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May 21, 2009


Mike Huggins

How about some barren volcanic island in the Pacific, sort of like Iwo. Videotape and broadcast it as "Jihadi Survivor Island."

Old Lurker

BillAz and Rick were too cryptic. The 10 Year Treasury Bond increased its cost today about 18 basis points, from about 3.15% to about 3.33% (still bouncing around this afternnon).

No green shoot in that data anywhere, as that represents in increase in borrowing cost of about 6% in one half of one day. Try annualizing that rate.

Old Lurker

...AN increase...


The more I know Obama, the more I detest him, and never so much as today. Sorry PUNK, the National Archives did not give you gravitas, it just made you look like a fraud.

Dick Cheney just said everything I've wanted someone to say ever since this OLC memo mess got started.

And Obama is a liar. He knows that Cheney is telling the truth, and releasing those memos would prove it.



the UK lost it's AAA rating, and we';re about to. Could have something to do with that. Here comes O'flation!

Read the two speeches and commented. LUN.


Preach it sister!


You must be so proud of your main man today!

Old Lurker

Now does not this make your skin crawl?:

"May 21 (Bloomberg) -- The United Auto Workers said it reached a tentative agreement with General Motors Corp. and the U.S. Treasury to modify the carmaker’s 2007 labor contract and a health-care trust for union retirees."


Hey guys, you oughta go look at the racist shit I put up on this winger site called "JustOneMinute" ( No one even said anything to me about it LOL!!!

Tips go here please.


Ignore that

Old Lurker

"No one even said anything to me about it LOL!!!"

Except that MayBee, speaking for all of us, slapped you down in the very next post.

Now get lost.

Old Lurker

I'm sorry Clarice. I forgot the rules and fed it.


"The 10 Year Treasury Bond increased its cost today about 18 basis points, from about 3.15% to about 3.33%"

The bond markets are slowly coming to the recognition that we have a burst of inflation baked in the cake sometime in the next couple of years. Gold is also pricing that in. I hope everyone has locked in their mortgage rates.


Original MikeS - Well done! Well stated!

This joke of a president will be pushed out of office when unemployment hits 15%. Wind mills? Solar panels? We need to drill for our own oil, build nuclear power plants, coal plants, natural gas plants.

Barry Chavez is very much an academic Marxist, no doubt. It's just that so few people today have the ability to recognize Marxism or perhaps they agree with it which explains their silence.


Quite frankly, none of the Left's lying memes would have taken hold and become "conventional wisdom" if Bush had allowed Cheney to respond more loudly and more frequently than he did.

I'll never understand why Bush and his administration allowed their critics to turn the public's opinion against them like they did.

Old Lurker

That and allowing runaway spending were his two great failures, fdcol, enabling the bunch in power now.


Just heard ABC's Ann Compton on the top of the hour radio news doing breathless compassion for Obama. Don't know what she said, as I immediately try to mentally tune her out, but she is the master at the breathless impassioned sentence. You've probably all heard her a Million times also but can't place her name or face. If she is that way in real life and not just when she is on the air, then if she was to simply say that she needed to go to the toilet, she would enunciate it with such poignant pathos that you'd feel a UN Human Rights Commission should be immediately convened just to investigate the urgency of the matter.

I suppose my question for Clarice or any of you guys who might know her is if she as full of S@#t in real life as she is on the radio?


Me, neither, fdcol63. Maybe Cheney will cover that in his book. I hope he does.


Old Lurker,

The only explanations that I can come up with are:

1) For the spending, perhaps Bush believed it necessary to compromise on this issue in the hopes of getting more support from the Dems for the war efforts.

2) He still believed that, as far as national security was concerned, he yet believed in the adage that "politics stop at the water's edge", and seriously underestimated the Dems' capacity and willingness to engage in seditious and treasonous behavior.


Heh, daddy. I know who you're talking about. Always thought if she looked how she sounded, you'd need thick dark glasses to sheild your eyes. She really likes to say "the President," too.


“President Obama told human rights advocates at the White House on Wednesday that he was mulling the need for a ‘preventive detention’ system that would establish a legal basis for the United States to incarcerate terrorism suspects who are deemed a threat to national security but cannot be tried,” Sheryl Gay Stolberg writes in The New York Times. “The two participants, outsiders who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the session was intended to be off the record, said they left the meeting dismayed.”

“Obama was succinct about his reversal, according to one person at the meeting, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the meeting was private: ‘He said, “I was a constitutional law scholar. Now I’m commander in chief,” ’ ” per The Boston Globe’s Joseph Williams.

Now he is a goof. Trying to out do his VP. Who in their right mind goes before a group of Human Rights folks and talks about a "preventive detention" system ? This is what Gulags were invented for.

Perhaps he forgot about this part of the Constitution (since he gave up being a “constitutional law scholar”) ..

The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it.
Anybody seen any “rebellion or invasion” ? Thought not.


Chip, in the White House Press Corp, asked Gibbs why O talks disparagingly of the DC practice of fingerpointing, yet does so much of it.

ha ha ha ha ha ha


daddy--I don't know if I've ever heard her.

And I probably won't.

After the election I decided the way to retain whatever sanity and brain cells I had left was to turn off the TV and radio . I did that and it worked.

Add a lot more exercise and my temperment and general disposition have greated improved.

Rick Ballard


If you ask yourself what a soft minded Rockefeller Republican would do you'll have the answer. Bush may have been raised in Texas but the Texas roots were pretty shallow. I can't say that he ever really surprised me or strayed very far at all from my initial read of his as his father's son.

George Bush kept his word and his promises as President and I respect him greatly for doing so. The contrast with his successor is even greater than the contrast with his trashy predecessor.

I'll be looking for Cheney's explanation of that observation in his book. I sure hope "Cheney Unleashed" has a long run. It will be very good for the party if it does.


Gee, the 10 year Treasury has blown out 180 basis points in 4 hours. That's a tiny bit unusual

Didn't that have something to do with the FED not buying as much as expected?

Check out Stephanie's LUN at 2:04--it's a hoot!


Anybody seen any “rebellion or invasion” ? Thought not.

Posted by: Neo | May 21, 2009 at 03:31 PM

Well, actually, I've made the argument in various forums that when over a dozen men infiltrate the country for the express purpose of carrying out a devistating attack, it is an invation.

What really bothers me about this story is this statement:

“I was a constitutional law scholar. Now I’m commander in chief,”

Which indicates that he really understands neither the constitution nor his oath of office, and feels entitled to simply abrogate the constitution when it conflicts with his personal policy goals just because he is president.


"I was a constitutional law scholar."

Only because Harvard is the partisan liberal institution that it is.

Old Lurker

Clarice, Daddy. Her kids were at Cathedral schools circa same time as Russert and Mathews kids. Far cry from St. Albans producing Brit Hume.


I miss my old friend Brit more than I can say. At the end of the day, it was nice to hear him---made me feel less isolated in my bemusement at the idiocy of the day.


' futile and counterproductive'

informants sons getting Harvards and presidencies.

Mike Huggins

On they way out to lunch, I heard on NPR, BBC/PRI's "The World"coverage of the two speeches(forcing myself to hear how they would spin this). Along with a fairly straightforward summary of the two, they were able to make room for 2 - count 'em 2, critics from lefty think tanks to opine how O had to go further to protect the rights of "detainees." No one from anywhere near the right. Then it was on to Ron Susskind, who opined about how marvelous O's speech was and how it would correct all the bad things Bush had done. And then it was off to get the reactions of Couldn't stand it anymore.

But, something Susskind said really spelled out the idiotic thought processes going on with the left on this. He said (paraphrasing) that Al Qaeda's goal was to "turn ourselves inside out" and do things against our moral principles. That's how they would win. Funny, I thought their goal was to kill as many of us infidels as possible and install an islamic state, everywhere.

Sort of like thinking that Kampfgruppe Peiper's goal (or that of a kamikaze squadron) was to get us to fight amongst ourselves while they waited in the wings to declare victory. Sheer lunacy!


" I hope everyone has locked in their mortgage rates."

"Here Comes the Option ARM Mortgage Explosion"

"This is going to be a huge problem, particularly for Wells Fargo (WFC). The biggest writer of these abominations of housing finance vehicles was Golden West, which was bought by Wachovia, which was then absorbed into WFC. Unlike sub-prime mortgages, these were for the most part targeted at more upscale homeowners. The next wave of foreclosures will be in gated communities, not on the 'wrong side of the tracks.'"


roger rainey

The nation is beginning to realize that there is virtually no connection between Obama's words and what he does. Its as if some twenty-something is penning sweet nothings for him to read. Oh, wait...


Nothing will erase this fact:

Obama and the same liberals hyperventilating over the use of EIT's support legislation that allows doctors to yank an innocent baby (sorry, "fetus") out of its mother's womb, jamming scissors into the back of its head, and then sucking its brains out in an abortion (sorry, exercise of "choice").

Yet they criticize the use of EIT's when "nicer" interrogation techniques have failed to get information from hardened terrorist scum like KSM that could stop the murder of innocent Americans and others throughout the world.

Spare me the pretentious indignation!

To continue to use the argument that we are "better than they are" - which we are - simply exposes the fallacy of the "moral" and "cultural" relativism they've been preening about for the past 30+ years.

Old Lurker

Me too re Brit Hume.

Now I Tivo the roundtable but watch it only if Krauthammer is on.

Otherwise I read a book...


Old lurker, my children remind me when it's time for "Charles."

Captain Hate

Enlightened @ 1:53 == Bringing teh awesome.


"I was a constitutional law scholar."

Did O really say that? Don't "scholars" have to do some sort of, er, scholarly work? Like writing something influential (no, memoirs don't count), or producing original research? How shameless can he get?

Old Lurker

Let's count the ways he is an idiot:

"May 21 (Bloomberg) -- Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, asked about concerns over the U.S. government’s creditworthiness, said the Obama administration is committed to reducing its budget deficit.

“It’s very important that this Congress and this president put in place policies that will bring those deficits down to a sustainable level over the medium term,” he said, adding that the target is at least 3 percent of gross domestic product. “That is critically important.”

The dollar, Treasuries and American stocks slumped today on concern about the U.S. government’s debt rating. Bill Gross, the co-chief investment officer of Pacific Investment Management Co., said today the U.S. “eventually” will lose its AAA grade.

In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Geithner also said that a rise in Treasury bond yields “is a sign that things are improving” and that “there is a little less acute concern about the depth of the recession.”

The Treasury chief said it’s still “possible” that the unemployment rate may reach 10 percent or higher, cautioning that the economic recovery is still in the “early stages.”

“The important thing to recognize is that growth will stabilize and start to increase first before unemployment peaks and starts to come down,” he said. “These early signs of stability are very important” although “this is still a very challenging period for businesses and families across the United States.”

Now let's count:

Obama is comitted to lowering the deficits? Not according to his budget blueprint if you apply real assumptions to GDP, and not his make-believe projection...

So now "giving up our irresponsible spending" is defined as not overspending more than 3% of GDP? Good heavens, that is 1/6 of the amount usually rasied in taxes so that is huge. And that's his GOAL? So much for living within our means, as he lecturered us all.

Gross is right. UK just lost theirs.

"Rising Rates" means things are improving? Well after a recovery has begun, yes firms start borrowing more and that drives rates up some. But when the knife is still falling, rates rise because the government is demanding loans from increasingly reluctant lenders who fear inflation and a devalued currency. (Banana Republic Tax) Get real.

"Growth will stabilize then start to increase..." Did Turbo forget a first step? First Growth has to stop DECLINING before it stabilizes and then perhaps grow.


(Sorry, Bozo)

Captain Hate

"I was a constitutional law scholar."

"I'm a great lover, I think" Emo Phillips


"In an interview with Bloomberg Television, Geithner also said that a rise in Treasury bond yields 'is a sign that things are improving' and that 'there is a little less acute concern about the depth of the recession.'"

He could possibly say that with a straight face if the stock market were up, but if you take today, for example, bonds yields jumping in conjunction with the stock market tanking is simply not consistent with that view. Of course Timmy G is not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, so I wouldn't expect him to get all that.

Danube of Thought

I, too, thought that people became "scholars" on a topic only upon being published in that topic.



I can vouch for that. The ARM bubble is now hitting the pop point. We are seeing homes in the $900K - $2.5 Mil range going to short sales pretty regularly now here in Orange County.

It was interesting to read The Hill's parsing of the speeches. They said Obama conferred legitimacy on Cheney, which made me laugh. Cheney has more knowledge of the issues at hand than virtually anyone else.

But what was really interesting was was the difference between the prepared and delivered remarks. These guys really don't like each other.

Randa Perry

Thank you Jesus for Dick Chaney and the Bush Presidency... GW had the cajones to protect some oil for the USA in Iraq if the worst scenario was unleashed... you libs will be whining once you are driving around in little cars powered by lab rats... gag me with a spoon.

Old Lurker

"These guys really don't like each other."

One of them has cause.

Old Lurker

Your kids are well trained, Bad. I am not surprised.


Thanks Old Lurker! I maintain they succeed in spite of me...

Old Lurker

Ditto that, Bad.



Wouldn't it be easier to count the ways Geithner isn't? Also how does the Fed's new economic estimates compare to the Treasury's "stress test" assumptions?


The "Constitutional Law Scholar" self reference reminds me of his comment early on how he liked being President and It turns out, "I'm good at it".

He has a need to pump himself up in a way that's nonsensical if you are who you claim to be.

This is all so unbelievable.


rse, isn't it interesting that despite how often he brays about the importance of humility, he hasn't any.

Rick Ballard


Did you catch Gross of PIMPCO playing not a Friend of Fascism today? His comments on the US giving up AAA status might have had a bit to do with that 18 (which later became 15) basis point leap. He always, always talks his book, and he has a very big book.

Is he looking for a bigger cut of the plunder as a Friend of Fascism or is he setting Team TurboZero up for some exciting times at Treasury auctions?



is typepad working?


Gross is the same scuzz who enriched himself to the tune of billions when Pacific Mutual became PIMCO. I have zero respect for he and his partners in crime.


The UK hasn't lost its AAA rating,but has been given a warning. S&P has warned that if the deranged labour government keeps on with its lunatic spending plans Britain could be downgraded

This is socialism at work,coming to a country near you.
BTW.The petition,on Number 10s website asking for the resignation of the Prime Minister Crash Gordon stands at 62,050.
Crash might ignore the petition but the person who pushes him under the bus won't.

Old Lurker

"The UK hasn't lost its AAA rating,but has been given a warning."

Sorry, PUK, I read the headline too quickly and saw "S&P Cuts UK AAA Rating" and did not see the last word "Outlook".

No matter, we will both be there soon at the rate we are going.


NY Times Live: 'Overseas Bashing...Mr. Cheney Really Hates Europe'

Rick Ballard


Based upon the criteria given by S&P, the UK debt/GDP ratio is supposed to hit 83% in 2013 - and that's the rationale for S&P's "concern". The Q1 09 GDP for the US was $14.075T and current public debt outstanding is $11.285T - with roughly $2T to be added by year end. That would give the US a 94.39% debt/GDP by year end.

I don't think much of debt/GDP as a measure but it seems to me that S&P should be talking to Team TurboZero rather than Chancellor Darling (is he known as 'Darling the Dim'?).



Fortunately we have a general election next year,this slithering aglomeration of scurvy knaves are down the road.Labour will be in the wilderness for a generation,the hatred is visceral and palpable.One MP has had death threats,another a brick through his window.
Politicians rank lower than journalists,pimps and kiddy fiddlers.
Interesting times cousins,very interesting times.


Noticed that the PIMCO and S&P announcements seemed to have spooked the currency markets to. Can't really figure what Gross' comments were about, but he might be cheap enough to have wanted to pick up a few extra dollars.


Maybe will all mov ein with you,PUK..Don't talk it up too uch is all I'm saying.



But are the Tories any better? They seem to have the sort of "us too, but better" affliction that the GOP "elite" has. Good luck with sweeping out your political class in any event.


You are welcome Clarice.

Rich.It doesn't matter if the Tories are no better.The electorate has to have a way of punishing those politicians who displease them. Taking their toys away hurts them more than anything,there has been talk of suicides.That should make savings on MPs index linked pensions.
All the political class are on thin ice at the moment,there is a EU election shortly which is going to be a chainsaw massacre of our little cardboard princelings.

Old Lurker

Total Debt to GDP is not pretty (Rick's math). Deficit to GDP is even uglier. Having both ugly at the same time does not earn AAA ratings.

Geithner has the same disease Obama has about saying one thing and doing another. He pontificates about the wisdom of having deficts <=3% of GDP, while submitting a budget with four times that. They all seem to think their words are more important than their actions.

Rich is right about currencies today too. Hot cash is spooked.

Captain Hate

They all seem to think their words are more important than their actions.

That's what got us here.

I was extremely relieved to find out that most of my retirement investments have been placed in cash because the signals are so goddamn weird under Obimbo. Remarkably enough, the stuff that was cashed out had all made a positive return!!


Telegraph piece on Cheney LUN

Captain Hate

My God that was a great read Clarice. The Telegraph sees little Barry for what he is while the parvenu trash that makes up the "fourth estate" (and why some of you otherwise extremely intelligent people torture yourselves daily with that vat of speech impediments called NPR; it's enough to make me think there's a certain S&M side to you) dons their red noses and ginormous shoes. I first noticed during the campaign that the UK reporters' coverage of the candidate with no birth certificate was much more to the point and saw through all the obvious ruses.

Old Lurker

Cap'n, who manages your retirement money? It is a rare bird concerned enough to go to cash last year. Most of them just preached diversity and doubling down.

Captain Hate

OL, it's a guy I used to loosely work with who was after me for a long time to cast my fate with him. Mrs Hate is usually extremely skeptical about anything more risky than passbook savings accounts and stuffing the mattress but even she has been impressed with his results.


This may have been Obama's dumbest move yet.

He could have allowed Cheney to make his speech secure in the knowledge that the MSM wouldn't give it much coverage, and what little they did would involve panning it critically. Instead, he decided to take the field against a man who gave us the word "gravitas."

The decision bespeaks insecurity.

How's the taste, Obama?


Thanks for the link Clarice! Sadly, I think we will have to rely more and more on the media outside our shores to critique our Naked Emporer properly.

Old Lurker

Mrs Hate would like Mrs Lurker.

She makes me be careful not to have too many passbook accounts in the same bank...


I went to cash. Actually on the Friday before the initial crash in Sept (it happened on Mon) I told my broker to go to crash because it just felt like something was about to happen. He talked me out of it - well that's not fair to him because it was my decision but I said I would wait until Monday. Monday I got out after losing 7% and I've been out almost entirely since then.



Geithner is doing his part to butter up everyone for the next round of massive tax hikes to "right the ship", "fairness", and "for the children". Wonder if he'd suggest that maybe something like Americorp should be defunded and closed and that maybe its a bad idea to give ACORN a $6 billion check. Suppose that is all small change when we're talking about a $2 Trillion budget defict but got to start somewhere.


Greta is talking to John McCain.

Has he become completely irrelevant or what? Lord, I cannot stand the main (or his daughter).


'I have no interest in spending all of our time relitigating the policies of the past eight years.'

Well, Mr. President, then don't.

Old Lurker

Jane, good call. We can compare run-to-cash notes when you come collect that drink in Nantucket.

Only thing bad about cash is it earns chump change these days!

Old Lurker

PD, that quote is always truncated right where you stopped. His next words were "...others can do that..."

The man has lots of others around him.


LOL, cc.

My husband just got home and I said "Why does Greta think we care what that man says or thinks."

I am done with the main, too. :)

Old Lurker

Well if Greta could get Graham to join McCain, maybe...

Captain Hate

OL, I've met the guy that does his picking for him and I know that he picks funds to hold for at least 4-8 weeks (he claims whatever algorithms he employs necessitate riding out some early bumpy periods unless things go completely crazy, like something akin to non-financial upheaval) and whatever positions he had in developing markets had recently done well. But he said that current conditions made absolutely nothing look good per his guidelines. I know he's done well in utilities before during rough times but who knows what An Inconvenient Preznit has planned for that sector.

Old Lurker

Just be careful, Cap'n. Lot's of icebergs out there.


I think the Telegraph inoculated its writers against the Obama fever.

Rick Ballard

Icebergs, sharks and the beach is mined if you make it ashore. It's definitely an 'E' ticket at the moment.

Btw - the numbers I used are straight from the Treasury Daily Report and the BEA GDP data. The only significant note is that about $5T of the public debt is held by the SSA (isn't that comforting).


"I was a constitutional law scholar."

Even allowing "was" is charitable.


Thanks, Clarice.

That was yummy. I want to send Mr. Cheney a letter. Do you have an address or suggestion?


Address it this way:

Dick Cheney
Wyoming, USA

Bet it gets there.

Old Lurker

Counting the SS debt is legit, Rick, as far as I'm concerned. Frankly the rating agencies should use traditional GAAP/FASB accrural accounting and pull in all the other unfunded promises too and score them as liabilities. The debt more than triples when you do that.

Ditto accounting at the State & Local levels.

Sooner we get honest about this, the better for the future of all concerned.


The Telegraph article was the 11th punch to Obama's glass jaw.

OL mentioned that the next sentence after relitigate in Obama's speech was the "others can do that"-big confidence booster. Wow and to go with a previous comment that he isn't interested in going after "low level" employees, if I were in the SES or Schedule C, I might consider getting a 5 million dollar legal insurance policy. Just in case.

Noticed this bit in the speech too: **Ramzi Yousef tried to blow up the World Trade Center. He was convicted in our courts and is serving a life sentence in U.S. prisons.**

Hummm-the truck bomb detonated in the basement, so Yousef was more successful than try. Anyway he was first convicted for the Bojinka plot then the seditious conspiracy regarding the WTC bombing. By the time he was tried for the seditious conspiracy, he was already serving a life sentence.

And to get to narciso's bug-a-boo, the August 01 PDB included that al Qeada wanted to hijack airlines *to compel the release of Islamic terrorists in US jails* (and I'd note that Indian Airlines 814, probably the only other hijacking al Qeada pulled off, al qeada compelled India to release some terrorists in jail after negotiations in Pakistan and Dubai).

Doesn't keeping a bunch of terrorist in US jails put Americans at risk for capture to compel the administration to release terrorists from jail? And how much evidence do they really have against the East Africa Embassies bomber-of the 4 convicted for involvement-3 of them "confessed" while under duress in Kenya, most of the case is built around rendition interrogations and FISA evidence.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

All I could think of when I saw BHO and read the Telegraph article Clarice linked was the Tom Hanks character in Big.

Recall the scene at the end of the movie when Hanks walked down the street as the "big" Josh and slowly became David Moscow, the "little" Josh. At the very end the suit overwhelmed the little guy just like the presidency is beginning to fit BHO.

BHO looks smaller and smaller as the days go by. Unfortunately the country will have to deal with this immature twit until at least 2012.


Great Telegraph link Clarice.

As for the McCain's;

At the gym on the stationary bike today I was below the Tyra Banks Show with special guest Meghan McCain. I didn't even put on the headset, much less even glance upward as it turned my stomach just to accidentally notice it every few minutes. Instead read a good book, "Champlain's Dream", by historian D.H. Fischer, on the founding of Canada. Not as good as "Washingon's Crossing", but worth reading, and way the heck better than Tyra and Meghan slobbering over each other.

Rick Ballard


He's very, very weak and the muslim predators already have the scent of his cowardice. We haven't been in this bad a shape since the Brits decided to pay back Jefferson's support of Napoleon by burning Washington - speaking of 2012 and looking back two hundred years.

I just hope that the filthy ayatollahs love money more than spreading the death cult. They'll never have a better opportunity to strike than they do today. Alternatively, he's so damned weak that they can't know that he wouldn't glass Tehran to cover his ineptitude. Small comfort.


Jim, what an excellent picture..I'll probably steal that you know. **Swoooopppppp***



I'm not sure Obama could pull that trigger against Iran, regardless of how badly we are attacked here. Anyway, seeing the sentimentality and neediness in his speech, he's practically begging them to hit Europe (especially if al Qeada or other groups can track down former Gitmo detainees to help in the attacks). Puts a further wedge between the US and Europe, probably gets European nations to bail on their NATO committments, and reduces Obama's popularity in Europe, when the attacks are coupled with an agit-prop campaign linking the attacks to Obama's "broken promises".

Others have parsed the speech but this is a real kicker: "In other words, we went off course. And this is not my assessment alone. It was an assessment that was shared by the American people who nominated candidates for President from both major parties who, despite our many differences, called for a new approach -- one that rejected torture and one that recognized the imperative of closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay."

The War on Terror was what item number 4 and completely drowned out but the total market meltdown and the really shitty way the TARP program was put together on the fly. IIRC, the day the House voted down TARP the first time, the market crashed about 900 points. McCain in his infinite wisdom went to DC-to listen, not lead. Obama continued to campaign and had as an economic policy, "Warren Buffett supports me".

And this is a keeper: **For reasons that I will explain, the decisions that were made over the last eight years established an ad hoc legal approach for fighting terrorism that was neither effective nor sustainable -- a framework that failed to rely on our legal traditions and time-tested institutions, and that failed to use our values as a compass. And that's why I took several steps upon taking office to better protect the American people.**

Except when those "legal traditions and time-tested instutions" failed. The East Africa cell was known to Kenyan and US authorities, they replaced leadership and cadre more than once, they had a cell member arrested and deported to the US nearly a year before the bombings, and still our "legal traditions and time-tested instutions" couldn't prevent terrorists from bombing them. Or one better, the 9-11 terrorists all came to the US on legal, valid visas and aside from speeding tickets, didn't outwardly break the law outside of their conspiracy. Our legal traditions and time-tested institutions would have had difficulty holding them if the conspiracy were broken up before 9-11. Yousef had committed an overt act in furtherance of his Bojinka conspiracy-he planted a bomb on PLA 434 killing a passenger. The 9-11 terrorists even waited until the last week to get the plane tickets. Or LUN for another example-well before the Bush Adminstration "shredded" the Constitution, in how our legal system is not the proper forum to try or even surveil foreign terrorist suspects.


Speaking of Gitmo. One of the newsmonkies today called Gitmo "The most notorious prison in the World"


I bet Cuba and Venezuela have got some zingers.


"Constitutional Law Professor"

No, no, no, I beleive he was an associate lecturer or some such.


In a speech to persuade the nation that he's on top of the issue of protecting the nation from external threats, the President couldn't properly name his Secretary of Defense.....

Keep in mind, the entire time Clintoon was in office, he NEVER met with Tommy Franks.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

I would be flattered if you did, Clarice.


The only comfort for me is that W, Cheney, Petraeus, et al, took the political heat to continue the battle until Jan 20, 2009. In addition, BHO at least is pursuing the Taliban and Al Queda with drones, and Pakistan is making some tentative moves in the SWAT region. As a result, the enemy has their hands full merely surviving.

But (as seen today) our prisons are fertile ground for enemy operatives to recruit low-level thugs for sapper operations. Putting any hard core "detainees" from Gitmo into that system seems particularly foolhardy.

The folks with influence in the present White House appear oblivious to this obvious danger. If there is but one attack that succeeds over the next four years, BHO's approval rating will go from 60 to 40 overnight. Hopefully he or someone in his gang understands this -- which is our only hope from a security standpoint. So far there is little indication that he or they are waking up.

Today's performance was a particularly sorry attempt at tamping down rising dudgeon from John Q. Public.


But of the 4 wanna' be terrorist guys just arrested in New York; Didn't they say that they became terrorists because of Afghanistan

I beleive that I also heard today that they were recruited IN PRISON, which sorta makes it even more stupid to have terrorrists in the U.S. prison system.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

You heard right, PO.

Why was that not mentioned in Mr. Won's speech; especially when he is so on top of everything!!!

But in his hastily arranged speech he says nada about this.


After Obama's ridiculous speech today, I keep wandering what the new battle ground rules are:

Are our soldiers expected to warn alleged "man caused disaters" their miranda rights?

Will he send any new captured man caused disaters to Gitmo? Or just shoot them on the spot? Maybe he will round a bunch of them up and have a drone get them.

Is there a new shoot don't capture rule?

He can't possibly send any new man caused disasters to Gitmo after today, so what is his plan?
If they are captured, where will they go?

Directly to New York? Will the soldiers capturing them come back with the man caused disasters to testify. What are the rules of evidence?

So many questions, and obviously no answers from the boy in a mans suit.

If we capture Osama will he appear in New York?

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