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March 25, 2009



The chronicle of philanthropy asks for comments on the plan to cut deductions..Here's what I said:

I think making it more expensive to contribute to charities is a Gramscian move which will certainly impact negatively on charities in the U.S. It’s an unfortunate suggestion which I hope is stopped.
On the other hand, when I consider how many university professors, ministers and rabbis and other employees of eleemosynary institutions danced to Obama’s tune there is a certain justice in realizing that the institutions which employ them may find it harder to do so and to compensate them as well as they presently do.

I know I will be less generous of necessity should this tax change go into effect.

For once the people who have done so much to move the country toward this pernicious statism will die by the sword they wielded.

Jim Ryan

It's not just the increased gummint dependency but also the loss of civil society. The gummint wants require your kids to do gummint make-work charity and leftist pseudo-charity in order to graduate high school, while non-governmental charities wither away from lack of funds. The leftists wants a world in which there are no institutions of civil society to compete with it.

Diverting the flow of your money and time from civil society to the government's selected purposes.


God I love you Clarice.


I am too young to have a good memory of it, but was it this bad during Carter or is Obama going further?

Obama is definitely a bigger fool than Carter.

So far, Obama mikes Carter look wise and effective.


PUK, I had to read your reply to the family over dinner. Thanks for the laugh. I don't think I'll ever be able to look at Gordon again without thinking of it.


Sh*t! I am at work and snuck in here to see what was up. I am sure I broke a rib trying to stifle an eruption of giggles over PUK's humorous take down of Gordo's toothiness!!

And, then Clarice goes and pens quite the letter.

What a grand gang here. Wish I wasn't so busy (pretending only right now) at work.


Also, I just had to look this word (eleemosynary) up in the dictionary.


I think William F Buckley would have had to look up eleemosynary in the dictionary.


Believe me,Obama's teeth will also get to you.That boyish charm,flashing away like a cheap toothpaste advert.Just wait,they will take on a life their own.
It's true about the Hollywood teeth,always a size too big so they can't shut their gobs.As soon as the lips part slightly,out they come, as if they were spring loaded.


Hey, remember when we said Soros probably was behind the shorts that lead to the crisis that got Obama elected, and that he was probably making out like a bandit--well, he was.



I believe this may just be another of Obama's tin ear crackpot ideas ranking right up there with cutting insurance benefits for Veterans. He has no real social or ethical antennae. If ever there was an elitist, out of touch mook, it is he.


And there I was thinking it was a rare repeat typo. (♥ Clarice)


You know what gets me PUK, the disconnect between Obama's voice and his eyes.

Watch, he'll give a reply in the most measured, conciliatory tone, but there's a hardness about the eyes, with a touch of anger and condescension.

Seriously,check him on teevee next time and see if you don't notice.

The eyes don't lie.


He has no real social or ethical antennae.

Apparantly, neither does the President of Notre Dame.

FYI, there's a petition for anyone who doesn't think that a president who is on record as a supporter of the most extreme forms of abortion should be invited to give the commencement at the nations most famous Roman Catholic university.

google search OBAMA and Notre Dame--should pop right up.

It already has close to 200,000 signatures. From what I've read, the alums are pissed.


Thanks, Verner, I love you, too.
As for Soros--you thought those dreamy eyed looks he gave his Manchurian candidate and all the bucks he sent his way via his lieutenants and useful idiot marching bands was for nothing?
He listened to this empty suit and said,"If he's in, I have the world by the balls."

He's a very very sick, twisted man, but not a dope.


Nah, extraneus--that one I always spell checl..



The eyes of Obama look alright to me.


Great letter, clarice!
Verner- did you see in the article that Soros said this has been the culmination of his life's work?

I guess.
Also funny to read this today, after Obama bragged about the IndyMac resolution last night. Soon, all the institutions will be available for Soros to buy!


The chronicle of philanthropy also cites in a separate piece, a gygnus study showing 52% of the 17k surveyed planned to donate the same amount.
I commented the survey was done in January and they shouldn't commit to new carpeting just yet.


Lots">">Lots of lovely pictures of Soros and his poodle Obama.


**cygnus study*


This one has always been my fav: To me it was Soros realizing he had a real live dumbbell in his grasp, one who the credentialed morons would back to the hilt:>My Little Empty Suit


Soros is having a good crisis


Soylent: I am too young to have a good memory of it, but was it this bad during Carter or is Obama going further?

It's too easy to say Obama. Obama shot out of the blocks like a rabbit, and over his short career will set new records. But Carter, since being ejected from office, has aged like sour vinegar.


When you aren't charitable in your private life the value of a charitable giving tax break is personally nil. It's very easy to eliminate it or severely limit it. The Obama's were only "charitable" when he started his run for the President and he had a large amount of extra cash that he needed to do things to reduce the tax bite. He makes Joe Biden and the Clinton's (before they ran for the Presidency) look positively generous.

BTW how are the Clinton's doing with their charitable giving now that Bill is out of the White House and Hillary is no longer running for President? My guess is they have gone back to their non charitable giving levels.


I swear Clarice, in that one, it even looks like Soros is pulling the puppet wires.

And Obama's eye teeth--PUK, you've done it again. That's a keeper.

As for the wishful thinking about giving. Note to wide eyed optimists--under O's plan, the wealthiest, and biggest cash cows will be donating post tax dollars, which means that in real terms, to match today's giving, they will have to dish out $139 instead of $100--and that on top of crap bonuses and gains in investments.

My guess, they'll be lucky to get $60. And many people will be so angry at mandated wealth redistribution, they'll just follow the Europeans and not give anything at all.

And I have some info from someone I know on a large multi-million dollar charitable board who is already confirming this.


Folks,you have handed the Vatican over to a condo developer.

At least a condo developer has some business sense. I think we've handed the Vatican over to Eddie Haskell.


Don't know about all that jimmy, but I will say that Barak Obama getting an honorary JD from Notre Dame makes about as much sense as David Duke getting an honorary degree from Howard University.


This is just one of those frequent intramural battles. Half of the catholic clergy is on the sojourner, lefty social justice bandwagon. They get all upset when the archbishops call Pelosi, Biden and the Kennedys into the woodshed. This is the President of ND's payback for all that.

Not his smartest move.

Lots of cafeteria catholics may have voted for O, but many of ND's biggest backers are devout and pro-life. I think they've allowed many things to slide, but,over this, have decided to take a stand.

My daughter thought about going there. Glad she's not.


As a Catholic, I am terribly offended that Notre Dame is honoring this petty, little fascist man.

Captain Hate

Yeah Charlie, but at least his kids are cute.

Oh great, now I have a picture of Amy Carter, the most convincing argument against having children late in life or sired by a retard, stuck in my head. Somebody's gonna pay for this.


Central, sign the petition. My mom

and I both did this afternoon.

Capt., the best was when she was an art student in Memphis. She died her hair black.

Ha Ha...try that for mind candy!


verner: I missed a lot of this thread, where do I go to sign?


LUN Cal, and pass it along.

It must be getting hot. There were 2,000 signers between the two minutes I was on the site and hit the refresh button.


I know that many are pro-choice out of conscience, but perhaps what disturbs me the most is point three below:

From the petition...

• Overturning of the Mexico City Policy, which had prohibited U.S. funds from being used to promote or provide abortions overseas

• Working to overturn conscience protections for healthcare workers, forcing them to cooperate in abortion or risk losing their jobs

• Appointing pro-abortion Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, who has close ties to late-term abortionist George Tiller, to head the Department of Health and Human Services

• Dedicating federal funds to harvest embryonic stem cells for research at the expense of the most defenseless members of the human family.

It's one thing to make abortion legal. It's quite another to MANDATE that catholic health professionals participate in a practice that they feel is deeply, morally wrong. aAnd I don't think the conscience clause should be limited to RC's.

I mean, excuse me, but CHOICE should be a two way street.


Make that point two, although I think Tiller is a monster as well.


Charitable contributions should not be tax deductable.

A. Why should that be favored over me giving money to a deserving relatrive? Or myself?

B. There are a bazillion scams with the charitable contributions. clinton car give aways.


I'd almost PAY to be a potential donor when ND called for money.


Thank you for the link, verner. I signed the petition (I think). It was acting a little weirdly when I was there.

Charlie (Colorado)

I know that many are pro-choice out of conscience

like me

It's quite another to MANDATE that catholic health professionals participate in a practice that they feel is deeply, morally wrong. aAnd I don't think the conscience clause should be limited to RC's.

and I still agree with you here.

Captain Hate

Capt., the best was when she was an art student in Memphis. She died her hair black.

Ha Ha...try that for mind candy!

I think that one put me in a diabetic coma.


I don't have a problem with ND giving Obama an honorary doctorate despite his position on abortion. Mario Cuomo, he of the Jesuit education, addressed the question well when he said he was obliged to be governor of all New Yorkers, not just Catholics.

I DO have a problem with ND giving Obama an honorary doctorate for all his OTHER positions and actions. ND apparently does not value words or integrity.

As far as the President speaking at ND, he should be allowed to do so with respect. He may be Obama, but he is also the President. Harry Truman addressed that with MacArthur very well. After he speaks, Obama deserves polite applause as befits the Presidency, and, afterwards, lots of laughter, derision, and bad press for what he has to say.

This is a civil country... or ought to be.

Ken Hahn

The situation is simple. Obama knows that this policy will hurt charities. That is the whole point. The far left sees private giving as competition for their all powerful government. Reducing voluntary contributions will used as an argument for more "required volunteerism". The GIVE act is foundation for a draft into government controlled "community service" organizations. And that would be more difficult if people contributed to private charities.

This is not ignorance nor miscalculation. It is pure unadulterated malice. Obama and his fellows intend to cripple private and religious charities so they can step in to meet the "need". You will not be asked, you will be told. You will no longer have a say in giving, the Obots will choose for you.

Honest Democrat is a contradiction in terms.

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