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August 28, 2010



More hate speech from those who know how to dish it:

"The 'March on Washington' changed America," Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) said at the Sharpton rally, referencing King's 1963 speech. "Our country reached to overcome the low points of our racial history. Glenn Beck's march will change nothing. But you can't blame Glenn Beck for his 'March on Washington' envy. Too bad he doesn't have a message worthy of the place."


Polls show that the movement has not attracted blacks proportionate to their representation in the larger population.

That's true for the Tea Party, Sharpton's mob, the Democrat and Republican parties....

I have trouble thinking of anything in the country in which blacks are represented proportionally. It's not true for colleges, prisons, the military, two-parent families, NASCAR, home owners-

I'm stumped.


"Go back to Kenya" is racist?

Working in NYC's garment center, on the West Side just south of Times Square in the 1970s (back when it was mostly peep shows and prostitutes), I witnessed the greatest sidewalk scam ever. Two tall black guys dressed in dashiki, dancing to a cassette recorder blasting African tribal music, with a large hand-drawn map of Africa behind them reading "Help send us back to Africa."

The racist white suits couldn't resist, and the money basket was brimming with tens and fives, not just ones.

I'm not sure I've ever witnessed such genius before or since.


His mindset seems fixed in the milieu of Jomo Kenyatta and Sukarno, not Suharto, hence Rick's rather curious formulation for him.He is a displaced Luo prince, or what Ikenga
dubbed 'an African colonial'


Mark, it makes me wonder how much the whole civil rights movement's talk about equality was genuine. The more I hear from Norton, and Jackson, and John Lewis, and most of King's family, and many others, the more I get the sense that during the years of their greatest successes they were smart enough to realize they'd never rally enough public support to end segregation and de facto legal violence against blacks if they didn't hide their thorough hatred of white people.


I think the absence of King had a lot to do with it, what were justifiable calls for justice, curdled into resentment and revenge,
led by the likes of Jackson and Sharpton and Wright, they imported the third world mentality of the left, in rejection of everything about America, that's just IMHO


Narciso linked this on the other thread.LUN Too funny!

Wrong person pictured.
Unable to spell Sarah Palin's name.
She was the VP candidate.


--"I have trouble thinking of anything in the country in which blacks are represented proportionally."--

Last time I saw that was George W Bush's administration.


Speaking of delusional thinking in the LUN,
this can't possibli go wrong can it


Oh for God's sake, what is wrong with you people? Doesn't anybody watch or read the alphabet news any more? If you want facts, they have FACTS!!!!!

"An estimated 87,000 people attended a rally organized by talk-radio host and Fox News commentator Glenn Beck Saturday in Washington, according to a crowd estimate commissioned by CBS News."


Reading here for quite a while now. Can someone clue me in please. LUN?



The five-mile march organized by Sharpton started in the early afternoon. It snaked to the endpoint at the southeast side of the Mall, where the King Memorial is being built. Martin Luther King III was scheduled to speak there....To the marchers, Sharpton said: "Let the line stretch. They already are going to say there were only 2,000 or 3,000 of you here..."

So their whole crowd fit into a local hs football stadium, and Sharpton didn't deny the 2-3000 estimate. Re the "march", Al told everyone to "stretch out", then the marchers "snaked to the endpoint." Any crowd shots of the Sharpton marchers snaking along? Since their reporters were at the scene, I wonder how the WaPo would explain that, if asked.


I thought CBS was going did they pay the company that did the crowd estimates? Boogie dance lessons from Katie?
(I'd post a picture but Extraneus wouldn't like it!)


Link under name, an article you want us to look at

Charlie (Colorado)

Funny, I just finished my traditional crowd-estimate piece for PJM, and I noticed that CBS one.

My estimate is pretty damn conservative, and it's still double that.

The company they said they hired for the estimate is, which doesn't mention making crowd estimates as a part of their services -- they're an aerial photography design firm for architecture.




LUN = means Link Under Name

When you enter your name (box 1), your email (box 2) and your website OR ANOTHER LINK copied and pasted (box 3).


the progs at DU are calling it "Whitestock"



the progs at DU are calling it "Whitestock"

What they want to call their own website is their own business.

Uncle BigBad


LUN stands for link-under-name. You can paste a URL in the "Web Site URL" box under your name after the comment box.

It's a good question. We probably should explain it from time to time.


Okay, it is pretty clear that the MFM and the liberal loons are gonna be working overtime to pump out the propaganda. So let them. Sane ears don't listen to them any more.


Treacher calls Al's the "Dozen Dude Dud".

Rob Crawford

the progs at DU are calling it "Whitestock"

What kind of racist denigrates ideas based on the skin color of people expressing them?


I hope the Democrats continue to listen to the media--there's nothing to worry about here, folks--all the way through the mid term elections.

Charlie (Colorado)

What kind of racist denigrates ideas based on the skin color of people expressing them?


Unless it's a trick question.

Frau Steingehirn

Not to worry, Clarice? I'm all belt and suspenders until the applause sign lights up.


So, first the oppo was "racist", and when it turned out there was no evidence of it then or now, they are too White. Got it.

Rob Crawford

It's the same "argument", Clarice, simply being approached from a different direction.


1. Racist
3. White People


Who cares what the Proglodytes at DU [they're going thru what appears to be a real Civil War over there. Check out for more] call it?

And, Chaco, I can't see under the trees, but my BOTE says lower bound of 500K. That match up with yours?


Oh, and the audacity to not carry signs.

Rob Crawford

MayBee -- wasn't there a prog troll here who whined about the Tea Partiers sitting in lawn chairs? I ran into someone like that somewhere; seemed really ticked off that people didn't find the need to goose-step like at an ANSWER march.


it is disconcerting to still see the gross misrepresentations of Beck by the fools of the Left. Very shortly, it's going to blow up like a squib in a cheap cigar in their faces.

I'm not a huge fan of his, but his mission over the last year in many ways has changed from agitator to educator. Most of his points on the Constitution are sound, and the tradition of renewal and revival is strong in American history not as a force for evil, but for good.It fostered the creation of the Republican Party back in the 1850's.

Reading the comments on Political Wire a short while ago I was struck by the complete infantilism of the posters. Snark, nasty comments, and no understanding of nor desire to understand their political adversaries. They were still blaming Bush.

The most successful creation of the social welfare and norming programs of the past 50 years has been the creation of a lumpen proletariat combined with a lumpen intelligentsia, and I frickin hate dumbheads of any kind.

I would rather talk to an Egyptian cabdriver who was an engineer in his country who is hacking at night on his third job putting his kids through school than most university professors or corporate managers I have met.

As to that low rent uptown race hustler Sharpton and his buddy Norton, they obviously have not taken note of the strong conservative streak within their own perceived constituency. When Beck gets a stage full of African American pastors and activists on his soapbox with him, it is a sign that the times they may be a 'changin. This recession is hurting people of color just as much as the rest of us.

And I guess my final point tonight is "the rest of us", because we are all in this together.


Oh, I don't remember that but it wouldn't surprise me. I remember the anger when some people at one rally ordered food from the booths set up for the (black family reunion?).
And now today, this no sign thing is apparently really angrifying.


Without the signs you really can't 'pick, polarize, and isolate' in classic Alinsky
fashion, Rule 12, you have to actually listen to the message.


NYT plays it straight and cites the 300,000 and 500,000 estimates, conceding the crowd was "huge". In contrast it says hundreds showed up for Sharpton.

SURPRISE!>Some honest reporting for a change


And that coming from Zernike, she must have gotten an electric shock from each keystroke,
I'm shocked, I'm gasterflabbed


You have to give the WaPo credit. They also could have been technically accurate if they reported "Beck, Palin tell dozens to 'restore America.'" But they took the high road and said "thousands." And it would have been racist of them to say "tens of thousands" or "hundreds of thousands" when they couldn't also say that about the Sharpton rally.


Heh, jimmy..When they are more partisan than the NYT on something anyone can see on tv or video you know the paper's scraping the bottom.

Rob Crawford

Or the NYT's got something in the pipeline they think will destroy the Tea Parties.

Danube of Thought

I think we're winning. I think they're losing. I think they know it.

Who will be the first to examine the archival footage and report on the racial composition of the crowd at Woodstock? How about Altamont? (Well, we know there was at least one black dude there, but of course he got stabbed to death, right there in the Summer of Love.)


DoT. I think that's right. Now the Dems may be stupid enough to think that continuing to insult 2/3 of the voters is a winning strategy but maybe the NYT front page editor, certain to be hit by the paper's horrid financial situation isn't so sure.


All I know for sure is Nancy Pelosi is going to start spouting bible verses again, and Barbara Boxer will refer to herself as a centrist.


HEH--You're in the race with bgates tonight, MayBee.



Only in my dreams. And sweet dreams to you, Clarice.


NYT: Across town, several hundred people packed a football field at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School...

That's astounding. The WH must have told the unions, MoveOn and others, including JJ and Acorn, to stay home.


Insty notes the widespread Journalistian use of overwhelmingly white.

Soylent of SW Asia

Word on the street over here in SW Asia is that you bitter clinging racialist Islamophobic caucasians had some sort of get together...

It looks like it was awesome. Wish I could have joined you. I get the Glen Beck Extreme podcasts and it sounds like it wildly exceeded everyone's expectations.

Post pix you nogoodnik clingers!


I'm with Clarice...let the left and the media libs continue to ignore us at their will be very rich on election night watching the "journolist" epic fail.

and we must all practice our "non-gloating"!


Good to hear from you, Soylent

Wrong person pictured. Unable to spell Sarah Palin's name. She was the VP candidate.
No, no, no... Didn't you recognize that guy? He was the (R)otarian candidate for president some years back. Before that he wrote a country and western song "A Boy Named Sara" that didn't come near to the fame and fortune of "A Boy Named Sue"...

Soylent, Great to hear from you. Please keep in touch.

Hey, Since tomorrows Sunday and that means the gals will somewhere along the line be talking menus and recipes and chow and stuff, if you've got a moment I'd be interested in knowing what K-Rats or C-rats or whatever they call 'em nowadays are your fave chows.

Lasagna? Chicken? S@#t on a Shingle? Perhaps our JOM chefs could suggest parsley or spam to spruce it up a bit. And how are you doing on Tabasco Sauce? Please keep us posted Sir!

Tom T.

Google News is heading an article from the Boston Herald about how to cover the rally. Following that is video from Al-Jazeera and an article from an Austin newspaper about "two competing rallies."

Foo Bar

Coming next - the NY Times investigates the anti-Semitism of the NBA, the NFL and Major League Baseball, none of whom have a proportional number of Jewish coaches or players. (We eagerly await comments from NBA Commissioner David Stern).

False. Regarding coaches in the NBA, you are incorrect. Larry Brown, the coach of the Charlotte Bobcats, is Jewish. Jews make up 1.7% of the U.S. population. With 30 NBA head coaches, 1 coach represents 3.33% of the total, which is a slight overrepresentation, but as close to proportional as you can get.

If you meant to include assistant coaches, you're still wrong.
Ron Rothstein is an assistant with the
Miami Heat and Lawrence Frank is an assistant with the Celtics. With 5 or so assistants plus a head coach per team, that projects to something like 180 coaches in the NBA, including assistants, so if 3 of them are Jewish this is roughly proportional.

Please fix the post. It was a throwaway line, but if it was important enough to write, it's important enough to correct.


How many Jewish basketball players? And how many Hispanics? Eskimos? Native Americans? Vietnamese-Americans?

Ever consider even renting a sense of humor? Or a short-term lease?

Or an irony detector?


A brave DUer posts a picture of Sharpton's rally and nukes the "Whitestock" thread:

The crowd at Sharpton's rally was predominantly black.

Is that OK but it's not OK for Beck's crowd to be predominantly white?


Now let's cut to the Times for some three card Monte

Incorrect. "Three card Monte" is a type of card game, or "hustle". Your link is to a newspaper article.

that is the lily-white NY Times Board of Directors.

mmmmmNegative. Lily white has an RGB hexadecimal value of E6E7E2. None of the persons in the linked photo gallery have a skin tone lighter than F8D4D9. Delete. Delete immediately.






hey that guy with the flag at Beck's rally looks kind swarthy, what's his RGB value?

Al looks like he lost his pony.


Ha ha ha ha ha!


I just had an idea.

I'm gonna rent helicopters and sell aerial crowd control scans to the highest bidder

as a bonus, bgates will ride shotgun and provide RGB skin color values

Dave (in MA)

The 'Green Anarchist' flag in the crowd visible above Sharpie's head is a nice touch.


I'm not sure it's anger that drives Jackson and Sharpton. Readers must be aware how they have gotten rich; they shake down companies threatening to sue them for discrimination against blacks.

Hundreds of millions of dollars change hands, as do board positions.

The stance of their words are worth a lot of money.

Tea Partiers:
1. Racist
3. White People
And don't forget angry.

I used to wonder under what circumstances the general pillars of the far left (Socialist Keynesian economics, welfare state, the poor as a basic function of evil capitalism) would finally be laid to rest as wrong. Watching the news in the last year convinces me that there never will be any such circumstances.


....lily-white NY Times tone lighter than F8D4D9

Is that on a ">"> Procul Harum Index?

Jack is Back!

I've actually been to the Dunbar High School football stadium back in the day. Now this was 1990 and unless they have added luxury corporate skyboxes (you know for the big shots at SEIU, ACORN and PRIDE) it couldn't sit more than 2500 and maybe 5K in the field.

But if they are saying that the crowd at Beck's ran from the Lincoln Memorial all the way to the end of the pool and to the WW2 monument and was dense then you are in the 300K to 500K range, I would think. But, hey, if Louis Farrakhan can call his million man march successful for exceeding its goal then Beck had a billion show up.


Clarice's Pieces - Another great one from our intrepid reporter in the Georgetown Rathskeller.



Al is thinking he goofed and this stunt of his was the final straw.


Classic Moments in Preening
(Whitestock Edition)

``Something that is beyond man is happening. "America today begins to turn back to God."
--Glen Beck

“Say what you want about me, but I raised a combat vet and you can’t take that away from me.” -- Sarah Palin

Get back Mike Bloomberg. You're not fit to pack Glen Beck's Spongebob Squarepants lunchbox when it comes to preening...

Captain Hate

The troll got so busted on that "preening" comment that he can't help but try to transfer it anybody he can to remove the association. Give it up, idiot; it's your side that owns the empty gestures. You tried applying it to Janet who was holding up a sign for a fellow poster in Afghanistan; "preening" is not doing something selfless which obviously eludes you.

Go huddle with your hectoring hero, Mike Bloomberg; maybe you can both come out of the closet together.


Cap, slight correction if you please:

"The troll" should read "The racist troll"


If BungDuster "preens" in the forest, and nobody is around who cares, why would he think it makes a difference?


--Who will be the first to examine the archival footage and report on the racial composition of the crowd at Woodstock?--

Doesn't matter DoT.
By definition a bunch of upper middle class left wing crackers taking drugs and screwing in the mud while Richie Havens and Jimi Hendrix tap dance for em on stage is the very essence of the non racist society they envision.


A really great video of the rally which I sent to Soylent--you can get a great sense of the crowd .


Archival pic found of Bloomberg at Woodstock.

Ari Tai

Someone should ask geoeye and digital globe what overhead sat photos they have of the event and if they'd be willing to contribute them for the publicity. Then cut the picture up into roughly 10'x10' photos and use amazon's mechanical turk to organize a by-hand count by 1000s of volunteers (until we get 5 or more counts of each square). Where the count is, say, all individuals within, and all individuals overlapping the north and east edge of a given square. Then we'd have a more accurate count than any event before (that was not ticketed), and set a standard for quality of events going forward.

Given how the MSM spins attendance per their meme, it'd be wonderful to have cold numbers going forward (for all events).

Jim Ryan

As Foo Bar so ably demonstrates, TM's post is correct in saying that the NBA does not "have a proportional number of Jewish coaches or players." Foo, you got a little confused at the end of your post, when you said TM should correct his post instead of congratulating him for its correctness. But anyway, thanks for the statistical footnote to TM's post. Not sure it was worth so much effort, to be frank, but thanks.


Foo Bar's last two attempts here at corrections have been considerably below his usual standards of detecting serious mistakes.
Lighten up. Correcting jokes, especially ones the proprietor acknowledge was pretty flimsy on substance with this line;
(We eagerly await comments from NBA Commissioner David Stern)
hardly leads one to take your posts seriously anymore.


Boy are they scared. From 3:40PM Eastern time yesterday:

Beck draws on Obama stump speech from 2008 race

"One man can change the world," Beck told the crowd. "That man or woman is you. You make the difference."

Obama used a similar message on the campaign trail. He used to say that one voice could change a room, one room could change a city, and one city could change a state. Obama liked to say that state could change a country and urged supporters to go out and change the world.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

That was a breaking news update? Oh, and the earlier story appears to be word-for-word identical to the breaking news update. Sheesh.

They're rattled.


Yes, they are. Imagine Obama's a racist according to Kate Zernike's formula-->Hackery


Jennifer Rubin:

Palin has them on the run--and she's redefined feminism:


BTW, basketball was originally dominated by Jewish players from urban areas--they didn't have enough money to play other sports.

Danube of Thought

Sandy Koufax had an incurable basketball Jones, and preferred it to baseball until his ability to throw heat became apparent.

In any event, I would say poor ole Foo Bar has been driven from the field in high disgrace.

Manuel Transmission

Ari Tai,
Great idea! Then post it all on the web (photos and methods) so everyone can wrangle the results to death. Unlike, say, the AGW thugs.


Yes, and it all began two years ago, despite it all, she has persevered



The difference between Beck and Obama is that when Beck said one person can make a difference, he meant one person and their faith in God as the foundation of free America can make a difference. When Obama said one person can make a difference, he meant one person and their faith in Obama can make a difference.


Don Surber really answers back at those Jezebel folks, in the LUN


"White folk done took this country" and other racist opinions offered by Jeremiah Wright at a seminar he led 3 mos. ago. He also faulted MLK's nonviolent approach.


Over @ Pajamas Media, Charlie Martin has a How big the crowd article.
It says there are over a hundred comments but I can only get 58 to show. Anyone know how to
get to read the rest?


I think when people respond to prior comments, those go into the total count but are not separately numbered,pagar. Otherwise, I always have the same difficulty you do.


Thanks, Clarice!
Also, wanted to say you had another great "Pieces" article today. It has become the 1st thing I check on Sunday morning.
Speaking of American Thinker, do you know why they don't list the author on the Blog articles? Seems to me it is a needed improvement.


Meanwhile, Frank Rich gets slapped down some
in his late effusion of bile, in the LUN

glenda prayers of safety, powder-dry, hot meals,etc. are with you...been in a cave and just learned of your deployment. Come home soon-maybe to a conservative congress...

off to read my weekly "must" clarice's pieces @AT.


Thanks, pagar. AT does list blog authors at the top of each blog.

Danube of Thought

The reaction of much of the media to the Beck event is part of an alarming tide of Christianophobia sweeping the nation. Look for a Time cover story any day now.


In the category of 'irony it's what's for dinner,' you have the author of that Time piece, Bobby Ghosh, who delivered that whitewash of Imam Rauf, and is always on good terms with every insurgent group from Afghanistan to Pakistan to Iraq, going to so
far as to interviewing an up and coming IED
maker, around the time of the peak of the surge, who rationalized his actions by saying
he hadn't gotten into MIT


DoT, you and MayBee are gaining on bgates.
Heh , narciso. It's probably not a good idea to read newsweeklies..I think you lose IQ points whenever you do. Hang around doctors' offices with nothing else to occupy your time and you're sure to be diagnosed with dementia.


Since I do have an alternate source of information, the ever helpful 'hulk smash'
reflex comes into being, although gentle
sneering works best

Jack is Back!

Foo Bar,

I have two words for you: Abe Saperstein.

I have a date for you when a Jewish coach literally opened the door for every black basket ball player making millions of dollars: 1926

He did more to create an acceptable environment for black BBallers than any of the current crop of coaches - white, black or in between.


It's like the folks at the Daily News don't actually read their own stories, in the LUN

Al is Back

" Here is some more silliness:

Polls show that the movement has not attracted blacks proportionate to their representation in the larger population. And some Tea Party leaders ackowledge that. "

Indeed. To 'acknowledge' the self-evident
is rank temerity.

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