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September 22, 2009



It is an art, I tell you.
I'm guessing the NEA had her on that conference call.


I hope everyone uses the phrase, "at the behest of the White House" when referring to who initiated that call.



Ewww...good one...


I wish I could claim that one Sue, but Doug O'Brien from BigGov used it first I believe.


Doesn't matter, you are the first to say it where I saw it. ::grin::

It needs to go viral. Where it is part of the story. Behest of the White House.

A stupid troll with a fancy mask.  Bummer.

sylvia, 'Now that's an idea the Repubs could get behind'. Now that you've dropped the mask, I understand the visceral response to you here. I've often enjoyed your frequently insightful remarks. Revealing the inner you for my sight is not very enjoyable for me.


Kim has the kindest heart of all.


Happy belated birthday Bad!
Sylvia: give it a rest.


Well you all make me think so much here. I was wondering why it was that my experience of the uninsured does not match the numbers I am hearing now of 10%. So I did a quick search and saw the LUN site. If you go to page 6, you will see a list of the ininsured by state. There seems to be a wide variety. And some of the states that I am familiar with have a higher average more in line with what I have seen. It's states like Mass with a 2% uninsured rate that are bringing down that average, thanks to people like Jane supporting the others. Thanks Jane!


And btw the Mass rate listed on the site is not current because that list was compiled before Romneycare.


"I understand the visceral response to you here"

I am not a Repub or Dem. I am not a joiner in general. I think what I want. But I do have a little disdain for people who only think something because their group tells them to think it, and don't know why they are thinking it.


Wait it's page 5 on the page, (page 6 on my browser).


I went thru all the trouble of getting to this link and you didn't post your tax return? Dang.


You know that list from the Michigan site, with 17.6% uninsured, seems much more in line with reality to me. From the CPS Data Files, whatever that is.

So that would mean 53 million uninsured, or 42 million uninsured without the 11 mill illegals. (And by the way, who's to say all of the illegals don't have insurance? A lot of them work for larger construction companies and factories.) I would say even that Michigan list is underreported by a few percent or so.


Notice I said I "may" send that. Hey give me your address and I may send it to you too. But yeah, it would cut down on a lot of hot air here. Whoever has the most money wins. No need for debate. I think Tom would win actually. With all his talk about golf and cocktail parties, he's sounds pretty swanky. That's why he runs the blog here I guess.


thanks to people like Jane supporting the others. Thanks Jane!

Fuck off sylvia. I have no interest in supporting you. Go out and get a job.


Jane I have been accused of many things on blogs, but that was the first time someone ever accused me of being on welfare just because they didn't like my opinion and were losing the argument. I gotta give you points for an original approach.

But maybe try sticking to the facts next time instead of indulging psychotic delusions and fantasies about people you don't even know might be a little more productive. I'm just saying.


Productive would be you actually providing a link or telling the truth - and not thanking me for supporting you.

As I said: Fuck off.

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