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April 02, 2009



Going OT for a minute-

Humm seems the shoulder ride for Geithner is going to get a bit bumpy. A very curious article and I didn't see a Soros sponsorship link, but did notice the ProPublica seal.

And what do you know: ProPublica was started by Herbert and Marion Sandler and funded to the tune of $10 million a year, are Soros cronies and profiteers in the subprime mess through Golden West Financial, the rather unsavory bit that Wahcovia swallowed, and the primary reason that Wahcovia was sold to Wells Fargo. Interesting that that little bit didn't get mentioned.


Yet as Geithner and the New York Fed worked to solve narrow mechanical issues in the derivatives market, they missed clear signs of a catastrophe in the making. When the housing market collapsed, derivatives stoked the fires that ignited inside some of the biggest banking companies. The firms' failure to assess an array of risks they were taking has emerged as a key element in the multi-trillion dollar meltdown of the global financial system.

Although Geithner repeatedly raised concerns about the failure of banks to understand their risks, including those taken through derivatives, he and the Federal Reserve system did not act with enough force to blunt the troubles that ensued. That was largely because he and other regulators relied too much on assurances from senior banking executives that their firms were safe and sound, according to interviews and a review of documents by The Washington Post and the nonprofit journalism organization ProPublica.

I'm trying to figure out the "reflexivity" with credit derivitives-any suggestions. A central regulator and greater transparency would seem to make them less useful as a risk-mitigating tool, but it seems difficult to make an argument that the current environment makes them useful either.

Also, noticed that Obama is going to repeal the "boom and bust cycle" and make sure no one takes out-sized risks. Would have been useful to apply that logic to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.



PDF Indictment files don't download on Chinese computers. Gotta' go to work. Bye bye.



Here's the original indictment. It's a 1.4 meg pdf so it might be a bit slow loading. I recall that CREW the outfit that went after Foley and Weldon were on the Stevens case as well. In the indictment they have work listed going back to 2000 as illegal gifts.


I avoid Dan Fagan in the same way as I avoid route canal if I can help it, his
Ahab like obsession goes on weird tangents, like blaming a reduced cruise ship industry
on some bill passed two years ago, rather than say the global economic downturn. I think both Sarah and Ted have reached an understanding, she is much more distrusting of official sounding charges put forward in
an indictment or a media report, and he is more aware of their common interests. Fagan does seem to be like the Alaskan version of Keith Olbermann, although Andrew Halcro might claim that prize


I stand by both of my 2009 predictions.


As to President Obeisance, I have always said, "The hand Barack will cradle rules the world."

Uncle BigBad

Is anyone here (except for myself) old enough to remember Nina Khrushchev and the treatment she received in the press when she came to the U.S. I'll bet when she returned home, she didn't go back outside for the next five years.


Sorry if this my first comment comes up, but Obamanomics is full steam ahead. Heathcare, education, and environment in the middle of "the worst financial crisis in decades".


Whenever I need a little pantyhose talk, I always head straight to JOM. You folks never let me down.

Roy Mustang

Disgusting and shameful. You guys may joke about this, but it is really a telling sign of what Obama actually thinks. And this guy is in charge of our country. He will and is causing great harm to the United States.

JM Hanes

Hi Ann & XO to you too, Clarice!

I was up in Boston for a big Photoshop do and haven't really come up for air since I got home.

Elliott ~ You're clearly the real Quassandra here!


Verner, re yrs at April 02, 2009 07:39 PM

"...BO probably did it in thanks for the Saudi's paying for his ride at Harvard Law."

Yes, I recently heard on this show at Sentinel Radio that same Saudi Prince also owns a large share of Citibank stock.


Amazingly, a search on "Stacy and Clinton" didn't show up any comments from this thread.

I'd watch that episode.


Not that it matters, but I think the King threw something of value on the floor and Obama couldn't resist picking it up.

Funny how they made changes to the Mark to Market accounting rules at this point in time....


"Gordon Brown appears to have modelled his relationship with Barack Obama on Monica Lewinsky's relationship with Bill Clinton. I'm all for close ties with America, but this is simply embarrassing.
Gordon Brown and Barack Obama at their joint press conference

Embarrassing: Gordon Brown and Barack Obama at their joint press conference

Meanwhile, in his desperation to bask in Obama's reflective glory, Gordon continues to behave like a lovesick labrador on heat. Someone should throw a bucket of water over him."

Frost Report

I know My Place.



AS for your second prediction, the Won put a lot of pressure on My # One to speak at the inauguration. He finally agreed - and introduced the navy band talking about his love of our soldiers.

If he says yes, I hope he insists that it is on his own course.

You were prescient thos.


The quote was by Richard Littlejohn,Daily Mail.

Strawman Cometh

gag. Peggy Noonan on Morning Joe just said that she was more comfortable watching this president speak, she doesn't have to hold her breath in fear of the next gaffe. I told her that she wouldn't turn blue awaiting the gaffe, but she would looking for the reporting of same.

Strawman Cometh

now the TOTUS is speechifying from Strasbourg. Looks like he watching a tennis match.


He just bashed Boston Strawman so I turned him off.


in fear of the next gaffe,

That's because every thing he says is a gaffe.


Looking at the footage instead of the still picture, the bow may be the most spontaneous thing we've ever seen BO do. The quickness, onesidedness, and depth of the gesture are all telling.

Given the narcissism of his personality, it's especially troubling that he clearly feels so much respect and gratitude to the Saudis.

Charlie (Colorado)

I wondered how long and who would answer that one Charlie.

You expect me to not swing at that pitch?

Charlie (Colorado)

I'm perfectly okay with no one wearing stockings - but doesn't that make their shoes stink?

Okay, seriously -- the last time I wore nylons they were mulled over my head, so I have no idea -- but do nylons/panty hose/stockings make any difference with this? They can't be particularly absorbent.

Charlie (Colorado)

I suspect Michelle may have the same problem with panty hose that I have with shirts. With a 52 inch chest and a 40 inch waist, an off the shelf shirt that I can button tends to have about 2 ft of extra cloth around the waist (since apparently the usual guy with a 52 in chest has a 54 inch waist.)

It may be that if she can pull a pair of panty hose up all the way, the legs bag around her ankles like harem pants.

Charlie (Colorado)

Ace is saying that Tina Brown claimed Carla Bruni didn't accompany her husband on this trip "because she feared she'd be compared "unfavorably" to the sublimely beautiful Michelle Obama."

Tina, honey, lay off the sauce. Really.


Chaco, the foot parts are woven to be more absorbant.
In fact, you can just buy the foot parts which is probably what she wears to avoid blisters and smelly shoes.

The Sun(UK) has pics of the Sarkozys and Obamas..Tina really must be on special sauce because Bruni is not only stunning but chic in a perfect dress made for such ocassions. (BTE Sarkozy gave the ceremonial dual bus to both Obamas, Bruni did that for Michelle who looks hideous but was cool and offered only a handshake to Obama. What does she know that we don't?


Turns out the office of head of protocol remains unfilled. Who'd have guessed that?

With a 52 inch chest and a 40 inch waist,
Stop bragging... ;-)

Nah, the problem with pantyhose when you are tall and thin is that when you get the waist around your waist, and they are the correct total length, the crotch ends up about halfway down to your knees. Which is miserably uncomfortable. Or you end up with the waist up under your armpits -- and the whole shebang gradually works it's way down under force of gravity until you are back to the point where the crotch is sagging, and perhaps for good measure, bagging around the ankles.

The (not recommended) solution to the problem is to gain 100 lbs. (Been there, done that, have the size 2Q pantyhose to prove it.) Then you have plenty of belly to hold everything up. (Which I suppose would be the same solution for chaco and his shirts.)


head of protocol

I doubt if they think they need one. After all, according to the MSM, they have the whole world eating out of their hands.


wear regular hose. Remember them? They still are made.


I just hate pantyhose. Period. Even when the fit is perfect. It's weird because I like tights just fine.
I'm sure pantyhose are called for in the most formal settings for protocol, however.


I loathe pantyhose -- but I know how to behave when the circumstance require it, too. And considering what shoes she wears, MO must be completely immune to discomfort, so she has no excuse.

Oh, and that slouching thing? That's not about being tall. That's about trying to shift your weight around to take the pressure off of the excruciating parts of your feet and onto the merely agonizing.

hit and run

After Soylent finishes the JOM cookbook (where is he, anyway?), I have this idea for the next JOM book.

Strawman Cometh

I've never cared for pantyhose. Miniskirts and pantyhose were popular when I was in high school. The miniskirts were great, we had a number of girls in school with fabulous equipment. The pantyhose ruined a few otherwise could have been great dates.


I am in pantyhose-discussion heaven. More, more. :-)


I can't believe we are still talking about pantyhose.

My office is full of JOMers. TC is in Amy's office conducting business and Caro is firing up her MAC.

I'm screwing around as usual.


Sounds great fun,Jane.
She obviously wore spanx yesterday--hose are not worse.
(I keep saying to myself I won't participate in these MO wardrobe discussions but I cannot resist.)

I will add that when I must I am immaculately turned out, but now that I'm retired I appreciate being able to dress in comfort and as I damn please. But she cannot. It's part of the deal.


I'm screwing around as usual.



It seems someone has told MO to stand with her feet one in front of the other, in order to hide her bow legs. Good.

hit and run>The Glam-Off Has Begun!


From that Glam-Off article:

Mrs. Obama greeted her French counterpart by saying, "bonjour."

I suppose that just about gave Our Press Corps the vapors.

"Mrs. O is so, so, ... capable!"

hit and run

I'd be there too, screwing around, if I could just get time off from the boss.

[VIMH: But I thought you were "in between jobs"?]
mrs hit and run, dummy.


Jane, that's so cool that you're all hanging out. Are you having lunch together today, too?

Rick Ballard

Beauty and the Beast?


"Mrs. O is so, so, ... capable!"

ha ha ha ha ha!
I love "capable" and "participant".

Rick Ballard

Enough Bullwinklette.

Has anyone noticed that this summit produced Zero substance? The Democrat NewD irection Oconomy ripped right through the tragic milestone of 3 million job losses since the election and shows no sign of slowing down. The 20% reduction in oil shipments from January to March suggests that "just around the corner" would be rather inappropriate to use in reference to a recovery.

Sooner or later the Treasury/Fed shell game

The department is also likely to auction $35 billion in three-year notes at its April 8 sale and $18 billion in a reopening of 10-year notes the following day, according to Wrightson ICAP LLC, a Jersey City, New Jersey-based research firm. The Treasury will announce the amounts April 6.

The Fed plans to buy U.S. securities in two so-called coupon passes next week after purchasing $7.5 billion yesterday. It has bought $31.05 billion in U.S. debt through five buy-back operations since the purchases began on March 25.

is going to receive the attention it deserves and interest rates will start reflecting inflationary expectations.

There was one bright note in that bond report: “We are leery of doing anything with the federal government,” said David Kotok, chairman of Cumberland Advisors Inc. in Vineland, New Jersey, who manages about $1 billion.

Not everyone wants a bite out of that nice, shiny, poisoned apple.


Yup..I am getting everything done in the house that needs doing because contractors are now available after about 8 years of construction boom kept them employed on bigger projects and while the cost of materials is lower than it surely will be in a few months.

Of course once inflation hits, the claim will be the need for more funds will be greater because the poor cannot afford basic necessities.
(Did you read that Fannie Mae and Mac are planning huge retention bonuses to their officers and employees?)


the President of the United States bows to no man. It's in the rules. Page 264.

JM Hanes

"The Glam-Off Has Begun!"

Good gracious, hit, I think it's more like glam/off. Someone must have advised both of them not to compete. Sorry Tina, but it takes more than blowsy bows to make "their looks ... remarkably similar." It's not the fashion crime, it's the sexless coverups!


I went back to look at the Obamabow, and what really struck me this time was the context. London's G-20 Meet & Greet includes leaders of the most important countries in the world, representing "around 90 per cent of global gross national product, 80 per cent of world trade (including EU intra-trade) as well as two-thirds of the world's population." Completely aside from national and international reaction, one wonders what the rest of the global leadership in the room must have thought, as Obama bowed to King Abdullah -- and to him alone. Can you imagine Sarkozy doing such a thing? Can you imagine King Abdullah bowing from the waist to Sarkozy? I think not.

Ironically, it seems to be loudest proponents of "diplomacy" who least understand how significant such lapses of diplomatic protocols can be.


It is perfectly astonishing, isn't it? I don't know if you saw this but the office of chief of protocol in his administration remains open. Combine that with the yockums utter lack of experience or innate sense of propriety and these disasters are certain to follow.

What was he thinking?

I have never blogged anything which has received the sort of reception that photo of the bow has. The media have utterly ignored it..but I do not think this is going away.

JM Hanes

Since this thread has pretty clearly expired, I can't resist some closing triviality, because the fastidious O is not immune to fashion missteps himself. Aside from the fact that silk can look really cheesy on camera, his jackets are too tight around the middle. I'm sure he looks gratifyingly svelte when he admires the cut of his cloth in full length mirrors, but in motion, the extra shaping at his waist makes the back vent flare out in awkwardly amateurish style behind.

Such constriction also makes the jacket pull uncomfortably when Obama sits, which is why fashionistas watching him on Jay Leno will have noticed him fiddling with his chic little single button -- clearly wishing he could undo it. Alas, its positioning similarly makes for an elegant line only when standing too. Ordinarily, men open their jackets to sit down, but when "looking presidential" requires more formality, the button needs to be placed a little higher, for both comfort and appearance's sake. Obama's noticeable habit of adjusting his cuffs is, of course, a sure sign of vanity -- and more misguided tailoring.

Tina Brown should stick to gossip, because she's clearly a piker when it comes to picking fashion nits!

Here's an almost NSFW bonus for anyone still reading along, and a tip for my tall sisterhood. You can't go wrong with Wolford. They cost a fortune, but they feel fabulous, and they last forever, which makes them considerably cheaper in the long run, so to speak.


I was trying not to post such things, JMH..You know how it drives the men away.

JANE--Next Tuesday you might want to ask why Mass taxpayers have been supporting Aunt Zeituni who was ordere deported years ago and who know has been given another year to live off of you:>Aunt Zeituni brought to you by the suckers in Mass.

JM Hanes

And I thought I was here all alone, Clarice!

Why am I not surprised to hear that the Obamas have got no chief of protocol? I may not be a total doofus, but that would have been one of my first hires. They're are probably even pleased with themselves for breaking new ground! I've been tempted to go looking for that old Time magazine cover which featured Bush in a Bubble for photoshopping with Obama in the starring role. He's spent his whole life in a bubble and simply doesn't know enough about the real world around him to realize that it's not just Chicago writ large.


My eyes!


I recall reading he buys his Burberry suits off the rack, which may account for the problems JMH has identified.

I can't resist some closing triviality

Neither can I. From Charles McCarry's Second Sight: "'...his raincoat—an Aquascutum, of course; Paul would never have been so uncouth as to wear a Burberry.'"

Rick Ballard


Don't forget the head tilt to cover the nilotic skull shape. He always looks like he's balancing a ball on his nose to avoid the pinhead look (which goes remarkably well with his pencil neck, IMO). The head tilt ruins the drape of any jacket he wears because it forces the scapulae into an unnatural position. It also requires a really good tailor (he's never even met one) to adjust the lapels correctly to compensate for the chicken neck.

Dressing him in a satisfactory manner would be a challenge to Saville Row or Hollywood - a burnoose is his best bet.


Next Tuesday you might want to ask why Mass taxpayers have been supporting Aunt Zeituni

Well we already know the answer - Deval Patrick was charged with keeping her under wraps and in public housing.

JM Hanes

I counted on the Wolford models as a redeeming social feature.

Obama's studied colloquial bonhomie strikes me as more insulting than disarming too:

The president today said the world's most admired politician is Brazil's president at a G-20 lunch in London. President Obama shook hands with President Lula Da Silva saying, quote, "This is my man right here, I love the guy."
I'm also seeing unreported shades of Bush, because that sounds a lot like a cruder Obama version of the relentlessly mocked "I looked the man in the eye. I was able to get a sense of his soul." Having read Fausta's live blog of their joint presser back in March, I'm not sure Lula reciprocates the feeling much more than Putin did. In an update to her post, Fausta noted a BBC article titled "Lula warns US about protectionism," and commented, "Ponder that a moment, folks. A socialist warning an American president against protectionism."

The Bring-It-On machismo that was enough to turn Bush into permanent national punching bag has also turned into an I-Won, one minute wonder now: "Don't think we're not keeping score, brother."

I'd be willing to bet the "alterations" would double the price of those Burberry's, wouldn't you? Assuming a walking advertisement would ever see the charges. I shudder to contemplate where J.Crew.would land on the McCarry scale, although I have to admit to liking Michelle's green pencil skirt -- along with most of middle America, apparently. They've been emptying the shelves of everything the First Lady shows up wearing.

If you had to thumb through your thesaurus for "nilotic," would you confess to it? I had to look that one up. I suspect the head tilt is actually just a typical mistake made by people who lift their chins instead of the crown of their heads when they're trying to stand up really, really, really straight. It sure looks like it was virtually designed to become the sine qua non of Obama impersonations, though, doesn't it? It's only fair. The left had GWB's elitist sneer and we've got Obama's snobby chin in the air.


Jane, How was lunch?

It looks like we weren't the only ones having fashion fun: What not to wear: The Cardigan

No mention of pantyhose, however, so sorry!

JMH, I was going to mention thigh highs or garter belts but felt that would send hit over the edge! :)

Rick Ballard

I suspect the head tilt is actually just a typical mistake made by people who lift their chins instead of the crown of their heads when they're trying to stand up really, really, really straight."


Straighten the chicken neck above squared rather than slumped shoulders and the head comes to a point. It's not at all unusual and Obama knows what it looks like in a full profile shot if he doesn't tilt his head.

JM Hanes

Ann: LOL. I was ready to cede the field to Fausta till I got to the "chin up" part, though.

Rick: I hate to say it, but I'm not really sure what you're talking about, profile wise.



Lunch was great, long and liquid!


Me neither, Rick. In fact, I've been looking at nilotic faces, like the Masai , and I still don't see what the heck you're talking about.

Now--on another completely OT note--everyone better get a fun hobby to help manage the next four years. If you haven't one, maybe you want to get the wonderful book, Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.

Tonight I made a simple Indian meal because I was busy here with workmen all day--to add to the tandoori chicken and carrot salad, I reached into my refrigerator bread bank, took out some peasant bread dough and ghee (clarified butter) and in ten minutes had some yummy naan to go with it.

Honestly, without something fun to master and do, we will all go crazy from the combination of political insanity and media coverup.


Sounds like a porno movie, Jane!

(I'm not waiting around for Chaco or hit tonight!) LOL :)


Hobbies? Did someone say hobbies?

Clarice's is "artisanal" breads.

Mine is perennial and herb gardening.


Honestly, without something fun to master and do,

Well I have a pair of thigh highs. If I reach in my refrigerator fun bank, took out some ready whip and in ten minutes had some yummy ...never mind!!!

(You see why I love hit so much.)


CC, we could make beautiful music together.

Ann, back away from that wolford catalogue and stay away from HIT!

JM Hanes

Back on topic, Michelle debarks the helicopter in Baden Baden wearing a magenta silk cocktail dress. (scroll down to click on "Nato Celebrates 60 Years"). It's like someone mixed up her formal/casual cue cards, isn't it?


I can't find the pic you are linking, too. But in general yes..she could use a clue card.

JM Hanes

Clarice, if you scroll 8 or 9 titles down on the video index page, and click on "NATO Celebrates 60 Years" you can see what I'm talking about at the very beginning of the video that pops up.

I was just kidding about the back-on-topic part, of course. :-) Punching dough sounds pretty good about now!


(You don't have to knead any more..It's all just shape and bake...)


I think that was under the floral quote she wore in Strasburg. It's the same colors but in reverse (the major color was the accent color in the coat). The style isn't bad this time..but the fabric is still not right for daytime.

(BTW I read that Bruni's outfit was a $5k suede number whipped up for her by Dior who apparently does most of her clothes.)



**floral COAT***

Proof that it's way past my bedtime. Niters.


LOL, Clarice

Was just having fun. :)


I think that was under the floral quote she wore in Strasburg. It's the same colors but in reverse (the major color was the accent color in the coat). The style isn't bad this time..but the fabric is still not right for daytime.

I'm dying to get a shot from behind on that dress.


Now we know why she does not do casual: Casual Cardigans and Pants Never Work For ME

Hell with pantyhose just skip the pants! LOL


OOPs, sorry for the double exposure !!! It was really bad the first time! :(


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