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June 20, 2009



Well, at least the Yankees won. I wonder about A-Rod's health, however.


He poked fun at other politicians, the economy, health care reform and other big problems facing the nation, and even his own White House team during the Washington, D.C. affair.

Referring to a picture of Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel riding a camel in Egypt, he said, "I admit, I was a little nervous about the whole situation. I said at the time, "This is a wild animal known to bite, kick and spit. And who knows what the camel could do?"

Of the effort to reform health care, he announced, "I have gained the support of the American Medical Association."

He then added, "It proves true the old expression that it's easier to catch flies with honey. And if honey doesn't work, feel free to use an open palm and a swift, downward wrist motion."

He told the audience he had been working to get the financial institutions and auto companies back on their feet.

"But you probably wouldn't understand the concept of troubled industries, working as you do in radio and television." He got more groans than laughs with this one.

Realizing he had touch a nerve, the President grinned and looked out at the audience and said "W-h-a-a-t! I can't joke about that."

Perhaps the funniest bit began with Obama declaring, "I have no ambition to run an auto company." He then went into a mock sales pitch for the Buick Enclave, exhorting the gathering, "C'mon, work with me here."

Obama also said he had a plan to jump-start the auto industry from his close friend, Oprah Winfrey.

The President said, "If each of you will look under your seat you will find that you get a car company." He added, "and Fox, you get AIG!"

Obama even managed to get laughs out of Secretary of State Clinton's broken elbow, saying the "Secret Service spotted Richard Holbrooke spraying WD40" all over the driveway where his boss fell.

"Now on top of the cost of health care and the recovery plan we have another fiscal problem. "Fortunately, the lawyers tell me Hillary is ready to settle."


The only thing good about this awful high pressure system over the SE is the chance to explain that, no, this has nothing to do with global warming.

Thanks to all the info from this site I get to see the look of surprise that this is fairly normal summer weather and not a glimpse of the planet's impending doom.


For those who understand government financial rules better than I do, would someone be kind enough to explain how this happens.

The amount of the debt reduction is taxable income

Thanks in advance.


There was speculation on the last thread about a Romney Presidency. Sorry, I just don't see it. For one thing, my understanding is Romneycare as been a disaster in MD. Romney might be electable, but he's way too much of a squish. I hope somebody with better conservative creds than him can come in, and, we allready know about his "mormon" problem. Maybe he'll convert or something?



"The amount of the debt reduction is taxable income, and you will owe money to the Internal Revenue Service. "


I don't know how else to word it, that's how it works.



If I loan someone $100 dollars for a promise to pay it back and they don't, they have gained $100. This is essentially the same as income, they were not required to report it because they were going to pay it back. I couldn't get the link to work so not sure of details.


edit: add initially after not required ot report it

Melinda Romanoff


Another way to look at it is like shorting a stock, which is where you sell the (borrowed first, thank you) stock first, then buy it back at a lower price. Pocketing the difference. Except in this case, the lender took a loss for the $10,000 and the borrower was forgiven that same $10,000. A bit like a gift, which, as well know, the IRS loves gifts, and is taxable, even though no actual cash changed hands.

Hope this helps.


Any experience with swapping out check valves with a spring check valve? It's been launched onto my to do NOW list.



Pofarmer, I guess I'm just dense, but maybe
my question is why does it work that way.

Let's say AAA has a good job and makes enough to qualify to buy a house on which he owes $300,000 . AAA loses that good job and is unable to make the house payments. His mother in law has the means to help him and tells AAA, she'll buy the house for him and he can pay her. Mother-in-law says she is only willing to pay $200,000 for the house. AAA goes to the mortgage holder and the mortgage holder agrees to the $200,000 offer. Are we supposed to believe that this somehow created a $100,000 taxable income for AAA?


How to explain the taxability of debt reduction?

Barter is taxable.


Not to quibble but,(quibbling)the IRS doesn't like gifts less than $13,000 so that's why they treat it as income rather than gift.



How about from lender point of view, they are going to write off the loss from transaction on taxes so if they lost who gained?

If you owed $300,000 then something other than paying it down happened and you owed $200,000 would that be a gain for you?

Jack is Back!

Here we go, all-right! Tiger goes off at 10:06 EDT. He has a lot to make up - he is 11 off the lead with his 2nd round yet to be played and before he finishes today he is going to get hit with heavy">'>heavy rain moving east over Pennsylvania at present. Lefty is in red numbers and he is in contention since the course is going to be soggy again on Sunday. Me? I'm staying home and watching on TV. I have maybe 4 hours for some beach time but its sort of gray and misty right now down at Little Plains beach. My other choice is to follow the Iranian election protests but given our tepid response this is not like Arroyo's or the Velvet revolution but more like Tianamen Square.

BB Key

Can someone explain BHO's joke last night about Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY)?

hit and run

Jack is Back, I just want to confirm that you weren't on the course at 7:40 yesterday evening,>following Todd Hamilton.

Mark O

Does anyone out there in cyberspace have thoughts on the notion that, having watched Obama’s serious foreign policy mistakes and knowing his penchant not to answer calls that come at 3 am, Hillary might use her elbow injury gracefully to move out of her position as Secretary of State so as not to be more closely associated with the coming doom?

After that, we’ll work on the Mayan calendar.

One last thing, with Nadal out with knee problems, isn’t Roger destined to win at Wimbledon and isn’t Nadal’s career unwinding already?



It doesn't appear to be on ESPN,do you know where it is? And this is his second round right? So when is his third scheduled assuming rain doesn't stop things.


Fox is reporting that Iranians are defying the ban.

Original MikeS

It doesn't appear to be on ESPN,do you know where it is?

It's on NBC


Yeah I found it. Thanks


I don't get the joke about Barrasso either, but Barrasso did make some reference to Limbaugh's wish that Obama fail. Another article about Zero's monologue with video at LUN


--"Now on top of the cost of health care and the recovery plan we have another fiscal problem. "Fortunately, the lawyers tell me Hillary is ready to settle."--

Wokka, wokka, wokka, these are da jokes folks.

He'll have to blame TOTUS. Shecky Green, hell, Fozzie Bear, could have written and delivered a better routine with a hangover.

What a stiff.

Rick Ballard

"Are we supposed to believe that this somehow created a $100,000 taxable income for AAA?"


The law on mortgage debt forgiveness has been changed a bit but as long as gifts are taxable (and those above $11K are), then it would be too simple to circumvent the gift taxes through loan forgiveness.

The mortgage debt forgiveness form contains this language:

The discharge must have been made by a qualified person. Generally, a qualified person is an individual, organization,
etc., who is actively and regularly engaged in the business of lending money. This person cannot be related to you, be the person from whom you acquired the property, or be a person who receives a fee with respect to your investment in the
property. Also, a qualified person includes any federal, state, or local government or agency or instrumentality thereof.
as a means of trying to block gift tax evasion.

Terry Gain

Here's my second draft of the statment Obama should make on Iran.

I say to Ayatollah Khamenei* that this issue must be resolved peacefully. The hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Iranians, who are out on the streets peacefully demonstrating, obviously believe this election was not conducted fairly. Given the size and seriousness of the protest, this impasse to the good governance of Iran can only be resolved without significant loss of life if the government of Iran acknowledges this reality.

The impasse can be peacefully resolved by the government conducting new elections with the assistance of U. N. supervision. This will ensure that whatever the result, it will be seen by Iranians, and the whole world- and make no mistake, the whole world is watching- as the true expression of the will of the Iranian people.

The alternative way of resolving this impasse is through the use of violence. The world community will not turn a blind eye to those who resort to violence to defeat the democratic aspirations of the people of Iran. Nor will Allah.

* (do not address as Supreme leader)

Captain Hate

Romney might be electable, but he's way too much of a squish.

I'm pretty sure he's not electable because he's perceived as too much of a squish. Don't get me wrong; I'd vote for him against Bammers but that's setting the bar as low as you can. But he lacks something that I expect in a Presidential candidate. He'd probably make a good VP candidate particularly compared to the current loon.


Absolutely what Rick said. Many a controlled corporation has made "loans" to its top executives, which really have no intention of being paid back. Its cash without the income tax, but the IRS will swoop in if the debt is forgiven. If its rolled on into the future the got nothing to say.

Absolutely something good has happened when debt is forgiven. If they cant pay, there is always bankruptcy laws.


Excellent, Terry--(as usual)


* (do not address as Supreme leader)

Right you are, Terry.


One of the many reasons why I loath Huckabee
(let me count the ways) is that followed the template of attacking Romney for his Mormonism, I hope he's not in Vegas any time soon. Although I don't know how influential the Mormon old guard is any more around there.

Yes, a spotted marmot could do better than our current VP. That was a contemptible performance, but sadly typical, as we've seen. That he would be so cavalier as people are really 'speaking truth to power,
a dozen time zones away is even more so.

Dorothy Jane

"Does anyone out there in cyberspace have thoughts on the notion that, having watched Obama’s serious foreign policy mistakes and knowing his penchant not to answer calls that come at 3 am, Hillary might use her elbow injury gracefully to move out of her position as Secretary of State so as not to be more closely associated with the coming doom?"

What an interesting idea - did you think that up yourself or did you hear something?

Terry Gain

Thank you Clarice. Your kind words are appreciated.



A lot of liberals are waking up to the reality of CNN BS as they follow the Iran coverage today. I posted this on the other thread, please excuse the cross-posting:



Reports now that Mousavi has made a statement that he is "prepared for martyrdom."

HotAir has a good roundup:

Iranian police throwing teargas at protesters in Tehran; Report: Bomb at Khomeini’s shrine? Update: Video of street battles; Update: I’m ready for martyrdom, says Mousavi

Spotted Marmot

"Yes, a spotted marmot could do better than our current VP."

Course we is,we eats food with more brains than your VP,it's still got more brains when it comes out the other end.


Unfortunately, the men with the guns usually win these battles. Remember, they attacked the Iraqis in waves as in the First World War, so crushing the skulls of their own unarmed countrymen and women may not upset them. In Iran, everyone's a martyr. It's a Shia thing. What a sad day.


matt, yes, one can know the outcome here. I'm not pretending these are all Western freedom-loving liberals marching in the streets. But regime change, if it ever happens, will have to start somewhere. The mullahs aren't going of their own accord.


Western freedom-loving liberals

*pro-Western* not Western, sorry

hit and run

woohoooooooo!!!! I'm being robo-polled by Rasmussen right now!!!!!


* (do not address as Supreme leader)

From the guy who referred to the Koran as the Holy Quran? From the guy who gratuitously threw in peace be upon them after mentioning Moses, Mohammed and Christ (and thereby telling Muslims he was one of them, and not a Christian,) from the guy that bowed to the Sheik of Saudi Arabia?

Nice fantasy.



I will be looking for any spike in the Ras results, dont think we wont notice! You may be outed! Consider yourself fair warned.

hit and run

Some of the questions were unanswerable. "Do you think the Supreme Court makes its decisions based upon the Constitution and legal precedents or based upon a sense of fairness?"

I mean, some of them do, some of them don't some of them switch based upon the issue before the court.

Oh, and I was a Democrat for the poll.

Strange, I felt no Bradley Obama Effect whatsoever and quite enthusiastically "pressed 4" for Strongly Disapprove for the way Barack Obama is performing his duties as President of the United States.

Ras needs a sexier voice for the robo call.


Awkward family photos at LUN


Good for you, hit. I hate dumb poll questions (not like I ever get asked them).

Jack is Back!

Hit and Run,

I was back in Southampton by then. But Todd has game.

I think they ought to award two trophies this year. One for the guy who wins and one for the low score from the guys that had the bad weather Thursday and Saturday. They are expecting 2" by 7:00pm and tomorrow will be a real slog. I am not going but staying home and watch. In 2002 it was similar but not as bad as this year. I say Lefty has a great chance since he got all the good weather and is still only 7 off the pace with 36 holes to go. He has the crowd on his side since it is doubtful Tiger or Harrington will make the cut. I'll bet Tom never bet he would be serving a golf site.


Hit = David Brooks of the Democrat Party

That I like!

Rick Ballard


I've been wondering what Ahmadinnerjacket would look like surrounded by a rainbow O background with an "I won" caption.

hit and run

No questions about healthcare, no questions about Iran, no questions about bailouts, GM, Chrysler, deficits, etc.

Looking at Ras's site, it looks like I will comprise 0.2% of todays poll and 0.067% of the presidential approval poll (3 day tracking).


One small step for Hit, one giant plummet for ZERO ?



Is this your blog?

If it is--it's a great dissection of Zero's Roast of the media at the dinner last evening.
One quibble as the epithet cop--"pist" should be "pissed":)


Livestreams from Iran

Big turnout it appears from this video:


Great video at LUN.

Rick Ballard

A discussion draft (850 page PDF) of the health insurance boondoggle is available. They still haven't settled on a "short title". I think The National Socialist Kill Granny Act works pretty well.


Looks like Obama got that 3AM phone call and rolled over and went back to sleep. Probably just a 2 aspirin hangover-nothing that a morning bracer and an extra hour of sleep can't cure.

And the Iranian Regime is the one that the Obama Administration is staking his entire Presidency.


That was an awesome video, PDinDetroit. Can't believe how relevant it is to our current situation. Thanks for the link.


President Pantywaist at LUN. And no, sadly, I don't have a blog, although I blog vicariously through a friend whom I often link here.


"Cometh the hour,cometh the man".

Ah well! Better luck next time.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Unfortunately Rick, Granny is us so we are really talking about the kill us act. We have some work to do.

Terry Gain

@ Nice fantasy peter @12:31

Reading Comprehension 101

Here's my second draft of the statment Obama should make on Iran.

Rick Ballard


There appears to be an opening provided by the CBO costing reports. The credentialed morons who comprise the Ogabe Regime's Supreme Economic Council (or Politburo - upickem) blew their initial impact estimates of Porculus to the extent that the contrast unemployment chart (DoT's favorite) has become an internet staple. Given that the CBO estimate regarding revenue is going to prove to be overly optimistic to the tune of about $100 billion (putting the '09 deficit within spitting distance of $2 trillion), the additional CBO scored impact for Kill Granny of $100 billion per year allow a documented claim that the Ogabe Regime deficit for one year will exceed the total deficits incurred during the four years prior to the Ogabe Regime's ascension to a position of Supreme Thievery.

There really is a ray of hope here.

hit and run

I've been wondering what Ahmadinnerjacket would look like surrounded by a rainbow O background with an "I won" caption.

Heh, good call...

Ahmadinejad: I Won


OMG, hit, that is great. Send it to Insty and the Corner.

Some FB heads would explode if I posted it...

hit and run


Great Some Minds Think Alike


For the Lawyers:

">"> This local story says that Rudy Giuliani's son is bringing a Lawsuit against Duke University. He claims the Golf Coach manufactured allegations against him in order to boot him off the Golf Team. The interesting point is that he now has backing of The Duke LaCrosse Team in his case against Duke. Any Lawyers out there know what this means or have more on this case?

Seems like getting rid of the Chancellor of Duke University would go hand in hand with trying to get rid of Ahmadinijad and Khameini.




Krauthammer just did a nice interview 5 minutes ago on FOX about Iran. Interestingly he was followed in the next segment by some Iranian American Girl, head of some Iranian Student Organization, who said she was an Obama Supporter from way back, and now she's appalled he's doing nothing. (Welcome to under the bus). She also said that the people in the streets are now chanting "Death to Khameni" which is apparently shocking, as you are apparently not even supposed to be even saying the guy's name.

Jack is Back!

Back to golf - the young college guys coming in now are really on a roll. What about those last two birdies by young Murphy? A skier from Vermont. This is one weird Open. I think +5 may get in the cut line since even though -8 is leading and the 10 shot rule is in effect, there are not enough guys at +2 to make up the low 70. Depending on how wet it gets overnight - tomorrow will be at least 27 holes for the leaders - maybe even 36!! Been a while since we have had to play 36 on Sunday. Anyone within 8 shots has a chance IMHO.


Golf - Year of Tin Cup?

Politics - Year of Tin Ear?

Go Amateurs!!!

And Owebama... go F yourself...

It is truly unbelievable that this pantywaist is sitting by while this outrage is going on.


From the comments at Ace's... spot on...

MLK did not believe you should "bear witness" to watching justice as it just happens in a long arc, but that it had to be forced and fought for by the oppressed and the supporters of the oppressed.

So how easy is it to find MLK's real statements about how the oppressed achieve freedom?

"MLK's Letter from a Birmingham Jail"

"But more basically, I am in Birmingham because injustice is here. Just as the prophets of the eighth century B.C. left their villages and carried their "thus saith the Lord" far beyond the boundaries of their home towns, and just as the Apostle Paul left his village of Tarsus and carried the gospel of Jesus Christ to the far corners of the Greco Roman world, so am I compelled to carry the gospel of freedom beyond my own home town. Like Paul, I must constantly respond to the Macedonian call for aid."

"Moreover, I am cognizant of the interrelatedness of all communities and states. I cannot sit idly by in Atlanta and not be concerned about what happens in Birmingham. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"

"You deplore the demonstrations taking place in Birmingham. But your statement, I am sorry to say, fails to express a similar concern for the conditions that brought about the demonstrations. "

"We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed."

"We should never forget that everything Adolf Hitler did in Germany was 'legal' and everything the Hungarian freedom fighters did in Hungary was 'illegal.' It was "illegal" to aid and comfort a Jew in Hitler's Germany. Even so, I am sure that, had I lived in Germany at the time, I would have aided and comforted my Jewish brothers. If today I lived in a Communist country where certain principles dear to the Christian faith are suppressed, I would openly advocate disobeying that country's antireligious laws."


I am glad that Obama finally spoke out but I think those who wanted him to do much more publicly than a world is watching and we deplore the bloodshed of innocents fighting for their rights are being foolish.


As for what MLK would do--he was a religious figure, not a president and that means he had the opportunity if not the obligation to speak out even under circumstances where a political figure, taking much into consideration, must be more careful and circumspect.

Terry said what he whould have said yesterday. He gave a weaker but not awful version of it today.


The correct way to tax the mortgage reduction is to subtract it from the basis of the house. This way it is taxable when and if it still exists when the house sells. Examples:

-- Buy house for $800,000, with $80,000 down and $720,000 mortgage. House declines in value to $600K, lender writes off $120K. Basis is now $680K. Whenever you sell the house, you pay capital gains taxes on the sale price minus $680K, rather than the sales price minus $800K.

-- Buy house for $200K, with zero down. House declines in value to $175K, and the bank forgives $25K for the loan. You continue to live in the house for 10 more years, and it appreciates in value on average 2% per year, so it sells for $213,745. The capital gains is on $38,745, so it is excluded from taxation.

-- Buy a house for $250K with $50K down in 1990. In 2005, the house appraises for $800K. Refinance the house with a $720K mortgage, taking out a bunch of cash. (I'm too lazy to look up the mortgage balance and figure out exactly how much caah...). House declines in value to $600K. A bit ahead of the foreclosure, sell the house for $600,000, which the bank agrees to take as PIF (a short sale.) My way, your capital gains is

$600K - ($250K - $120K) =
$600K - $130K =
$470K of capital gains
while the IRS's way is $350K of capital gains and $120K of regular income.

I can certainly see that congress might want to change the law to make forgiven loan proceeds subject to capital gains and not eligible for the $250K single & $500K married exclusions for policy reasons (so as not to reward people for defaulting on their mortgages). But by standard accounting rules (as opposed to IRS rules) the loan forgiveness is basically equivalent to paying a lower purchase price on the purchase of the house, and so it ought to be an adjustment to the basis, not income.


I didn't expect him to do anything more than he is doing... nothing. I also am glad that people are noticing and parsing his words revealing his true nature. And I am doing my part by spreading the seeds of discontent...

The scales are falling from many eyes and the discontent will spread... just like the twitter revolution, the truth of Owebama will be disseminated. Neither Owebama, his minions or the MSM can stop it. It is his Achilles heal and his ultimate downfall...

Most people's gut reaction to this bloodshed is to stand with the oppressed - it's human nature. They will be puzzled that the government isn't responding as their gut tells them it should and it will cause them to question the situation... and other actions of this Poseur in chief. Sowing discontent is the disinfectant the government and the MSM can't stop. It is a word or a phrase uttered at the checkout line, it is a twitter, it is a blog post , it is a comment... all taking place in people's every day lives and all sowing the seeds...

So to all here, I say, go forth and plant.


cathyf, that akes perfect sense. I don't know if the law permits that but it should if the idea is to ease the burden on those with mortgage payment problems.

Apparently the Iranian thugs are going iinto the hospitals to keep tabs on the injured and perhaps arrest and remove them. In response a number of embassies are taking in and treating the injured:
Latest updates off of twitter:
Fatemiyeh Hospital Tehran: 30-40 dead as of 11pm; 200 injured. Police taking names of incoming injured.

More: From multiple sources on twitter, the Basij (Mullah Militia) are firing on and killing Iranians today. They are at the hospitals to take names of and cutody of injured protestors.

The following are embassies that are accepting Iranian injured so they do not have togo to state hospital (another down side of sicialist health care)

Australian Embassy : No. 13, 23rd Street, Khalid Islambuli Ave – Telephone+98 21 8872 4456

Belgian Embassy No.3,Babak Alley, Shabdiz St.,Shahid Fayyaz Bakhsh Ave.

British Embassy 198, Ferdowsi Avenue Tehran 11316-91144

Dutch Embassy – Onbol Street #7, Farmanieh

Embassy of Finland -No. 2, Haddadian St., Mirzapour St. (former Soheil St.), Dr. Shariati Ave. Tehran 19336 (Eastern entrance / Consular and visa customers)

Embassy of Finland (Alternate) – Elahiyeh, Agha Bozorgi St Shirin Alley no.4 P.O.Box 19395-1733 – (98-21) 22 20 70 90; 22 23 09 79

Finnish Embassy Corner Of Nilou St, Below Vanak Sq, Vali-e Asr Ave

German Embassy: Avenue Ferdowsi 320-324 -

Irish Embassy – North Kamranieh Avenue Bonbast Nahid Street, No. 8 19369 - (98 21)-22 80 38 35

Italian Embassy accepting injured at 81, Neauphle Le Chateau Ave.

Norway: No. 201 Dr. Lavasani St. (Ex. Farmanieh St.) Corner of Sonbol St. Tehran, Iran – (0098 21) 22 29 13 33

Portugese Embassy No.30, Nezami St., Abbas Pour St., Valy-e-Asr

Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Tehran No 30, Narenjestan 8th Alley Pasdaran Avenue

Swiss Embassy – Elahieh Ave. Sharifimanesh Yasaman Street No. 2 P.O. Box 19395-4683 19649 Tehran – 98 (0)21 22 00 83 33 "

I don't twitter If you do you might consider passing on this info.



I've been tweeting this every so often but especially when I see Zero hailed as a big Iran supporter.

Obama administration..zeroed out funding for pro-democracy programs inside Iran... #iranelection #tcot

My daughter has internet friends that are in Iran... hasn't heard from them since early this week...

we are heading to the range with some golf balls we drew evil "Basij" faces on to exact our revenge...

Later all.. fortitude for those who need it...


This just in:

allahpunditRT @TehranBureau: FB friend says: Iran source: there is a military tank in Azadi Square.
2 minutes ago from twhirl


Time to get rid of these italics!


Hey can you guys share your twitter addresses? Mine is Medusajtw.

That appears to be where all the action is.


Not to worry everyone ..the great Obama has stepped out for an ice cream, so the whole Iranian thing can't be THAT dire. Hot air has the links...



I'm already following you so you have my twitter address in your followers.

All you have to do is go to your twitter page and in the side bar there should be #iranelection. Click on that and you will access all tweeting.
If you click on me in your followers page you will see who I'm following and my tweets.


Best Twitter Cartoon...So Far


Oh my gosh, I am ashamed to say I didn't get the significance of the Twitter bird logo (birds "tweet") until seeing that cartoon just now.

(Yeah, I'm dense like that. I've listened to the Beatles since birth but didn't figure out the "beetles" pun until about age 30.)

I'm not actually on Twitter but I search on people I'm interested in reading. Jim Treacher is all over O's ice cream run: @JTlol


I follow you glasater and you are doing a bang up job!

Porchlight, you need to get on. And I've already got Jim too - and of course Karl and I are BFF.


You have me, Jane. MayBeeTweet.

Beware the false MayBee out there.


- and of course Karl and I are BFF


MayBee and Tapper have a "thing" going:)

hit and run

MayBee and Tapper have a "thing" going:)



Thanks y'all, I may become a Tweeter-come-lately after all.

Re: Jane's BFF Karl, I forgot to mention I saw an old friend recently (one of the few conservatives I know here in prog hell) and he lives across the street from Karl's sister. He occasionally sees Karl on the steet and apparently Karl's dog treed his cat a couple of weeks ago. LOL


Peter is trying to get Clarence Thomas to do the radio program (I follow Thomas on twitter and he follows Peter - not me.) And I am determined to get Karl to up the ante.

Danube of Thought

The JOMer who said yesterday that Obama has been faking it all his life nailed it. He knows the posture and attitude to affect, but not a single clue about what to do.

Those who doubt this disturbing assessment are invited to examine his performance on the Harvard Law Review, in the Illinois legislature , and in the U.S. Senate.

It was folly to expect anything different in the Oval office.


He knows the posture and attitude to affect, but not a single clue about what to do.

In all fairness, you have to give him high marks for the statist "remaking" of America. He's handling that part of the job quite well.



Just read your link to twittering about Obama demanding sprinkles at Dairy Queen...was it Dairy Queen that had to change it's logo in Britain in order to not offend Islam, or was that Burger King?


It was Burger King.

Manuel Transmission

Greetings from Shanghai where after several days of TS/rain the visibility is probably up to MVFR -- a rare event in my experience. (I once actually saw blue sky in Beijing after a dry front pushed the gunk out to somewhere else.)


We came out of SEA on 'Untied' and headed south to Portland, then SW a couple hundred nm until turning NW and picking up a great circle route that avoided the ash. Added about 7-800 nm to the trip to Narita.

Now I'm subjected to CNN Int. Gak. They actually did a sympathetic take on the protestors in Iran (and L.A.), but of course, had to get Emperor Ogabe I comments carefully excerpted to sound "concerned".

Danube of Thought

Anyone inclined to communicate with Ms. Boxer about her insult to that Brigadier General can reach her as follows:

Ma'am (Barbara Boxer)
112 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
(202) 224-3553
(202) 224-0454 fax


Thanks Extraneus,

Maybe now we know why Obama frequents that local Burger Joint instead of Burger King.

Danube of Thought

I just dashed off the following via e-mail:

"Dear Ms. Boxer:

"I saw your exchange with General Walsh. What strikes me most is not your pettiness nor your rudeness, but just how mind-numbingly stupid you are. Just a damn fool.

"And it appears that you have no breeding of any kind.

"Cordially, etc."


Heh, DoT, don't hold back..C


Manuel Transmission,

Sorry about the CNN imprisonment. BBC is usually as awful, but hopefully you can get some CCTV (Communist China TV) channel that will give you some decent coverage. Plenty of good joints in Shanghai, but I am sure you will need no help in finding good ones on your own. Verner is a fan of some place down on the river, i forget which. I regularly haunt Malone's, O'Malley's, Big Bamboo and The Blarney Stone since they're near our hotel, but you might not be as low rent as I am, so feel free to aim higher. Have a good stay.

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