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October 02, 2010



The New York Times headlined their article "Liberal Groups Rally...."

It's official: The New York Times agrees that "liberal" is synonymous with "communist".


Still no apology to the Trobriand Island LGBT community which did so much to make this event what it was and received not a single acknowledgement from the speakers.


Secret Crooks and Liars GeoEYE satellite Photo of Progressives gathering on the Mall

Secret Crooks and Liars GeoEYE satellite Photo of Progressives gathering on the Mall

Rob Crawford

Hey, now! Those orcs didn't have a choice; they were made evil and twisted!

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Not only did they make no bones about being socialists and communists, they were a bunch of pigs to boot. Check out the pics:

15 Photos From the #OneNation Rally You'll Never See In Legacy Media


damn, I missed George Clinton and Harry Belafonte.....Day O!!! I always felt that was one of the more racist songs of the era. Maybe that's why Harry has been a grievenancin' for the past 50 years....

As to George, I'm sure they told him there was plenty of dopes and he got confused.


from those photos, I have deduced the bigger the sign, the smaller the.....

Danube of Thought

These doped are really good for a laugh when you need one.

Danube of Thought

*dopes* (iPad).


(Re-posting from previous thread)

Without a time stamp it is hard to compare the crowds at each rally but I think these pics are the best comparison I can find.

Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Rally

Union Reunion Rally For Perpetual Victim Hood

Who is going to tell "I Won" Obama he was wrong?


It appears to me that the Washington Monument reflection is the same size in both pics. Doesn't that suggest they ere taken at the same time of day?

JM Hanes

There's really not enough directional light in the top photo to compare shadows. The reflection itself wouldn't change position.

Looks like we're all on the same page now, though. :-)


No, it wouldn't change position, but the length would change wouldn't t? And they appear the same length. Also look at the reflection in the body of water to the left, they appear about the same,Because of the haze you can make out less clearly the reflections in the Potomac but they, too, appear about the same to me.


The reflection of the Lincoln memorial is shorter in the first than the second, suggesting to me that was taken a bit later in the day.

Rob Crawford

The shadows of the trees look different to me.

JM Hanes

The reflection would change depending on your point of view. The shadow would change depending on the position of the sun.


The crowds around the trees and the darker skies make that an almost impossible comparison, Rob. Don't you think?

daddy the "Extremist"

I don't know what you're talking about TM.

I just caught a BBC TV report of the event. It apparently was a very positive rally, devoted to continuing Obama's hard work in rebuilding this country after the terrible economic condition it was left in by George Bush. Yes the BBC is worried that this rally is a bit too little too late to overcome the supposed momentum of the Conservatives to clobber the Dem's in the upcoming November elections, but this was a powerful, genuine movement of American progressives, interested in continuing the revolution that American's ushered in in 2008 when they elected President Obama.

Crowd size, nor Glenn Beck's rally or crowd size, were mentioned. Of to surf BBC International. Can't wait for Richard Quests take on that.

And speaking of Lefty Journalists getting busted for illegal drugs: ">"> Howard Arenstein joins the club. Wonder where he was smoking pot today?

">"> Cute pic though.


I'm not sur i get what you're saying, JMH..I mean in this case we are viewing this from the very same point of view, so I would expect the reflection would also change depending on the sun's position. Is this wrong?

Rob Crawford

The crowds around the trees and the darker skies make that an almost impossible comparison, Rob. Don't you think?

Not really. Look at the right-hand-side, where there's a curve in the lake. In the 10/2 photo you can definitely see the shadow of one of the trees over the sidewalk; in the Beck photo you can't.

Look at the shadow of one of the towers from the WWII Memorial -- definite on 10/2, not so in the Beck photo.

Now, that COULD be because the sun was higher in the sky on 8/28, but I doubt it was that much higher. Or the differences could be due to overcast on 8/28 blurring the shadows, or the exposure of the picture.

I will say that I'm guessing the 10/2 photo was taken around noon, because the WWII Memorial towers are on the north and south of the memorial, and the shadow of the southern one looks to be pointing directly at the northern one. But that's just a guess.

(Maybe a bit after noon; in the larger picture, the shadows of the fountains appear a bit west/behind the fountains.)

Rob Crawford

I'm not sur i get what you're saying, JMH..I mean in this case we are viewing this from the very same point of view, so I would expect the reflection would also change depending on the sun's position. Is this wrong?

Reflection depends on the angles between the object, the viewer, and the reflective surface, not the angle of the light source.


Niters.I suppose we also need to know what time the two rallies were held. Don't we?

JM Hanes

You're conflating shadows and reflections which are very different things.

If you stand in front of a mirror out in your front yard without moving, your refection will stay the same, but your shadow will shift as the sun moves.

Your reflection will only change if you (or the mirror) move, which the Washington monument & reflecting pool obviously don't.

The viewpoint in both of the pictures is the same, so the reflection will be substantially the same no matter what time of day it is. To compare the times of day, you have to locate the monument's shadow.


Obama's hard work in rebuilding this country after the terrible economic condition it was left in by George Bush.

Just recently we've heard that the recession ended mid-2009. If the Administration agrees with this, there is no more recession left to blame on Bush. Yet they continue to do it.


All I know for sure is I had a hard time finding commentary on the "rally" and most of it didn't say much about crowd size.

'Nuf said, I suspect.

Also, they left a ton of garbage behind. Not that that's surprising.

JM Hanes

The inconsistencies continue to boggle the mind, don't they, PD?

JM Hanes

LOL! Via Instapundit, Ed Driscoll's headline: "Religious Zealots March on DC, Nostalgic for Long Forgotten Past"

Happy Fun Ball

In the top photo, you can see that it was cloudly (well, mostly cloudy anyway), which is why there aren't any visible shadows. This is easily seen in the center pool. However, at the top of the photo, there are fewer clouds over there, so you can make out some shadows a little better. For instance, look at the tree immediately to the left of the Lincoln Memorial. You'll see a bit of a shadow there. Now, compare that to the bottom photo, which was a bright, sunny day. The shadows are more or less the same. They point the same way, and their lengths are fairly close to each other.

I think they were taken about the same time, maybe with a difference of maybe an hour or so at most.


I may be confused, but those pictures were presumably taken from the Washington monument, so that would be its shadow, not its reflection, and it appears to be pointing in the same direction. The sun would have to be behind the monument, meaning that it would have been morning (since the monument is east of the pool). The time of year also matters, though, since the sun's angle varies.


Ah, never mind, that straight "shadow" on the pool must be something else. Rob is right, the shadows from the trees to the south suggest 1pm or so. There don't seem to be any shadows in the 8/28 picture, I guess because it was cloudy, so there's no way to know what time of day that was.



If the goal is to energize the Dem base to GOTV, why isn't it getting more coverage? It seems more like an attempt to depress Whitman votes (because she hired an illegal, and Whitman supporters are supposed to be anti-illegals) than to rally the Brown base. Sorry if that is obvious to everyone except me. ;)

Porchlight, I think you are absolutely correct and spot on. Did you know that Allred also appeared on the Hugh Hewitt radio show and she walked off the set.

Here is the transcript: You Can't Handle The Truth" My Conversation With Gloria Allred

Here is the audio: Hugh Hewitt Exposes Gloria Allred’s Despicable Dirty Trick Against Meg Whitman

btw, Tops just made my day with her latest tweet:

So according to the CA Immigration bar Brown/Allreds October Surprise was 2 remind voters how pathetically retarded CA immigration laws R


I truly believe that Gloria Allred should be disbarred.

daddy the "Extremist"

It's interesting if you take a few minutes to google the BBC's stories on Glenn Beck's rally and todays One Nation Rally.

In the Glenn beck case, before the rally they are hot on saying Crowd Size is going to be a big topic. Then after the rally and the immense crowds it sort of disappears into the background, unworthy of mention. In addition when describing Glenn's Rally, they add lots of negative adjectives and print lots of negative comments about the Rally: For instance...

-"Tens of thousands of people have attended a controversial rally in Washington DC"

-"Expect a lot of debate about the size of the crowd."

-"If Glenn Beck were on the psychiatrists' couch, not a platform in front of a paying audience, the analyst might ask why his thoughts and emotions seem to come spontaneously round to Washington again and again"

-"Civil rights leaders say Mr Beck's message runs counter to that of Dr King."It's an affront to what the civil rights movement stood for," Georgia Congressman John Lewis,"

-"The audience at the rally was predominantly white,"

-"...a controversial rally in Washington DC organised by conservative talk show host Glenn Beck".

-“You had a constant tirades against the president against Democratic efforts to get the economy turned around. Let’s call it what it is. This is a blatant political effort. “

Then swap to today's Rally coverage by the BBC--- ">"> One Nation march seeks to rally US liberals. Not a single negative comment of any kind in the entire story. They dealt with the crowd numbers this way:

-"Thousands of people have been attending a rally in Washington DC in support of jobs, education and civil rights."

And then to top it all off, this is what they added as the bottom line of their story today, something I never saw happen in any of their Glenn Beck Rally stories:

"Did you take part in the rally? What impact do you think it will have? You can send us your views and experiences using the form below."


The top photo of the rally from Ann shows a time stamp of 11:38 AM taken by Jacquelyn Martin AP photo. Position was at the top of the Washington monument.
The second image had all the EXIF data stripped out.


Should have included that the date on the top photo was 8/28/10.
No date or time on the bottom photo.


1. The size of the reflection of an object viewed form the same vantage does not depend on the time of day. The size of the reflection of the shadows of that object, however, does.

2. Both photos were taken from the top observation "deck" of the the Washington Monument, and it looked like both shots were taken from roughly the same lateral position. There may be small variances in height due to the operators height, but this is completely insignificant in this case.

3. Even if the photos where not taken at roughly the same time of day, it is a reasonable comparison if they are within a few hours of the other.

4. If there was a large crowd there you can bet your life that the MSM and the Leftist blogoshpere would be shoving them in our faces non-stop. By the absence of this alone we know that this rally was a failure. This is interesting for one would have thought that they could have mustered much more people than this. They apparently only got a middling amount of their national rent-a-mob along with a few of the "professional leftists", the loons and a few students. That the so-called "Conservative Rallies'--which, again, were not so much conservative as they were just "non-leftist"--were so large and yet the logistics were not really in any meaningful way funded other than out of the pockets of the the individual attendees gives one some hope.

Nonetheless, we should not get too smug about this--the next time the Left will organize better and engage in better long term planning, outreach and logistics. Still, here they have quite arrogantly overestimated themselves. This is due, one gathers, from the organizers momentarily giving into pique and narcissistic rage. They could well step back from these the next time around and thus achieve better results.

5. What the "Right", which really means everyone outside of the Left these days, should do is execute a really large rally where several million show up. How they do that and still get by the authorities of DC to hold it is beyond me but it is worth looking into. (It is worth pointing out that the 912 really was most likely above a million. We will never know thanks to the state run media.)

6. If people have their minds about them, this sort of thing will show that putting together large rallies is not so difficult after all, and that the Large leftist rallies of the past were more propaganda events rather than some honest outpouring of "popular sentiment". This is a very good thing for us and a very bad thing for the Left.


I linked Marooned in Marin on the other thread, but here it is again. Good pictures of the signs, groups, boxed lunches, trash,...

also from MiM a short video of the WWII memorial after the One Nation rally.

Disgusted and Tired

"Whitestock" -- so many liberals are racist and don't even understand that they are.


Sorry, but you get to call out the inflated crowd estimates of liberal if your blog returns zero results for "gathering of eagles".

Until then, they've got some catching up to do. Actually, they'll need several million man marches just to break even.


"Union Reunion Rally For Perpetual Victim Hood"

LMAO. Yeah don't ya just get sick of all those Union flags you see on display up North displayed by those clinging to their victim mentality unable to deal with history.


Hal, I get the sense that you're trying to be provocative, but you're not writing clearly enough for me to be sure.


LOL I love waking up with you BGates. Don't tell anyone.


Just finished reading my Sunday morning Clarice's Pieces.

One thing about the Allred dirty trick is how much national attention it has gotten for the California Governor campaigns. Most of it negative attention to Allred and her pal Moonbeam.


hey Capn' did you watch the debate between Rand Paul and Jack Conway on Fox this morning?

I don't know if it is just because he reflects my sentiment more, but I thought Paul cleaned Conway's clock.


So that's why they are called "Crooks and Liars" ?

Melinda Romanoff

Nice Pieces, Clarice.


Thanks, Mel.
I wrote it Thur. By today a number of others had picked up on these details but I really want to keep embarrassing the white toga crowd into stopping what they've been doing.

Captain Hate

The time of year also matters, though, since the sun's angle varies.

Yes, don't get hung up on comparing shadows; the sun is further to the south now and the days are shorter.

Captain Hate

Jane, unfortunately I missed FNS this morning.

Army of Davids

Payroll unemployment jobs numbers out this week.

We need to see between 125K and 150K just to stay ahead of population growth.

Expect unemployment to tick up.

ObacaCare = high structural long term unemployment


Army of Davids

That should say

ObamaCare = high structural long term unemployment.

Captain Hate

I don't know if it is just because he reflects my sentiment more, but I thought Paul cleaned Conway's clock.

I don't know about you guys but I tend to regard anybody that's arguing from what would be my point of view pretty critically; particularly if they leave something unsaid or don't present what they bring up effectively.


It isn't only's the IQ. Not only were the numbers low, the IQ was probably minus.


Harry Belafonte, yesterday, stated that he does not understand these wars.

"There are only fifty members in Al-Qaeda so why do we send one hundred thousand troops after them?"

I am looking for the exact quote, which I will link, but that is what I remember him saying.

I would estimate the crowd at this event to be at least fifty.

Charlie (Colorado)

HI, all --

My traditional crowd estimate piece is up. It was delayed because that about is the only overhead shot anyone could find, and there are rights issues with using it.

That overhead shot was being shown by Flickr as taken roughly at 3PM.

Captain Hate

The idiots that keep acting like Scamstock yesterday was some BFD are so reeking with desperation it almost covers up their lack of personal hygiene. They know November will provide the ass kicking they so richly deserve that they'll do anything to pretend it's not happening. So keep the delusions going, wanks; it's really quite amusing.


Sorry to go OT...


Thought you would get a kick out of this. What could be better than astronomy and flying? How about both! FORCAST is the name of the camera and the first light images are to big to drop in the thread. Sky and Telescope has a great article in the Oct issue.


Thanks for the update on the time, Charlie. I mentioned yur article--I think on the latest thread. Glasater got a time on the 8/28 photo but we couldn't get one on the SEIU flop.


And speaking of stupid liberals, Tom Friedman has his column up in the NYT today, chirpping about 3rd-parties and "We need to stop waiting for Superman and start building a superconsensus to do the superhard stuff we must do now." Always curious that "superconsensus" stuff is always super liberal ideas that need super government to solve.

Captain Hate

Who does Flathead think he's preaching to? What is this "superconsensus" supposed to be built from? (No I'm not reading his stupid article; it's bad enough reading a summary of it)

Rick Ballard


I'm entertained by the notion that the Chicom bootlicker is too damned dumb to recognize that the pathetic showing by the proglodytes in DC yesterday (how many progs live in a 1 hour drive radius from the Mall?) is evidence that a 'superconsesus' has formed around the idea that BOzo and his insane clown posse need to be driven from office.

I wonder what level of beating would be required to penetrate that lib numbed skull? Will 80 seats be enough?


And wow, not to be out done, Frank Rich brings out the cowbell in an attack piece on Christine O'Donnell. And Frank Rich needs some help. The following is a list of Forbes 400 billionaires (from 07) that contributed to Obama's campaign:

Herbert Allen
John Arnold
Arthur Blank
Neil Bluhm
Matthew Bucksbaum
Warren Buffett
James Clark
Lester Crown
Barry Diller
James Dinan
David Geffen
Kenneth Griffin
Joshua Harris
Irwin Jacobs
George Kaiser
Peter Kellogg
Randal J. Kirk
Vinod Khosla
Jerome Kohlberg
Micahel Krasny
John Morgridge
Michael Moritz
Michael Novogratz
John Pritzker
Nicholas Pritzker
Penny Pritzker
Thomas Pritzker
John Sall
George Soros
Steven Spielberg
Leonard Stern
Pat Stryker
Henry Swieca
Joan Tisch
Wilma Tisch
Oprah Winfrey
Daniel Ziff
Robert Ziff

These are just direct donations and do not take into account the shadowy groups that these billionaires set up which spent some $400 million in direct support of the Obama campaign.


I'm amazed at how scared the liberals are. Every day I put up a flyer for the Tea party in the PO and by the next day someone has taken it down.

I posted a bunch on the mail boxes around here yesterday, and today all but one is down.

I can understand not wanting to attend, but to feel threatened enough to tear the thing down is amazing.

Hallowed by Thy Name.

I like 'proglodytes', Rick. It provokes a line of thought which has been turning in my head for awhile. The 'Progressives' claim to be at the forefront of human social and political innovation, yet we can all see the whole thrust of Progressivism hearkens backward to clearly failed, and disastrously so, social and political movements.

It is a madness, as manifest by 10:10's 'No Pressure' blow-up.


Pls, Rick, he married a very rich woman, lives in a vast estate in the DC suburbs and has a column in the NYT--this puts him in perfect position to admire the ChiComs and promote "big ideas" without fear that he will in any way be disadvantaged by the rape of assets they entail.

Poor sap.  I mean it.

Heh, Clarice, I heard he got hurt by Bernie.


I like 'proglodytes', Rick.

Yes, it's genius.

Rick Ballard


Air taxes via the CO2 Monster scam were the primary source of OPM required to feed the proglodytes' addiction. Never mind that air taxes are totally regressive (stealing from Peter to pay Peter - with O/H subtracted). I'm very unsurprised by the nasty, violent turn made by the proglodytes wrt Splodey Watermelon imagery. What else is left for the Morlocks and Orcs in our midst?


" but to feel threatened enough to tear the thing down is amazing."

I would not be at all surprised if every single person working at the post office felt threatened by what the Tea Party stands for.

"Post office loses billions in 2010". LUN



Good call. I guess Friedman couldn't see Novermber from his estate Beltway estate because his nose is stuck to high in the air (or his head is to far up the ass of his Chinese handler?).

Wanted to get motivated and write something up using the Friedman and Rich pieces and the Obama speech in Madison. But it is such a nice day today, why ruin it?

In answer to your question, no amount of gains would make a difference to Friedman. His "radical center" would look alot like Japan's 2 decades of political weakness as successive governments have used pump priming to support their own constiuencies and blown out the national debt to 180% of GPD. But at least they have better schools, supposedly.


"(stealing from Peter to pay Peter - with O/H subtracted)"

But haven't you heard, Peter is rich. So stealing more from him is OK according to the leftists.

Where did that sarcasm tag go? Must have worn the ink off it.



I rather fall in line with Pagar's thinking on posting your Tea Party posters close by mailboxes plus there could be something legal in that regard--as in no advertising, etc.

And if anyone is interested in exploring the EXIF data regarding the photo of yesterday's event taken from the top of the Washington Monument per Charlie's link from his article-the information is all there. Don't think you need a flickr account to access the page but am not certain.

Rick Ballard


Have you seen or heard anything regarding the poli-sci profs whipping student participation this year in the same manner that they did in '06 and '08? I have a suspicion that Dean's Revenge may have run its course.

Rick Ballard


Have you seen or heard anything regarding the poli-sci profs whipping student participation this year in the same manner that they did in '06 and '08? I have a suspicion that Dean's Revenge may have run its course.


I would not be at all surprised if every single person working at the post office felt threatened by what the Tea Party stands for.

I'm pretty sure it is not the guys in the PO. I know them all (small town) and they told me to post it. It's someone who checks her mail, and pulls the sign every day.

And the ones around here were still up after the mail was delivered yesterday. Someone systematically went around and tore them down.


Rich, they haven't teachers unions and even when they construct schools (for others' children) so poorly they collapse and kill the kids there's no problem, they just arrest the complaining parents. From his perch overlooking his huge grounds in Bethesda that's a better system than ours.


I can understand not wanting to attend, but to feel threatened enough to tear the thing down is amazing.

Jane is my hero. It is too cool how you organized the Sturbridge Tea Party. It's so easy for me to talk & have good intentions & moan about how bad things are, but you've taken an action...good for you. Really, it is very admirable.



I haven't seen anything, but the roll out of Obama v.2.0 went right after that demographic. Obama headlined it with his speech at Madison, but the entire administration fanned out to college campuses across the states (Biden was at Penn State) and he had a conference call with some student newspapers the day before his Madison speech.


Friedman is an odd duck. Attracted to technologicalism and gladhanding fascists. What would his political program be called-Chinese corporatism with American characteristics?

He talks about a "radical center" and "I am going to tell you what you need to here" but his entire column is conventional gentry liberal sentimentality. The voters in DC got to hear about and experience education reform and Obama closed down its most creative expression and then the voters rejected the administration that put education reform into practice. And only a limousine liberal would think that some DC crafted legislation would have any effect on the climate.

Only in Tom Friedman's mind would a new, better party be able to sell the big liberal schemes Obama and Democratic majorities achieved over the last 20 months.


He, like Kerry, is a fifth rate mind who married well.

hit and run

He, like Kerry, is a fifth rate mind who married well.

I really shudder to think of Kerry having "married well". I know that Kerry thinks he hit the jackpot. And for what he wants out of life,he did,I suppose.

But for me -- the thought of being married to Terrezza,no matter how much money that would provide,is . . . ::shudder::

I'm going to go give mrs hit and run and hug and kiss now.


Yeah, we'll see how it all turns out Janet. I just hope a week from now I'm not going down in infamy.


Heh, hit...

Jane, pls check your mail.


I replied Clarice, twice.


I got the one about C. not the other. I'll check again.


Just rechecked.. I need to know if you've any problems or corrections before I send it in (I did edit it after I sent it to you but no substantive changes).


I sent you a bunch of corrections - before the other one


Tea Parties vs Trash Party.

Leftists and trash just seem to go together.



I resent the corrections.


Got everything. Tidied stuff up and sent you a bcc of it. Speak now or forever hold your piece.(Joke,not typo)

Annoying Old Guy


May I keep that? It's the first sentence I have seen where both variants of a homograph make sense. It'll be fun to use to torture my linguistic analysis associates.


Rick & Rich-

At the heart of all this education spending in ARRA and Edujobs is to take K-12 and higher ed and turn it into one continuous piece of govt funding (P-16) for "education" whatever the mental ability or SES level.

That's a synthesis but saw the latter literally this week in a huge report.

I'm sure they're dispersing to higher ed campuses. They've promised a continuous flow of students and have undermined academics (content, not people) completely at the same time.

What a win - "We undermine American exceptionalism and create another jobs program at the same time."

Yes-they know where to fly to to find a constituency incentivized to get to the polls.



I resent the corrections.--

Geez, maybe she didn't appreciate them the first time, sunshine.


LOL, Ignatz

I thought Jane was monstrously ingratefull for the corrections the first time I read that and was hoping for a mud wrestling cat fight this evening. Darn it!


Speaking of monstrously ingratefull, you can tell MO is heading back to the WH....


she has the same expression every damn time.


That's one thing besides their polirics, it is a privilege to have the opportunity to be first lady, and she doesn't get that, too big
a chip on her shoulder I guess

Captain Hate

I thought Jane was monstrously ingratefull for the corrections the first time I read that and was hoping for a mud wrestling cat fight this evening. Darn it!

Same here; I was thinking "Geez, I've never responded quite that strongly to an editor."

Btw Ann, Strickland is now running ads talking about what he has done featuring some Cleveland area renewable energy startup that I've never heard of that is supposed to be the source of "hundreds of thousands of jobs" which might start to make a dent in the over 400K that have left the state since he's been in office. Plus the standard blah blah about how "Wall Street and the banks have had their recovery; now it's time for Ohio". Really Ted; why wasn't it time when your guy was in the White House and your guys were in Congress? I'm trusting Ohioans to be mainly smart enough not to fall for this obvious garbage.


The thought of a possible Republican senate and congress and the ensuing hearings, litigation and agita that would mean would make me grumpy, too, plus --better than anyone--she knows her wussy husband couldn't take that kind of pressure.



Have you seen this video of our deranged preacher governor at a labor union rally?
Ted Strickland Unhinged

The desperation is evident.

Captain Hate

That's our Ted; he's got the union humps in his back pocket so it's not like he has to do anything other than make sure their overseers get them to the polls in some state of relative sobriety. I think he has to appeal to people that are pretty sure he's done nothing in four years except be a party lapdog who hasn't generated a single bit of economic growth; kind of like having Kucinich as governor.

I can't wait to toss him on the trash heap of political obscurity.

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