concession agreement that saved the Sauds; by making ARAMCO possible, which the Jiddah agreement with FDR cemented. With the proviso that their be no interference in their society. "We may use your steel, but you may not touch our faith" was the line
Mark Steyn was able to wrangle out of that.
It gradually became harder for oil exploration to be conducted in the states;
driving exploration off shore. De facto nationalizations in first Mexico,where the wildcatter Buckley, was kicked out of; (young Chris doesn't recognize his redneck roots after three generations does he? or that Sarah is Goldwater with a better aim)
Iraq, dejure incorporation by Arabia didn't help things along; made things inevitably worse. Chavez spent his recent windfall buying support in sundry capitals, while hiring people who don't what end a drill bit goes on. Putins' factotum is a lawyer
who took over an oil company from competent
if arrogant oligrachs. Nigeria's a nightmare
and a half Ahmadinejad's field wasapparently
not petroleum engineering. So let the mayhem begin!


I'm sticking to light fare like the Spirit
I saw "The Fall of the Roman Empire" on TCM a few days ago. It's the Marcus Aurelius/Commodus transition depicted in "Gladiator". Briefly - **SPOILERS*** - Commodus comes to power and immediately begins promising "change", which turns out to mean much higher taxes. He carries out his predecessor's plan to stabilize one border of the Empire by bringing huge numbers of foreigners across it to settle on farmland; he also keeps his predecessor's top general, a capable figure who is engaged in a conflict in the eastern reaches of the empire when he is suddenly attacked by the Persians.
Commodus is an unstable, deeply corrupt figure, who knows he does not measure up to his predecessor. Towards the end, it is revealed that he is both a figurative and literal bastard, the child of a man who acted as a mentor in his youth. His rule does not completely destroy the empire, but it never recovers from him either.
Anyway, a nice escape from modern life. The film stars Christopher Plummer as Caesar Dunham, Stephen Boyd as Gaius Metellus Petraeus, and Sophia Loren as Lucilla Soetero.

rhymin' simon

Maybe the economic game theory is simplistically that we have been in a tug of war with the US and Israel and sometimes Nato on one side and Russia, China , KSA Iran and the third world on the other side. The credit crisis made the rope taut or lessened the slack and caused more friction.

The friction exposed all the fiction. The Rope either snapped or better yet Pauulson after trying to pull back decided to let go and the moorings on the other side collapsed. So now both sides collapsed and have to pick themselves up.

In the fiction, Soros was able to ruin the British pound in the early 90s doing it now and to the $ wrecked everyone because he pulled too hard and there was no resistance on US end No Lehman bailout. Once he pulled our side the other side also tumbled.

Hopefully there is more division and rancor on Russia, China KSA end than on our side although with incoming administration they may owe lots of favors to some on the other side for getting them elected.



It's flagged up over at Drudge, but Obama is going to make the UN Ambassadorship a cabniet level appointment again. Lets see: Hillary at State, Richardson at Commerce, and Rice at the UN-how long can Obama keep the "For Sale" sign hidden and where the next corrupt foreign policy proposal will be found (insert something about history returning as farce). A good guess seems to be the intersection of "green energy", "carbon trading", and oil money but I can't quite see the vehicle yet-the failures of the Euro's climate exchange seems to militate against it. Africa seems like a good bet for corrupt fp as well, and we'll get to see once again Dr. Susan Rice's cool and steady hand, as the Washington Press Corp ignores the Jefferson trial.

On oil exploration (and energy policy generally), I'd say that the acendency of the greens and the end of the Cold War during the late 1980's and early 90's had much greater effects. But point taken about the "special relationship" the US and KSA has, and one cannot really talk of victory in the Cold War, without including the oil leash and jihadi ideology that Saudi Arabia wielded against the Soviet Union to their benefit.

It will make for an interesting visit, Obama's first to Saudi Arabia. I wonder if he'll make all of his women staffers cover up or if he'll critisize the Kingdom for their support for slavery, their co-religionists, and funding of, misbehavior in Africa, or their support for terrorism around the world. I'm pretty sure Obama would be all for a Takfiri Revolution in KSA (and Pakistan), but I'm not too sure if he'd be able to pull off a Carter regarding the Khomeinist Revolution.


I have been sticking to lighter fare, also. My ban on the drive bys has led me also to TCM or should I say TCM, also. Funny, I watched "My Fair Lady" which I haven't seen in ages and all I could think about was Sarah Palin which I now want to call "Our Fair Lady. She is so lovely, also.

I know you could come up with a great satire to the obvious doubts about Eliza Doolittle and her "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain."

There is a whole generation to persuade, if only FOX had their own SNL.


Ann--I've always enjoyed that one song, "Why can't Obama bowl more like a man?"


Ann - given her stance on drilling, her skepticism on global warming, and the vowels that differentiate Alaskan English from standard American English, that would have to be
The oil from our soil won't make the oceans boil.


Outstanding, bgates.


"They know that Obama is a liar and a thief whose word is as valueless as his character."

And that doesn't even mention the US Congress that had a 11 % approval rating and hundreds of them were reelected. Why would any American vote for returning these people to Washington?


"How else will he cover his ineptitude?"

Same way Obama has always done,leave no records.


Cleland is also a pretty disgusting mysoginist. He got away with some of the most disgusting behavior you could imagine. And that is the truth.

By the way, you know who's cool. A guy who's been subjected to the most disgusting behavior possible over the last eight years. A guy who's been depicted as an evil/stupid chimp who just happens to be the head of the most wide ranging conspiracy against humanity since...ever, A guy who has been the subject of movies depicting his assassination. A Guy who neve responded to any of it, and for whatever his failings (And there are many), has kept the faith and served his country with honor. That's George Bush.


remember, in his book, he has learned to "move slowly" so he does not frighten whitey. perhaps that is perceived as being cool


Can somebody decipher this for me? Yeah,it's from Politico.

In mid November, Gallup found that only 45 percent of Americans hoped Palin is "a major national political figure for many years to come." About three-quarters of Republicans hoped so, three-quarters of Democrats hoped not, as did 53 percent of independents.

Exit polls also showed that 64 percent of independents viewed Palin as unqualified to be president, with nine of ten Democrats and one in four Republicans agreeing.

"Palin's image, being the way it is for independents, puts her at a distinct disadvantage from a general election standpoint," said Tony Fabrizio, a veteran GOP strategist. "But it wouldn't be the first time the hard-core base ran off the cliff."

So, if the base runs off a cliff, what happened this time? The base surely didn't nominate McCain. And what's so hard core about Palin, anyway? Her numbers in Alaska would certainly seem to put the lie to that.


Oh Yeah, Fabrizio is definately one I would listen too.

In 1996, Fabrizio served as chief pollster and strategist to Bob Dole's Presidential campaign.

Where do they get these people?


Caught a piece of her rally for Chambliss in Atlanta, only MSNBC covered it, had to do the 'but monkey'; popular with the base, but ignoring the business in Alaska, yadda, yadda. I have developed a contempt for the
opinion of these 'weakminded' independents, too easily swayed by Couric, Gibson & Fey.

The fact that she stands up for gun rights, that she kept Trig, that she didn't throw Bristol under the bus, that she wants us to get off her duff, on oil production, or surrender on Islamists or to the Czar's henchmen, are the signifiers. Plus, women, not you ladies, sadly; see her as too much competition, frankly.


The Obama Treasury team explaining the economic crisis to the president elect.


So this is what a cult of personality looks like in US politics... how tawdry. Soon, I am sure, we will have official 'Young Obama Corps' sweeping up children to make them read the new Little Blue Paperbacks made of recycled paper and emblazoned with Dear Leader's every word and utterance... even if you can't make sense out of it! It won't be a question of emulating Dear Leader as all the clothing stores will only have Dear Leader wear (look for the Blue Eagle trademark, and the nearby personnel jotting down your every bit of devotion or lack thereof).

So hip to be identical!

So cool to be the same!

And these are the exact, same people that worry about the *right* being fascist? Parade that ignorance, scream and shout! The book burnings, re-education camps and doses of Soma for all will be next. So cool to be mindless, so hip to be sedated, so good to be enslaved by the state...


"And these are the exact, same people that worry about the *right* being fascist?"

Just a little boost for your argument,the Fascists were leftists.The only reason they got labeled "right wing" was to get the left to fight in WWII.
During the Molotov Ribbentrop Pact,the left,often via the Unions,hindered the war effort.Only after Operation Barbarossa did they come on side.
The organisation put in place by the Comintern,officially dissolved by Lenin in 1943 still has echoes today.The current organisation was cemented in the Vietnam war era,its tentacles observable throughout society.


So my voting-age neices and nephew were over on Thanksgiving, and after dinner they asked for my take on politics. Instead, I asked them what they'd thought of the various candidates.

They weren't all that well informed, mainly parroted some MSM talking points, but they all uniformly stated that Palin was unqualified. They kind of liked her as a person, thought she was treated badly, etc., but she just wasn't qualified.

When I asked them how Obama was more qualified than Palin, they all reflected for a few seconds before muttering variations of "Gee, that's a good point. Why didn't anyone mention that before the election?"

That's about what I thought of that Politico article, Po.


Thanks Extraneus.

Ya know, the Obvious comparison would be to Edwards. Did anyone question John Edwards Qualifications to be VP? Lawyer and one term U.S. Senator?


"Gee, that's a good point. Why didn't anyone mention that before the election?"

Somebody needs to teach these people to think for themselves.


"Gee, that's a good point. Why didn't anyone mention that before the election?"

To which you replied, "Why aren't you reading JOM"? :-)


Ok, this is kind of an off-topic meander, but, anyway, what do you folks think?

I've been thinking about the whole birth certificate debacle, and had the following wonder -- is it possible that whomever is behind Obama deliberately picked someone who they knew was constitutionally ineligible precisely to cause a constitutional crisis? Standard marxist/fascist theory and practice is that you seize power in the chaos of some sort of crisis. This was the underlying rationale of Weathermen terrorism. Perhaps they saw what happened in 2000 and appreciated how they could exploit a constitutional crisis, caused by the election of an ineligible candidate, or massive registration and vote fraud, or both.

So, you can tell me to go put my tinfoil hat back on because the wacky mind rays are getting to me. (It wouldn't work -- the most likely explanation for my sudden cunning appreciation of conspiracies everywhere is the Doctor Who Marathon we ran at my house over the holiday!)


The Constitutional Law professor, that Barack what his face, probably knows about US v. Wong Kim Ark. I suspect he kept his doubts to himself. There may be some pissed off moneymen if the Supreme Court follows its own precedence.


Also Perkins v. ELG. These are Supreme Court cases which define 'natural born citizen'. I don't see a work around, but I am not a lawyer.


I hope it isn't 'Wrong kim are'.


To which you replied, "Why aren't you reading JOM"? :-)

Ha. No, just shook my head thinking about how McCain blew it.


Did anyone question John Edwards Qualifications to be VP?
The 04 election never reached the VPs. The salient issue was whether a man with little military experience beyond occasional flights in a 1960s era fighter jet (and 4 years as Commander in Chief) could possibly be better qualified to serve as President than a man who had several encounters with the North Vietnamese, on some of which he even fought on our side.
Obviously military experience was not an issue in 2008, since the war in Iraq had been won by the election; on other critical issues, like which candidate would open the border faster, work more closely with the Democratic party, oppose gay marriage more quietly, or convince the public he was pro-life, the presidential nominees were tied, so the public had cause to examine the vp picks.
I think any fair-minded observer would agree that Palin had much more trouble in her Gibson interview answering questions like "which pages of Kennan's X memo best support McCain's position on Georgia" and "what would be the logistical consequences of deploying a division to Baku" than Obama did with queries like "couldn't you just pinch yourself?", and therefore she must be less capable than Joe Biden.
(From Delaware. He's apparently going to be Vice President.)

kim is Donofrio's new blog. He's being hounded by google.


I've been thinking about the whole birth certificate debacle, and had the following wonder -- is it possible that whomever is behind Obama deliberately picked someone who they knew was constitutionally ineligible precisely to cause a constitutional crisis? Standard marxist/fascist theory and practice is that you seize power in the chaos of some sort of crisis. This was the underlying rationale of Weathermen terrorism. Perhaps they saw what happened in 2000 and appreciated how they could exploit a constitutional crisis, caused by the election of an ineligible candidate, or massive registration and vote fraud, or both.


It makes as much sense as anything else. Obama often, (if not always) comes across as a puppet, and his failure to produce the requisite paperwork before now is simply baffling. So I can join you in the tin foil hate brigade if it makes you feel better.


the colb thing is so bizarre. Thank goodness some people are willing to call him on it regardless of whether or not he is a natural
born citizen and it seems far fetched. It's a modern day version of the emperor has no clothes on. Unless some actually asks we won't know. His refusal to clarify and produce a vault copy is just odd.


I've always enjoyed that one song, "Why can't Obama bowl more like a man?"

I can hardly believe I forgot to mention "Wouldn't it be Wasilly."


"His refusal to clarify and produce a vault copy is just odd."

It is more than that,it is almost insanely perverse.Obama is a politician,a breed notoriously egotistical and self serving.The fact that Obama will not release any of his academic record indicates that there is stinky stuff there.


I'm getting nominated in the morning!
Those ding dongs at Fox are gonna whine.
I know what'll stop'er!
Let's have a whopper!
We'll say I just went to that church one time!


What I find ODD is that any candidate doesn't automatically have to produce documentation proving eligibility to some government agency, right out of the gate!

The fact that citizens HAVE TO SUE to get one to prove eligibility is patently absurd!


Bgates, you do stand up in your spare time, right.LMA0, Went to the local information kiosk, bad move, but I couldn't stand the fulsome praise of the Obama Presidium. Had the idea to sign up for NR, since they've been looking for subscriptions,unfortunately
picked up the autopsy or internment issue. Which due to time dilation issues,
unfortunately rehashed all those dead concerns long since settled. Lowry going over the Palin handlers controversy, which I believe never really happened at all. They were pranked, ala Gorlin/Eisenstadt. Douthat giving advice to Sarah, togo "Nixon to China" with Brooks and Dunn (I mean Buckley) Ponnuru being Ponnuru, even Steyn seem to have had a bad batch of Laphroaig
when he wrote his missive. Jonah was right, "Sarah is Queen", and hunt down the dissenters, much like in "Most Dangerous Game" drop that issue in the memory hole and send a virus after all remaining traces


I suspect the boards of election in the various states will be responsible if someone is ineligible, but I don't think they are mandated by statute to check eligibility. I think that those alleging to those boards that their candidates are eligible may be guilty of perjury if they are not eligible, but no one is required to check.

In other words, basically interhuman trust has worked in the past. This is something Obama hoped to change.

hit and run

From the "Cool" article:

Perhaps it is no coincidence, then, that to lead us in crisis, Americans elected a man repeatedly recognized for his uncommon calmness. More than ever, we crave stability, a steady hand, the reassuring face on television.

For a second, I thought I had just woken up from a very bad dream. You know, where Obama stole the primary from Hillary, and the republicans organized a mass suicide and nominated McCain.

And that I had woken up to the reality that Fred had been elected president.


Still in the Obama Nightmare, it seems.

And those qualities, in Fred, are recognized as lazy and no fire in the belly.



What did Fred ever do, besides smoke a cigar while eviscerating Michael Moore?


He wrote some pretty fine policy papers -

hit and run

What did Fred ever do

Do? I thought it was all about not doing anything...having a calm demeanor and reassuring face?


h & r:

Was I taking you seriously when I was not supposed to? Oops. Listening to the wrong voice in my head, I guess...


Good one, hit. Aside from being uncommonly cool, steady and reassuring, Fred did a few other things, too. One of which was to hold actual hearings in his actual Senate committee, resulting in an actual report. Coincidentally, it was about Chinese interference with a U.S. Presidential Election.


It seems to me that I read the DNC and RNC are supposed to vet whether their candidates meet the qualifications.

What, you don't trust Howard Dean?


Nancy Pelosi certified the nomination. She may be in trouble if he's not eligible.


"What, you don't trust Howard Dean?"
Short answer-No.
Long Answer-Never.

"Nancy Pelosi certified the nomination."

Isn't she the same one who promised to run the most ethical Congress Ever?

"By GINGER ADAMS OTIS in St. Maarten and ISABEL VINCENT in New York

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November 30, 2008

"High-ranking members of Congress were flown to a lush Caribbean resort this month for a three-day conference planned and paid for by several of the country's most powerful corporations - a violation of federal ethics rules, critics say."

"Six members of the Congressional Black Caucus attended the 13th annual Caribbean Multi-National Business Conference in sun-drenched St. Maarten, including embattled Harlem Rep. Charles Rangel and New Jersey Rep. Donald Payne."

"Three New York City officials attended, including Comptroller William Thompson and Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion Jr., as well as Gov. Paterson, who was the keynote speaker at a luncheon on the second day of the gathering."


I don't think Nancy Pelosi's word means much.


Okay, so California has an $11.2 billion dollar deficit.

But, you have to take into consideration Schwarzenegger's Hydrogen (Carefree) Highway in which all the automobiles run on water and air.


Donofrio's case has now been distributed for conference on the 5th. One sent up by Scalia and one sent up by Thomas. They only need Roberts and Alito to agree and these cases will come up for oral argument. The Supreme Court precedent in Wong Kim Ark is compelling. You may be about to witness the unveiling of a kickass Constitutional crisis.


Just another opportunity for Rahm Emanuel, kim.


Perhaps for the biography of Obama, they should use Tim Russ, known for his role in "Star Trek: Voyager" as Tuvok .. the calm Vulcan.

Come to think of it has anybody seen them together .. ever ?


Diamonds and Rust, er, uh, Rhodium. Cool, man, cool as ice.


I do not know how to use the habbo coins ; my friend tells me how to use.

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