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October 28, 2010


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What a bunch of maroons.

Captain Hate

It's difficult not to underestimate idiots like that.

BB Key

Why would the POTUS spend time with this crowd ?

Sorry, I fotgot Jon Stewart was president.


I heart iowahawk..And brother that picture does say a lot doesn't it?

Wills is still a suspect to me re journolist but in email correspondence he refused to confirm it. Looks like he ate the journlist and everyone on it.

Captain Hate

Those bloggers look ready for Halloween.

Rock Johnson

I think the fat blond guy, second from left, played on the offensive line for our crosstown rivals.


I heard from Soylent, who asked me to pass this on:

"Tell everyone I'm alive and well, if tired. 16-18 hour work days. If
you're awake, you're at work. Luckily, there's really nothing else to
do here. I feel like I'm learning more than contributing, but
hopefully I'm contributing something. [snip]

I should be back in semi-regular communications sometime shortly after
Thanksgiving. Thank everyone for the care packages. The infantry lives
on that stuff.

Rainy season is fixing to get started here in grape country.
Apparently the combination of light misty rain and dust in the air
makes it rain mud. Good times."


it's funny. I just read the Drudge highlights of the Bush book. I disagreed with many of Bush's decisions at various critical junctures, but when one reads the excerpts, one can see just what kind of man Bush is. And that makes all of the difference in the world.


Wow, that pic is something else. For a minute I thought Iowahawk had dredged up some random meeting of low-ranking bureaucrats from Google Images.


Iowahawk is a satiric genius.

Bush is a mensch-- he was terrible for conservatives because not forcing the Dems to cut the non-defense budget in order to "pay for" Iraq/Afghan caused the public opposition to the Repub Congress and opened the door to the obscene Dem deficits of the last 3 years -- but I love the man like a brother, decent, honest and Christian in the best sense.


My understanding is that Tapper took the photo.

He really needs to get a new camera. The photo had glare all over it.


PS: God Bless Soylent and all military like him.


No wonder they all want socialized medicine. I wouldn't want to pay the insurance premiums on any of those physiques either.

Glad to see the young people are fired up to lead by example in re Michelle's eat-your-veggies campaign.

Obama took the opportunity to explain that when he says he's "sticking it to the fat cats", he's using a simile*. And, lying.

I don't know what Juan Williams was talking about - personally, I get agitated when I'm on a plane and I see people like that crew get on board.

Dude, Oliver Willis is fat.

*Yes, I know what a simile is.


Thanks for the Soylent news, Clarice.

That picture of the 5 bloggers reminds me of the new DNC logo. D = DOOFUS.

hit and run

Druing>Obama's historic appearance on Jon Stewart's show last night -- Obama was doing his best to support those who voted for ObamaCare.

"There are a bunch of folks who took really tough votes that they knew were bad politics..."

Bad politics: voting for crap bills against the strongly expressed wishes of their constituents.

And to be specific,who was Obama talking about?

He called out Virginia Rep. Tom Perriello, Ohio Rep. John Boccieri, and Colorado Rep. Betsy Markey by name.

Well. What does Obama want for these folks who basically flipped off their constituents with those "tough" votes?

"I hope they are rewarded for their tough votes."

Indeed. In fact,my hero Jim Ryan is making every effort to give Perriello the exact reward he so richly deserves for doing the bidding of Pelosi rather than his constituents.

It's not every day I agree with Obama. But today is that day!

Jack is Back!

Maybe I am late with this but isn't it today, the 28th, that PeterUK left us? Or am I off by a few days?

hit and run

Stupid blockquotes have it in for me.


JIB..We don't know the exact date. He was last heard of in a late night Oct 24 email to me..It wasn't until Nov 1 or 2 that I was able to contact a friend who reported he'd been found dead. I don't think the autopsy established the exact time of death. He lived alone.

Old Lurker

"He lived alone"

No he didn't. We were with him most nights.

And I think of PUK and Bad often.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

We were with him most nights.

a wonderful aspect of the internet.


Yes, that's true. But I meant we are uncertain of the date of his death because he lived alone--and his passing was not immediately discovered.

I believe his physical condition was so painful, that he stayed up with us most evenings (consider the time difference) as a merciful diversion from it. Usually the very last email of the evening here PUK said he was going to take his pills and go to sleep--that was early morning in the UK.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, I hope a video is worth at least that many jobs!

">"> James O'Keefe's video exposing teacher unions.

**parental discretion is advised**

I wish I had found this site long ago. You JOMers are honorable.

Ignatz Ratzkywatzky

Amen to every word of NK's at 1:47PM.

As to the picture of the bloggers I guess the internet is the new radio where appearance doesn't matter?
What's with the guy crawling out of his ill-fitting suit on the left? What's with lefties in general; my wife who is quite conservative but has very little interest in politics can almost invariably identify the lefty if there a couple of talking heads on TV as she walks by even when they're both wearing suits.
Except for that effiminate cock-of-the-walk Sid the squid Blumenthal they all seem just a little slovenly or unkempt somehow; like they're wearing their PJs under their clothes and combed their hair with some spit on their palm.


How can you really identify the people in the picture? No one in that picture can be considered right, so, where do you go from there?

From left to....? How about from far left to left?

hit and run

Where's daddy?

I need to get>some information from him.



thanks for the kind word, but did you have to mention "Sid Vicious" Blumenthal a few lines later? just seeing that name nauseates me.

Captain Hate

NK, don't you mean Sid "DUI" Blumenthal?


A great idea, Hit! Hopefully a whole bunch of folks with the initials LM will sign up!

Go LeNa JaBrowski, go. Not initials LM, but confusing.


Sid Vicious was his appellation at TNR in the '90s. His personal conduct is actually worse than his public personna.



Was it just last year that PUK died?

Frau Erinnerung

PUK's birthday on Sunday will celebrated in style. Steak and ale seems appropriate. I call for PUK-style JOM posting with *no* spaces after commas and periods.
Yes, I think of Bad, too. My daughter-in-law died this past June, two weeks after our long visit; she was Bad's age and left two teen daughters. It ain't ever easy, is it? The first year seems the hardest.


"I wish I had found this site long ago."

Threadkiller, I think almost all of us have that feeling.

Frau Erinnerung

Sid the wife beater? Sid who lied on the courthouse steps about his testimony for the D.C. grand jury. Sid who fed carp to the UK in his after Clinton After Glow life? Sid who set up Monica as a stalker while protecting dirty old man Clinton? May he grow with his head in the ground like an onion!
Double Pfui!

Captain Hate

That's right, Frau; Monica's splooged dress kept her from being characterized as a crazed stalker at helpless Clenis.


I'm so sorry about your daughter-in-law, Frau.

We must certainly all hoist a glass to wish Peter a happy birthday on Sunday. He was a happy warrior despite the difficulties he faced, and would have loved every minute of this election season. Bad would have, too.


All true Frau-- AND his personal conduct is worse.

Douglas (Watkins)

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth at least ten thousand


"Bad politics: voting for crap bills against the strongly expressed wishes of their constituents."

Voting for crap written on thousands of pages that you haven't even read, "against the strongly expressed wishes of their constituents" should be a very punishable crime. If you had read it, there is some slim chance that you could claim to be voting your conscience or something. Voting for stuff you haven't read is just pure fraud. Not a single one who voted for it should be returned to office. They should be in jail. If it is one page and you vote for it,and haven't read it, you should be in jail. If it is two thouand pages plus, and you haven't read it,you should be in jail a lot longer.

Frau Erinnerung

Captain, Sid puts the "shys" in shyster.

Old Lurker

Sorry for your daughter in law too, Frau.

Captain Hate

Frau, I'm sorry to hear about your daughter in law as well. When Mrs Hate's grandmother died, she'd outlived both her sons (the second one by a matter of days), one granddaughter, and one great grandson. Sometime life takes some very unexpected turns.

PUK and bad would've loved this election season; I'll be thinking about both of them as I add to the wave on Tuesday.

Btw, Tammy Bruce is just blasting Rove in terms I can agree with, such as calling him "fat boy".


Frau, I too am sorry about your daughter in- law. How is your son doing?

hit and run

Add my voice to those offering condolences,Frau.

Frau Erinnerung

Thanks, all. Our son has the strength of his father and the funny bone of his mother - also her tears. He took the older daughter off to start college and is now in charge of the ninth-grader , the Norfolk terrier, the birds, the fish, all the hummingbird feeders and the invading mice in the garage. He finds it lonely despite the busy life of a single parent. He immediately took up interest in two-stroke engines and repaired every thing in the garage. I didn't have the heart to share the death until Glenda posted about her brother. That helped me a lot.

Our son has been helping me find the best perfect American brewed Koelsch-style ale. At present we have settled on Alaskan Summer which is, understandably, hard to find in fall. He keeps telling salesmen that people in Cologne drink it *all year* but American brewers love the seasonal approach. So, daddy, you can tell the guys up north to step up production for next year. I've presently cornered the supply in a ten-mile radius and will be aggressive next summer.


Oh,Frau,I am sorry to hear that,too.I remember when you were gone from JOM for so long.I hope your son and granddaughters are doing okay.I am sure the first year is the hardest.

Melinda Romanoff


My heartfelt sympathies and deepest condolences.

And your research project sounds delicious!

hit and run

Feh. Insty posted this:

GUTSY: A Pre-Election Day Prediction: Massachusetts Will Retire Barney Frank.

I know he has to pimp PJM links and all,but no one predicted that earlier or more consistently or more strongly than Jane.


Haven't read any threads since was off getting groceries, but the radio reports that new Local State Poll has Lisa leading, but now McAdam's the Dem has supposedly overtaken Miller for 2nd place.


Frau, I too am sorry to hear of the loss of your daughter in law.


Frau, I, too, send my condolences.
Yes, it
has been a year without PUK--or it would be a year without him if so many of us didn't still carry him in our hearts. Of course, that last part is true of bad, too--


speaking of pictures and words, i think maybe someone should snap a photo of Obama's kowtow at the mosque in Indonesia that has been announced and e mail it to our Sikh friends in Amritsar. Talk about a slap in the face.


I am sorry for the loss of your daughter-in-law. I will keep your family in my prayers.


My condolences, as well, Frau.

I think of PUK often, especially when BOzo or one of his henchmen say something really outrageous and/or stupid. Miss bad for her terrific snark and her many "dialects."


PUK, bad - others we have loved and lost this year - remind me of these lines from Adonais by Shelley:

"Peace, peace!
He is not dead,
he doth not sleep,
he has awakened
from the dream of life.
Tis we who suffer."

Suffer from their loss, suffer from their crazy and piercing humor. And our dream of life seems threatened to become a nightmare under Obama and his minions.

Old Lurker

Perfect CC, thanks.


daddy, I can't remember where I read it but that is a poll of adults, not likely voters or even registered voters.


((Btw, Tammy Bruce is just blasting Rove in terms I can agree with, such as calling him "fat boy".))

I don't get why he is so respected. He totally botched the Bush presidency. His major legacy is Bush hatred groupthink.


For those of you beyond the carpool phase of your life, apparently BO's embarrassing performance on Stewart was the talk of both middle and high school today.

I added the "dude" comment to the conversation.

It appears that will become a famous appellation for him.

Damning and succinct.

Frau Erinnerung

Your prayers and thoughts are much appreciated.

ooooh,caro!You are already "Bocking" your post.

This was such a great recollection of PUK from his friend Caroline:
"I remember one time Pete was staying and I came down in the morning to find him practising, not unusual you might think but he was reading a science fiction novel whilst doing so!!
He was also experimenting with wearing a wig due to premature hair loss. I took him out with me in the car and wondered why I was getting some very strange looks, it was then I realised that he was tipping it like a hat to all the ladies we passed. He should not have worried he was very much loved just as he was!"

Don't we know that PUK would have relished a meeting with bunkerblather?


Frau, I am saddened that you would have such a loss. You and your family have my sincere condolences.

On the next beautiful day in San Diego I will go to a local brewery and try their Kölsch. It is a year round brew.

">"> Ballast Point Brewing Company

Looks like that is today.
(no fog, bgates)


rse, I left a quote that you might enjoy on the "poll savanet" thread.


Frau, so sorry for the loss of your daughter-in-law. You and your family are in my prayers.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

Oh Frau...I am so sorry too.


"apparently BO's embarrassing performance on Stewart was the talk of both middle and high school today."

rse, What a great "on the ground" anecdote. The younger part of the demographic he was trying to impress with his "hipness" are making fun of him. Can only wonder what the college kids are saying. I love it.

Janet the tea-vangelist!

The next time the Obama administration starts blaming Bush, we can use the PUK retort, "-George Bush is no longer in office - Do try and keep up."

and on Obama - "...his first instinct is to lie, his second instinct is to elaborate on it."


Apologies for cross-posting but I guess you guys are over here and I'm playing catch-up.

Seems to me that if immediately prior to a National Election Karl Rove needs to find a target he can spout off about as detrimental to the overall Conservative effort, instead of hitting on Sarah Palin, who this very evening is in town trying to rescue Joe Miller's candidacy with a big rally, Rove could at least target Lisa Mulecowskee, who if she wins, is going to be a de-facto Democrat and a 'go to' vote for Obama.

Lisa is:

-A Co-Sponser of a Cap and Trade Bill
-Against the Arizona Immigration Law
-Against Building a Border Fence
-Pro Abortion in all cases
-Pro Earmarks
-Pro Eric Holder
-anti John Bolton
-pro National Health Care (as long as it's tweaked properly)
-on record as saying she doesn't think the US citizenry cares how much money we spend, only that we spend it responsibly
-Made multiple statements during the debates that you lower 48 guys deal with the National Debt but keep the Pork coming up here since you had 150 years worth of Pork and you still owe us since we've only been a State for 50 years
-voted for a State Income Tax when in the State Legislator, yet is now running attack ads agains Joe Miller saying that if you vote for him we'll have to do a horrible thing in Alaska and institute a State Income Tax.
-said just last week in an interview that if elected as a Write-In that this will free her from having to vote with the Republican's because of Party pressure, and she'll be completely free to vote her true conscience in all matters, and at this very instant is
-running ads touting her history of having crossed Party Lines to vote with the Dem's over 300 times as a big reason to vote for her
-etc, etc, etc

So if anybody has a line to that creep Karl Rove, please tell him to get off his ass and start dissing Lisa right now this very second, when sensible honest criticism of this witch has the possibility of doing some real honest to God good for this country.

I'm with Captain Hate on this one. Kiss my ass Karl Rove.

Believe it or not I would rather have McAdam's in there than Lisa. I'm speaking in immediate anger right now, but my reasoning this second is that he is at least honest about where the hell he stands (he's a Socialist), whereas Lisa is a snake in the grass, that will be absolutely detrimental to the Conservatives. She will make them water their positions down continually in order to get her "so called support" always with the threat of her running off to Begich and Obama. She is a cancer in the party. At least with McAdam's there are no illusions.



I forgot to mention that this morning I drove by two gentlemen standing outside Whole Foods with Donna Campbell signs (Lloyd Doggett's opponent in TX-25). One was dressed as a Minuteman. I honked and waved and I heard another car doing so too even though I drove by them in a split second. That says a LOT in downtown Austin. Made my morning!

Many Doggett signs in people's yards, but a strong handful of Campbell signs too. Meanwhile, almost all the large signs on commercial property are for Campbell.

This piece in RedState also makes some good points about the sizable demographic changes in the district in the last four years (tons of growth in the outer Austin suburbs).

I am cautiously optimistic Campbell will pull it out.


Dammitall Hit,

Just saw that.

Unfortunately the Law is you have to have registered as a Write In Candidate 5 Days prior to the Election. Today is 5 days. Will fill out that form and see if I can hustle down to wherever it needs to be turned in and registered, but dammitall this should have been posted a few days back when we actually could have legally registered.

This does though give a non-Lawyer like me the thought that previous Absenttee Voter's who got the list in the Absentee Voting Polling places could have their ballots challenged, because that list was not complete with all legal Write-In Candidate names when it was presented to them, ergo, some legitimately and properly registered write-in candidates were unfairly discriminated against because of this premature and unprecedented action of the State Election Board in giving out that Taxpayer funded list within the Polling Place to early Absentee Balloters.

Let me also repost this earlier to help answer questions:


About Absentee Balloting up here.

Polling stations actually are open up here before November 2nd. For instance, when I voted Absentee in the Primary, I drove down to the Single Voting Place in town, walked in, and exactly as normal were the 5 gals behind the counter checking your ID and ensuring I was on the list, then providing me the Ballot and a pencil, and ushering me into one of the 6 voting booths in the room, where I pulled the little curtain shut behind me and filled in the Ballot.

So it's called Absentee Ballotting, but what it actually amounts to is simply voting early at an open Polling Station. The folks that caused this Lawsuit were down in Kenai doing just that and saw the Polling folks down there passing out to these early voters a Taxpayer paid for list, provided by the State Election Board, which had Lisa's name and party affiliation on it. From the story I could not tell if it was actually inside the voting booth, but regardless it was available and being passed out inside the polling station so that you could take it with you into the Voting Booth.

If I had wanted to I could have requested an Absentee Ballot mailed to my home and than have filled it out at home and mailed it in.

The Ballots being challenged, as I understand it, are the ones completed at the Polling Station where the Lisa list was neing handed out.

Sorry for all the double postings today.


So sorry Frau,

It takes me forever to catch up on the threads here when I'm off all morning doing errands.

And I miss our P'UK and Bad desperately, just like everybody else here.

Clarice, if you or anyone else have a new e-mail addy for Soylent please post it. Gotta' go.

Danube of Thought

Those folks look like they done swallowed the air hose.

Captain Hate

Believe it or not I would rather have McAdam's in there than Lisa. I'm speaking in immediate anger right now, but my reasoning this second is that he is at least honest about where the hell he stands (he's a Socialist), whereas Lisa is a snake in the grass, that will be absolutely detrimental to the Conservatives. She will make them water their positions down continually in order to get her "so called support" always with the threat of her running off to Begich and Obama. She is a cancer in the party. At least with McAdam's there are no illusions.

Well stated, daddy; plus she's such an entitled witch (or something less timely that rhymes with it) that I agree that the commiecrat would be preferable from an "adhere to your values no matter how twisted" point of view. Seriously daddy; if your state votes her in words will fail me in terms of describing their judgment, but either way they'll get what they deserve.


Have they any shame at Politico, rhetorical question I know, Hays had McCain losing to
Obama, by 21 points, how much rotgut do you have to drink to ever hire these people again.


How is it possible that enough people would vote for her rather than one of the other two? Boggles the mind.


Soylent's addy



Soylent's addy


Legal Insurrection on the report that liberalism has a genetic component:
" If they could test for it in utero, would it change your view on abortion?"



On what page does W apologize to Scooter for wimping out?


Will Election Day Produce Mandate to Repeal Health Care Law?

Pollsters of both parties see the backlash against health care as a long time in the making and Election Day, the inevitable cumulation of that discontent. But Democratic pollsters warn Republicans that if they interpret the midterm results to be a directive to repeal and replace health care law, then it will be their folly come 2012.
Captain Hate

On what page does W apologize to Scooter for wimping out?

Good point, bunky. I'm usually pretty deep in the tank for GWB but not here; this was obviously a witch hunt that Libby got swept up in that if Bush hadn't caved to the MFM dunces would've never happened. This made up by the prosecutor crime was clearly deserving of a pardon and GWB was a coward to not give it in deference to his purported principles. Now if had been Powell or Armitage in the pokey...


CH: agreed. Handing Scooter over to them was abdication. Scooter was as much a soldier in the GWOT as anybody. W never got that the war ain't just over there.


So we learn that Clinton tried to get Meeks out of the race in FL - with the WH blessing. Meeks agreed and then changed his mind.

Danube of Thought

Good God--listen up for the breaking news about Bill Clinton trying to persuade Kendrick Meek to drop out.


There you go, Rove thought he could outwit the credentialed morons, like Cooper and to a lesser extent, Miller (I didn't used to think this way, but her most recent analysis, validates that argument.)leaving them a trail of clues to Wilson's doublecross. They didn't realize the Powell was the real mongoose in the pile, and Armitage, 'Kingsley' was his instrument. I use the name of the evil Caspian
oil broker (is there any other kind) from '24, who actually behaved contrary to type, his gift was to block the war, yet like Zinni and Co, profit from it, as a board member of CACI prewar (one of the chief
contractors involved in Abu Ghraib) and DynCorp after, which serves as Karzai's body guard. It was only fancy footwork by
Luskin that saved him from an indictment,
but Christine is the supposed to be the clueless one


Only the first Black president could do it. Apparently, it is his moral duty to go to candidates and either keep them from running or have the drop out. I wonder what was promised this time? There is a certain lawlessness about Billy and the Obama crew that would, in other circumstances, result in prison.


Slick Willy in cahoots with the current WH. Wow!


"have them"


I just read Dana Milbank's whine about Obama's appearance on Jon Stewart. The feeling is anger at Obama for leading them down a garden path. What a bunch of stupid children they are. Much as I don't like Obama, it was not his fault that they voted for him; it was their own laziness and gullibility. All the information that they needed to know about Obama being a less than stellar candidate was out there, and they chose to suppress and/or ignore it. Now they are whining about the consequences of that suppression. Such dweebs.


So the first two black presidents tried to pull the rug out from under a black candidate for governor of Fla..The first black candidate for governor? That story will really get the base charged up to vote. No?


OOps..I meant Senator...

Captain Hate

That's just what I was thinking, Clarice. Plus Slick continues to make an absolute fool out of himself; the only thing better would to be have him attacked by an irate husband.

Captain Hate

to be == be to


so lets get this straight. We have a black president conspiring with an ex president ( who really was the first black president) in order to get the Democrat candidate (who is black) out of the race . Who would then throw his support behind the independent candidate (white republican) in order to deny the senate seat to an Hispanic man?


You know, after 2 years of Obama, I pretty much think Bush was a saint and the best president ever. But that's just me.

Danube of Thought

Think you summed it up just right, Mikey. Spot on.

Off to VA tomorrow a.m. and on Saturday will attend Navy's homecoming game, in which they face some team from North Carolina that I believe are known as the Blue Demons.

Jack is Back!


Okay JOMOs, October 31st is Peter Bocking's birthday. We know he left us before that date - some time between the 24th and then. So, in memory of Peter and all his contributions to music, political wit and life in general, I am making a new movie that I want to be ready by Sunday.

It takes place on a Larry King Live set with special guest Sarah Palin. I am about half way done with the dialogue and am now getting to talking about Peter. I didn't know Bad as well but would like to put some things in the dialogue about her also. I have Jeff's (Hit's) memorial collection of some of Peter's better known ripostes and pointed sarcasm as well as Manchester Beat's rememberance of the great man.

If anyone wants to contribute other memories or considerations of their time with Peter and Bad let me know by contact via email: and since I have let that out of the bag - I have a website which Peter and I discussed a lot off line since it is all about British sports especially cricket which Peter was not a big fan except when they play for the Ashes (against Australia).

So, please, if you like the original "Tomorrow World" movie and would like to honor our departed friends give me some input and I will use it.

Oh, and go Rangers, make this a 7 gamer, just to piss off the New York elites:)

Frau Erinnerung

I feel the same way about Dubya and Scooter.The deal with Meeks makes it apparent that the WH and Bent Willie were trying to keep a Republican from being the *first* governor with a Spanish surname. It's all about being first just like Miguel Estrada's vile treatment and Judge Janice Rogers Brown. Even the new Senator Obama raised a "learned hand" against her:
"Let's look at some of her speeches outside of the courtroom. In speech after speech, she touts herself as a true conservative who believes that safety nets -- such as Social Security, unemployment insurance, and health care -- have "cut away the very foundation upon which the Constitution rests."

Justice Brown believes, as has already been stated in the Chamber, that the New Deal, which helped save our country and get it back on its feet after the Great Depression, was a triumph of our very own "Socialist revolution." She has equated altruism with communism. She equates even the most modest efforts to level life's playing field with somehow inhibiting our liberty."(Obama used his carpy rhetoric on a towering judge with a real life story - 2005)

In the meantime, Biden, Dodd, Franken, Boxer strut their so-called stuff.

Captain Hate

some team from North Carolina that I believe are known as the Blue Demons.

Demons, Devils; it's Halloween

Jack is Back!

Hey DoT,

How could Navy lose to Air Force and then look like they did against ND?


Didn't Clinton help get Carl McCall out of the NY Governor's race to make way for Elliot Spitzer, and then help Obama muscle David Paterson out to clear the coast for Cuomo?

I wonder when blacks are going to catch on.


This ploy by Clinton first with Sestak and now with Meeks shows a hubris and narcissistic self-importance that is simply breathtaking. He leaves sestak on the Capitol steps trying to weasel his way out of his bribery situation and calls on Meeks to take one for the team. The person who really looks sleazy in all this is Crist who I understand had orchestrated the announcement to occur on Oct.26th as a surprise to Mark Rubio.the cynical and callous nature is really sickening and smacks of desperation.At least Meeks is keeping it real. Good for him.

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