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December 12, 2010


Thomas Collins

Was Thomas Friedman available for comment? Is jailing Liu and keeping his wife under house arrest typical of the decisive moves he so admires about the Chinese government?


At least this year the award goes to someone who merited it. Last year's will forever be a blot of the history of the prize,

This week's CP



Jane (get off the couch - come save the country)

At least Nancy Pelosi was there.


They're holding a Nobel winner hostage, we have one, maybe we could trade?


Liu is a true hero. And Nancy has been remarkably consistent and forthright in publicly supporting Chinese dissidents. Good for her.


Yeah, but her support for them is a no-brainer. Can you find any Americans who publicly relish a clampdown on them?

Seriously, what's so praiseworthy about holding the only possible sane view? Is Nancy so otherwise utterly mad that we must resort to commending common sense wherever we may rarely find it present to her mind(sic)?


“Hatred can rot away at a person’s intelligence and conscience.”

That is true.

Cecil Turner
Mr. Obama issued a statement saying Mr. Liu was “far more deserving of this award than I was,” and calling for his release “as soon as possible.”
If he'd stuck to that theme, it'd've been far better. Unfortunately this from Byron York (Obama honors Nobel winner with statement about himself) is a fair cop.
Old Lurker

Empty chair this year.

Empty suit last year.

What is the Nobel coming to?


--Seriously, what's so praiseworthy about holding the only possible sane view?--

I bow to no one in my disdain for the blot named Pelosi, her poltical philosophy, her aristocratic aura and her bullying tactics, but to her credit she has not only held the sane view she has made a point of speaking out in defense of Chinese dissidents and human rights including apparently pretty bluntly directly to Chinese officials.
There's nothing wrong with praising a repulsive character for outspokenly doing the right thing once in awhile.


The public support of dissidents by prominent western politicians (Nancy, though wacky, qualifies) and the consequent embarrasment and exposure of the dictatorships which oppress them is frequently cited by the dissidents themselves as the most powerful tool they have. Which is why Obama's taking a pass on the Iranian "election" and making the Dalai Lama take the back door were bad, and Reagan and Thatcher's strong public support of Solidarity were good. (I don't mean to single out Obama or even Dems on this, it's a bipartisan thing). Also the public support of prominent US liberal politicians makes it more likely that the socialists on the Nobel Committee will pay attention. Give credit where it's due.

Melinda Romanoff


Excellent pieces, as always, and falls in line with a piece I just caught this morning, after reading yours (don't know why I missed it 'til now).

Steve Keen's Debtwatch on Why Obama Is Failing, and it's not a question.

And here I thought it was because he was a self-appointed demagogue, where others are to do his heavy lifting.


But enough about me, lets talk about how gracious I am when I stoop to talk about you!


Was Thomas Friedman available for comment?

Friedman would be the first to point out that you have to break a few eggs to make a great omelet, TC.

Old Lurker

Good link Mel. Thanks.

Melinda Romanoff


If you talk to the YL couple this AM, warn them to do the shopping early and stay in. It's been dropping since 4 AM and is going stay pointed down 'til Tuesday. Lake effect, my a$$. Unless the need to windsurf to Michigan in under an hour arises...

Parents can get away with this, not acquaintances.

Old Lurker

Will do Mel. I know they were going to the Apple Store today because last night I gave her my Visa number and suggested she go buy an iPad for her Christmas present from me since her commute from Evanston to work gives her reading time on the bus... Poor child. They tried to steal mine when they visited for TG. Assuming the 3G model, she can blog at JOM more so we can all keep track of her. Until then it's up to you!

How is your health today, BTW? Surely Mrs. Mel lets you out of the basement when you're sick.


Charlie gets instalaunch Shame of Being Jonathan Turley.

Melinda Romanoff


Slooooowly on the mend, intestinal games always take awhile. Nothing like two and a half days in bed to try and recover.

She's going to love that bus ride come Monday. Especially when she experiences her first LSD closing due to waves on the pavement.


"If I wished to punish my enemy, I should make him hate somebody." Hannah More


Was Thomas Friedman available for comment? Is jailing Liu and keeping his wife under house arrest typical of the decisive moves he so admires about the Chinese government?

China's decision not to send Liu was the greenest, most carbon-conscious choice. They are at the forefront of the environmental movement, and we should praise them for this.


I'll forward that to Friedman's vast estate where he probably is searching for a proper response, MayBee.


Charlie's article IS great.


Enjoyed your "Pieces", Clarice, and the interesting comments.

Manuel Transmission

Interesting side note: I was in China when the announcement was made (about Liu). There was complete derision on any/all who commented to me. On the order of a useless gadfly like Cindy Sheehan.

I have no direct knowledge of Liu's efforts, so I reserve judgement on his contribution to the efforts. However, we never found it necessary to throw Sheehan or the Code Pink twits in jail.


Pelosi's support is the same as the 'Free Tibet' movement. It's a bumper sticker mentality. The left will support dissidents as far as it goes, as long as no one actually does anything besides talking about it.

Young Lurker

Mel- had plans to drive to old orchard today for yoga and Xmas shopping. i'm not even sure why anyone thought an outdoor mall was a good idea for this region of the country. i'll be monitoring the cars on the road until then to see if this wind will blow me over on the drive...


Pelosi is simply being a pol--a large percentage of her constituency is Chinese.

YL--There's always Amazon


This year's Nobel Peace Prize Winner: “I have no enemies and no hatred”.

Last year's Nobel Peace Prize Winner: "...we're gonna punish our enemies...."

Charlie (Colorado)

Okay, today for your logic pop quiz.

Proposition One: Nancy has been remarkably consistent and forthright in publicly supporting Chinese dissidents.

Proposition Two: her support for them is a no-brainer.

What can we conclude?

Charlie (Colorado)

“Hatred can rot away at a person’s intelligence and conscience.”

Wanted to see it again.

Charlie (Colorado)

And thanks for the congratulations, everyone.

James Taranto

I beat ya to this one.


I beat ya to this one.

That you did, as noted by Russ Vaughn at AT. Obviously great minds.

hit and run

I beat ya to this one.

Your popularity is up 29% this week as a result.


“Hatred can rot away at a person’s intelligence and conscience.”

That would be good for both Democrats and Republicans to remember. Right now, the Democrats especially need it. I don't think most Republicans especially hate Democrats, but are puzzled by the virulent hatred and spite from the left. However, some of us certainly use hateful rhetoric against them, which only gives them more grounds for hating us.


It must roil the Chinese leaders.

richard mcenroe

How can this man have earned the Nobel Peace Prize? How many carbon credits did he sell?


Nancy Pelosi is apparently following her conscious. Its not evil to have the mistaken idea that your country is infinitly wealthy and can endure infinite well meaning liberal ideas and crazed regulatory excess.

its called being incorrect. a field i know something about :D

Sheehan of her Nobel, I mean.

She was robbed, she was.

Jim Ryan

Mrs. Iselin counted on Raymond's hating her.


Charlie and Clarice,

Excellent articles both, really excellent. And Mel, a great link to that FT story. Thanks for that.

I'm miles behind.


I've got yer headline right here:

"Empty Chair Wins Nobel 2nd Year in a Row!"

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