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October 02, 2010


Where's the bike.

First, I gotta deliver some roses.

Took the shoes.  Find your own damn way home.


Hey, fall's here.

OK, clearly the funniest thing I've seen for awhile, except maybe Neil Sedaka being 'Blown Up Real Good' on Farm Film through a comment on Tom's 'Blow Me Up, Blow Me Down' thread at Watts Up, L!U!N!


The Niqabitch logo at the beginning of the video looks like it was stolen from MO's Let's Move program. Overweight children & niqab wearing Muslims must like jumping in the air to show their enthusiasm.

Kinda sad that these two women that are free to choose have to make light of such a serious problem though. How many Muslim women could wear those shorts? Would they be punished? Are they free to say they don't want to wear the niqab, or are they too afraid to say anything living in Islamic enclaves?

daddy the "Extremist"

School is just back in session here in Cambridge England. At the central market square this morning were the silent ladies dressed all in black with poster boards saying "No Nukes" and "Israel out of Gaza" and a few others of the same. But surprisingly, just in front of KIngs College was a large table with a banner saying "Abolish the Chinese Communist Party."

Don't know how they let those wacko's on campus.

On to Paris.

Comanche Voter

Legs were good--but not great. Took away from the impact of the "protest".


Agree with Comanche. I''ve seen better legs on a snooker table.


So ... what is their point? They're protesting in favor of the right to be subjegated?


--Have a cup of coffee and enjoy the background music and the mean streets of Paris.--

I'd rather enjoy the 12 cylinder and slightly insane background music of this Rendezvous in Paris.
If you've never watched 11 minutes of pedestrians being used as the apex of turns by a maniac in the Paris streets it's worth your time.

Danube of Thought

That one babe looks like her legs were attached upside down.


The blurring of the Niqabitches eyes was a nice touch--as if they could be recognized otherwise. They probably should have blurred their legs instead.


That would be "Niqabitches' eyes."


Tiresome excess. It's like Late Night TV humor . . . oblivious of consequence.

The problem isn't the burka, but the intimidation to wear it, or not wear it.


That one babe looks like her legs were attached upside down.

Now that is just cruel.

Funny, but cruel.


They certainly didn't realize that this demonstration shows exactly how stupid the Niqua and similar outfits are. Moslems must have a servere sexual problem.


Leave it to university students to once again miss the irony in their endless protests:

Why would women advocate FOR the subjugation of other females on behalf of a misogynistic ideology?


I took this to mean the niqab itches.

Disgusted and Tired

What was their point? That it's cool to be subjugated and forced to wear a rag prison in public?

Do they realize that they would be killed for this outfit in some places?

It would be very funny though if under those rag cages were two young men.


I'm not exactly sure just what their message was supposed to be.

How much anyone wanna bet they did not do this in the Muslim neighborhoods?


I'm certain they kept away from any muslim areas or else they wouldn't have lived to tell the tale.

bullet vibrator

If you think of them they are just over act. For some of us who see like that is just natural.

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