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August 23, 2011


Vote for Kilroy.

Any One but the One.

Vote for Kilroy.

Shorter Nate Silver: Things are so bad everything looks like up to him.

Jack is Back!

He's the People's Choice. The People of China.

Biggest question tonight is whether Pennsylvania can beat Georgia tonight to set the all time attendance record for a LLWS game next game?


Nor is it likely that another Democrat would advocate policy positions that differed substantially from Mr. Obama’s, which are very close to those of the typical Democrat in Congress.

That's the best news I've seen all day.

Jack is Back!

Great LLWS game on ESPN2. Blue v. Red - harbinger of things to come?

Rick Ballard

What a pathetic waste of innocent pixels. Hey, Nate - how's Obamacare polling these days? How's the President's decision to take his party to the precipice and beyond in search of a NewD irection working out so far?

Silver's conclusion is correct but it's due to the fact that the Dems would find it impossible to whip their core constituency to the polls on election day if the President decided not to take his beating. The Dems are truly stuck with their stinking albatross (barring a health excuse for quitting) and they're going to pay the price for their sale of the party to Bing/Soros/Lewis in November of '12.

I still can't get to 15 Senate seats but 12 is a definite possibility.


I remember a tee-shirt on a pregnant women that read "Nixon's the One." Then, he did it to the country at large, just like Obama.


can't watch it, Jack. I used to love it, but now it has become reality TV. The kids act like their idols and the families and fans act in many cases like idiots. It breaks my heart. Innocence lost.

Uncle BigBad

I wonder if Obammy's accelerated decline in the polls has anything to do with Perry's entry into the race.


What is intriguing are the consistently higher personal popularity polls than approval ratings. I think those polled are lying so as not to appear ahem racist.


Isn't the fact that Nate Silver even thought about this just wonderful news? He'd much rather write a piece titled, "We All Know Obama's 2012 Margin Of Victory Will Shatter Nixon's 1972 Record; Could It Challenge Saddam's Reelection Numbers?" - but even the NYT readership is worried about whether they can scrape the stink of Obama off of themselves in the next year. Delightful.

As TM said in the last post, this camel dung smells like victory.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

How does Maxine Waters for President sound?

Rick Ballard


The comments following Nate's piece make just about as good a BD present for you as the Ras numbers. I can't imagine why so many Dems don't want to wear a stinking albatross necklace. I think it looks good on them.

Jack is Back!


I'd cross over here in Florida and support her in the primary.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

We could introduce Broom Two, JIB.


Apologies for reposting, butI think it fits better here:

Riffing off the Hillary/Obama Primary talk from early in the thread...

According to Wiki, The Nobel Peace Prize Committee comes to it's decision in mid September, with the Official Announcement following in early October.

Can they give it to both Hillary and Barack, or do they have to choose between those 2? And if Hillary gets it solo, might that encourage her run? I would think so, and might actually be an easy way for the decision to have been made for her.

Off the top, I can't think of anybody else those shark-jumping whack jobs on that committee might consider picking. Who am I missing?


Or, if Dimon is so smart, why does he want to take over BoA?

Ben Franklin

?President Obama’s re-election bid is in quite a lot of trouble, with falling approval numbers and sour economic forecasts. But it’s probably mistaken to assume that those problems would just go away if Democrats replaced him with another candidate.

The evidence, if anything, points in the opposite direction: Mr. Obama is more popular than his policies, and probably gives the Democrats a better chance of maintaining the White House than another Democrat would. Three pieces of data to consider:

First, Mr. Obama’s personal favorability ratings — which continue to average about 50 percent — are considerably higher than his approval ratings, which are now around 40 percent. It’s not uncommon for favorability ratings to track a point or two ahead of approval ratings — but this is a particularly large gap. Voters remain reasonably sympathetic to Barack Obama, the person, even if they’re growing less and less thrilled with his performance."

Heh. It used to exasperate Bush opponents that the Public would disagree with Bush policy, but would like to have a beer with him.

I guess what comes around, goes around, but politics, too often exemplifies the false 'choices' Americans assume to mean 'freedom'

"Would you like paper, or plastic?" in the political realm, seems to be indistinguishable from retail sales.

Jack is Back!

Watching Cookie Rojas do color for the Marlins versus Reds. He is still as class a guy as he was when I watched him played for the Reds.

narcisco, feeling any wind yet?

Ben Franklin

"I remember a tee-shirt on a pregnant women that read "Nixon's the One." Then, he did it to the country at large, just like Obama."

Too funny, MarkO. The only thing missing in the psy/profile for Obama is the paranoia.


The comments on the Nate Silver piece are worth reading.

Ben Franklin

"How does Maxine Waters for President sound?"

I would seriously consider Chuck Hagel...........


From Powerline - Tweets turn negative for Obama.

An unfavorable/favorable ratio of 72%-6%? That is brutal.

Ben Franklin

"Or, if Dimon is so smart, why does he want to take over BoA?"

Or "If Dimon is so Rich, why isn't he smart?"



Thanks for that LLWS Advisory.

I was unaware it was on and was stuck watching a Mariner's Rerun (Blecch).

Go! whichever State has a College with cuter cheerleaders!

Georgia BullDog-ettes

Nittany Lionnesses

Jack is Back!


So would I - for Maxine's VP - a perfect fit.


Like I asked previously, have the Democrats figured out exactly how screwed they are? Its going to be a much smaller caucus in the Senate and maybe all the WH staffers can steal all the W keys on their way out of town again?

Ben Franklin

"narcisco, feeling any wind yet?"

Guffaw !!! Wanna rephrase that, JiB?

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet


The thinking person's Republicrat.

Susan Collins for VP?

Ben Franklin

"So would I - for Maxine's VP - a perfect fit."

Gimme a break.


sowehow a thread on Althouse's site has devolved to rick perry's time as a male cheerleader at Texas A&M. Someone followed up asking about other presidents who happened to be cheerleaders in college with the following question:

Name all the presidential cheerleaders.

bgates responded:

David Brooks, Tom Friedman, Nina Totenberg, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, you....

the guy is gooooood....


UFO sighted in China!


Some thoughts on the war between the Ants and the grasshoppers. LUN


LoL Not_Bub.

Bgates is great. Thanks much for that.


People in Silver's comments actually call Obama a DINO, and think he is compromising too much.


Ben Franklin

"What a pathetic waste of innocent pixels."

Marmalard !!!!

How's it hanging, dude?


I don't expect any till tomorrow, JiB,



That be a Chinese space bubble similar to the one seen with the miniature twins in the Godzilla movies.

bgates, that is damn funny.

Charlie (Colorado)

How does Maxine Waters for President sound?

Like Roger Corman writing with Ed Wood's direction.

Ben Franklin

"Like Roger Corman writing with Ed Wood's direction.

Posted by: Charlie (Colorado) | August 23, 2011 at 09:

I like it......................

Jack is Back!


If Huntsman can be Bachman's VP what makes my proposal so difficult for you to accept? I thought you were all for anarchy. I guess, except where it makes sense, then its not anarchy any more, right?

Ben Franklin

Perry was a CHEERLEADER?

This is getting scary.......Bush III makes me want to shout:

"Shoom Bakalala, Shoom Bakalala!!!!!!!!!!


They are sealed in their worldview, tighter than Karnak,s proverbial jar of mayonaisse


Ya know I was feeling bad for giving the FLOTUS a hard time on the other thread. Porchlight linked this story.

The gushing is just so absurd.
enviably toned thighs
tiny purple cycling shorts
Super-fit Mrs Obama revealed her smooth thighs

The adoration isn't doing the Obama's any good...everyone can see it isn't true so the comments just seem stupid. Her arms are great! Her legs are great! Just silly.

Ben Franklin

"then its not anarchy any more, right?'

You go ahead and assume, (joining the delusion advocate Dot) I am an advocate for anarchy.......The truth is; I favor 'American Idol' as the
penultimate entertainment venue for American Politics.......

Jim Ryan

MayBee, I like the comments over there which say that the stimulus was not nearly big enough and Krugman needs to be obeyed. These are the dogmas of our nation's intelligentsia I guess.

Jack is Back!

The truth is; I favor 'American Idol' as the
penultimate entertainment venue for American Politics...

Now I know you are one crazy MF - what number do you want me to text to get you in the semi's?


You & Frederick might be interested in this from Bookworm Room...A Kid's I View - it offers travel posts that kids write.


Here's the Althouse Link with bgates wonderful comment.

It's also got a great Beldar sighting, in response to one of their resident troll morons who tries to damn Governor Rick Perry for not commuting some murderer's execution:

If you'll forgive me, Beldar's Response:

"Beldar said...
@ Julius: The governor of Texas, be he Rick Perry or anyone else, has no power to pardon those on Death Row. His power is limited to the granting of one temporary stay. This is in the Texas state constitution, and cannot be changed without amending that document. And that's not going to happen, because the way that limitation got written into the Texas constitution was that there was a "pardons for pay" scandal involving Democratic governor Ma Ferguson back in the interwar period of the early 20th Century: Texans don't want our governors to have broad pardon powers.

So the event that you attribute to Rick Perry wasn't attributable to him.

The entities charged by our state constitution and laws with determining this individual's guilt or innocence and the proper punishment for guilt do not include the governor. But those entities were indeed responsible for Willingham's trial and many, many subsequent years of appeals and habeas corpus challenges. It is to them that your argument ought be addressed.

If you're looking for people upon whom to attribution causation to a result, you certainly would have to include all the judges of the SCOTUS, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, several intermediate Texas appellate courts, the trial court, the trial judge and jury, and the Texas Board of Pardons & Paroles. Each of them was far more involved in Mr. Willingham's fate, even if you believe -- as I most emphatically do NOT -- that he was innocent.

So basically, you're full of crap, promoting some nonsense that you've probably been fed by someone else without bothering to investigate its plausibility or even its possibility.

You're a troll, in other words, so this will both begin and end our conversation. I've already wasted more time on your nonsense than it, or you, deserve by writing this much."

A thing of beauty ain't it.

Cecil Turner

. . . our nation's intelligentsia . . .

Apparently can't understand the concept of rejecting an hypothesis or perform basic arithmetic. Supposedly smart people, and yet they repeatedly demonstrate they couldn't pass a high school level science quiz. Makes you wonder.

Ben Franklin

"Now I know you are one crazy MF - what number do you want me to text to get you in the semi's?"

Text;" JiB has absolutely no sense of humor or irony.........."

I win, hands down !!!!!!!

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

I'll let the "jury" decide, Janet.


Jim- aren't those fab?

I'm trying to remember what the Dems ran on in 2004. Let me try to do this off the top of my head

-Outrage at out of control deficits and spending
- "High" unemployment
-The importance of having a Commander in Chief who served in the military. During a conflict, overseas.
-A vague complaint about NCLB
-Gay marriage. Not that it should be legal or anything.

What does Obama have to sell himself on? This Obama couldn't beat Bush 2004.

Captain Hate

A thing of beauty ain't it.

Probably more effort than the dumbass troll deserved, but very well done.

I particularly enjoyed the last cheerleader bgates mentioned.

Ben Franklin

"Apparently can't understand the concept of rejecting an hypothesis or perform basic arithmetic."

You've blown our agreement, poster boy. You are relegated to the
'Statistic only' comment guideline. Any forays into the prosaic
realm are strictly forbidden. Linguistics are not your forte. If your bona fides have any relevance to ANY discussion, you must limit yourself to monosyllabic monotones more in line with your writing

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vnjagvet

A thing of beauty ain't it.

It sure is. Don't no one fu@@ with Beldar. Especially not on anything to do with Texas law.


--Bush III makes me want to shout:--

That would be Barry, except without the first seven years of decent economic growth or likeability.

Ben Franklin


Go fell a tree.........

Cecil Turner

You've blown our agreement, poster boy.

Ah, a near perfect exemplar. Thanks, Professor.

Melinda Romanoff

Go play with your Leyden jars.

Ben Franklin

"Go play with your Leyden jars.

If you are smart you'll start playing with Farraday Cages....

Cecil Turner

I see he can't spell Faraday, either. Well, guess that's science, not English, eh?

Ben Franklin

You focus on errors, rather than RBI's, eh, Poster Boy?

Cecil Turner

That's it? Well, logic is also a scientific discipline . . .


RBI? Rating Ben's Intelligence?


Conservatives started a civil war over their perverted view of 'property rights'; other than that, they've done nothing of any consequence in the USA.

Elephants hold their noses in the air and trumpet about the fumes.

Does this stinking albatross make my Ass look fat and foolish?


How can a wimp advocate for anarchy? Is it an online college?


Evening, all. Happy Birthday to the birthday folks.

The eye on that hurricane is looking much more vicious that it was 12 hours ago.

Bummed about the Warner Robins Little Leaguers. Guess they can't play in the final every year.

Danube of Thought

Happy birthday Ben, you old Leo you.

Let's all remember one vital thing: the parallels between 1932 and 2008 are not trivial. No no no, not trivial at all. Indeed, as we have seen, those parallels are most emphatically non-trivial. Decidedly non-trivial. Perhaps even the quintessence of non-triviality.

In a later symposium we shall discuss Dana's recent paper, "2008 and its Non-trivial Parallels With 1932," now regarded among the cognoscenti as a seminal work in assessing the true meaning of the 2008 elections. A Chablis will be served afterward in the lounge.

(We are in serious Woot territory here.)

Cecil Turner

The truly funny thing is that Silver's right. The problem isn't Obama, it's the far-left agenda. Democrats were crowing about the demise of the GOP in 2008, but two short years of unfettered donk policies, and the voters can't get 'em out of office fast enough. Obama's probably the best face possible on that pig of a platform.

The commenters who seem convinced it's all a function of his not being liberal enough are risible denialists. And though I don't doubt some of his recent slump is attributable to a disgruntled base, there's simply no way to account for the 2010 election with that worldview.

The other bad news--which they apparently haven't fully realized yet--is that he's sucking all the money and air out of the Dems' reelection efforts in what increasingly looks like a doomed effort. Coupled with the massive expenditure of capital (political and financial) on things like the WI union fight, this looks like a particularly lean year for the average congresscritter . . . which doesn't bode well for the party of "tax and spend." (Can you overdose on schadenfreude? I hope not.)


Warthog over at Gateway Pundit:

Epicenter was situated at the convergence of Bush’s Fault, Congress’s Fault, Teaparty Fault, and Itsnotmy Fault.

Danube of Thought

"Can you overdose on schadenfreude?"

O death, where is thy sting?

Charlie (Colorado)

Is today your birthday, Dana? Tomorrow's mine.

Charlie (Colorado)

Jesus H Christ, you guys, Ben didn't start this, why did you?


great God...I have missed you guys..everyone is in top form, as usual!

I should be contrite about the joy I feel regarding Barry's misery...nevermind :)


Maybe Obama can use Lisa Murcowski as his next VP.

According to this story in tonight's ADN she's interested in looking into the idea floated by billionaire Warren Buffett to "stop coddling" the mega-rich.

Thank you Orrin Hatch.

And just to refresh, in her last campaign debate this was Lisa's solution to the Debt Problem that Joe Miller warned was crippling our Nation:

"There is no doubt that we need to reduce our spending, but we can do it wisely and responsibly and to suggest somehow or other we're going to solve our problem of the Deficit by eliminating Earmarks is deceptive. You're talking about 1% of the Discretionary Budget out there when you're talking about Earmarks. And lets put Alaska into perspective right now. We are 50 years, just barely, just a little over 50 years as a State. The Infrastructure that has been built out there in this country for the past Century, they've got their Transportation Grid, they've got their Energy Grid. What do we have? We've got a little road going up and a road going down and a road joining in the middle. We have our Transmission Grid that we're trying to build in SouthEast, but our Energy costs are as high as anywhere else in the Nation, and yet when we ask for Assistance with a road---when we ask for Grants so that we can have Low Energy Projects in the State, somehow or other that is considered Pork. I think that when we start with the initiative to cut back on the Federal Spending, lets start with the Lower 48 where they've had it for a 150 years plus."

So it's no surprise to anyone who's been paying attention that she's hep to Warren Buffett's idea.


Happy birthday (tomorrow), Charlie! I hope it is wonderful!

Tell me why the flare meant the Sun was awakening from its funk, Chaco.

Well, they've got natural refrigeration for when a Carrington Event fries the lower 48's grid.


What is intriguing are the consistently higher personal popularity polls than approval ratings

That baffles me. He's such an ass.

(Another) Barbara

I believe Clarice is absolutely right. Telling the interviewer you disapprove of his policies is one thing. Saying you don't like him personally may yield a big red "R" placed around your neck. (And I don't mean "R" for Republican.)



Levi Johnston just announced he's giving up his campaign to be Mayor of Wasilla:(

I'm so distraught I'm going to bed.

Sandy Daze

Morning all. Looks like Irene will make for good surfing all along the East Coast with landfall in Newfoundland or Greenland, as her forecasted track is shifts further to the East.

I blame man-made global warming for Irene's potential near-hit and as well, I blame man-made global warming for the earthquake yesterday.

Perhaps earthquakes should be named just like hurricanes?

Take good care,

Captain Hate

Huntsman/Levi Johnston 2012: Making the Repukes world safe against the Tea Party

hit and run

Is today your birthday, Dana? Tomorrow's mine

If it wasn't your birthday,I'd be really upset with you for usurping my official JOM duty. But since it is your birthday...


You're getting up there in years such that only someone with your math skills can calculate your age,but you don't look a day over the square root of your actual age multiplied by two times the inverse hyperbolic sine of your actual age,minus 10.

At least to me.


What I am seeing is ever more disastrous regs and exec orders and just downright enforce as if anyway being pushed for their socially transformative effect in case they lose in 2012. Because they do not understand perverse incentives and the effect of uncertainty on the economy, this will be a further deadweight.

Worse numbers makes for more public works calls while the "get it at least in place in case we are out" accelerates. No way an Obama afraid of losing will not push the regulatory death spiral.

Hang on!


HB Chaco! Another Leo - why am I not surprised.


and maybe all the WH staffers can steal all the W keys on their way out of town again?

No, they'll be stealing the P keys this time.


I didn't write that 11:11 post.


Happy Birthday, Charlie!



I guess the anarchist is off his meds again. It's a good thing we can usually tell.

Has everything calmed down in VA? Now we can all get ready for the Hurricane. I don't know how much more we can take up here.


OMG, the hurricane is now headed to Martha's Vineyard. Whining to commence immediately. Perhaps the president should jet off to Hawaii so his vacation is not interrupt it - because we know he deserves it - he works so damn hard!


Has everything calmed down in VA?

I guess. I think a lot of places will be closed today to check for structural damage.


That prayer meeting Perry went to isn't looking like such a bad idea huh?!


And the journolists are complaining about the 'room service' at the Rixos hotel, in Tripoli.



Imagine the Obamas camped out at Blue Heron Farm as Irene's wind and rain lashes the island. The media will portray it as an intimate family enclave, with the Wons sheltering together against the forces of nature and away from the sharp elbows of DC politics. I am sure Michelle and Barack will really cherish that time together. They seem especially close these days.

Danube of Thought

"I didn't write that 11:11 post."

I didn't think so. No doubt about who did.


It should be enough wind to power Michelle's broomstick.


Duke and Duke's Southern Branch 'reporting for duty', in the LUN


And on another Glorious morning, I again asked, has it sunk in yet just how screwed the Democrats are? You have to hand it to old Maxine, she has figured it out and seems to be lead rat in the exodus of the listing good ship Zero...

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