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September 24, 2010


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Jim Ryan

Look, Obama's a decent man, as is clear from his persuasive oratory. It's just that he has chosen to keep company with sociopaths and other assorted sickos for most of his life (Davis, Ayers, Wright, the Marxist professors, etc.)


Oh, Tom, you're such a fuss budget. Always trying to find out what Obama was doing in the 1980s and 1990s. Just because he's the President! Silly! We don't need to know anything that isn't in Dreams for My Fathers, which Obama wrote, didn't he? Didn't he?


Some good points, TM. I'm trying to update my blog on this to include these points you make.

Army of Davids

The biggest risk to our economy is still in congress.

Smoot Hawley leaves clues. We are not listening.

But we are listening to Stephen Colbert on illegal immigration appearantly.

And the media dives further into irrelevence.

hit and run

Since Obama was adopted by Ted Kennedy during the 2008 race, one wonders whether he will still have the once-vaunted Kennedy machine firmly in his corner in 2008. [2008?]

The Ayers relationship won't blow up in Obama's face. Really,it'll all just be water under the bridge with the Kennedys.


Hit and run,

That was good. Laughed out loud, I did.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

A friend of mine is going to DC and he is looking for a cheap place to stay, in or out of the city. Can anyone tell me where he should look?

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Hit -



Jane, a short stay or long term?

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

I assume short. He asked me for cheap hotels and then he asked me for areas outside of DC that have cheaper hotels than in the city.


It's just that he has chosen to keep company with sociopaths and other assorted sickos for most of his life...

Glenn Beck makes that point. How many extreme radicals do YOU know. One maybe? Those are the only people that we know of that were Obama's close associates.

Captain Hate

O/T If the Repubs ever decide to get serious about the November elections, they were handed another gift yesterday by the Donks refusing to do anything on taxes until after the election. If they aren't able to make hay over that by pounding "Why do you think they're doing that" ads, they're more hopeless than even I thought.


Jane, I understand Congressman Frank sometimes has spare room in his townhouse.

Jack is Back!


Tell him to look outside the district (cheaper) but walking distance to the Metro. If he's packing heat and he really wants something cheap, there is a Day's Inn in Anacostia:)


I hope that totally uncool Bill Ayers gets cancer in his ass.



Good, close in location, clean, cheap.


the wheels of the leftist tricycle seem to be coming off...what a shame....

Schaden, meet Freude.....


More updates.

I emailed Typepad about Tom Maguire yesterday and a woman wrote back to me and confirmed that any such abusive comments that refer to where a person lives, etc is against Typepad policy. She said to just email her the post and where and the time it was posted, and they will look at removing it. So that was very civilzed of them to tell me that. Hopefully she will talk to Tom about it as well.

Too bad they have to do Tom Maguire's job for him. But I wrote her I am not planning on posting too much on this page anymore, but I just didn't think it was right that this person/troll would be allowed to get away with abusing poeople so much. So I apreciated her effort.


Rob Crawford

Jesus, you're a b***h, sylvia.

Cecil Turner

She said to just email her the post and where and the time it was posted, and they will look at removing it.

Boy is she going to be surprised when she reads the very polite offer to meet for coffee and your ridiculous and abusive hyperventilating over it.


You forgot the prefix "crazy", Rob.

Dave (in MA)
comments that refer to where a person lives, etc is against Typepad policy. She said to just email her the post and where and the time it was posted, and they will look at removing it.
So do you need help finding the comment where some nut threatened to post TM's home address? We can dig it up for you.
Mark Folkestad

Sylvia, I just e-mailed TypePad with some background information on you and your complaints. I wanted to make sure that the staff had some idea of what was going on before they started to hassle Maguire. You are delusional. We are real people, not bots. And Hit in no way threatened you. On the contrary, you threatened him. Please get some help, and let us discuss the issues at hand, and not your distorted perceptions.


Back to the topic at hand, why is it I get the impression if Ayers had only made bombs to kill beat-walking cops and regretted not making more of them and delighted in trampling the flag underfoot and being a seditious, violent, marxist revolutionary in general, rather than being so gauche as to offend one of the prominent trustees, he'd have his big, smirking maggot face plastered all over their professor emeritus yearbook?

Cecil Turner

You forgot the prefix "crazy", Rob.

Here's the funny version of that one.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

I'm not being clear. He asked me to find out the names of the towns adjacent to DC that he should look.

Why he can't figure that out himself is beyond me.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

That works Clarice, thanks

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)


He's teh uber liberal that often posts over at You too so he would probably like that.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Sorry to post 4 posts in a row but...

So do you need help finding the comment where some nut threatened to post TM's home address? We can dig it up for you.

I insist this gets sent to Typepad. Then ask them if they ever follow up with a criminal complaint.


Just another reason to follow Old Lurker's DNFTT advise. You simply cannot engage irrational people, such as sylvia.



advise = advice



I often stay at the Comfort Inn in Arlington. It is walking distance to the Ballston Metro, and the Hotel is OK but certainly nothing fancy. I don't how cheap is cheap, but hotels as a rule are pretty pricey in the DC area.

If this is on government business, your friend could also try the Seidman Center (FDIC training center). It is a bit more expensive, but you get a lot for it, like a kitchen. It is across the street from the Virgina Square Metro stop (also in Arlington) and next door to a grocery store.

Mike Huggins

Funny, this all comes up during a post about Bill Ayers. Wacky coincidence?

hit and run

Aw,sylvia,I'm so happy for you to have gotten a response from Typepad. I'm sure that made you feel special.

Get well soon.




I got this great idea for someone with zero experience as an executive, no knowledge or experience in the field of education and hardly out of college to be chairman of a $50 million educational initiative....

hit and run

Thank you very much,Mark.


No what makes me feel better Hit, is that Tom's colleagues are aware of the problem and hopefully, if they are legit, will talk to Tom about it. After all, no company likes problems, and they are not going to like having to deal with Tom's problems.

So hopefully Tom will know that he cannot get away with shirking his responsibility. Even if nothing else happens, at least I know that his parent company is aware of the problem. And yes that makes me feel better.


Dear gawd. We are dealing with a child, apparently.

Mike Huggins

UIC School of Education Dean Vicki Chou... told the Tribune last month that Ayers has "been really a very good colleague here" and "the good far outweighs any negative press?"

Diana Oughton could not be reached for comment.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

Next for sylvia: a class action suit in small claims court.


Tom's "colleagues"? His "parent company"?

Loony tunes.


I think it is funny beyond belief that Ayers was denied at the request of a Kennedy. We were told that dedication didn't mean anything. It would seem it meant something to at least one Kennedy.

Chickens. Coming home to roost.

hit and run

and hopefully, if they are legit,

This ends with Typepad making it onto your "maybe" list as a cybot troll,doesn't it?

Dave (in MA)

By Sylvia logic I have colleagues at Google, Hotmail and Youtube.

Captain Hate

Speaking of lunatics, Keef Olberdouche must be pouting in the bathtub since Jeff Zucker is out at NBC pending the sale of controlling interest to Comcast, who should be interested in more robust ratings than needle-dick the bug-fucker delivers. Time to dust off that Moo U degree, Queef.

Jack is Back!

Sylvia reminds me of those fat ex-hippie nutjobs up in Alaska that kept filing complaints agains Palin. Same mentality or lack of. Now if can just find another job Americans won't do or Bubu we'll have a fine kettle of fish here.

Mark Folkestad

You are most welcome, Hit. But a fat lot of good it did. This is such a shame. I actually enjoyed hearing many of Sylvia's experiences and insights when she was lucid.

Mark Folkestad

Whoops. Better make that marginally lucid.


--needle-dick the bug-fucker--

Funny. Obscene, but funny.

Jack is Back!


"For" Bubu not "or" Bubu.


Since the discussion on this thread involves an aging hippie and a sometime deranged commentator--Sylvia, here is a link to ponder:

Hippie Punching FAQ

Here's a taste:

Q. Where do hippies come from? A. There's basically waste products of a productive society, as they only come from middle class to upper middle class families. Thus its important for parents to make sure they tell children the importance of not being a hippie while also making them cut the lawn and do other non-hippie, productive activities.

Q. Where can hippies be found?
A. Their main habitat is the college campus and can be found in the vicinity thereof. Occasionally they have mass migrations to city areas to work as a large group (a group of hippies is known as a "protest") to make loud noises and annoy people. In this way, they are like geese, except with more excrement. Also, they have large puppets.

Q. What are the benefits of punching hippies?
A. What aren't? It gives you exercise, increases your intelligence and sexual prowess, helps the economy, defeats terrorism, and helps orphans find families. Also, scientists say that each time you punch a hippie, they get one step closer to curing cancer.


Ignatz, great point. To libs like RFK's kids, it's perfectly ok that Ayers bombed the Pentagon, and had a hand in a Brinks robbery/murder. It is only when he applauds the assassin of someone in the family that the moral line is crossed.


--Since the discussion on this thread involves an aging hippie and a sometime deranged commentator--Sylvia, here is a link to ponder:

Hippie Punching FAQ--

An obvious indirect threat and a good bit of stalking to boot, glasater.
Are you going to turn yourself in to the Typepad enforcement goons and make it easy on yourself or are "we" going to have to rough you up a bit first?

Jack is Back!

The largest gathering of hippies in the 21st century that I have ever witnessed is in Boulder, Colorado. Even Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco cannot match Boulder in terms of shear numbers. For ex-hippies but still 60's mindset you can't beat Kos and HuffPuff.

I guess you all saw where Axelrod was accused of punching hippies during a telcon with lib bloggers. I think it was the person who does Crooks and Liars.




They knew that at the end of the campaign, but
it would happen to interfere with the narrative so they didn't do anything

hit and run

If Typepad fails to act to your satisfaction,I suggest contacting their colleagues at>The Internet Society. Keep going up the ladder until you reach the top of this vast and unwieldy organization to get the justice you are due. Of course,if you are forced to go above The Internet Society,you will have to contact SD-6. I cannot divulge their contact information,but you should be able to find them. Above them,of course, is the Alliance of Twelve*. And then,but only then,after exhausting all other avenues,we know>where you must venture. I wish you well.

Danube of Thought

My heart soars like the hawk:

Washington (CNN) -- With little more than a month to go before the midterm elections, President Barack Obama's approval rating has hit an all-time low.

Only 42 percent of Americans now approve of how Obama's handling his job as president, according to a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll. Fifty-four percent disapprove of his performance.

The figures represent a new low-water mark in the CNN/ORC poll for the president, who, almost two years into his term, continues to wrestle with public worries over a sluggish economy and exhaustion with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Congressional Democrats aren't faring much better. They now face a nine-point deficit when likely voters are asked which party they'll back in November, according to the poll.


More evidence at Human Events of how thin skinned Barry is. The WH was not content with just attacking Forbes indirectly over its D'Souza anti-colonial article. It called in Forbe's DC bureau chief to read him the riot act personally.
There's no rawer nerve to touch than the narcissist's.


He was Prairie Fired!

Bobito Mundo

The Hill (9/24): "Members are clamoring to me to have the president come to their districts," Pelosi said at her weekly press conference. "There wouldn't be enough time for him to honor all of those requests."

CNN Poll (9/24): "In even worse news for congressional Democrats, likely voters say they are considerably more likely to vote for a candidate the president opposes than one he supports." LUN


It's all Carlo Rambaldi's fault somehow, Hit

Dave (in MA)

hit and run, if Sylvia really wants something done about this, she should contact the>top of the chain of command, way above the pay grades of TM and his TypePad colleagues.


Megan Kelly is this instant treating Colbert's testimony with the disgust and anger that it deserves.

I don't need O'Reilly's body language expert gal to look at Megan's face and tell me she is pissed at our Congress enabling this disrespectful bit of farce.

"What the hell was he doing in front of the US Congress?" asks Megan of Congressman King. That's her exact words.

She's obviously pissed at the Congress-guys chuckling at this jackass.

Man, do I wish the Repubs, at least a few, had stood up and walked.

Megan now: "Do you think Zoe Lofgren owes an apology to the people of this country for doing this?"

"This just cost us, the US taxpayers, $125,000. One hundred and twenty five thousand dollars for this testimony from Steven Colbert."

"Let us know what you think about that by writing to Megan at FOX news .com" Go Megan!

(Not exact wording in each case up above, but darn close.)


Ignatz--Don't mind being roughed up--ever:-)

And appreciate the "thin skinned" link from Human Events.

Charlie (Colorado)

Sylvia, have you ever met Chuck Pelto, posts things as "Chuck(le)"?

I think you two might have a lot in common.


Ha, Dave.

Dave (in MA)

Oh, and I've finally figured out what a ">cybot troll" is.


You have to be really stupid to believe one word that moronic congenital liar Pelosi says.Why would anyone but a moron think the president schedules appearances thru her.


Good for Megyn, but she should have focused more on the Coates testimony, that was the BFD
for today, not the Colbert sideshow,


D'Souza is definitely over the target. Hope his book does well.


If Typepad fails to act to your satisfaction,I suggest contacting their colleagues at The Internet Society.

and then ultimately algore...the inventor of the internet. If you release his chakra he will personally take care of any internet problem you have.


I don't know how to do a LUN, but I believe this web site describes the organization that Sylvia should contact for compensation. After all they are the ones controlling everything.


another scandal for a democrat. This time it is the maine Congresswoman who railed against corporate hitchhiking by Congresscritters, who happens to have hitchhiked on her boyfriends jet. Petard - Hoist.

Maine Watchdog recently posted a video of Maine Democratic Rep. Chellie Pingree disembarking from a private jet owned by her boyfriend S. Donald Sussman’s hedge fund. While some may simply be inclined to just submit to jealousy while admiring her pragmatic taste in men, if Maine Watchdog’s allegations prove true, Pingree may have not only acted hypocritically, but violated House rules.

Just four years ago, as president of the lobbying group Common Cause, Pingree testified in front of Congress in the wake of the Jack Abramoff scandal about the need for lobbying reform legislation to restore confidence in Congress. Specifically, she said, representatives should not be permitted to fly on corporate private jets:

“Here again, the public perception is critical. Most Americans never have and never will fly on a chartered jet, much less a fancy corporate jet complete with wet bar and leather couches. So when members of Congress constantly fly around on corporate jets and pay only the cost of a commercial ticket, it contributes to the corrosive public perception that members of Congress are more like the fat cats of Wall Street than they are like the rest of us.”

Charlie (Colorado)

The largest gathering of hippies in the 21st century that I have ever witnessed is in Boulder, Colorado. Even Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco cannot match Boulder in terms of shear numbers. For ex-hippies but still 60's mindset you can't beat Kos and HuffPuff.

Nah, that's just the scattered leftovers. To really find a mess of hippies, go up Boulder Canyon (head west on Canyon Street out of Boulder) until you get to Nederland.

Rob Crawford

Apropos hippie punching, LUN.


Hope you do not mind me continually updating you on my opinions of the Miller/Murcowsee race. If so please scroll on by.

The ADN on Offense against Joe Miller: ">"> Murkowski to Miller: Return farm subsidies

Lisa demands Joe Miller return to the Federal Govt some $13,000 (Miller says $7000) that he received from the Feds for his Kansas farm between 1991 and 1997.


The ADN on defense for Lisa:

1) ">"> Murkowski asks for review of man's arrest in Alaska park

2) ">"> Murkowski wants to add Stevens' name to the map

The story's aren't worth reading as they are in essence simply unpaid political ads for Lisa, but just thought I'd throw them out there.

Last point. It is worth remembering that none of the Pollsters nor anybody in Lisa's campaign thought she was anywhere close to losing the Primary. That means her supporters didn't have to go to the poles to vote since it was a done deal. On the other hand, the folks who were motivated were Miller's Tea Party supporters. Well now Lisa's folks are motivated, and that has to be taken into account when talking about the General election.

Also FWIW, many of Dan Fagan's best friends are Lisa guys. Her campaign Press Secretary is about Fagan's best friend, plus a number of others he listed on yesterdays show. He says they will not speak to him civilly since the election so he's having to cut ties, as this is such a contentious issue, but that they are doing everything they can now to get her back into power---and these are the people who do have power. Make no mistake, we are loaded with our share of Latte' drinking imports from Portland, Seattle and California.

So that is why I'm playing Cassandra here to the currently accepted wisdom that we're all hearty Alaskan outdoor guys who hate handouts and that Joe's got it in the bag. I do hope I am wrong.

Old Lurker

Daddy "I don't need O'Reilly's body language expert gal to look at Megan's face..."

Megan has a face?


I hope you're wrong, too. I just kicked in some $$ for Miller. Hope the DeMint money bomb on his behalf yields what he needs.



There may be a face attached to ">"> this, but strangely my eyes are drawn elsewhere.



Just curious, before the primary, did the ADN (including its commenters) seem to be pointing toward a Murkowski win? If so, maybe they were wrong then and are wrong now.


We learned 4 things from this post:

1. Obama, without any experience, was catapulted into the Chair position of a huge educational program without the consultation of the person who set it up. That happens all the time with all stars.
2. Kennedy doesn't care if Ayers was a terrorist. But siding with his relation's assassins is going too far.
3. Tom needs to get off Typepad.
4. The Republicans can't even recognize a fundamental PR opportunity to illustrate the farce that is Washington by walking out of a hearing.

Lessons learned:

It is time for the adults to take over Washington.

On a related note: the Contract is a joke.


Holy Merde'!!!

I wonder how many blue-dogs and moderates are preparing to turn (I) or (R)?

OL--Yes, dear, Megan has a face :)

daddy...if half of Miller voters are as smart and P'd off at Murcow-ski? as you are..all will be o.k. ***and if the worst happens, I'll find you and yours a lovely place in the Texas Hill Country. :) There is a lovely place about 2 miles from Rick Perry's place in Driftwood. And Lance Armstrong's Dripping Springs place is for sale--I hear GWB visits both. :) Nevermind, we really need you on point in Alaska!!

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

The largest gathering of hippies in the 21st century that I have ever witnessed is in Boulder, Colorado.

When? I have hippie credentials from there.

I think Lofgren et al should personally pay the tab for the Colbert travesty. It costs thousands of dollars to have a hearing apparently and we should call them out on it.


And Lance Armstrong's Dripping Springs place is for sale

"Drippin'" is a nice place to be. Wonder why Lance is giving it up.


"Lisa demands Joe Miller return to the Federal Govt"

IMO, Lisa should return the hundreds of thousands of dollars of free campaign aid the GOP gave her by not stripping her of her Senate committee standings.

Where is the DeMint money bomb site?

Rob Crawford

Above them,of course, is the Alliance of Twelve*.

What about the Guild of Calamitous Intent?

Old Lurker

Thanks Glenda. But somehow I see it the way Daddy does...


The Senate Conservative web site for Joe Miller via Jim Demint is LUN. As a contributor, I receive regular emails from Senator DeMint.



Everybody thought this was a walk in the park re-election for Lisa. Even the pollsters. That's probably why she refused to come on any of the Talk Shows that would have asked her tough questions and that were pushing Joe Miller. (Remember that Journolist Wapo Dave Weigle's girlfriend writing the Salon story about how Palin was finished because Miller was going to get killed in the Primary tomorrow morning? That made us all exuberant.) All the conventional folks thought exactly the same. The ADN was entirely in the bag for her. Miller was regarded as a Palin clone/hack, and hated by everybody up here who chameleon like morphs to the conventional wisdom of saying they hate Palin for her stupidity, etc, because that's what all the Lower 48 sophisticates think.

The only person I know besides Joe Miller who honestly went out on a limb and predicted Miller was going to win was, believe it or not, the Palin hating Dan Fagan. (He hates Palin BTW because she's not Conservative enuff) On both his talk show and in a blog post The Alaskan Standard blog from a day or so before the election he predicted Miller was going to win because of righteous anger from the unspoken electorate. Amazingly he was correct. Plus he dug up and posted the audio of Lisa saying she would support Govt Run Health Care if it was just properly tweaked to work right. That's the ammo that really sunk her with the Millerites, and that's all part of why I have to listen to him.

From where he sits he could sense the anger of the folks not represented by the ADN and the local TV channels. I could sense it too. What I do not have a good sense of however, is how the folks that do agree with the ADN are feeling or how many of them there are, because besides hanging out at the coffee shops and bookstores I generally don't know much about them or how many of them there are out there. We generally mind our own business up here. The Lawyer across the street who's dog we kept the last 2 nights is a Lisa fan. The Lawyer 3 houses up was Frank Murcowski's (I think) Chief of Staff.

Both of these guys have big money and from what I can tell are pulling for Lisa. The 1st guy was stunned that Lisa lost and thinks it's awful if we lose her seniority in the Senate. He says his whole office was stunned as well and depressed.

So from all that, and from the lousy job our Repub Governor is doing, (he's exactly following Lisa's losing Primary strategy) I sense opportunity for Lisa. Sure she lied about saying she would support the winner etc. But in 40 more days that is going to have been absorbed and become old news, and this BS they did yesterday allowing her to keep her Energy Seat in DC in essence excuses her going back on her word. Plus not word one from any Senior Repub about why the hell she isnt back in DC doing the peoples work.

So I will continue to call it like I see it and I desperately hope that I am completely wrong.


Don't know if this may have been on a thread I skimmed through recently but here is a somewhat on topic article about an egghead leaving a 1,900-Page Online Suicide Note.

Perhaps our resident deranged commentator could give us a summary--after digesting the 20 page bibliography....


..the currently accepted wisdom that we're all hearty Alaskan outdoor guys who hate handouts..

That perception skid off the bridge to nowhere.



They keep telling me ">"> there's a face there somewhere...




Rasmussen (LUN):

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Republican Joe Miller attracts 42% of the vote in the first Rasmussen Reports poll of the Alaska Senate race since GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski announced her write-in campaign to try to keep her job.

The telephone survey of Likely Voters in Alaska shows Murkowski picking up 27% of the vote and Democrat Scott McAdams earning 25%. One percent (1%) say they’d prefer some other candidate, and five percent (5%) are undecided.

This race now moves from Leans GOP to Solid GOP in the Rasmussen Reports

Jack is Back!

Perhaps our resident deranged commentator could give us a summary--after digesting the 20 page bibliography....

Geez, galaster I know you are referencing Sylva but why did you go and encourage Anduril to do a cut and paste job. 1,900 pages is the holy grail for him/her. There is not enough bandwidth in Connecticut for this exercise:)


Good point DebinNC,

(Please don't pee puppy-dog, I'll take you out in a minute)

Without question Stevens tried to deliver the pork. Initially it made sense that he deliver the Federal Pork, because when we became a state we were completely undeveloped, so we needed the Feds to build roads, infrastructure etc, as part of the bargain of becoming a State. That made sense in the early days after Statehood.As I understand it, he and Dan Inouye Dem of Hawaii, mad a pact in the early days that they would be work for each other on the Appropriations Committee as it swapped hands back and forth dependent on whichever party was in power, because Hawaii, like Alaska, coming in in about 1959, likewise needed big Federal infrastructure spending. That was Ted's legacy and everybody loved him for it. Just like Inouye in Hawaii.

But over the years, especially since Carter, what with the EPA and the Greenies and the Lawyers etc, no longer can we develop our assets up here and put Alaskans to work, so Ted gets stuck having to ask for Bridge to Nowhere appropriations because we can't do anything else (fishing mining loggin drilling etc) to keep folks employed. So employment winds up coming thru the Feds.

Lisa, as Murcowski's daughter, is that same old thing--public tit, just like Ted. Bring home the bacon because thats how we've always done it. Thats what her supporters seem to want.

Miller sees that the system is broken. He doesn't want the handout. He wants the Govt to get the hell out of the way, and let us develop our assets without the shackles of the Feds, EPA, 9th Circuit, Department of Energy, Salazar's etc.

That to me is pretty much the difference.

It's sad but funny that one of Lisa's talking points is that Joe Miller is an extremist because he wants to eliminate the Department of Education. Well so did that extremist Ronald Reagan and his Education Secretary Bill Bennett. In Lisa's mind, they are "extremists." No wonder the state NEA just endorsed her over the Democrat.

I simply think views of us from outside are stereotyped and very often mistaken, just as I am sure my views of down there are often far from reality.


Clarice: I hope your party went well last night and thank you for your wonderful articles.


Maryrose and cc you are both too kind. The party ent fine--lots of veterans groups sent representatives with checks, lots of nice people there, and Allen West, of course, who both my more moderate husband and I agree is the most natural leader we've ever seen.


OT (but I figure it is okay because of the whole Megyn Kelly ogling) -
One of my pet peeves is store cards. I have to get a card before I can get the best price? Why?...I want the same price as everyone else. Anyway, I refuse to have them except where the store gives me permission to use "Customer" as my name and 012-345-6789 as my phone #.
Most stores have a generic card up front for us ornery customers...but today I had a store say no. They would rather not make the sale than to give me the same price as other customers. $160, and they said no.
Some businesses have forgotten why they exist....& the answer is NOT to please their marketing dept..

Captain Hate

There may be a face attached to this, but strangely my eyes are drawn elsewhere.

Has Dean Smith hacked into daddy's account; the school teacher glasses!?! Dear God you tarholes are obtuse....

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