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September 18, 2009


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If you're looking for justice, I suspect that at least the next 3+ years you won't find much at the Department of Justice.


it turns out that technicalities of law, jurisdiction and evidence make prosecutions and convictions difficult.

i.e., actual work would have to be done, as opposed to just mouthing off sanctimoniously.


I'm calling b.s on this one. I figure that like Gibson, he decided it was better to plead ignorance than to admit he did this for partisan points.


This is one hell of a week for the Administration, isn't it? What did this grandstand play get him? Now the left will be angrier and everyone else has lost all respect for him.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I'm speechless about this speech:

Madeleine Albright, a democratic expert on foreign policy, let her hair down during arecent speech to Russian students in Omsk. The former Secretary of State told her audience that America no longer had the intention of being the first nation of the world.
Pravda reported the news that the US media ignored:

Madeleine Albright said during the meeting that America no longer had the intention of being the first nation of the world.

Ms. Albright started her speech in Russian. “Hello and thank you! It’s a pleasure for me to be here,” she said in Russian. Albright wrote in her autobiography that she was trying to learn some Russian during the 1960s.

The former US Secretary of State surprised the audience with her speech. She particularly said that democracy was not the perfect system. “It can be contradictory, corrupt and may have security problems,” Albright said.

America has been having hard times recently, Albright said.

“We have been talking about our exceptionalism during the recent eight years. Now, an average American wants to stay at home – they do not need any overseas adventures. We do not need new enemies,” Albright said adding that Beijing, London and Delhi became a serious competition for Washington and New York.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Fan Forks Over $63,500 for Dinner With Sarah Palin


She particularly said that democracy was not the perfect system. “It can be contradictory, corrupt and may have security problems,” as was demonstrated last November.


"it turns out that technicalities of law, jurisdiction and evidence make prosecutions and convictions difficult."

Not so. Tell it to Ted Steven's. As in Real Estate, "Location, location, location" should be the new mantra.

For instance---Charlie Rangel, guilty as sin in America and the Cayman's, but clean as a whistle in Congress and Harlem.

Chris Dodd. Stinky as a skunks behind in America and Ireland, but sweet smelling as a baby's bottom in Connecticut and Congress.


And this guy? Did it all just go away? What's happened since LUN.


I've always seen Madeline Albright as a very bitter woman.


"I'll take the category of Dumbs@#t$ for $200 Alex."

Just viewed the video of Wolf Blitzer crashing and burning on Jeopardy. He completely embarrassed himself by his obvious ignorance, especially when compared to the so-called ex-stupid side-kick of Conan O'Brien, Andy Richter, who trashed him by about $68,000 at the end of Double Jeopardy. Blitzer actually finished that round at a negative $4,600, but it's tough when Alex is asking you questions like "Where was Jesus born," and all you can come up with as a world famous International Newsman and Nightly News Anchor, is "What is Jerusalem?"

Mercifully (or maybe not mercifully) Alex stepped in at the end of Double Jeopardy with the following:

"It's long been our policy on Celebrity Jeopardy, that ALL contestants get to play in the final round. So even though you are at MINUS 4600 now, we're going to wipe that out and give you an even 1000 dollars so you get to play in Final Jeopardy as well."

If this unfair move by Alex angered second place contestant, actress Dana Delaney, who was whipping Blitzer at the time by 10 grand or so, she didn't show it.

Then by coincidence clicked on tonight's replay of Lou Dobb's, wherein Lou waxed deplorably eloquent on the obvious ignorance of Oklahoma High School students. Didn't catch every word, but Lou seemed to criticize just about facet of American society responsible for educating our populace except for one crucial segment. Guess who he left out?

The only thing that would have made it richer was if it was Wolf Blitzer doing that segment and criticizing American ignorance. Thank goodness, in the words of Tom Brokaw and Tom Friedman, we've got intelligent, professional Newsmen on hand like Wolf Blitzer and Charlie Gibson to tell us what's what, so we citizens don't have to go into that sewer, the Internet, and dig up facts for ourselves.

Captain Hate

This is one hell of a week for the Administration, isn't it?

Have they had a good week since Obummer ended his health care infomercial by trashing the police about Gates? I can't think of anything that has escaped the vortex of suck since that fine moment. But yes, this was probably the best one yet (although as I just noticed a poll next to what I'm writing "Will Michelle Obama ever run for President of the United States" it reminds me that it still ain't over) with ACORN being taken down as the MSM beclowns itself yet again.

Madeline not-at-Albright gives a speech which trashes the system that allowed such a flawed individual to attain a level of power which far exceeded her ability. Does it ever occur to her to reflect on how ludicrous she looked tottering around on heels to try and persuade the likes of Arafat to act like a non-tyrant? The wife Dhimmi Carter deserved...


AGs are idiots who used Plame shit for political advantage and then blamed the Bush adminstration for politics when that is all they did under Clinton was his politics. The world and services thought this was insanity and rated the US as unstable. It was and, now, we have Obama and it's even more unstable. What would you do?

I think it's going to be funny all these countires, especially Georgia, that bought the US military, NATO and the missile shield as they beg to stay alive from their own people. Never trust a dem and Obama is even worse - he don't like you and whatever his boss does to you is your fault cause you just can't figure out his foreign policy and how he, and indeed all America, is owed and pays. Then they raise the bar!

Watsa matta wid you, anyway.

Sure it's winding down now that seven former CIA chiefs have cried 'Hold, enough'.


Mariano blew a save last night. It was my fault; I didn't stay up to watch it.


All very reminiscent of the Blair Regime which was determined to "hit the ground running".Amazing the amount of military terminology these ex CND members used. Nonetheless,it would have been better to do some thinking before jumping,but they didn't,signing Britain up for the European Convention on Human Rights and the International Criminal Court in short order.
Absolutely brilliant! Just on the cusp of 9/11.
Having been determined to make their mark,these child socialists went about their business with all the enthusiasm of an infant with a hammer.
Now,government struggle to make anything work. I suspect yours is in the same boat.


On another note, a touching UTube of a powerful event decades ago when men were men, Allies were Allies, war was war, and the American people knew S*** from shinola.


The investigation at this stage have served its purpose. More reports published so the international courts to use against Americans.

That, and the investigation is no longer the diversion it once was for the Socialized health care opponents.


Very touching video, Clarice, to usher in Rosh Hashana this weekend.

I suspect he'd be appalled by his daughter, now.

NB, Albright's father was the reason that Condi Rice switched her major from music.

Old Lurker

But now that Hil has Mad's seat, did you not quake in your boots yesterday when Hil warned Iran that she really really means it this time?


I agree with the comment above. This will be outsourced to international courts. I expect the socialist Spanish Judge Garzon to make an appearance before this is done with dramatic indictments and arrest warrants issued for senior Bush officials. It will give him the opportunity to be the hero of the international left and allow the Obama administration to play uninvolved.


Certainly, in terms of philosophy, Rice is Josef Korbel's daughter,not Madelyn. Didn't
"Mad Madelyn" suggest we were hiding Bin Laden, when she was once in the Fox Green Room.

God these people, Panetta included, make me so mad, playing these stupid games with "our
lives, our fortunes, (and in the case of Poland and the Czech Republic)our sacred honor" Could Sandy Berger or Jamie Gorelick have been worse, only Mort Halperin would be the final nail. BTW, Maybee, Tapper's gone back on the reservation again



Chris Wallace: This WH is the biggest bunch of crybabies I've dealt with in 30 years

A little appetizer for tomorrow's Great Big BHO Sunday Talk Show open thread.


The sub-head of the WaPo article is "Ex-Agency Directors Urge Administration To Drop Investigation"

This pitiful article does not even name the 7 ex-agency directors.


"What do you read" Wolf, in order to get blitzed by Andy Richter, he earns that for
his dismissive responses of Letterman and
god help us, Bill Maher's pitiful show.

Old Lurker

Great LUN from Powerline


Wow Clarice, thank you for that link. You are absolutely right about the sad state of affairs we find ourselves in today. So many wallowing in moral confusion is unspeakably sad.


BTW, this is a much better piece on the missile defense issue, which NRO should
have done, than that 'wet Tory' Nichols,
in the LUN


"A little appetizer for tomorrow's Great Big BHO Sunday Talk Show open thread."

Those watching Obama race around to the various shows tomorrow should remember-when Obama talks about his healthcare plan.

"He doesn’t actually have a health care plan."



True, Pagar, it's as real as Katie's Diner, where Biden likes to hang out, even though it's been closed for 20 years.


Isn't it remarkable that you have to go across the pond, to get the views of the theatre commander in Afghanistan, in the LUN

Rick Ballard

"He doesn’t actually have a health care plan."

Holder didn't actually investigate anything either. That Wallace clip linked by Porchlight epitomizes the mediocrity of this maladministration of total incompetents - all effort is put into message control and appearance because there is precisely Zero substance.

It wasn't much of a facade to begin with and one can only hope that ever more time and effort will be spent in propping and patching it as it crumbles.


Yes, Rick, there is this narcissistic fascination with words..Like Carter's nonsensical stuff about treaties--if something's in writing, well there you go. No need to check or enforce those words.

Old Lurker

"mediocrity of this maladministration of total incompetents "

Bumper Sticker of the Week.

Hi Rick!

Mark O

Would those who think Holder made any decision please raise their hands.

Now, let's go do some power squats with what's her face.

Captain Hate

Does anybody know if Bammers has had any meetings with his full Cabinet? One of my few lefty acquaintances with a degree of integrity used to be driven up the wall at Slick having so few of those; to which I responded that he had little time after reading polls, giving gladhanding speeches, chasing skirts and giving depositions. But I agreed with her that was the bare minimum standard to be employed in regards to an executive doing his/her job.


Basically, what we now have is a civil war between the CIA and Justice, which includes the FBI, just as the world is spinning out of control. If you remember, this was one of the reasons we knew nothing before 9/11 about Al Quaeda's intentions. No one connected the dots.

There are so many administration screwups out there waiting to bite us in the ass that it's almost inevitable something big and bad is going to happen.

Last night Hannity basically called Obama on the carpet and said he's holding the president accountable. I think we all should.

This disgusting cretin is Carter cubed. He has done more damage more rapidly than anyone in history to this country.


Amen matt, amen

Old Lurker

ditto that


The liberal left chatterati live in a sea of words.They hop from one fashionable sound bite to another without examining the content,it is a tribal bonding ritual.
Theirs is a world of unquestioned principles which override logic and practicality.
This is why Marxism,AGW and all the other detritus of leftism spread like wildfire through the ranks of the chattering classes.


It's time to play who said this; last tried with Kazynski and Al Gore, sadly Gore won the last time:

At the AFL-CIO labor convention, teabaggers, birthers and other haters seem a world away. Firefighters, ironworkers, teachers and office professionals all took the floor making the case for a labor movement fully engaged on fighting for racial and gender diversity within the labor movement's ranks and leadership.

And action is louder than words. In the last fourteen years, a quiet revolution has taken place in the labor movement. More women and more people of color are in leadership positions. In 1995, only 6 percent of top officers of state federations were women. Today it's 21 percent. For people of color it has gone from 8 percent to 15 percent. The delegates at the 2009 convention are 43 percent women and people of color. There are translations going on for Spanish-speaking members and guests, and others who are guests in their languages.




Madeleine Albright, a democratic expert on foreign policy

Um, what?

Rick Ballard

Darleen CLick highlights another Friday afternoon data dump. The Obama Maladministration now acknowledges that their Crap on Trade scheme will cost the average family of four $4,000 per year.

That seems a reasonable price to pay to keep the nonexistent CO2 boogeyman safely under the bed. It really shouldn't knock more than 2-3% off of GDP growth for the forseeable future - call it 2 million jobs per year. A cheap price to pay for something so completely and utterly ricidculous.


No one connected the dots.

I'm pretty well convinced this crew isn't even looking for Dots to connect. Let's just hope that our forces everywhere are concentrating on security and force protection, because the commanders have got to realize they have great big bullseyes on them right now.


Mother Nature does what she can to stop this nonsense. Recall how Gore's global warming harangues usually occur on unseasonably freezing days. Perhaps the Capitol will be frozen shut on the day the vote is taken.

BTW it would be nice if the W Virginia and Pa miners were asked what they think of their union and elected officials who want to both put them out of work and charge them $4l per year for having done so.




The Washington Post is obviously in error in the above story about the prior torture investigations. How do I know this? Because self-proclaimed international war crimes and human rights expert and all-around good guy Scott Horton told me so. Me, I'm still trying to figure out if he has been right about anything over the past several years.

From his August 25, 2009 No Comment at Harper's:

"The “prior investigation” canard. It looks like the favorite talking point emerging for torture apologists (like David Ignatius) is that the CIA cases were already examined by career prosecutors who decided not to take any action. But this claim is false. Although these cases were enshrouded in extraordinary secrecy from the outset, I closely studied their management and conducted a number of interviews with Justice personnel who were involved; I also worked with the House Judiciary Committee in its review of the matter. The cases were referred by Helgerson to the Justice Department, which in turn passed them to the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, Paul J. McNulty. (This U.S. attorney’s office was the most highly politicized in the entire U.S. attorneys system, and McNulty was ultimately promoted to the office of deputy attorney general and then resigned amidst accusations of misconduct involving the politicization of the Justice Department.) McNulty’s office acted as a sort of “dead letter office” for troublesome torture allegations. The suggestion that there was an active investigation is laughable. No grand jury was impaneled or testimony taken, and contrary to Ignatius’s claims no decision was taken not to prosecute. What happened instead was inaction. Why? If the cases had been pressed, the CIA personnel involved would have immediately implicated high-level Bush Administration officials. The Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility has examined the handling of these cases and has confirmed that no serious investigation ever occurred. So the suggestion that Holder is now somehow undermining or second-guessing the decision of career prosecutors is preposterous."


Give up, the answer wasn'y MSNMBC, CNN or
the New York Times, but the CPUSA's Daily

Captain Hate

The Obama Maladministration now acknowledges that their Crap on Trade scheme will cost the average family of four $4,000 per year.

This is like extending the "benefits" of Sarbanes/Oxley to small bidnesses and families. This is the consequences of the anti-Galileo attitudes of philosophy majors pretending to be scientists. Mercifully their pathetic efforts will have no impact on the climate, despite their really really double-plus good intentions.

Captain Hate

McNulty’s office acted as a sort of “dead letter office” for troublesome torture allegations.

Translation: They didn't do what super genius Scott Horton thought was warranted.


Pagar - Zero isn't "racing" from Sunday show to Sunday show. They came to him at the White House yesterday. Each one was given 15 minutes to bow, fawn and scrape in his presence.


But now that Hil has Mad's seat, did you not quake in your boots yesterday when Hil warned Iran that she really really means it this time?

Quaking, yes, but it was from being shook by A-jad's deep laughter.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Just an FYI about Obama and the Sunday Shuffle (Talk Shows). He won't be running from show to show. He taped them all on Friday night.


Chris Wallace: This WH is the biggest bunch of crybabies I've dealt with in 30 years

Last night O'Reilly also mentioned that the WH called him recently to ask him to lay off the Bill Ayers stuff.

No attempt to manipulate the media there, of course.

Captain Hate

How badly would Il Douche be gripping if ABC sent Liz Cheney to do the questioning?


Marie Antoinette Michelle goes shopping. This is getting dangerously close to Petit Hameau country,she will be dressing up as a milk maid next.
And what about the CARBON FOOTPRINT?


He taped them all on Friday night.

Which means that since the missle shield story broke early (before Friday), the interviewers will have a change to ask Obama about it. Wonder whether any of them will?

Original MikeS

"He doesn’t actually have a health care plan."

Yes, but of course that is part of the plan. If there is no plan to criticize, there is also no plan to defend.

So, Obama has only espoused guidelines for legislation. He wants legislation that, doesn't cost anything, covers 30 million to 47 million more people, and provides better care, with free ponies for the little girls and bright shiny race cars for the little boys. So... the time for talking is over, it's time to vote, we need to get this done.


I'm going to begin writing a new children's book, "Where's Hillary?".

I will have an artist draw scenes from London, Paris, Tokyo, Africa with huge crowds and a tiny little Hillary character and the kids can find her. The best would be in Washington, of course. Testifying to Congress, or at the State Department.

Then we could put in a trick page of Hillary at the White House, but with no Hillary. Do you think it would sell?


"He doesn’t actually have a health care plan."

Sure he does. You can even download a "concise" version in all its single-page glory.

Sue The Skinny Bastard

Particularly when it involves a soundstage, an interpreter for the deaf, three TV satellite trucks and the closing of part of downtown Washington.


Sara (Pal2Pal)

Via Big Government:

To be released by Rasmussen Reports…

ACORN Favorable 15%

Unfavorable 67%

No 0pinion 19%

By 3-1 margin (51% to 17%), voters favor cutting off all federal funds

By 6-1 margin (64% to 10%) voters agree with census bureau decision to cut ties

Only 20% believe the investigations of ACORN are politically motivated… 57% say they’re the result of illegal activity

Original MikeS

But now that Hil has Mad's seat, did you not quake in your boots yesterday when Hil warned Iran that she really really means it this time?

Hillary would have more influence if she made some highly publicized visits to B2 Bomber and F22 Raptor squadrons.


Astonishing isn't it,from the WAPO.The gilt has gone off the gingerbread.

Dave in OC

Way OT but since the NFL thread is dead here's my mea culpa to Captain Hate:


Good grief, I am certainly not a good judge of recent history am I. Now that happy hour is over I believe I over-concentrated on the fact that they had the best record in the NFL Marty's last year and sort of forgot that they choked and he got fired as a result.

Was it former Chargers owner Gene Klein that said: "the two best days in your life are the day you buy an NFL team and the day you sell it."

(I STILL think they shouldn't have fired Marty though...)

I certainly hope I am wrong but I'm afraid LT's best seasons are behind him and if they are depending on Sproles for much more than kick returns they are in for a tough patch.


matt, it's a goody.
But I'd have her in less fashionable venues which would be more truthful--she is being publivly humiliated by O and his covy of Czars.

Dave in OC

In another cringe-inducing moment sorta related to the all-dumb person above there is a video in the LUN where a mayor in South Carolina tells why police officers can no longer chase criminals on foot. The horror of those insurance premiums. Oh, I guess this is just racist huh? No actually it's just stupid.

(I especially liked the "may God bless you" refrain when her vacuous rantings wound down. Bet you can't keep from LOL.)

Charlie (Colorado)

Have they had a good week since Obummer ended his health care infomercial by trashing the police about Gates?

Have they had a good week since the Inauguration? I seem to remember things like "100 gaffes in 100 days".

Rick Ballard

Question we probably won't hear tomorrow:

Mr. President - do you support Andy Stern's SEIU efforts to organize the child sex slave brothels promoted by your ACORN supporter? As a quick followup - Mr. President - will the child sex slaves imported to supply the ACORN brothels be covered under your health insurance plan, even though they are obviously undocumented aliens - and do they count in the "jobs saved or created" category?

Charlie (Colorado)

free ponies for the little girls and bright shiny race cars for the little boys

But I wanted a pony.


Stop whining and eat your race car.

Sue The Skinny Bastard


I was astounded that it was Milbank at the WaPo. Maybe the bloom is off the rose?


Or was that Race Czar?


Pagar's link indicates "Are your opponents racists?" will be Topic A tomorrow...which makes various CBCers playing the race card earlier this week in anticipation of BO's cablefest make sense, since he'll hit that softball out of the park. How savvy of BO to only allow each network 15 min., instead of sitting with one for an hour.

Sue The Skinny Bastard


If I were on the police force, I'd resign. Very publicly.

Dave in OC


Yes, I think the police chief was trying very hard to keep a straight face when he made his comments.


Dave: Oh good grief!

May God bless her and help her find a more suitable line of work!


I give the Red Witch the same credit for being less obnoxious than President Pupkin that I give Trotsky for being slightly less hideous than Stalin, ie, neither one had their actual hands on the levers of power. Given the chance they would have been at least as left wing and corrupt as their antagonists.


I think Pelosi is becoming teary- eyed as she anticipates the 2010 massacre up ahead. All of Obambi's voters will check out the weather report, decide it's raining and stay home on election day The only people at the polls will be the unsilent majority, tea party participants and all our patriotic town hallers. Obama's misadministration has underestimated this very large group of voters.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I didn't see any Pelosi tears. To tell the truth, she seemed drunk or drugged to me. And very very scared, but not of delusional acts of violence, but of her own sinking knowledge that she's in very big doodoo.

Captain Hate

I STILL think they shouldn't have fired Marty though...

Dave, you're far from alone in that sentiment and I can understand the logic (how can Marty be such a good regular season coach and then turn into such a pumpkin-head in the playoffs; it's just dumb luck and eventually his day in the sun will come); it's too bad that God isn't an enneffell fan and would allow us to play multiple real-life versions of Madden 20XX to find out if a scenario exists where Marty will win a Super Bowl if just given enough chances (although maybe that's what heaven would be to a sports fan). Believe me, nobody was more surprised when Norval won some playoff games with the Bolts given his choking dog tendency with the Redskins and Raidazz (how many pressers with the Skins after a crushing loss would start out "I saw a lot of positive things today...").

I'm not surprised that LT is starting to break down because there's only so many hits you can take as a running back before it has its impact (see Campbell, Earl); I think he was a warrior for the team and never badmouthed him in the playoffs for sitting out due to injury (sorry but the No Fun League has the shortest careers of all the major sports and I don't begrudge anybody wanting not to be crippled when they retire). Rivers is the team leader starting from when he played against the Pats in the AFC title game with a cracked ankle; he's not the most talented QB in the league and can be a mouthy punk (at Maryland we refer to him as PhiLLLLip in honor of his career record against us at NC State) but he's pretty damn smart and is in the process of compiling a good pro career. I'm higher on Sproles than you are but am not sure how he'd be as a featured back over the course of a season.

Go Bolts!!


Every day Pelosi reminds me more of TonySoprano's delightful mommy, Livia.


I was aware that the Sunday shows were pre-taped on Friday, but IMO, the appearance of the same person on 4 or 5 shows on the same day gives the impression of running from show to show. Others may feel differently, and that doesn't hurt my feelings.
On the other hand, if someone told me that they now were convinced he was right because they saw him tell the same lie five more times, that would hurt.


" but the CPUSA's Daily

The paper of choice for Democrats.


"No one connected the dots."

As I understand it, at that time, the Democrats had made it illegal to connect the dots.

Now, it seems they have made it illegal to even find the dots.


LOL, Pagar, although with this crew, it seems it's more Zeppo than Karl


The nice thing about the Wolf Blitzer Jeopardy thing, is that it answers a question I've always had. Are these News Media Ted Baxter types stupid, or are they seriously committed Lefties intent on destroying our Republic in favor of some variety of Marxist Utopia?

Well in Blitzer's case I now have my answer. The man is simply stupid. A complete dolt.

I doubt we will ever again see another Liberal Network Anchor-person appear on Celebrity Jeopardy in our lifetime.

As for Charlie Gibson---I think he's stupid as well, tho' not as stupid as Blitzer, but what he lacks in the stupidity category he makes up for in bias, lying, and egotism.


I doubt we will ever again see another Liberal Network Anchor-person appear on Celebrity Jeopardy in our lifetime.

No, but it's fun to fantasize about the smackdown between Brian, Katie and Charlie. Do you think Charlie is smarter than Brian? Is Brian dumber than Katie? Who's the dumbest of the three? Katie? I bet they're all close.


T'woud be fun to watch Extraneus. A big-time popcorn fest.


"I'm going to begin writing a new children's book, "Where's Hillary?"

Please make that happen. That is a great idea. I think you would make a killing just in purchases for Stocking Stuffer's this Christmas.


It's a sliding scale, but working one's way
up, with Couric, they didn't hire her for her smarts, they tagged her 'perky' Redstone
probably regrets swapping out Schieffer for her. They should have put Meredith Viera in the slot which is really more of an anchor slot, it would be interesting if they swapped her out with Lara Logan, the Patsy Kensit manque from South Afrika with the right mindset,


I just realized the N Car grand jury on Edwards is whether he broke the law in not reporting as a campaign contribution payments made by a friend to shut Rielle up.

You know, I think Edwards (and Elizabeth) are tawdry and a bit llony but I think prosecutors have to exercise better discretion than wasting money on this kind of carp.


I keep reading that any day now Edwards is going to publicly admit that he's the father of the love-child.

It's a complete non-event and non-story, since everybody in America already knows he's the father, but whenever it does happen, the media will go all gaga about it, and it'll serve to knock some other idiocy off the front burners.

So Clarice or anyone, is there a reason he has to do it now during this prosecution, in order to avoid conviction? If not, I think he is probably being encouraged by the Dem's to just keep quiet until this Administration gets in even deeper doo-doo, and then remorsefully and tearfully announce his paternity to distract the cameras, and allow us once again to focus on his wavy locks, sadly and poignantly blowing in the wind.

Let him keep his comb.

It may be a small legal point, c, but it is a larger political one. He was lying, he was perverting campaign financing, he had practiced adultery, he had oh there are a lot of things wrong with his actions about this affair and this child, and he needs to be punished on a variety of levels, not just legal.

Plus, isn't he an officer of the court? Aren't there standards?


Let's use political solutions for political acts and keep the law out of it. He's finished politically. The story got out. The charge against him seems ridiculous.

Also ridiculous is this article about ACORN in the WaPo where Carol LOessing does her air freshner routine over the steaming pile. href=dyn/content/article/2009/09/19/AR2009091902550_pf.html>Frehen up with Carol


daddy,Rielle's broke. Edwards friend was her sugar daddy but he died and it doesn't appear Edwards has sent her money yet. (Elizabeth is probably parked on the checkbook.) She's going to sue him soon if he doesn't come thru.(He put it off because for a long time he was insisting that he broke it off before Elizabeth's relapse and the child's age makes that impossible.)


Clarice, do you think the prosecutor's actions are completely indefensible based on the statute? If Edwards needs a lawyer with experience in defending against politically motivated hit jobs, I understand Ted Stevens is available. Scooter Libby couldn't be counsel, but might be useful as a consultant.

And can we be sure that Edwards' career is finished? He committed adultery with a woman he neither accused of being a tool of his enemies nor paid for nor left to die. I'd say Democrats had forgiven worse, but I don't know that they see anything to forgive.


bgates, you kill me. Brilliant stuff!


And all I'm saying is that Edwards still has the ability to draw attention to himself, thus allowing the media to not have to pay attention to stuff of much more consequence. That means he is still an asset, an arrow in the quiver of the left, like Teddy's Apollo Moon Landing pushing Chappaquidick off the front pages, only this one can be carefully used like a Joker in a deck of cards. Sunday's front page of ">"> the New York Times has a big story announcing that Edward's "May" announce that he's the Dad. So if he gets front page for "May Announce he's the Daddy", imagine what other stories it will allow the MSM to slip into the memory hole when he "Does Announce he's the Daddy."

Sorry. It's just the cynic in me.

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