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January 14, 2011


Rob Crawford

And today the office of the First Lady releases a letter calling on parents to talk to their children about civility and tolerance.

Very nice, but it replays the canard that the madman was motivated by the "climate of hate" and ignores the actual problem illustrated, that of our over-intolerance for the acts of the insane.

If the letter had included some language about the need to get your loved-ones help; about understanding that mental illness is an illness, not a moral failing; if there'd been even a single nod to the factual reality of the case rather than the lefts' community reality, then it would have been good.

As it is, it's just a wink and a nod to the grunts to keep up the "civility" talking point.


--As it is, it's just a wink and a nod to the grunts to keep up the "civility" talking point.--

Heh. Read yours, Rob, after I posted the below on the other thread. Fit's here better anyway:

--Obama has refudiated Pinch, NYTimes & Professor Hate.--

With a wink and a nod.
Refudiating them would require condemnation of what they've done, not just mealy mouthed calls for civility, which tacitly acknowledges their point.


Precisely, Ignatz & Rob.

I liked KP's take, except for the "usual inspiration" part. Though I suppose that *could* be meant sarcastically, in which case - I like it.


Ah, a National Speech Code, like the one starting up in RI.

Until then, please permit me to defame you without repercussion. It would be wrong for you to defend yourself. That would be toxic.

Yet, this is not a complicated murder case. Booth heard Lincoln say that blacks should have the right to vote. That simple statement moved Booth to kill him. The shooter heard Giffords respond to him in Spanish when he wanted the attention of a direct response. He killed her and kept shooting in an effort to be killed himself.

Danube of Thought

Again, we are a nation gone mad. If all are agreed (as they seem to be) that a supposed lack of civility had nothing at all to do with this killing spree, then why on earth is the killing spree an occasion for discussing a "return to" civility?

Why is this question not even being asked?


--Until then, please permit me to defame you without repercussion.--

Close, but slightly off the mark, Mark.
Speech codes are invariably configured to allow the continued defaming of the opponents of those who write the codes and are a codification of institutional defamation.
Don't forget some are always more equal than others.


Unlike Michelle O. I tell my HS aged son that some people in this world are bat-sh&t crazy, to keep a safe distance from said people if possible, and to let the proper people know that said person is possibly bat-sh&t crazy.


Oh,and I encourage civility as well. I use Sir Kenneth Clarke's definition- the act of not making yourself feel better by making someone else feel worse.




Exactly, DoT and TM and why is Michelle subtly keeping up that meme and adding a note that parents should teach kids to not be critical of pols?>Stirring the pot


I see a Fairness Doctrine (or worse) in our future. Enacted by regulation (fiat) since it can't make it through Congress.


Why is this question not even being asked?

Because Obama made a wonderful speeeeech, DoT. All the conservative pundits said so.

We are letting him get away with everything.


Tsk, tsk. A rhetorical question.

They know they were beaten by the tea partiers with assists from people like Limbaugh and Palin and Beck in November. They're obviously afraid of that happening again in 2012. "Mainstream" Republicans and Marques of Queensbury rules, they figure can handle. But Sarah Palin is a big problem for Obama, clearly. Even if she loses the nomination, she has a giant megaphone and surely she'll be aiming it right at him. So they play this civility card, and she gives them the finger. Now they're really worried, because if she runs, it's almost time for her to start attacking Obama mano a mano, so to speak, and that's going to hurt. So naturally they lash out at "blood libel," especially after "death panels," and keep flogging away at the civility stratagem, with a big assist from their media lackeys, whose credibility was shot a long time ago.

Rob Crawford

Hypothetical time, folks:

Let's say that in 2012 a group organizes protests in front of Obama/Biden campaign offices. The protests all take place on a single day, across multiple states.

During the protests, some of the protesters go overboard and begin attacking the offices. Windows are broken. Campaign workers are assaulted. Worst injury is a broken leg, but still, someone gets hurt.

What do you think the response will be?

(I ask because this actually happened in 2004. To Bush/Cheney offices. The story has/was disappeared with barely a trace.)


Bully to Kirsten Powers incidentally for speaking up on behalf of decency when so many talking heads on the right can't wait to toe the Dem party line.


Unlike Michelle O. I tell my HS aged son that some people in this world are bat-sh&t crazy, to keep a safe distance from said people if possible, and to let the proper people know that said person is possibly bat-sh&t crazy.

And to sit by the door in that class.


The “return to civility” theme is simply a rhetorical maneuver. It takes the direct aggressive charge of complicity and turns it into a passive-aggressive innuendo. It’s like having someone say, “Don’t you think there is too much venom?” When you ask what that means, they respond, “It was only a question.” Asking the question is framing the argument but, with deniability.

“Don’t you think it would be better if we stopped offending each other and being so angry?"

This is why it feels exactly the same as reading Krugman.


A few days ago, TM reported a bit from the NYTs saying Obama was trying to decide whether or not to write "tolerance" into the message of his speech. Apparently he opted out of it and instead passed the "tolerance" baton to Michelle to write about.

I swear this lesson seems very deja vu. I swear Michelle has told us the lesson of some other problem was tolerance. Does it ring a bell with anybody else?


actually, it is the culture of alienation that is as much at fault. 1960's alienation = Weathermen/Yippies/communists. 1970's alienation = punk rock/rap.Most everybody was happy in the 1980's, but then the Musselmen got unhappy in the 90's.

Now everybody is pretty much ticked off thanks to Bammers and a culture that has become byzantine in its cronyism and corruption.Dancing boys on aisle 3. Blue light special on Ponzi schemes on aisle 14.

After reviewing the play, why did the President have people in pre-printed T shirts, posters, and politically motivated programs at what was supposed to be a solemn memorial service?


Ignatz, yes BO may not have refudiated them but just as those who accused Palin of misusing term "Blood Libel" have to admit she was libel with the accusation that blood was on her hands, anyone who protects Pinch, NYTimes or Prof Hate have to admit that they attacked the right. Attacked without cause.


Was Job 1 an allusion to first chapter of Job? Or just job #1?

Jim Ryan

OMG. You can't. Make. This. Stuff. Up.


The speech was all about how we are screwed up and he is the one who can show us the way, if we only get civil and take no hostages.

Yes. It was about Obama ... again.

Mesothelioma Lawyers

How can we say we are a nation gone mad? Shooting incident happened these past few days don't just alarm US security, but almost all the world. Is it enough to say that because of our loosen security? On the other hand, Arizona shooting is not an act of terrorism – it’s an isolated case. But we can’t blame people to speculate other angles.

Jubilation has broken out in the Midwest—or at least in Wisconsin and Indiana, now that Democrats in neighboring Illinois have rushed their tax increase into law. Late Tuesday night, Democrats in the Illinois house and senate rammed through Governor Pat Quinn's 67% hike in the state income tax and a nearly 50% jump in the state corporate tax. The increase will add $1,400 to the average family's tax bill ...

"It's like living next door to `The Simpsons' -- you know, the dysfunctional family down the block,' Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels said....

Springfield, Springfield!
It's a hell of a town!

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

WOw Jim, that is beyond amazing. There really should be a surprise quiz one of these days.

hit and run

She's relentles in the pursuit of driving them all insane.>Palin to deliver address at gun convention


I'm wondering when Ibama, to ensure his reelection, will reveal the green alternative to oil. Once he frees us from our addiction and millions of high paying green jobs are created, who can beat him?


The word tolerance doesn't have a generally accepted meaning. For instance, Obama, on his "I am too a Christian" tour last Sept., claimed Americans must "revere" other "paths to faith as much as our own". I don't think most people think tolerance requires any such thing.

And what about the tolerance conservative speakers are met with on college campuses, including the Univ. of Arizona where two students threw pies at visiting speaker Ann Coulter? Did Pres. Shelton condemn the intolerance and sanction those students, especially since the Pima County prosecutor declined to charge them. Has Shelton emailed students about proper memorial behavior since the pep-rally, or is criticism of boorishness intolerant?


I'll post a link later when it gets to the Internet, but I borrowed the concept that "civility" is about increasing the credit limit on Jon Stewart's overdrawn race card.

Civility will not improve by demanding improved civility, but only when politicians willingly address the very real concerns raised by the opposition. Now they caricature the opposition and avoid substantive discussion by pointing to the newest 'get out of jail free' card.

Civility posturing attempts to shape the battlefield. Don't play that game. Point out instead that the underlying unwillingness of the left to respond to substance suggests they don't trust their principles or the lessons of experience.


You have it exactly right.
I also believe that this sideshow in which Michelle tells us what to eat and how to behave is going to backfire on Obama big time. Nobody likes a scold and no one appreciates being told how to live their lives. Especially from the likes of Michelle Obama who was never proud of her country until 5 minutes ago.


Jim Ryan: makes sense to me. Frightening though. The financial numbers amongst the States are the proof.


Now why would committed practitioners of the Big Lie want to push a tolerance and presumption of good faith theme?

The most recent lesson I felt the need to make sure my kids understood was the importance of recognizing when people they work with have competing or contradictory interests to them.

Or they will get played every time and not know there was a "win-win" proposal they could have come up with.

I don't think I'm either the sort of parent or citizen MO has in mind.


"Civility will not improve by demanding improved civility, but only when politicians willingly address the very real concerns raised by the opposition."

Out of my head, please. Say it loud, say it proud, with the biggest megaphone you got. Civility works both ways.

East Bay Jay

Yahoo's homepage informs me that "Security tight for Judge John Roll's funeral" with the implied subtext 'yes, those crazy wingnuts are liable to kill again' or, for P Krugman, 'those crazy wingnuts already killed Judge Roll once and now they want to kill him again'.


How many disruptive, unruly, antagonistic, behavior-disordered kids are in the classroom with Sasha and Malia? What in their immediate orbit are the Obamas and their girls forced to tolerate?

Jim Ryan

I think my watch isn't right. Anyone have the time? I'll check back later, thanks.

Jane (sit on the couch or save your country)

BTW I have gone from a fish to an airhead. What about you guys?

Danube of Thought

This is great: clueless dude gets shot by lunatic; blames Palin, Beck et al.

How long before MoDo christens him the ultimate moral authority?


It was most clearly not a "wonderful speech"; it was just fluff, treacle and bromides masking political opportunism. Nothing could be clearer. I just cannot understand the response to this speech. Are we really this stupid and childish?

Besides that, you ca n bet your britches that is a Conservative, GOP congressman would have been killed there would be no call for "national healing".

Indeed, this requires no "national healing" whatsoever. Contrast this with the speeches of Reagan or GWB when the shuttles went down.

It is all just an exercise in infantilism, sloganeering and agi-prop.

It is patently absurd. The nation should be ashamed of itself. This is at the level of High school politics/

And yes, we did let them get away with this. The primary targets, the new Congress, Palin and the Tea Party folks, have been wounded, and they were just sitting in their chairs when some lunatic shot someone. And understand, they have put Palin's life further at risk here.

The only one whop has stood up to the whole foulness is Palin.

The new Congress has apparently been disarmed by this.

Enough! this is right inline with the sort of tactics the Soviets and the Nazis used. It is time to take off the gloves.

If rolling back this Communist coup can be derailed by nonsense like this then there is nothing left to save in the first place.

What happens when they put a real ringer in there? What happens when they have staged a real "Reichstag Fire event"? Do not think that they are not working on it.

Jim Ryan

A caller on Rush today considers what would happen if the perp had been a Tea Partier. (Suppose he in fact was a rank-and-file Tea Partier, but one with a psychological disorder that could drive him to commit an atrocity of the sort Loughner committed.)

Could this chain of events ensue?

1. Media destroys Tea Party in the eyes of the muddle.

2. Dems have their way for the next five years.

3. Country goes financially belly up.

Not that the Tea Party are heroic country-savers. But there isn't much of a chance to get spending and regulation under control without the Tea Party's influence on election results.


Well jim, the tea party people better publicly stand up to this attempt to slander them soon.

#1 is wellk on its way to happening.

Let us understand this: Someone wholly unrelated to the GOP, conservatives, Palin and the Tea Party people shot someone and there are a substantial amount of people walking around thinking that indeed they do have something to do with it.

Chew on that one.

The response should be strong and immediate. They should not play to "civility" at all. They should firmly state "How dare you!"

So far this is not happening.

It will get much worse.


The shooting didn't distress me nearly so much as the raving and calls for speech restriction did. I'm much more likely to die on the freeway today, as is every congressman, security or not.

The shooter directly followed Halprin's blueprint for a "catastrophe" that would permit Obama to show leadership. Why has no one, and I mean no one, suggested that perhaps this kid thought this was a way to destroy his political opponents by setting up the crisis Obama needed?



The Reichstag Fire has come to my mind many times in the last week, too.

Rob Crawford

Besides that, you ca n bet your britches that is a Conservative, GOP congressman would have been killed there would be no call for "national healing".

Considering a Republican-appointed judge was actually killed last Saturday, I think we know the response to that hypothetical:

Calls for the Tea Party to tone down its rhetoric. Condemnations of Palin, Beck, Limbaugh, et. al. Krugman going on a tear about how everyone who uses "eliminationist rhetoric" should be rounded up, etc.

Rob Crawford

The Reichstag Fire has come to my mind many times in the last week, too.

Ditto. I don't think they planned it, but they're sure as hell going to use it to their utmost advantage.


Ann Althouse (ht Insty):

Ironically, saying that a massacre can change the course of American politics encourages massacres! Why would you put such a thought into the heads of madmen? Hell, sane men might put the pieces together and plan a massacre to disrupt the work of the politicians who won the last elections. We need to turn away from the bloody slaughter and go on as before.

I thought the msm repented from hyping school shootings for fear of encouraging more?


Immediately before the shooting, Democrats and Republicans, both elected officials and ordinary citizens, were gathered peacefully at a grocery store where a political event was being held--without rancor, without anyone--including Representative Giffords--feeling that there was any need to provide security or protection to anyone involved. Apparently not a police officer in sight.
No "climate of hate," no fear, no shouting, no confrontation. In a state and location in which the political ferment is extremely high.
There is no mystery as to what happened. A madman, fixated on a public figure for reasons absolutely unrelated to any political position, wiew, outlook or group, attacked her.
The nation didn't need a lecture on "civility" before this tragedy, and they don't now. They didn't, and don't, need the president to "heal" some horrible disease in the body politic.
Physician, heal thyself!


IMHO, "heated rhetoric" is kinda like the sound of steam escaping from a pressure cooker.

If we stop it by closing the lid too tightly, we'll allow the pressure to build up until it explodes.

Venting serves an important function.

Captain Hate

Speaking of going on as before, is Congress doing anything to repeal Bammycare today?


By the way, any conservative commentator or politician who thinks that Obama's speech was helpful in clearing the air, calming the mood and/or and putting to rest the claim that Sarah Palin or "right-wing talk radio" had anything to do with causing the massacre should read the comments to Ms. Powers excellent (and, given the nature of her readers, courageous) piece. Wow! Now I'm fearful.


Why has no one, and I mean no one, suggested that perhaps this kid thought this was a way to destroy his political opponents by setting up the crisis Obama needed?

Exactly MarkO


That would be vitriolic.

Charlie (Colorado)

Well jim, the tea party people better publicly stand up to this attempt to slander them soon.

Because, after all, none of us have said anything about it so far.


"Together We Thrive" t-shirt already on ebay.

More than 10 available @ $25.95 each - this must be someone who got ahold of some extras from the event.


Ditto. I don't think they planned it, but they're sure as hell going to use it to their utmost advantage.

Don't think though that they didn't have the template for a response on the back shelf just waiting. We are averaging at least one "tragedy" a year. The odds were high that the response could be put in place. Ghouls.


"Together We Thrive" Is that what they said?

I must need thicker glasses, I though it said "To Hell With Hives"

Rob Crawford

Boatbuilder -- Wow. I made the mistake of going to see the comments to Powers piece, and, well, wow.

Jubilation has broken out in the Midwest—or at least in Wisconsin and Indiana, now that Democrats in neighboring Illinois have rushed their tax increase into law.
Ya know, there is more to this state than Chicago. So it's also jubilation time in Iowa, Missouri and Kentucky!

I agree with squaredance.


While the blogosphere and the talking heads spin this down to dust, the important news is floating around and not being highlighted. The "unintended" (wink wink) consequence of this is those uncouth teabaggers haven't lit up the phone lines in Washington or GASP! stormed the gates.

Unemployment numbers
Gas Prices
Real estate
EPA killing coal mining in W VA (again)
EPA continuing on drilling in the Gulf (again)

It's almost like Krugman and Company are providing a distraction or something...


Oh, of course it was not intended to "Clear the air", nor did it do so. Good grief!

Why would you turn a memorial service in to a Rafter raising, tent show rally at a college to do that? Did you see that crowd? Of what bearing could they have on a "memorial service".

This spectacle in fact was almost rapine in its lack of respect or regard for the actual victims and their families.

The idea that O "said what need to be said" is almost as risible as the thought that he or anyone in the whole hideous Democrat political machine could actually "say what needs to be said". To do that they would have to fest up to how they have manipulated public opinion for the last 90 years.

They would have to admit that they are morally bankrupt and ruthless liars who have thoroughgoing contempt for all truth, honor and dignity and have even greater contempt for those that value these virtues.

What has gotten into people that they cannot see what is so obvious the case?

If this happened in anyone's personal life, if someone so blatantly hijacked the death of a love3d one, that person would be screaming bloody murder.

How stupid we have become.

Captain Hate

Am I the only person that hopes Steele gets re-elected to head up the Repubs, just to screw with the oligarchs? If anybody disagrees with me, give me a convincing case for any of the others running.

Captain Hate

How stupid we have become.

Speak for yourself; I prefer to believe this is all MFM/STM garbage that doesn't reflect the mood of the country.

Rob Crawford

Can they all lose?


Feds threaten to sue states over union laws

This administration is the worst.


Re Obama as Emperor, several interesting reads today.

I got a promotional email from Stratfor today, urging me to buy George Friedman's new book. I won't be doing it, but the email had some worthwhile lines:

The U.S. is now an empire. The next 10 years will bring internal tensions between the growth of that empire and the survival of the republic.

I am addressing my greatest concern, which is that the power of the United States in the world will undermine the republic. I am not someone who shuns power. I understand that without power there can be no republic. But the question I raise is how the United States should behave in the world while exercising its power, and preserve the republic at the same time.

I invite readers to consider two themes. The first is the concept of the unintended empire. I argue that the United States has become an empire not because it intended to, but because history has worked out that way. The issue of whether the United States should be an empire is meaningless. It is an empire.

The second theme, therefore, is about managing the empire, and for me the most important question behind that is whether the republic can survive.

Michael Desch is a professor of political science at Notre Dame. He has a new article out--The Liberal Complex: Idealism, not economics, drives American militarism--that takes off from Ike's famous "military-industrial complex" speech. Desch agrees that we've landed in the situation Ike warned against--we've become a military superpower in an imperial mode--but he takes issue with Ike's contention that we need to be wary of an unholy alliance between the military establishment and capitalism. Desch finds this part of Ike's warning to be misguided and instead maintains that we've been led down the garden path by liberal idealism--including that of the Bushie administration.

Here's a brief selection from his opening paragraphs, which includes some memorable and highly pertinent lines from Ike's speech:

President Eisenhower famously warned his fellow Americans about the pernicious influence of what he termed “the military-industrial complex.” This was, to be sure, an important speech for many reasons, not the least of which were its prescience about the challenges that U.S. preeminence would pose for our domestic liberties and the prudent counsel of restraint he proffered to protect them. But, ironically, its most famous line was wide of the mark in identifying the roots of America’s subsequent global overreach.

Eisenhower cautioned that the country needed to be careful in how it used its growing might. Recognizing the dark side of such unrivaled power, the retiring president warned against America’s “recurring temptation to feel that some spectacular and costly action could become the miraculous solution to all current difficulties.” He pointed to the need to strike a balance—to become a military superpower while not undermining our free-market economy and the liberty of our citizens.

The danger, in the old soldier’s view, was that we would give in to “the impulse to live only for today, plundering, for our own ease and convenience, the precious resources of tomorrow. We cannot mortgage the material assets of our grandchildren without risking the loss also of their political and spiritual heritage. We want democracy to survive for all generations to come, not to become the insolvent phantom of tomorrow.”


Is it too late to nominate Christine O'Donnell?

JM Hanes

"Why has no one, and I mean no one, suggested that perhaps this kid thought this was a way to destroy his political opponents by setting up the crisis Obama needed?"

Because it would look just as paranoid and fact free as Krugman's allegations?


I second your sentiments on "national healing." Talk about debasing a currency.

I don't think Boehner & Co have been disarmed though. In fact, I think it may be easier to start tackling the nuts & bolts, if you'll excuse the metaphor, when the press isn't looking for real and/or potential hiccups to slice and dice 24/7.

JM Hanes

"Am I the only person that hopes Steele gets re-elected to head up the Repubs, just to screw with the oligarchs?"

I'd rather not cut off my nose to spite my face, thanks. YMMV.

Rob Crawford

The "return to civility" cudgel is swung again:

“Gov. LePage’s decision to inflame racial tension on the eve of the King holiday denigrates his office,” said Jealous, whose father is from Maine. “His words are a reminder of the worst aspects of Maine’s history and out of touch with our nation’s deep yearning for increased civility and racial healing.”

Similarly, Robert Talbot, a board member of the Greater Bangor NAACP was not amused by LePage’s comments on Friday.

Talbot said he found it ironic that the governor would say such things at a time when so many people nationally are talking a “return to civility” in political discourse following the shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

LePage, Maine's governor, has declined a number of NAACP invitations due to prior or more pressing events. Like the funeral for a state trooper. And note the call for a "increased civility" coming the heels of an accusation of "inflaming racial tension".

LePage goes after my undying love:

“I have not learned to speak out of both sides of my mouth,” then-candidate LePage said following one of the dust-ups over his comments. “But I have to learn not to use street words.”

Oh, and there's a real gem in this story that should make the NAACP hang its head in shame, but will instead just piss them off even more.


well "captain of hate" (or, more aptly, "Warrant Officer of Distaste") you here are thrice wrong:

1. Do not put words in my mouth. You perfectly well know what I meant: Given the seriousness of this latest agi-prop wave your response is off point, irresponsibly inadequate to the actual point at hand and lacks a seriousness that puts it at the level of a juvenile retort. It is also wholly uncalled for, but then that is typical out of you. You may imagine that this is wit but it is just mere intellectual, moral and social crudity. Try lifting your eyes off you paunch and addressing the real issues for once.

2. Most obviously, you are wrong on the face of it. The fact that you cannot see this would point to your obtuseness and not mine. You are not paying attention. Forest. Trees. They are getting away with it nationally. Are you blind? Did you see that pep rally? Where is the outcry? Only a small amount the electorate sees through this and they are mostly of the informed opposition. Hint: more opinions are shaped by the MSM and not the more reasoned commentary on the internet. More to the point: the New Congress has already been disarmed by this. Witness that slavish and candy-a$$ drivel coming out of the GOP leadership and the mainstream GOP pundits.

3. The very fact that we have to talk about so absurd a notion as "the mood of the country" over such an incident points out just how stupid and childish the nation has become. A lunatic shot some people. There should be no "national mood" over this. One has been artificially created and successfully framed in wholly irrational guilt by association of anyone who opposes the Dem Communist coup. No one is talking about the "violence of Cultural Marxism" or "Soviet and Nazi propaganda techniques" now are they? In fact, mainstream America has no notion at all of what "Cultural Marxism" is even though the Republic is drowning in it. Long after this incident has been forgotten the Leftist propaganda memes coming out of the "MFM/STM garbage" will remain. Witness Katrina. That is the whole point.

Wrong all round.

Frau Sowienoch

"Feds threaten to sue states over union laws"

Yes, Janet, this--attacking democracy--is what the ACLU does on a small scale. Justice Ginsburg worked for the outfit. Pfui!


Looks like Reince Priebus is leading the balloting for RNC head. What is the scoop on this person? I seem to remember some scuttlebut that he is a wolf in sheep's clothing but can't remember where I saw that.


I think you all will enjoy this week's column.

As for the Climate of hate, replenish your brain cells after this trying week by reading (or re-reading as the case may be) this delightful, mind soothing piece by my hero, Florence King.
At Legal Insurrection Palin and Jacobson have snagged the Atlantic's Andrew Cohen. Beautifully I think.>There Goes Another One


Buchanan tells Matthews that he is "left’s version of a ‘birther’" then ...

“You shouldn’t say Second Amendment remedies,” Buchanan said. “But let me ask you something – who said it 1,000 times on the air? Sharron Angle said it once. I agree with you. You would say, ‘Look Sharron, don’t use it. Are you inflaming or informing? … But you keep repeating it.”

Buchanan is on to something here.


If you oppose hate speech, how can you not greet this with open arms? Duck.

Democrat Clyburn Advocates Gov’t ‘Restraint on Speech’ Including Internet; Daughter is FCC Commissioner


The Florence King link is wonderful Clarice...thank you.


You're welcome, Janet.

Newsbuster:A new poll just released by Quinnipiac University finds very few Americans agree with the media's view that heated political rhetoric was responsible for Saturday's tragic shootings in Tucson, Arizona. What should also surprise all of the so-called journalists that have been accusing conservative politicians and pundits for inciting Jared Lee Loughner to commit this heinous act is that people feel liberals are more responsible for this rhetoric than folks on the right

Ladies and gentlemen of the WWW--thank you for girding your loins and fighting back against the pack of lies.


An excellent point made by a commenter at Althouse's:

Does anybody remember what the left said when conservatives pushed the Jeremiah Wright "Dam America" video in connection to a parishioner of his, who sat and heard the anti-American vitriol for 20 years, and was now running for president of that same "Dammed America"?

It seems to me that if words have that kind of power, the words told to a future president should have been more closely examined and disseminated... and maybe now that we know better they should be brought back in the upcoming 2012 election.


The voters of Nevada did an excellent job of letting Sharon Angel know her words were not acceptable to them. Other politicians will learn from her defeat more than they would ever learn from a scolding from a pundit.


I posted this earlier this morning on the "An Interesting Diet..." thread -
From a link at Hot Air -

Here’s a graphic MSNBC was using yesterday in its coverage of the Tucson shootings:

The lies & evil memes put out by the MFM are sickening....


Steele withdrew endorsing Cino. Priebus is still ahead in the voting.

rhymin' simon

Boatbuilder since you brought up Christine O'Donnell, I think that is why Palin used term blood libel versus witchhunt.

Rob Crawford

It seems to me that if words have that kind of power, the words told to a future president should have been more closely examined and disseminated... and maybe now that we know better they should be brought back in the upcoming 2012 election.

Well, see, it's only our rhetoric that's inflammatory. Theirs is the perfectly understandable result of frustrations with the political process.


OK. When the MSM says "the power of words," I say, yeah, Mark Halprin's words. See how that works. It doesn't have to be true.

hit and run>Mood enhancer:

Republicans say they have no plans to change the name of the bill, “Repealing the Job Killing Health Care Reform Act,” despite Democratic criticism that it should not include the word “killing.”


Another surrey rider singing "Oklahoma."



The Left is now hyperventilating about the "power of words", arguing that rhetoric from Talk Radio is inducing violence.

But they hypocritically remain silent on the "power of video and images" that they've been inculcating our culture with for the past 30-40 years in their violent movies, TV dramas, music videos, magazines and computer games.

Rob Crawford

Another surrey rider singing "Oklahoma."

Meh. He's never been a huge fan of the 1st Amendment.

JM Hanes

Clarice & Charlie: Congrats on The Tatler. It's terrific! You've got a great collection of contributors and I already find myself checking back to see what's new more often than I should, given the other things I'm supposed to be accomplishing in life.


Speaking of things that kill jobs, here's a non-surprising bit of news: BUSTED: Unsealed Docs Show The Fed Was Fully Warned Of A Housing Crisis.

New minutes released today show Fed members were fully aware of the growing housing bubble in the U.S. in June of 2005.

The materials include several presentations made on the subject of the emerging housing bubble in the U.S. economy. They have titles like "Is Housing Overvalued?" by Joshua Gallin and "Monetary Policy Implications of a House Price Bubble" by John C. Williams of the San Francisco Fed.

In October of 2005, future Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress he didn't think we were in a housing bubble. Bernanke was not at the June 2005 meeting, having recently become Chairman of President George W. Bush's Council of Economic Advisers.

(Another) Barbara

From Quinnipiac's page:
American voters say 52 - 41 percent that "heated political rhetoric drives unstable people to commit violence," the independent Quinnipiac University poll finds.

Liberals rather than conservatives are more responsible for such rhetoric, voters say 36 - 32 percent.

There isn't a lot to cheer us there. That final result, the 36 to 32 percent, is within the margin for sampling error.

So what the poll says is that a majority links political rhetoric with acts of violence and that people see liberals and conservatives as about equally responsible for that "heated" rhetoric.

That doesn't lift my spirits.


Thanks, jmh. I think I'm seriously getting over committed though.


**getting seriously over committed*


I think that McCain, and Taranto, are on to something. We (and commentators, politicians and pundits on the Right)should politely remind the lefties, when they accuse, insinuate, insult and prevaricate about Republicans, Tea Party members, gun owners, taxpayers, white males, etc. that their Dear Leader and The Most Brilliant President Ever has asked that they be, first and foremost, civil. We should point out that while we will consider what he says and will endeavor to be civil, we do not accept that "civility" should be used as a mask for the suppression of fair and open debate, and will not be silenced. Incivility from the left must now, however, be considered apostasy or hypocrisy.

Kudos will go to the first lefty (and it shouldn't take all that long) who figures this out, and cries "Bullshit" to the "civility" meme.

Rob Crawford

More Civil and Tolerant Cudgel Watch:

Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) said in a speech at the left-leaning policy think tank Center for American Progress that working in a bipartisan manner on infrastructure and clean energy could help overcome the “divisive political rhetoric” in the wake of the Tucson tragedy.

Via Ace, LUN.


John crass Kerry strikes again.


Heh. That did lift my spirits, hit.


Well they might be right - Talk Radio and the media do indeed incite "heated" rhetoric:

"Randi Rhodes: Sarah Palin is the child molester type"
Randi Rhodes "comedy": Hillary, Ferraro are "whores"

"Randi Rhodes: Mitt Romney supporters will go on "killing rampage"

"Randi Rhodes: Ken Lay was murdered by Bush administration"

"Liberal Talk Radio Host Says “Kill Joe The Plumber”

"Montel Williams wants Rep Michelle Bachmann to Kill Herself

"I'm able to make the distinction with no pangs of hypocrisy even though I get happy every time one of you faux-macho shitheads accidentally shoots another one of you in the face" ~Aaron Sorkin

Find me one F-ing statement of Sarah Palin, Rush, Glen Beck or Sharon Angle that compares to one of these.


Found this post from commenter "proreason" on Bryan Preston's Tatler post today about Krugman's "apology." I thought it summed it up pretty well:

And they won’t drop it. It worked, big time.

When your tactic has set CK against Rush, it not only worked, it over-the-top worked. When you get a victim of the shooting spouting the exact left-wing talking points, unfiltered, on national tv, your tactic didnt just work, it worked spectacularly. When you get Joe Scarborough saying that Sarah Palin defending herself from libel has finished her political career, your tactic wasn’t nust successful, it was the most successful political crime since Sep / Oct 2008.

There is no question that they are rubbing their hands in glee.

Next time, they will escalate.

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Frau Sowienoch

Florence King made my day, Clarice. Love this about Richard "I went to Far Rockaway High School" Cohen:

"A beau ideal of the New Man is columnist Richard Cohen, the Washington Post's resident oh-dear, who is such a bundle of sensitivity that if he had been on the Titanic he would have apologized for damage to the iceberg. Male soul-searching is in and Cohen is its undisputed champ, having searched his own so often that he has become Butterfly Dundee, the man every woman would least like to have with her if she met a mugger."

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