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May 21, 2009


Mike Huggins

I'll tag along on the end of this thread some historical perspective, that I happened to read last night. (From Jay Winik, April 1865, The Month That Saved America: 2001, Harper-Collins)
(p. 246)"Everywhere Lincoln turned (1864), there were fervent antiwar rallies. As the ever erratic Horace Greeley wrote in 1863, 'Our bleeding, bankrupt, almost dying country longs for peace...' And this was not simply the anxious prattle of Copperheads and a few highly visible editors and intellectuals. By now, battalions of peace movements had cropped up across the north and became the basis of the Democratic Party platform of 1864 ('after four years of failure to restore the Union by the experiment of war... [we] demand immediate efforts for a cessation of hostilities...')

...But even as a deathly weariness settled over him. Lincoln was never mawkishly self-pitying. He did persevere. Consider his dispatches to his generals: 'Hold on with a bull-dog grip and chew & choke as much as possible'; 'Stand firm'; 'Hold firm, as with a chain of steel'; 'watch it every day, and hour, and force it.' "

Tpday's MSM can chatter all they want, but I know who sounds more like Lincoln, today, and it t'ain't the O.


An angry Cheney is Obama's worst nightmare. Obama's whole political strategy is based on "Bush is the devil and I'm here to rescue America from his evil". The problem is he figured this would go unquestioned, since the media is busily licking his feet at every opportunity.

Obama really doesn't want to "re-litigate" the Bush years. If this happened, he'd lose and he knows it, and his grand programs would all be set aside while Congresscritters investigate CIA types, as well as each other.

Cheney getting right in his grill complicates this whole strategy, particularly since Cheney is practically begging to do the "re-litigation". A couple years of hearings in the Senate? Cheney says Bring. It. On.

Steve Clark

"Obama claimed that as Commander in Chief he has seen the intelligence and knows that the enhanced techniques were not necessary"

Then there is little reason to hold back on fulfilling Cheney's request for release of the information gained from the interrogations. In fact, all the more reason to release them.

Tom asked whether Obama is a lucky guesser. I ask, is Cheney is a high stakes gambler knowing that Obama can release the information he requests?


"It's like when I brought a house from a crazy cat lady. Before I could start the renovations, I had to scrape two feet of crap off the floors."

And replaced it with three feet of crap.

Good Lt.

Is anyone else getting tired of Obama whining about the big problems he, as President, faces?

Isn't that the job he spent two years campaigning for? Doesn't he realize that the President's problems are and always have been the biggest problems?

This is the Presidency, Obama. It isn't the Senate, where you sit on your worthless ass all day voting "present" and are admired for making windy speeches to an audience of nobody.

We don't need more "major speeches." We need a plan that doesn't endanger the lives of the public if you're going to close the perfectly sensible and legal detention facility for these animals at Gitmo, and you haven't articulated one.

What are we - almost six months in and we still don't have a plan? You're doing a helluva job, Barry.


For a 'Constitutional Scholar' President Obama does not understand the negative liberty construction of the Constitution and would love to make it a liberty granting document: you get your liberty from government, they are not in-born when we are all created equal with all liberty and rights handed to us.

Then he does go on to give one of the most befuddled, strange and ahistorical presentations with lots of CYA and trying to appease everyone, thus appealing to no one save his sycophants. A speech longer than most of my posts! And I thought that I had problems... looking at the speech is one of those trials and tribulations that attend hubris and narcissism.

When finished I clearly understood he had no idea of past precedent, the Laws of War and the Laws of Peace, the Law of Nations which is prominently mentioned in the US Constitution, nor why the distinction of those fighting under sovereign rule and those fighting Private war are horrifically different from each other in that the latter have foregone all attachment to civilization and reclaimed all their liberties to themselves.

We are not just a Nation of laws, but a Nation under the concept of the Law of Nations bound by the Great Peace of Westphalia and we do make distinctions upon those who return to savagery and those who show civilized understanding of the necessary submission to civil law for the protection of all mankind. Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt understood this completely as seen by their orders and rules they followed. By citing no works, no data, nothing to back his claim of what 'Fundamental Values' actually are, President Obama now steps away from all known precedent and lawful procedure... both in the military realm of warfare and in the civil realm of bankruptcies and the economy. He cannot even follow his own statements at the beginning of a speech by the end of it.

It is that fundamental impairment of reason that is striking. I try to keep on a topic and explain it, often in exquisite detail, so as to provide examples and exemplars of previous thought and work and why it is vital to us. President Obama cannot do that, for there is no history to back him as the battlefield justice that has always been meted out to savage man has been the same from the Late Bronze Age to our modern era. The writings of what happened when those who returned to savagery actually 'won' is written on the walls of ancient caves and in clay tablets fired by burning cities, and in the great archives of the Hittites. At any time up to their capture those who wage savage war can submit to civil law... strangely the open arms of law and justice of society do not entice them and they do not want nor seek it. They seek the justice of the battlefield. Exercising that justice to defend ourselves is most civilized.

Now it will be the only option open.

Thus a death struggle with savage man does not start with dispassionate but prejudiced determination, but with a smiley face and a 'we are so nice, don't kill us' expression.



I wonder how some in the CIA feel about being praised and defended by Dick Cheney.

Hopefully, some have the decency to be greatly ashamed...and greatful.



the right has a view that can be summed as "Anything Goes".

Really? "Anything goes"?

Actually this is far too kind to the right wing. Their views could be better summed up as:
"Please Daddy, do anything you have to! Save me from the scary terrorists under my bed!"

LTC John

"Did he mention that the membership in the "Ogabe Leisure Class" has risen by two million since his inauguration?"

Rick, think of it as an advanced tax cut for millions! No income = lower tax burden.


"Is anyone else getting tired of Obama whining about the big problems he, as President, faces?"

Yes, been tired of it for a long time.

Mr. President, no one's making you say in office if you have discovered you don't like the job.

Of course, it appears he does like some parts if it, such as the Wed. night parties and the appearances before adoring crowds. It's the actual governing that's not so gratifying.


s/say in office/stay in office/


--Actually this is far too kind to the right wing. Their views could be better summed up as:
"Please Daddy, do anything you have to! Save me from the scary terrorists under my bed!"--

Clueless, nutroot, self-parody alert!


O constantly complains about the mess he inherited. But he's setting a dangerous precedent for himself 'cause whomever follows him is totally screwed.


If Zero gets a second term--I'm scared to death he won't give up the presidency--he'll change the constitution back to pre-FDR or whatever he wants.


glasater, if that happens, maybe Texas really will secede.



I think Texas could be our only hope.

Clueless, nutroot, self-parody alert!

Say whatever you like. You've become like a parody of a parody. You sound like the guards on Hogan's Heroes, only less courageous. You do, however, have all the sadism of any torturer.

Mike Huggins

Great post, jacksonian.

I'm with General William Tecumseh Sherman on this.


"The Fierce Urgency of Someday"
All the wistfullness of a song from "West Side Story" with none of the sincerity.


I am laying a bet that his onesomeness the Pharoah Obama cannot make a speech without using the first person singular.Go for it Barrance!

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