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July 21, 2009



Can't help but feel sympathy for her....maybe ignorance IS an excuse.............

Sure the edges are frayed; you can't see the markings any more.

Oh, keee-rist, now he's gonna play the homophobe card. Don't you get tired of all this crap, Leo?

Bad Rug Whig

It's a madhouse, a madhouse, I tell ya

I know we burned Joan of Arc, but Washington?  Surely not Washington.

They're just piling faggots around her feet, Leo.

Bad Rug Whig

"Don't you get tired of all this crap, Leo?"

Fuckin' A, I do. But Racism and Homophobics still dog this country.............

Irrelevent mitochondria

Maybe we should just pull up stakes and head to Canada.

Booth sympathizers

Or, maybe we should see if we can migrate to Rhode Island and secede from the Union....

Obama played on mistakenly assumed guilt about racism; playing the homophobia card is a similarly cheap trick.

All we have to fear is the hound itself.


The number of people who think Obama can improve the economy is down a sobering 19 percentage points from the euphoric days just before his inauguration. The same for expectations about creating jobs. Also down significantly: the share of people who think he can reduce the deficit, remove troops from Iraq and improve respect for the U.S. around the world, all slipping 15 points.

WASHINGTON (AP) - A senior administration official says billions of dollars to raise fees for doctors treating Medicare patients are not covered by President Barack Obama's pledge to pay for health care legislation.
Budget Director Peter Orszag said Tuesday that's because the administration always assumed the money would be spent to prevent a cut of more than 20 percent in doctor fees.

The Congressional Budget Office said last Friday the higher payments cost $245 billion over 10 years. It said including the money in the overall bill would result in deficits totaling $239 billion.

On Friday, a few hours earlier, the president declared: "I've said that health-insurance reform cannot add to our deficit over the next decade. And I mean it."


Peter Orszag reminds me of my imaginary son and how I'd beat him when he lied. You wingers wouldn't appreciate the exquisite pleasure....


Stop the sockpuppets. I keep Peter Orszag as my bitch, just like Obama keeps me.

It's a Clawed Rain Gonna Fall.

No sockpuppies? How about sockputties?


You know it's curious all the caterwalling about Birtherism. because it turns out according to this, that Perkins Cole is one of the firms, defending the birth certificate claims


Perkins Cole is one of the firms

Do you mean Perkins Coie?


Clarice - its not a sail boat but I think I might be able to arrange cocktails there for you.

SBW - the owners of the boat are family friends. They are paying my son to go to mate school as well as diesel marine school. He will also be mentored by the owners of a yacht brokerage biz. The ultimate aim of this project is to set my son up in business servicing "small" yacht owners for which our friend believes there might be a lucrative niche market.

We'll see how the project goes. In the near term, my son might meet some people at the yacht club who are looking for a young man to do exactly what my son is doing - and, if so, I'll contact you via your email and see if your son might be interested.

Its a heck of a good life for these kids. They get to live on the boat and go on all the cruises. Ofcourse, they've got to care for the boat and do all the grunt labor while cruising but think of all they'll learn, all the places they'll see, and all the people they'll meet! Could turn into one hell of business, too.


I've been on one of the greatest of those yachts twice--before the owner sold it for something even bigger. He kept it in the Caribbean in winter and the Riviera in summer..there was at least one staff for every passenger. Many of the staff were kids who hung around the yacht clubs in Newport until a gig came up. Much of the time they were alone on this gorgeous boat.

It had been made in Italy and the interior fittings were breathtaking.

It made me realize how I'd misspent my youth studying and working.


It's 70 here in Nashville tonight, and yes, Drudge is correct, We broke the 1877 record for coolest temp. LUN

And to all you people who bought carbon credits from Al Gore's company....SUCKERS.

As I've said a thousand times, Bush didn't steal the 2000 election. If Al Gore had won his home state of Tennessee, with 11 E votes, there would have been no question.

That he didn't should tell you enviro people something.


Has anybody here considered the idea of filing "en mass" FOIA requests on the White House ?

It seems this is a great distraction, at a mimimum.

'Cause you see there's somethin' happenin' but you don't k now what it is, do you Mr. Jones?

Bush didn't have to steal nothin'. We gave him everything he wanted, so why is he enjoying his retirement, leaving us to suffer
the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.


If the sun directs the climate, there must be a multiplier, which introduces the risk of runaway amplification. The absence of such runaways is for him sort of evidence that the sun doesn't run the climate. I think it probably does, but through some mechanism that is modulated by the oceanic oscillations, or perhaps by enough different mechanisms as to be self leveling or centering, and therefore immune to a runaway multiplier effect.

I think we'll get around to it eventually. The key is going to be in the interface between the sun, and the clouds, and the oceans, maybe throw in some Magnetic field gyrations just for fun.


So, do you all think Obama will get a lot of really tough questions tomorrow night?

Kim's dream is that every reporter asks him about his birth certificate. That's all it would take for the loser to lose it on national TV.


Am I the only one that missed this AT article on Palin. Peggy Noonan: Sarah Palin Jealous


In fact, I have been thinking of a campaign slogan for Palin that would drive the Noonans, Brooks and Frums crazy. How about a simple:

How about a Palin/DeMint ticket?

Soylent Red

Hate to jinx it by even commenting on it, but...

After sifting through several days of op-ed pieces from the left and right and center, I get the real feeling that there is real blood in the water on this health care business. One thing about journos is that they love to knock people off of pedestals. The question is whether that impulse will be negated by the impulse to protect what they created.

So Barry slips in the polls and the press goes schizo trying to decide how to respond.

They may send me off to a camp, but at least they'll send me laughing.


Fred Thompsons twitters: The Culture of Death is sweeping across Capitol Hill

The President and his legions are pressing hard to get the House and Senate to act before they go on their August recess in a couple of weeks. Frankly it is not too much to say their efforts are tantamount to an all out offensive to advance the Culture of Death across boundaries never before thought to be reachable.

Right now there are three bills upon which action has already been taken. The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions has reported out a Kennedy bill on a straight party line vote 13-10. A similar bill backed by the House Democratic leadership has been approved in two House committees.

All three of these bills call for "federally mandated coverage of abortion by nearly all health plans (not just the federal government plans you have read about - RAM), federally mandated recruitment of abortionists by local health networks, and nullification of many state abortion laws. They would also result in federal funding of abortion on a massive scale."

Regardless, of how you feel about abortion, Do you want to fund partial birth abortion? infanticide? Do you want the Federal govment deciding on who lives and dies and then asking you to pay for it? This isn't just a kill Granny bill. Call, write, and make a difference.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Late to the thread, I just want to put in my 2 centavos about the AGW/Climate change problem.

It seemed so blindingly obvious that it results from mankind's failure to pray to the Sun God.

On second thought, the Incas did that, and where did it get them?

Never mind.


Hi, Soylent. I always have so many questions that I want to ask you but I know you can't answer. :) Hope you are well!

Jim Rhoads,

I found something that will shut up any liberal about AGW. All you have to do is scream "CO2 is plant food you idiot"!! (It works for me every time.) Get your camera out and take a picture while you say it...priceless!

Fresh Air

The question is whether that impulse will be negated by the impulse to protect what they created.

I'm thinking Mary Shelley could work with this material.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Ya think the AGW folks ever studied photosynthesis in HS, Ann?

Those damn treehuggers are cutting off their noses to spite their faces. Cut down too much on CO2, and it follows, as day follows the night, trees die.



Older liberals are the best because they were taught about photosynthesis and they know better. When you question them they always have the look of Pelosi, today:




Fascinating. Concerning the Palin Ethic's Charges.

The 10:00 PM Live News I am watching right now starts out with the reporter at Channel 2 holding up the report and looking in the camera and saying "This report was leaked to the media today." He then acknowledged that it was not allowed under the current rules of these things for this report to have been leaked.

Obviously that is a violation of Ethics, if not illegal, by whomever illegally or unethically leaked this preliminary report.

Sarah's Lawyer or Spokesperson is saying they believe the complainant illegally leaked this preliminary report, but the complainant is reported as denying she leaked it.

Man do I hope we get to the bottom of this. The ADN (Anchorage Daily News) is providing no other info (naturally) so I'm currently limited to a 30 second blurb on the 10:00 PM Local TV News and local Talk Radio to try to figure out what's going on. And why the story would first break on the AP, and not in the local ADN, tells me this is still an issue where whoever is trying to smear Sarah is doing it with the assistance of the National media lapdogs versus the local reporters. Makes sense. Probably easier to damage her nationally that way, plus easier to hide the route via which this was illegally/unethically leaked.

And bottom line remains, that the point that she can't ethically use a legal and transparent Legal Defense Fund to help pay her legal Defense Bills is BullS$%t! I want heads to roll over this one.

Fresh Air


Don't you all have lots of rifles and shotguns up there? I say you help make Cabelas third quarter a strong one by perforating some of these "complainants" in the nether regions.


Fresh Air,

Plenty of targets up here no question about it, but I would instead love to see a Second Amendment March in DC, starting out with an orbit around The NEWSeum, that PC monument to the Press, and then heading off to The Capitol with all the ordinance and megaphones an angry populace could shoulder. That'd be my druthers.


You need to find the political affiliations of the protagonists,make sure these become public.
Who is the investigator?
Who is the complainant?


Yes, it's a cheap hit, the atty Daniel, is a longtime Democratic contributor, the firm
Perkins, Coie, was the law firm of the Obama campaign, of course they defended a terrorist, Osama's driver, complainant is
a longtime activist for Begich, who replaced
Stevens, after the fraudulent conviction

Yipes, you didn't tell me that rail was powered.

Leo's cribbing of Marc Ambinder's sad exposure of his fear of the birther bit is reminiscent of the mama bird faking a broken wing for the slavering predator. If Leo thought it up himself, it's just more proof of the insidious prevalence of this fear borne response. The cross currents are this; of course, it's absurd to think that Obama was born anywhere but Honolulu, but it's not the least bit nutty to ask him to 'Show Me'. There's the rub, and why the suppression of the issue and the marginalizing of the 'birthers' is counterproductive. It's a pressure cooker, and the heat is on.

Got a battery operated light in that halo, Leo, or is it a windup?

It's Obama's own actions that are creating the increasing doubt, and Leo's smart enough to know that and honest enough to admit it to himself. But we'll get his plasticized dashboard jesus instead. It's when Leo catches a glimpse of himself in the rear view that things get interesting.


Sarah's Lawyer or Spokesperson is saying they believe the complainant illegally leaked this preliminary report, but the complainant is reported as denying she leaked it.

Isn't that what you'd do if you had a complaint that you knew was going nowhere? The media exposure is what's important.


Lesley, thanks for the information. I'll pass it on.

I guess they'd call this 'networking'. ;-)


Amazing that it is an ethics violation for Palin to use money a PAC raised for her ethics charges but just fine and dandy for Clinton to raise millions to pay for his legal bills while he was president. Does something seem a wee bit out of kilter with this to you?


I used to live in Annapolis right next to the old Trumpy's boatyard. There was a bar right across the street and a lot of youngpeople would hang out there to get hired to work on the yachts or deliver them for Trumpy. Many of them spent years going from one town to another where the yachtsmen would gather and just sign on for a crew position. Great way of life for those so inclined. I ended up allegic to seafood and fish so it would not work for me but it sure worked for them.

There were also a whole lot of people who lived on the boats in the yacht club and at the municipal anchorages.

Annoying Old Guy

With regard to this latest complaint against Palin, it's irrelevant to compare her to any other politician with a defense fund because the "finding" applies only to the Governor of Alaska. As noted in one of the cited articles

unlike other states, Alaska's governor has no legal counsel's office to defend the governor from allegations brought against the governor in her official capacity.
It's an oddity of Alaskan law that doesn't apply elsewhere and I don't expect to see fixed until a Democratic Party member is elected governor.


Annoying Old Guy,

The Lt Governor, Sean Parnell, brought it up on local Talk Radio about 3 weeks back, and said they were trying to get the State Legislature to rectify the problem. The same situation did not apply to any of the State Legislator's, only to the Governor and Lt Governor. I haven't followed it closely since then, but have heard nothing about it since that radio interview, and expect nothing for the immediate future. Hopefully next Legislative session. Parnell has a more cordial working relationship with the State Pol's than does Sarah, having come up a more traditional route, so at least for the immediate future there is less incentive for folks to twist a knife in his back.

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