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March 04, 2009



I think it is a poor idea for the president to start a pissing match with him.


Question, thought I dunno.

But, Obama ain't gonna debate Rush, ain't gonna happen. So won't that PROVE that Bush isn't the head of the Republican party? Or will that just Whoosh right by?


Rush will prevail. I remember how he made Harry Reid look quite the fool.

Did you see the photo Rush has of Rahm in his ballet outfit w/bouffant hairdo? I see why he became such a nasty, mean little person. A lot of overcompensating!

Joan of Argghh!

We could do worse. Steele could be the leader of the Republican party.


Ah, Joan . . . I am still really saddened by Steele.


On the contrary,it is a great idea to start a pissing match.Barack "Da Finga" Obama won't be able to resist it. The street will come bubbling up,Obama will exhibit all the charm of a used wart salesman.


I'm checking in late, so let me go OT to catch up.

First, happy birthday Jane! Hope you see this before your day ends.

Hit, sorry to hear of your misfortune, and best wishes for a quick turn-around.


LOL, PUK - I love "da finga!!"


Rush has been a force for 20 years. Imagine the multitude of dirty special ops the Dems have executed hoping to bring him down. That he's still standing, stronger than ever, is miraculous.


Thank you CC.
Wasn't it exciting when "Da Finga" met the Boogyman?


Alert! Alan Colmes, comin' up on O'Reilly in a few minutes.

Just in case you want to hit the off switch.


my favorite lib rebuttal to all this: "remember what Bush did to Valerie Plame"



He is so dumb to try the Alinsky enemy of the people shtick. Sooo transparent.

As soon as people realize that he wants the economy to fail, he will have provided them with a ready made point man.

On a more serious note, at the beauty shop, the ladies were discussing how their boy friends and husbands have not been able to find ammo, cause every gun shop in town is sold out. No I'm not kidding.


Dr J - it was yesterday but I'm happy to keep celebrating - thank you very much. I served as "secretary" at our republican town caucus tonite - first time I've got involved in local politics. We proudly had 33 votes - we only needed 25. I'm sort of clueless about it all, but I got to count the votes so that was cool.


Obama is basing his strategy on polling numbers that show Rush with a low "approval rating." Many of the respondents, however, have probably never actually listened to his show.

The thinking is that the more people they can get to listen to Rush, the lower his numbers will go. This is not a "smart" bet, to use a term Obama is enamored with lately.


I think I read Begala won't quit until all republicans admit Limbaugh is our leader. I'll help him move on to something else by admitting it. Who cares, really? Limbaugh, Romney, Palin, Jindal. They are all going to be trashed for being a republican.


Challenging Teleprompter Messiah to a debate was pure genius. A lose-lose for Barry: refuse and appear a bully, accept and risk certain humiliation.


Jane - belated felicitations on your birthday.

Who needs Michael Steele when we have party stalwarts like Jane. We need many more Janes (An Army of Janes - to paraphrase Instapundit) to speak out, then we won't be so reliant upon legislators or other party offical types, who are too 1) complicit; 2) incompetent; and/or askeered to step up.


Rush should check into this story.>Shauna Daly


Well . . . all corruption is nutured by MONEY.

Apparently, some of our liberal Obama sycophants are getting their investment statements and preparing to meet with their accountants and all of a sudden Obama is looking like the death of their wealth.

Chris Matthews (see clip at HotAir) is suddenly outraged (outraged, I tell ya) that Zero isn't living up to his promises about line item vetos. Chris Cilliza and John Heileman -- still toadies to the end -- defend and defend and defend. But Chrissy ain't buying it! Whoa doggies - he must be losing a bundle.



Sue put the point on it, Sarah was attacked becaused she challenged the very source of Obama's ideology, Jindal, is considered less of a threat, but they had to discredit
any positive alternate narrative coming out
out of Katrina, Romney (Coulter points this out in Chapter 5 of Guilty)was slammed on some unrelated matter, in the weeks before
the face off with Ted Kennedy. And Rush, well he's identified the One's M.O. most clearly. Steele should remember this, it wasn't that long ago that operatives for Schumer's committee stole his credit record
and the "Oreo comment", back in 2006. One must challenge every one of their premises, for their job is to deconstruct yours.


On a lighter note, here's Iowahawk
revisiting Coddrington Vorhees lV, before his blazer, started getting itchy with all the spending in the Obama plan.


No no No Narciso it's all about rule #12:

RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it." Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)


Jane - I almost want to agree with you about the efficacy of Rule 12. However, it was written before there was information at the speed of light.

The Alinsky-ites are behind the curve technology wise and will have to re-write their Rule 12 for it to have its old impact.



Rush reported on this story yesterday: Will Obama Stand Up for These Kids?

Dick Durbin has a nasty surprise for two of Sasha and Malia Obama's new schoolmates. And it puts the president in an awkward position.

The children are Sarah and James Parker. Like the Obama girls, Sarah and James attend the Sidwell Friends School in our nation's capital. Unlike the Obama girls, they could not afford the school without the $7,500 voucher they receive from the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program. Unfortunately, a spending bill the Senate takes up this week includes a poison pill that would kill this program -- and with it perhaps the Parker children's hopes for a Sidwell diploma.

Read the whole thing. I want everyone to know about this sick bigotry. Maybe you could report on it next Tuesday.

On to better your show up yet? Thanks to TC, it sounded wonderful. I am sure it is and can't wait to listen.


The D.C. voucher program has been a godsend for many children. Even with it most of the private schools in the area reserve about 10% of their place for scholarship students..the family Ann refers to receives only about 1/3 of the total cost of the schooling from this effect, it makes it possible for the private schools to offer more slots to more kids.


Way back during the campaign Rush earnestly declared that BHO "hates America."

So, really what else can he add. I guess he could say BHO hates all humans, not just America. Or, BHO is the Antichrist/Satan.

Seems like it would be smarter to cut back on the hyperbole otherwise it'll be harder to get excited about proposals that grow the fed gov's share of the economy by about two percent. Similarly average citizens may question the accuracy of conservatives who claim that reinstating more or less WJC levels of taxation for the rich is the same as a socialist or communist takeover.

BTW, why can't we, at least, all agree that Medicare shouldn't be a funnel for directing tax payer money in order to support profits at private health care insurers and the like, when those institutions cost more than when Medicare directly pays the care providers for the same service? Is there a conservative economic theory that justifies these inefficient Medicare payments? Pay more tax dollars get less?

Likewise, why do some conservatives say it is bad for the government to stop wasting money on student loans w/ Sallie Mae. Even if you don't think the gov should never have a role in student loans, it's hard to see how you can justify the government doing so inefficiently. That is, being against spending money on higher learning should not logically lead a person to be in favor of inefficient spending on higher learning, seems like you'd still care about effectiveness and eliminating waste.

And, in general, if a private contractor (military or otherwise) does the same task as a gov worker but charges a lot more, why is that good?

Do the conservative foot soldiers ever feel like they're pawns? How do you justify all the wasteful corporate subsidizes that your professional-conservative leaders (in gov and entertainment) claim is free market capitalism that must not be altered. I'll agree that the professional-conservatives sure do know how to make corporate giveaways sound patriotic, so don't feel bad if you've been fooled.



In some ways it has.

See the Woodhouse, Emanuel, Axelrod operation against the 2006 GOP Congress as one of the better examples.



Why do I get the feeling that was the cut-n-paste talking points from Axelrod?


CC, Good point. And Alinsky doesn't seem to have any rules for Obama on what to do now that he has won. He is way over his head and getting read to spiral into a nose dive.

Picking on RUSH was a HUGH mistake. It is pretty hard to "Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy" when you have 20 million plus diehard fans and RUSH Babies. ( I have one of those...she calls him Uncle RUSHY!)


Axelturf is unethical.

Axelturf is unAmerican.

Axelturf is laughable.

Rick Ballard


You don't think the government is capable of marvelous cost efficiencies that don't restrict choices or give DMV level service?

You must not believe in unicorns either.


Omigod, 1jpb, eeevil corporations. Hide the children.


Shuttin' down Detroit, by Mark Rich.

I love it.



So, really what else can he add.

A question mark?

I'll agree that the professional-conservatives sure do know how to make corporate giveaways sound patriotic, so don't feel bad if you've been fooled.

I'll agree that the professional-liberals sure do know how to make government giveaways sound patriotic (as long as their tax dollars aren't used), so don't feel bad if you've been fooled.


So you explain, please, 1jpb, with these destructive plans, if Obama doesn't hate America, is he merely careless?


A few years back my very Liberal late Mom came for a visit to Alaska. She knew my politics, and would dismiss me as a Rush Limbaugh fanatic; that he's an "entertainer" etc; the standard CNN/NPR Talking Points. I would always ask if she had ever listened to him and she would always answer, "Yes, but I don't believe a word he says."
So driving down the highway I flipped on the radio and Rush was doing a wonderfully funny rant on socialism. Immediately she started laughing, and got into it, obviously thinking it was a local Alaska guy. At the break she asked who was that, and I answered, "surely you recognize his voice, why that's Rush Limbaugh." Instantly a change went over her face, the laughter left, and she replied she didn't care to hear any more and tried to change the subject. The moral of the story: She hadn't ever listened to him or else she would have recognized his voice, and the more Obama tries to assassinate Rush, the more new folks will listen to him, and the more folks like my late Mom listen to him, if they are able to be honest with themselves, the more they will realize in their hearts that they have been dishonest and dishonestly duped by MSM engineered peer pressure.

Keep it up Obama, and a Big Happy Birthday Jane.

Bill in AZ

CNN showing Rush at CPAC on Saturday will probably be one of those things they deeply regret in years to come. They probably did it because they, like most others who have never bothered to listen to Rush, probably thought it would expose him for the "windbag that he is" - per their own talking points.

I have seen several comments on blogs by people who have listened to Rush for the first time this week - just because they saw someone on Saturday who is articulate, entertaining, and truly has passion and knows what he is talking about.

Most folks who have never heard Rush, apparently including Michael Steele, just assume he is exactly what the leftwing media wants people to think. I expect Rush's audience to grow to 40 million shortly just by word of mouth.

I only hope the Obama-idiots continue to try to polarize this - it is all good.



Your argument might have more power if the current occupant of the White House wasn't a huge supporter of "public-private partnreships", more accuratly described as private-profit/public-loss programs. Take a look at the history of "affordable housing" in the Chicago area, where guys like Obama funneled money into the pockest of people like Tony Rezko, who use government grants and loans to built substandard housing, then were contracted by the government to "maintain" that substandard housing, until after they had sucked as much money from the system and left the property un-livable, the government was forced to take it over and run it.

When you want to complain about wasteful government, you are preaching to the chior here. Your problem is pretending that this is a strictly Republican or Conservative problem. You seem to forget that the big scandel in Chicago recently was the hired truck scam, where the city government contracted trucks from private companies (who were closely linked to the mayor) to sit in city parking lots. Last time I checked, the party in charge in Chicago started with a D.

BTW, using government workers rather than contractors to "save money" only works if the government workers show up to work. Right now in Cook County, the home country of one current resident of the White House, 10% of the county workers fail to show up for work on any given day. Once again, a government run by Democrats.

So, now let me ask you, do you, as a liberal activist, feel used by being sent here to critique a system of public-private partnerships and corporate subsidies that is being used by the Democrats in Obama's home town to enrich themselves at the cost of the highest city and country taxes in the entire country?


I know that Jane, but it amounts to the same thing, now when both sides have the same rulebook it's harder to disguise the plays; that Politico piece, gave the game away. They meant it as a threat, but it ended up undermining their own strategy.

They're using rule # 4 up there in the tundra," make the opponent, live impossibly up to their own rules," hence they are going over every invoice the Governor has she ever signed off up there and forced her to give up her secure state provided Chevy Suburban, on the niggling tax issue.


My husband started listening to Rush in the 1990s. It would drive me crazy when we were driving. I hated talk radio. After 9/11, I had my radio on listening to WBAP in case something happened. After about a month of solid Rush Limbaugh, I started laughing at what he said. Then I started repeating his taglines, talent on loan from God, fighting liberals with half my brain tied behind my back. You can't listen to Rush one time and "get" him. It takes several shows in a row to know where his humor is. I have no problem claiming Rush as the leader of the conservative movement. I don't think he is the leader of the republican party. If they listened to him we might still be in power, or at the very least, not dirt poor on our way to socialism.


Happy Birthday Jane.


Sue - back in the day when Rush was just starting out (in Sacramento, I think), I worked for an engineering/land surveying firm. Several of the guys listened to Rush religiously, even though he wasn't well known yet. I always thought they must be some kinda hicks - cuz, that is all they talked about.

Fast forward about 20 years, and now I am practically a dittohead. Wouldn't my former workmates have a laugh about that!


Every once in a while, one of these trolls, like ijb, nick, not sean, tCO, drifts in here, taking that fable 'wrong turn at Albuquerque' thinking they have the rhetorical coup de grace, Sometimes they just waste our time, like that fellow who shall remain nameless, which wasted a very long thread indeed. They do a better job at Patterico, Jeff's place, and a bunch of other sites.


BTW, the White House is really stepping in this. They have failed to take Rush's advice about wrestling with a pig: "Never wrestle with a pig, you both get dirty, and the pig likes it."

Now that the word is on the street that all this personal vitriol against Rush is sanctioned directly by Obama, Rush is free to call them what ever he wants. He started today with his attack on Rahm. I have a feeling that will ramp up soon.


Yes, he did have an excellent pic of Rahm as a ballerina with a fro, didn't he?

A Lat in Jack

Plame got Penn, but he was so close to that Bolivian guy and the reporters just don't cut it. Na Omi Watts is going to be Our Gal Val (tm) out there doin her PC things. Hilly is doin great with Holbrooke and that other guy in the AfPak Iraq War, so Penn is pretty good, but there's that guy who played Rambo and has some great stories..............

Smart power, whatever; but don't say intelligent power is how you get the money.

It's just business watching America die. Soon the money is gone and it's time to pay for the war funding not going to those nice PCs........
They're all excited about Rush cause he's Watts. Something they can force to do things, like crack.


Anyone figure out what Rush mentioned Rahm had to do privately in his office?


Is there a random word generator that creates these stream of consciousness iterations (I know, whom am I to judge, right?)Rod Dreher, formerly of NRO, now a crunchy Con, which basically means a no-con
self satirizes himself in an attack
putatively on Victor Davis Hanson, for raising the elitist banner against the likes of Brooks and young Voorhees (I mean Buckley) That's a suicide mission but one could give him to points for trying; I wouldn't, but some would.


Hhmm....I listened to Rush at work - between normal client interruptions - and I guess I missed that Rahm reference, Extraneus.



I love you for being such a Texan.

Even though we disagree most of the time.......


Yes, well when he mentioned that we might not know that Rahm had a history as a ballerina, he expanded upon that a little.

Here's a pic and some commentary.


Frankly, I can count on one hand the number of times I listened to Rush.

When Rush has a good topic .. he's great.
But when the well is dry .. he might be discussing door knobs and such.

Such are the limitations of a daily program.



I love you too, though I don't know who you are.


Comparing a pic of Emanuel, Begala and Carville together to the Village people, YMCA...that's got to smart.



"Don't let his effeminate nature and ballerina past mislead you. Rahm Emanuel has the feral instincts of a female rat defending its young."

The ouch factor was alive and well with Rush today.

"Whatever Obama says, the sycophants and the butt boys in the media simply repeat it.

Ouch again.



I think I listen to too much Beck on the radio, now I'm assuming that a lot of folks (like Beck) think the we're about to be taken over by communism.

Anti-God communism, to be precise. Did you know that Beck noted that BHO's quoting Washington who was referring to Paine was a sign that BHO plans to lead our country to anti-god communism? And, BHO taking the second oath under the picture of Paine (even though it was actually a picture of Latrobe, but who cares about such details) was also proof of the coming anti-God communist takeover.


Destructive plans?

Like the growth w/ WJC where taxes were raised on the rich and average citizens enjoyed greater prosperity than the last eight years, and job creation was much stronger, and the whole thing didn't end in the greatest national level liquidation/ponzi scheme since the Great Depression.

And regarding health care, we already pay more (as a percent of GDP) than all the countries that insure everyone, and we don't have the greatest mortality rates, and we still leave out 40 million. Seems like fixing this problem by making notable changes isn't communism, it's common sense. And, it would make our businesses more competitive. Why continue to spend more and get less?

Likewise, education and energy can't be ignored, and addressing them isn't socialism/communism. We been blessed w/ a lot of capital resources, but such things aren't w/o end. We can't count on magic to increase our physical capital (energy or otherwise), so we better start investing our human capital. Likewise, it seems problematic that 1 out of 31 citizens are in the corrections system (was 1 in 77 in 1982.) This is just one recent statistic, but it's important to not lose sight of these sort of on-the-ground problems that we face by getting all wound-up about communism and buying bullets (as Beck has advised.)


I have no problem w/ partnerships that work. But, the things I itemized are specific BHO proposals where the professional conservatives are saying that making these changes to save the taxpayers money and, at the same time, provide better services are steps toward communism. That's ridiculous.

And, the only thing you mentioned that got close to a BHO decision was the Rezko stuff. Could you provide links that support your sort-of claim that BHO funneled money to Rezko to build slums? I recall that, as a junior lawyer, he did a small number of hours of low level work where Rezko entities were partnered with other groups, including a church. Isn't it shocking to learn that junior lawyers work on what they're assigned? What's shocking is that Rs are so lame that they continue to focus on this nothingness.

And, I hope we don't need to rehash this stuff again, that sure would start us down a slippery slope. Likewise, cherry picking anecdotes that are not related to a BHO decision or proposal is a lame diversion.


I don't think yu or Axel have quite figured out this Board yet 1jpb..Try Red State..Maybe your shtick will have someone willing to bit the bait there.


Just to confirm again Narciso's statment above on how they are attempting to destroy Sarah Palin. Again I ask, have any of you guys seen anywhere in the MSM that she just spent $900,000 less in travel/per diem etc in her 1st 2 years in office than previous Governor Murkowsky spent in his last 2 years? Of course not. But have all of you guys seen stories of her having to pay $7,000 in unallowed per diem claims? Of course you have. And did those stories you saw mention that she had the IRS look at 90 of those per diem cases over that 2 year time period when she saved the taxpayers of Alaska $900,000, and concluded only 10 were disallowed, and that that was stuff like taking her kids to Fairbanks to congratulate Todd on winning the Sled Race? I suspect most of that was left out. How remarkably frustrating that must be.

With our current MSM, what Dem Candidate in America wouldn't love to be able to stand on that exact same record, once it was run through their mouthpieces and given the honest to God credit it deserves. I don't know if that's Rule 4 or Rule 12, but whatever Rule it is, its a freakin' outrage.


I have no problem w/ partnerships that work. But, the things I itemized are specific BHO proposals where the professional conservatives are saying that making these changes to save the taxpayers money and, at the same time, provide better services are steps toward communism. That's ridiculous.

No, what's ridiculous is picking a few billion dollars of fake savings out of a 4 TRILLION dollar budget and saying it actually means something.


fdlol! Clarice, you go girl! I needed a good laugh before going to bed.

Thank you.

G'night. (laughing all the way)


Ann, we need to take one of the earmarks in the omnibus bill and create an educational trust for those children.


Yes, destructive plans, like quadrupling the deficit, raising taxes, and pursuing a chimera with the energy bit. And show me where socialism hasn't deteriorated progress of a society. Sorry, clarice, it's a spinal reflex. Not deliberate, believe me, please.

Rick Ballard

I thought Zero did most of his young lawhoring for ACORN to get Citi to fork over more of the CRA loans? His slumlord work for Uncle Tony was just a tryout rental prior to selling his votes in the State Senate for a little help with the purchase of Hog Butcher's Hall.

He's done so damned little in his life that it should be easier to keep track of whom he was whoring for at any given moment. It's not as though his work as a front for the domestic terrorist Ayers at CAC was any big secret.


11:00 a.m. CST, Rush will begin the beguine

of Obama's small band of ballerinas, and stick figure purveyors of silencing our rights..But we will be ready, we will fight them in the white house, in congress, in Acorn, , in union halls, listening to the best message on radio, reported wrongly by a press that needs to remember what their freedoms are and how they apply to each and every American citizen. If the press continues to follow the left herd down the dark path of one voice one rule., the written word of print, ink and internet will have to expose this charade. Laugh at their total brain fart expanse. Call them liars. Ask for facts. And last, but never least--STORM THE CASTLE!
The Clinton leftovers need to shut up and volunteer to study unemployment benefits through their family's eyes!


All that carbon encumbering garbage is regressive and autocratic, and completely unnecessary. Destruction, destruction, destruction. Has Obama ever created anything except a myth of personal glory? And where the Hell is his birth certificate?


Sue, thanks for that Shauna Daley link. I remember when she joined the justice department. I didn't think the whole thing would be as blatantly obvious as that story read.

We need to stay tuned in.



I don't think that you grasp that these savings and efficiencies are greater than a few billion (e.g. Medicare run through the companies costs about 14% more than Medicare direct for the same thing.)

And, beyond the dollar amounts, the key is that it's popular for some of your professional-conservative leaders to use these specific examples of limiting the private sector's gouging/living-off of the tax payers as examples of socialism/communism. Now it's supposedly socialism/communism to be against government waste, if the waste goes to private companies.


I'll show you how the W financial planning that you support drove our country more into the ground than anytime since the great depression. And, I'll show you how WJC raised taxes on the rich and our country did well for the average citizen and job creation was more than 22 million in eight years. Regarding health care, we currently pay more (combining gov and private payments) than any other country (combining gov and private payments), but for all our money we still don't have the healthiest longest living citizens, and we leave out 40 million (and growing) who are left to role the bankruptcy dice if they get seriously ill at which point their families are broke and the government gets stuck w/ the super high costs of care for seriously ill folks anyway. But, the professional conservatives say that we must not change this because, as w/ my other examples above, if we aren't overpaying corporations w/ tax dollars then we're in socialism/communism.



We need to get that story in the hands of Michael Steele. That is what he should be talking about on the DL Hughley Show.

Does anyone have an email for the new RNC chair?
I only have an old email which he probably doesn't read anymore.

My other concern is he fired all the positions under the old chair and it seems he needs help...NOW!!


1jpb..get outta here with that boring and stupid cut and paste nonsense. I mean it. Right now I'm up to my eyeballs in bile from listening to idiots like you 24/7 on virtually every network, in virtually every magazine (including fer pity sake Gourmet) and in almost every newspaper.
Get outta here.


Look, you're an articulate but blindered fool. We may have 40,000,000 uninsured, but they are not uncared for. By and large, their care is paid for by those with insurance. And now you want to take their freedom of choice about their bodies away from them as well as from everyone else?

You've forgotten, apparently, the DotCom bubble that supported some of the phony prosperity of the Clinton years. Bush's era was a time of unprecedented expansion of the economy, most of it healthy except for the pathology engendered, and protected, by the Democrats in the housing market. This housing bubble, and the ensuing carnage, are on the Democrats, not Bush. And again, are Obama's destructive plans because he hates America, or merely because he is careless?

Now, I'm tired of feeding you. You are incapable of being nourished. Go suck off someone else.

Baby Your The Best (jr)

The budget not authorized so they need to go with the US government programs and those five year budgets always authorized just before the Presidential elections. Anti missile missiles or aircraft? Plame would have the answer.......

They should have reported the black holes sabotage and the rings in the ozone layer.


Go Clarice!!!

You would think Axelrod's PR company would come up with better screen names...especially ones that remind us of robots like R2-D2.

But then again they are robots!



good night, friends and my hope for all is their prayers will be answered swiftly! Hope from the heart is worthy, indeed,..hope to fool, lie and cover-up for selfish needs is evil. don't believe the candyman, you younguns, listen to your Grandparents and Parents.


You know maybe if we had built a nuclear power plant in the last thirty years, we wouldn't have periodic brownouts, the population has only doubled, and we're cutting off her own sources of energy,
or remember that little situation back in 2005, when Katrina and Rita & Wilma, knocked out a quarter of the oil production
and as much as the refining capacity. You think that can't happen this summer. You can't compare the US with one country one quarter of its size, like Germany or Britain, you have to make comparable comparisons, like Western Europe, and factor out the rationing of care, the unsustainability of their welfare system,
One makes a comparison with Canada, but that's one tenth our population. Beck has gone kind of survivalist, so I listen to him kind of sparingly predicting the big apocalypse.


About this bankruptcy baloney. If they had assets to lose, then they had assets they didn't use to buy health insurance. In other words, they gambled and lost, and when they lost they still were able to push excess costs off onto others. And to protect this tiny cohort of poor choosers you want to take choice away from the rest of us? And socialized healthcare is why people come to the United States, or fly for private health care to India and elsewhere, when they have the means to avoid government supplied healthcare.



I hope you received my very late email reply. Your last post is a keeper. Words of Wisdom!

I would quote some of my favs but after last night (ask bad) I will defer at this late hour.

rhymin' simon

The Rush Kerfuffle was a smokescreen so the public would not pay attention to the testimony by Geithner and Orzag to Congress about the carbon credit (consumption tax) that they are trying to impose. The testimony flew under the radar.
Obama and the democrats are disingenuous in their efforts. Of course you will not raise 'income' taxes on 95% of Americans when your intent is to create a consumption tax. Create a smokescreen by bullying Rush, Cramer Sentelli et al and press class warfare by claiming that you are only increasing the income tax on only the top 2% of earners while quickly creating a consumption tax regime stealthily.

Rush should play Obama's audiotape to the San Fransisco Chronicle January 2008 about the coal industry and say how his policy of bankrupting that particular industry is having an effect on the stock market because he may do it to a whole host of indutries like Big Pharma and HMOs.

Charlie (Colorado)

Kim, some people really are bankrupted by health care; get the right wrong CA and you can overrun a lot of major medical plans. Two family members can really push it.

That said, however, there are 365.246 days/year * 24 hr/day * 60 min/hr * 2 half-minutes/min or 1 051 908.48 "30 secondses" or a year.

In 2007, there were about 800,000 personal bankruptcies total. So Not only is Obama saying that every personal bankruptcy is because of health care costs, he's then overstating that by about 31 percent.

In other words, he's tellin' a whopper.

Rick Ballard


Here is the BK stats page. If you scroll down you can get to YoY comparisons through June '08. Total 12 month at 6/08 was 934K. He remains as much a liar as before even with the latest numbers.

Charlie (Colorado)

Well, he's only overstating the total number of bankruptcies by about 11 percent now....

Rick Ballard

Someone raised a question concerning stats for hiring. The closest I've found is the Monster Employment Index which tracks online job demand. It's only been around since '04 but it has rather detailed info. Pretty useful.


You're too kind to the Commie Bastard in Chief. The CBIC knows that Barney Frank and Chris Dodd bankrupted ten times more people last year with their CRA fiddling than were bankrupted by anything to do with medical bills.


.in effect, it makes it possible for the private schools to offer more slots to more kids.

Ironic, isn't it? Obama himself received financial aid to go to Punahou rather than the public schools.

Thomas Jackson

Poor Obamie, called out by Rush and found wanting. He's such a miserable failure and everyone with a brain and 401K knows he's a bad joke.


CC I remember Rahm very very well from his days in the Clinton WH. I'll have to pull out some of my books and let you know. I seem to remember something about snorting cocaine and being just all around nasty. Gary Aldrich was one good source I think.

That Obama would pick him says it all. Despite the touchy feely "make nice" rhetoric, his true intent is to utterly destroy all opposition.


Charlie, surely you don't think that a socialized health plan will cover treatments 'overrun' on a private health plan, do you? Where's the money coming from?


rhymin' simon. I'm shocked, that with the disclosure of that coal speech, that the UMW and coal-mining states still went for the Great Destroyer. It got very little mention in MSM, but you'd think the local press in those states would have gotten a little more excited. Well, too many people were drinking the Kool-Aid back then, and now they are dropping like flies.


That metaphor with the Jones Family is getting more stark by the week. Guyana me a little more of that stimulating stuff.


Just catching up with recent threads. Liked your Shiva reference. Did you find my email of 3/1/09?


I remember these govt waste arguments used in the 90's against basically everything the Dim's didn't want. It's waste to treat granny for a bad hip, but it's not waste to spend hundreds of billions on sparring partners for Don Quixote.

Got it.


Here's some back ground Rush might like to work into a program. Government programs that expand like ant hills.

Reviewing NRA's first six months, during which General Johnson mustered 1,500,000 volunteer workers and speakers, issued 100,000,000 "pieces of literature," plastered millions of Blue Eagle posters throughout the land, the historian will look to net results as well as dates. When the NRAdministration first settled down in the Department of Commerce Building, it had 87 employes, with a half-month payroll of $6,619.41. NRA now employs 1,555 people, uses 105,000 sq. ft. of office space, meets a $166,608.40 bi-monthly payroll.

For those who like to watch governments destroy a nation's ability to feed it's self, Chavez has just taken over the Cargill plant in Venezuela and is probably going to take over the Polar company.

Chavez orders nationalization of Cargill

Just another example of how Communism takes over.



Who is Beck and what does that have to do with my comment that you cut-n-pasted your comment?

As to Obama being a communist, maybe you should get a better tuned ear. Both on the campaign trail and in his post-election speeches he has laced is rhetoric with Maxist theology with references to surplus value of labor and base-superstructure argumentation. His education was nothing but an advanced course of Marxism from Columbia, to ACORN, to Harvard. He was tutored in its advanced forms by the guiding hands of Wright and Ayers.

As far as his ridiculous budget goes its sole purpose is destruction of wealth and eventual seizure of property. The only way he can do this is to make us less free which is why he is proposing nationalization of health care, increasing fees on communications (and proposing a National Network Administrator and a National Power Grid), and an air tax.



You could start by reading this:,CST-NWS-obama13.article>Obama's letters for Rezko
NOT A FAVOR? | As a state senator, he went to bat for now-indicted developer's deal

Here are some choice parts:

As a state senator, Barack Obama wrote letters to city and state officials supporting his political patron Tony Rezko's successful bid to get more than $14 million from taxpayers to build apartments for senior citizens.

The deal included $855,000 in development fees for Rezko and his partner, Allison S. Davis, Obama's former boss, according to records from the project, which was four blocks outside Obama's state Senate district.


Rezko and Davis paid the city $1 for the land and spent more than $100,000 to clean it up, including the removal of an underground storage tank. Some tainted land was left behind, but state environmental officials approved construction after Rezko and Davis agreed to cover the polluted areas with parking lots, sidewalks or three feet of dirt, records show.

The $14.6 million Cottage View Terrace was funded entirely by city, state and federal taxpayers.


In addition to the development fees, a separate Davis-owned company stood to make another $900,000 through federal tax credits.

Cottage View Terrace was supposed to be managed by Davis' longtime business partner, William Moorehead. But Moorehead said last week that his company was dumped before the apartments opened in 2002. The apartments are now managed by Urban Property Advisors, a company owned by Davis' son, Cullen Davis.

Moorehead is due to report to prison next month to begin serving a four-year sentence for stealing more than $1 million from the Robert Taylor Homes and other public housing projects he managed for the Chicago Housing Authority and the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department, as well as from two developments he co-owned with Davis near Cabrini-Green on the North Side.

That's a pretty good scam. You get the government to pony up $14M and give you the land for $1. Of that, you pocket almost 1 million for yourself, and take a tax credit for almost another mil. Then, after putting out none of your own money, you get to manage the property, which you now own free and clear, so all rents are pure profit.

That's what Obama really means by Public-Private partnership. Big bundles of public cash for his friends, so they can make private profit off of it.


And then you might want to read this:>Grim proving ground for Obama's housing policy
The candidate endorsed subsidies for private entrepreneurs to build low-income units. But, while he garnered support from developers, many projects in his former district have fallen into disrepair.

Some highlights:

Grove Parc has become a symbol for some in Chicago of the broader failures of giving public subsidies to private companies to build and manage affordable housing - an approach strongly backed by Obama as the best replacement for public housing.

As a state senator, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee coauthored an Illinois law creating a new pool of tax credits for developers. As a US senator, he pressed for increased federal subsidies. And as a presidential candidate, he has campaigned on a promise to create an Affordable Housing Trust Fund that could give developers an estimated $500 million a year.

But a Globe review found that thousands of apartments across Chicago that had been built with local, state, and federal subsidies - including several hundred in Obama's former district - deteriorated so completely that they were no longer habitable.

Grove Parc and several other prominent failures were developed and managed by Obama's close friends and political supporters. Those people profited from the subsidies even as many of Obama's constituents suffered. Tenants lost their homes; surrounding neighborhoods were blighted.

. . .

Among those tied to Obama politically, personally, or professionally are:

Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to Obama's presidential campaign and a member of his finance committee. Jarrett is the chief executive of Habitat Co., which managed Grove Parc Plaza from 2001 until this winter and co-managed an even larger subsidized complex in Chicago that was seized by the federal government in 2006, after city inspectors found widespread problems.

. . .

Campaign finance records show that six prominent developers - including Jarrett, Davis, and Rezko - collectively contributed more than $175,000 to Obama's campaigns over the last decade and raised hundreds of thousands more from other donors. Rezko alone raised at least $200,000, by Obama's own accounting.

. . .

"Throughout his career in public service, Barack Obama has advocated for the development of mixed-income housing and public-private partnerships to create affordable housing as an alternative to publicly subsidized, concentrated, low-income housing," the Obama campaign said in a statement provided to the Globe.

As a result, some people in Chicago's poorest neighborhoods are torn between a natural inclination to support Obama and a concern about his relationships with the developers they hold responsible for Chicago's affordable housing failures. Some housing advocates worry that Obama has not learned from those failures.

Exspect to see this same public-private partnership scam run on a national level now with "green energy" and "affordable healthcare."


Ranger, thanks for reminding us.

Some housing advocates worry that Obama has not learned from those failures.

I believe they are successes to him. He's the president.


And just to highlight for 1jpb when he askes 'so, what does all that prove?'

Grove Parc and several other prominent failures were developed and managed by Obama's close friends and political supporters. Those people profited from the subsidies even as many of Obama's constituents suffered. Tenants lost their homes; surrounding neighborhoods were blighted.


Raw, careless, destruction. Obama be thy name.

Cecil Turner

I'll show you how the W financial planning that you support drove our country more into the ground than anytime since the great depression.

    Couple points you might want to address in that little persuasion piece:
  • Every spending bill for the last two years was written by a Democrat;
  • Low-income housing programs and their derivatives--a Democrat cause celebre--sparked the current financial crisis;
  • Meaningful regulation of the above was stalled by Congress, and seen as a partisan issue;
  • Many politicians, predominantly Democrat, received contributions and sweetheart deals from the institutions they blocked from regulation;
  • Many politicians, almost exclusively Democrat, browbeat regulators doing their jobs.
I recognize the One claims he "inherited" all this problem, and conveniently times it to the presidency, but I think that ignores the rather extensive contributions of his party (and Himself!) to the genesis of this mess. YMMV.

It seems pretty obvious that this troll is either the victim or a source of the pervasive disinformation that comes from the Obama Camp. My question? Is all this destruction deliberate or accidental? Malignant or ignorant? Give us some more clues, 1jpb.

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