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May 01, 2009



What a race! I still have goosebumps . That Calvin is somethin, ain't he.

Jane-We had the NY fly-over for $327,000. Don't know if anyone's mentioned it, but those airframes and aircrews would fly that time some time this fiscal year. Use it or lose it. We used to zero out our allotment within 5 minutes.

Breezy-her husband, along with the Republican party contributed to the financial ruining of the entire country while giving the richest people in the country a tax breake. Please! Umm, Breezy Barb's husband raised taxes and it was a big part of why he didn't get reelected.

Charlie (Colorado)

I'm not going to waste my time responding to so much foolish bitterness and hatred.

If only it were so.



I haven't seen too many $400 ties, and I like nice ties. I'm calling Bullshit.

Who could forget Bo Derek? Still a fine looking woman and not a complete ditz.

How about the Derby? Incredible! A 50-1 shot and the raw emotion of Calvin Borel was transcending; one of those moments that will go down as a classic in sports.

As to the whole Michelle Obama discussion, it's her and her husband's constant hectoring of everyone else that causes others to react, you schmuck. Wagyu beef, $500 kicks, and Wednesday night raves while the rest of the country is hurting send the wrong message. A pair of hypocritical socialist tin ear fools....

Old Lurker

What Ignatz said at 3:08.

Mustang0302 that you?

Big shoes, she is not a woman, all your other childress insults. Boo- Hoo-Hoo. Grow-up, get a dam life will you? Mrs. Obama don't give a Dam what you racists idiots have to say!!!!!!!!

"And now I'm up at 5 A.M. to walk the "dam" puppy again, too! Did you see what I stepped in last time? Do you KNOW how MUCH these shoes cost...somebody?"


About that dog walking at 5am when it was supposed to be the kids job. Who are the irresponsible parents that laid out requirements for the children regarding care for the dog, then failed to teach the children to fulfill their responsibilities?

Call CPS 'cause it sounds like abuse.


They have no ethics, Alisnky dedicated Rules to Lucifer, the first rebel, as I recall. That is the indication of eho we're dealing with. They arrived in the White House on the chackbooks of AIG (I wouldn't doubt Cassano, himself had a role,)Fannie & Freddie, Countrywide, Lehman, et al.


narciso, I'm a little shocked that the Obamas would so openly discuss their parental shortcomings.

Walking the dog at that time of day presents no safety issues for the children because of the very secure environment in which they live.

I understand it's easier to walk the dog yourself than drag a child out of bed at that hour, but if that was the agreement, then the adult Obamas need to teach the girls to honor their word. It's just good parenting.


"I wonder if Oprah and Michelle have the same shoe size."

Surely you jest.

A legitimate question would be whether Michelle Obama and Stephon Marbury have the same shoe size.

Michelle Obama is a big woman by human standards (perhaps not by Klingon standards).


I believe Michelle's "job", like all the things and money her "community organizer" husband got, were the fruits of good old Chicago extortion, political payoffs, and bribery. The Machine did it on a new scale this time.


Heh, the floating comment is pretty kewl.

Hmmm...I wonder if my comment can call spirits from the vasty deep, too.

(have you ever read that thread? read the comments. kim pops in from time to time to help the poor souls out.)

Posted by: hit and run | May 02, 2009 at 03:11 PM

Hit...It's my favorite thread. I also noticed Cryptic hasn't been around in a while, what up with that?


"So tell me, what kind of tennies does Cindy McCain wear when she's volunteering at a food bank? Does she volunteer at food banks? Does she volunteer at anything not involving access to prescription drugs?"

** 1988: Mrs. McCain founded the American Voluntary Medical Team (AVNT) and led 55 medical aid missions into war-zones over a seven year period.

** 1994: Mrs. McCain witnessed the Rwanda genocide first hand when her team risked their lives to help victims of gang rape, murder, hunger and disease. Mrs. McCain says she had to step over dead bodies to find those still alive.

** Mrs. McCain serves on the board of Operation Smile, a non-profit organization providing surgery to children born with cleft lips. 100,000 around the world children can smile because of Operation Smile.

** Mrs. McCain is a member of the Halo Trust, a nonprofit organization dedicated to removing land-mines. Halo has removed 7,000 land mines in 10 countries around the world.

** Mrs. McCain volunteered for missions to Morocco, Vietnam, and India. On one trip to India 17 years ago, Mother Teresa handed Mrs. McCain a newborn child born with a cleft lip -- surgery was the only thing that could save the baby’s life -- asking her to take the child to a hospital in the U.S. Mrs. McCain, who says she could not part with the baby when she reached the U.S., told Senator McCain: “meet your new daughter.” The beautiful young woman named Bridgette McCain stood beside her mother and siblings to introduce her father at the Republican National Convention.

** In 2004, Mrs. McCain suffered a stroke from high blood pressure. Once fully recovered, she not only joined her husband’s campaign, Mrs. McCain went back to being an aid worker, joining mission’s teams around the world.

** She travels with the World Food Program: in 2008, Mrs. McCain joined WFP on a trip to Rwanda to deliver food and medicine to famine victims.

** 2008: On the trip to Rwanda Mrs. McCain met a group called Women For Women International, an organization helping female survivors of war get educations, jobs, start businesses, receive counseling, rights, food, water, shelter, and medicine.

** Mrs. McCain also works with Pour Un Sourire d’ Enfant (For a Smile of a Child) providing support and education to abused children in third world counties where the basics are not available without the help of volunteers like Cindy McCain who are willing to hike through the most unpleasant situations to help others.

I hope this helps answer your question. [Source]

tea anyone

Well sure you silly, but how does that compare to flotus sorting food in expensive shoes?

Captain Hate

Nice list to rebut the trolls, Oyster, but they're pretty immune to facts or anything else that indicates a degree of intelligence, which is what makes them so useful to Axelrod.

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