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March 04, 2009


Charlie (Colorado)

Charlie, surely you don't think that a socialized health plan will cover treatments 'overrun' on a private health plan, do you?

Kim, surely you don't think I said that, do you?

The fact that there are bankruptcies as a result of illness isn't an argument that a socialized medical plan would be better. In fact, experience in Canada and Britain suggests that the real difference is that people with those kinds of CA are just allowed to die more quickly. My girlfriend with the GBM was treated and survived a good while; see also Teddy Kennedy. In Canada, they'd give her steroids to reduce the swelling and tell her to write a will.

Honestly, folks, try to remember I'm a libertarian conservative who does the arithmetic, not a closet statist.


If anyone cares, Citibank just became a penny stock.


The fallacy of the medical care debate is that patients are going uncared for. Yes, there are 40,000,000 uninsured.

But the reality is that the people who pay nothing in are still getting quality medical care, and much better than in most socialized systems. If you are indigent, they care for you and then tear up the bill.

But God help you if you are a responsible citizen with some assets. They will end up taking everything you have if you don't have the necessary insurance. How is this just? People work hard and pay their bills and get screwed while the media declare the system horrible and yet people like Octo Mom can run up millions in costs and still walk? It's just another Derridean deconstructionist scam.


I love you too, though I don't know who you are.

I'm still laughing over this.


Hey Charlie- you doin' ok?


Tapper has done a poor job of dispelling the Obama myth of a healthcost caused bankruptcy every 30 seconds. The leftys over there now think it is one every minute.

I lack the patience for those people...


Obama's need for control starts with destroying Limbaugh


Thanks for that link, Sunny Day.

How are you doing these days?


The leftys over there now think it is one every minute.

And that's bad enough. Free Healthcare now! It will lower the cost for everyone!


bad- you should have seen Christine Roemer on Fox. Greg Jarrett asked her why Obama was using that statistic when it wasn't true, and she said the administration didn't want to talk about individual statistics. From there, she dissembled further.

And she was supposed to be one of the independent, non-political ones.


What a clown show. They're going to throw around erroneous statistics and when they get asked about them they decline to discuss.

No wonder this administration attracts so many idiots. They're totally sympatico.

I'm still trying to figure out the value of saying:

"My Secretary of State screwed up healthcare reform back in the day so we aren't going to be stupid like her in how we go about this."


Here's what Tapper just Tweeted:
jaketapperPOTUS: "nothing harder in politics: doing something now that costs $ that will save $ in 20 yrs. it's the single hardest thing in politics."

so why not wait 1 year to save money in 21 years?
He needs to let things simmer down a little bit.


Maybee, Tapper is a good journalist by today's standards but still a lefty at heart.

And math ain't his strong suit as demonstrated by his misleading post regarding the bankruptcy statistic.


And math ain't his strong suit as demonstrated by his misleading post regarding the bankruptcy statistic.

I agree. I think we may have seen the end of that statistic, though.


I know who TT is and I love his toastiness, too.


Hey there, bad - I'm doing good. Tagging along, reading - behind, as usual. :D


I'm so glad to hear that SunnyDay!! Keep doing well, please.

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