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September 25, 2011



Very funny start of the week. Thanks, TM.

Wrapping up last week:
Solyndra exposes Obama as out own special version of the Empress Cixi and her marble boat. It's the optics, man.


Very funny way to start this week, TM. Thanks.

As for last week: It exposed Obama as our own special version of Empress Cixi--it's all about the optics.

Melinda Romanoff


It was worth a double.


Great column, Clarice. And thanks for putting my name in lights. :)

I agree with commenter scythe - it was (is) all a con. They knew that this company had no chance. That's the reason for the speed in processing the loan - they needed to get the wheels greased asap before they came off entirely. Payback distributed, no one the wiser - they Hoped.


wonderful piece, clarice. Cixi's boat, huh?

The common Democratic Tammany graft is bad enough, but I still don't get why the nation is not raging about Fast & Furious.

American peace officers are dead and a lot of Mexicans died because someone high up at the Department of Justice made a criminally irresponsible decision and then doubled down.

Now that the scandal has been exposed, the government is still trying to sweep it under the rug, which furthers the criminality.

"What did he know and when did he know it?" comes to mind.


Porch, you deserved it, It was such a brilliant observation. XOXO


Someone needs to revisit the BP oil spill with Solyndra et al in mind. Obama and Chu seemed to be overtly impeding efforts to cap the well, and now it's obvious why.

Jack is Back!

Sorry, but I just cannot imagine Chuckles, Kos, Ariannna, Karren, Rich and Krugman every attending a Progs. Anon. meeting. If anything, they will be market testing a new more intoxicating kool-aid to be served up at those verboten lemonade stands.

Captain Hate

David Plouffe is making a huge ass out of himself on FNS.


True, the Brainslugs have chewed right through that section of the brain that determines self awareness, MTP illustrates this in spades.


Someone needs to revisit the BP oil spill with Solyndra et al in mind. Obama and Chu seemed to be overtly impeding efforts to cap the well, and now it's obvious why.

Great observation Deb.
The left spreads guns around & tolerates the death of our citizens & minority Mexicans just to set the stage for gun control.
Why not hurt the environment to set the stage for their green energy dreams? Makes sense.


Well BP was tied to Goldman, in that other great scam; the Chicago Climate eXchange, set up in part by Johnson, an analogue to the Admiralty's conptroller,

Captain Hate

Not only that but because of fracking Wheeling, West Va is sitting on top of 100 years of natural gas, but you don't hear jack-squat about it; rather you have the EPA releasing spurious garbage about non-existent contamination of ground water. The sooner this green energy scam is revealed as the home of ignorant grifters like Manbearpig and Vann Jones, and an impediment to the real energy producers that can guarantee energy for the future, the better.

Rick Ballard

Great Pieces, Clarice. I have an image of President Marblehead standing on the bridge of his marble boat as it slides down the stays straight to the bottom.

The Pew survey which Galston cites without linking can be found here. The news for the progs is somewhat worse than he makes it out to be and it is a reiteration of the Democrat disaster which Pew identified in a much more thorough July survey. Pew puts their typical steam calliope in the catacombs slant in favor of the Dems in the report of the survey but the actual numbers show the Muddle still ambling right.

I'm quite confident that the President has the innate inability to do more than stampede them in the direction they are already heading.


*In the spirit of Cato's "Carthago delenda est".


Following the lesson, doesn't Light Squared, really match the Marble Boat, in so far as it
subverts the military mission, Only thing is I don't know if Obama is Cixi or the Guanxu
Emperor in this case,

Cecil Turner

Hilarious. Even if the Dems re-attract all the disaffected leftists who think "the Won" isn't fighting hard enough for prog values, they'll still lose in a landslide. And scratch their heads throughout.



What I tried to say in the last thread and got screwed up (I blame the IPAD cause it's hard to see) is I'm so impressed with things that are common knowledge to you, and I have never heard of. You are simply a great writer and that is just one of the reasons why.


That marble boat image coupled with no one to tell the empress what she may not do is such a great shorthand on why absolute power in the state rather than individuals lead to civ decline.

You probably know this Clarice but the reason China with all its tremendous scientific and technological breakthroughs by about 1500 never did anything transformational with it was because of the mandarin bureaucrats. Innovation means loss of state control so it is best to stifle innovation.

For BO, Chu, sunstein, Carol Browner and Lisa Jackson, even FLOTUS, all is within the purview of the state. And we already have a name and a tragic history for that system of govt.


Right, Narciso - they've managed to carpet bomb our economic sector, shut down vital domestic energy production, undermine our education system and catapult our foreign policy back to the Carter era. So now it's time to get serious about crippling our national defense--since they've only just begun with that task, pending upcoming gay litigation cases in the military ranks. Sabotaging our GPS system ought to pound the final nail in to the national defense coffin.


Jane, I'm just a lazy bum who spent the best part of her free time reading odd things that appealed to me, a few of which stuck in my memory bank. But thanks so much.

Yes, rse, I probably should have tried to weave that in,

Sandy Daze

OT - Voldemort is a TRAITOR.


Robert Bell

Tom: "Today, while voters as a whole agree with Republicans’ evaluation of their party as conservative, they disagree with Democrats, who on average see their party as moderate rather than liberal."

Maybe I'm missing something, but suppose that half the voters are Democrats, half are Republicans and the former believe they moderate while everybody believes the latter are conservative. Then one morning Republicans wake up and decide that Democrats have moved far left, while Democrats self perception hasn't changed. Wouldn't that produce a situation where on the whole voters *on average* now think that Democrats are less moderate, while on the whole their perceptions of Republicans wouldn't change?

Hey, Buddy, can you throw the dime away?

What capital wasn't vaporized by the hubritic end of four decades of nobly mistaken housing policy was drained down a great, gaping, insatiable green hole in the ground with liars at the top.


--Wouldn't that produce a situation where on the whole voters *on average* now think that Democrats are less moderate, while on the whole their perceptions of Republicans wouldn't change?--

Your question would seem to rely on the dubious assumption that perceptions are an entirely internal phenomenon governed by the mood someone wakes up in and there are no observable, objective facts on which they are based.
Isn't it more likely that the Dem's attachment to, promotion of or tolerance for an $800 billion failed "stimulus", $1.5 trillion deficits, repeated calls for tax hikes, the ongoing regulatory nightmare and of course Obamacare itself are some of the very real things which have changed perceptions by outsiders looking at Dems?

Robert Bell

And suppose I didn't actually read what you linked to.

Then my fantasy could possibly be true, right?

Alice still lives here

Robert: the significance of average voter shift is the change in what self-identified independents say. "Independents now see themselves as significantly closer to the Republican Party, reversing their perceptions of six years ago" and since there was no change in how average voter or republicans see republicans, the change must be because independents see democrats as more liberal.

Rick Ballard

Robert Bell,

That wasn't Tom, that language was from Galston's interpretation of the survey, which included sifting of independents' perceptions of the parties wrt themselves.

Independents' perceptions of the Democrat party have shifted left since '08 in reaction to what many people refer to as "reality".



That's probably why so much of the concerted effort in "ed reform" over the last 20 years has been designed to make responding from emotion and perceptions the habit of students. They grew up the be 2008 BO voters-right on schedule.


My concern is reform seems more targeted to re-empower specific primitive human traits that Western civ has somewhat successfully managed to overcome. Rather than moving beyond the constraints of Western knowledge, postmodernism acts as an antidote to rational analysis allowing more direct appeal to emotion.

It's probably all in vain of course, but nevertheless several generations are being shortchanged, perverted, inverted (while my guitar gently weeps) etc. And the rest of us wind up with political leaders like BJ and Obummer.


I think "antidote" s/b narcotic

Jack is Back!

robert bell,

We are a 33-33-33 country aren't we? Those 33 in the middle are Indies (who I believe move more toward the right than the left). If perception is reality, then the behavior of the full house that Obama inherited in 08 as exemplified by ObamaCare, the Stimulus and Government Motors and now LIghtSquared, Fast and Furious and Solyndra are all the "optics" the Indy Muddle need to drop the Dems and move more to the right.

And I think Rick Ballards ABO will resonate more with the Indies than Obama's "get on your marching shoes" [you lazy complainers].

Robert Bell


"and since there was no change in how average voter or republicans see republicans, the change must be because independents see democrats as more liberal."

Thanks. What you say would follow if in addition there was no change in Democrats, but as Rick Ballard said, the survey explicitly asked independents, so it's redundant to back out the results from the average.

Rick Ballard: Thanks, although the Galston article seems to emphasize different points from your link. I take the latter as more definitive since it was their survey.

Ignatz: No I wasn't making any deep assumption, I was just looking at the result of averaging over total voters under the assumption that Democratic self-perception hadn't changed.

We don't need no stinkin' Enlightenment.

That's why, boris, Progressives are more aptly named Regressives.


"I think "antidote" s/b narcotic"

Only if by "narcotic" you really mean LSD.



No "seems" to it. You have intuited correctly since your intuition has an underlying conceptual base of facts and reasoned analysis.

I mentioned on another thread I was going to some advocacy training Friday. I buttonholed a politician and we had a little chat. I knew enough about something I could tell was bothering him that I volunteered a detail I knew he would find interesting. He responded by telling who was lobbying so hard. Bingo. It was what I had surmised about 8 months ago from the similarity in effect, but could not prove.

Now I do not need to. Describing the other shenanigans to illustrate my points should flush out their involvement across the board.

If you will post from time to time the mysteries that you have noticed, I will doublecheck in particular to make sure they are addressed. Like the politician, there are many frustrated people who know the explanations are bogus but it is hard to make it all fit. Their troubling detail is a confirming goldmine to me and an illustrating anecdote at this point.

I think it was jmh who said I needed to tell the story and use extra details for another project. Looks like that will be true.

Benjamin Franklin

" but let's get to the wet fish and the self-awareness crisis of the left:"

Hoo Boy!..self-awareness is a big hurdle, Maguire.

"Granted, ideology isn’t everything. Political scientists have long observed that Americans are more liberal on particulars than they are in general—ideologically conservative but operationally liberal. (Surveys have shown majority support for most individual elements of the president’s jobs and budget packages.) And the Republicans could undermine their chances by nominating a presidential candidate who is simply too hard-edged conservative for moderates and Independents to stomach."

To which you reply; "Cain!"


To which I reply; "Idiot!"


My fishwrap comes through by citing the most
ignorant review of "The Rogue"

Rick Ballard


Both Galston and Pew are reporting in the manner of a doctor who can't bring himself to say "If I were you, I'd get my affairs in order rather quickly."

The Pew surveys are done using registered voters. Registered voters skew 2-3 points in the Dem direction when compared to likely voters. Both Galston and Pew underplay the shift among women and neither note that the shift goes beyond the status quo ante of '04. It's a rather mercurial segment of the electorate but the President is now "known" - and Hope is therefore deadern' a doornail.

Benjamin Franklin

I"t's a rather mercurial segment of the electorate but the President is now "known" - and Hope is therefore deadern' a doornail."

And so, the Voters get the same choice they always have.......

"Paper, or Plastic?"


Great Pieces Clarice!
Every person on Sunday TV says Obama must become Clinton in order to survive in 2012. and each one felt that Obama is incapable of changing himself. So ironically, Mr Hope and Change doesn't "do change".

amy shulkusky

From my experience, it's that people *used* to believe that D's and R's were well meaning, and that their extremes were scary, but could be controlled.

Now it's a realization that no, they weren't well-meaning, that they had a goal {top down gov't control of your life} and the D's in charge *are* the scary extremes we assumed they'd control.

R's were just as bad as D's on the push to big gov't. either because they were just as calculating, or dupes.

Either way, 2010 was a house cleaning. The squishes were thrown overboard for the extremes in both party's, but regular people don't see the R's as the scary ones anymore.


"postmodernism acts as an antidote to rational analysis"

i believe the proper pharmacological term here would be "antagonist," e.g. "narcotic/opiate antagonists" are drugs given to counteract the effect of opiate overdose. it doesn't really work in a sentence, though, does it?


We are a 33-33-33 country aren't we? Those 33 in the middle are Indies

Except that I don't think they're really "in the middle" in the sense of being centrist. I think they are willing to be convinced by either side. That's how you get a Reagan (or Obama) elected, while centrists like McCain fail. Paradoxically, it's also why Democrats run from the center, because the true leftist agenda isn't going to convince anyone but the already leftist.


"narcotic/opiate antagonists" are drugs given to counteract the effect of opiate overdose

Well ... okay but the logic of the analogy is ed "reform" seeks to redirect society toward something like social justice by using emotional appeal (eg ultimatum game) to "fairness".

Subject to critical analysis (basis of Western dominance in industry and science) ... the effectiveness of emotional appeals to "fairness" are less than desired.

Postmodernism acts to counteract or replace or negate critical thinking. So from that POV "fairness" is healthy, critical thinking is toxic, and postmodernism is the antidote.

Danube of Thought

Jimmyk, you think Obama is running from the center now?


It is more accurate to say, they 'position' themselves as the center,


Jimmyk, you think Obama is running from the center now?

No, which is undoubtedly a mistake. I should have said Democrats have run successfully from the center (Carter, Clinton, Obama 2008). Clinton tried to tack left, got hammered, and then righted the ship by moving center again.



As you have gathered "critical thinking" as used by an educrat is not a synonym for analytical thinking. It is a term of art which is usually not appreciated. Basically critical thinking means an awareness of all the perceived injustices of modern society.

We had a generation primed for transformational change without necessarily recognizing that fact until the Lightbringer promised it. Plus that thing about those pesky ocean levels.


Yes, Narciso, that's what I meant. Obviously in Obama's case it was just marketing.

hit and run

Of course Obama is trying to run from the center now.

"Balanced approach" is one example of Obama's attempt to cast himself as in the center.

Reality is another thing altogether,of course.

But since when has Obama ever been concerned with reality?

Frau Wiesel Wort

Anyone making these yet?

"...but regular people don't see the R's as the scary ones anymore."
I hope you are correct, Amy. Being in CA and visiting western WA can warp a person's perception. Those commenting at New Republic support politicians who sound like Elizabeth Herring Warren.

Frau Wiesel Wort

rse - I hope it is limited to *one* generation.

Captain Hate

Those commenting at New Republic support politicians who sound like Elizabeth Herring Warren.

A publication that hired Henry Wallace as an editor after he was too much of a commie for even FDR to keep on the ticket attracting marxists? The deuce you say!


Of course Obama is trying to run from the center now.

The center of the Communist Manifesto's agenda.


True, Captain, but there was a brief interval in the 80s, that they did not seem insane, then the brain slugs came,


"critical thinking means an awareness of all the perceived injustices of modern society"

I suppose directed to questioning cultural assumptions left by dead white males. Still the mode of thought behind the phenomenal advance of hard science, medicine, and engineering since the elightenment, age of reason, and industrial revolution should have a term that can't be co-opted by postmodern cargo cultism.


"They grew up the be 2008 BO voters-right on schedule."

William Ayers accomplished his mission.


I agree boris. Will come up with something alliterative and with zing to reenforce that point.

In honor of your legitimate outrage.

Frau-the Casey Anthony jury and their inability to recall follow their instructions is another example. Or as Red and I talked about in our car rides yesterday and Friday, her generation's belief that "I feel" = "I think" and that opinions are interchangeable in their validity and worth.


From Kim's LUN a nice article, especially the posted reader responses Judith Curry highlights:

Who’s anti-science?

amy shulkusky

Frau Wiesel Wort - I grew up in Callie in the 70's, was in the USN in the late 80's to early 90's, then lived in Fla., and am now in Nv.

I voted for the first time {at age 50} in 2010, because I finally felt I knew enough, and that there was a clear demarcation between R's and D's.

We as a people went IDOL in 2008, choosing style over substance, and the rubes who voted believed the meme that R's were eeeeeeeeevil racists hell-bent on controlling your life through the gov't. via "Christianity/Dominionism"

Those voters are waking up to the reality that the D's have a tell - they project - so what we got was eeeeeeeeevil racists hell-bent on controlling your life through the gov't. via the religion of AGW {or whatever the new term is} and it's even scarier than what they feared the R's would do.

When the basic message of "do for yourself, don't be a leech, be a contributor" gets through, it makes sense and is NOT scary to those voters.

Will they switch to R? Maybe, maybe not - but it's *very* unlikely they will even vote, IMO, so it's just as good.

Rick Ballard


Challenge Red to a debate concerning the meaning of the shift in sentiment re the Millenials as documented on the numbers page I linked above. Does the shift reflect a change in feeling or does it reflect thought based upon observing proglodyte actions when the light is on (in contrast to their cockroach behavior in the dark)?

I can't make up my mind and I'm interested in the thoughts of others on the matter.

Benjamin Franklin

Is the Public, 'anti-science'?

"Nuclear power wasn't always so unpopular. For example, in the United States in 1977, when CBS News conducted its first poll on nuclear power, 69 percent of those surveyed expressed support for building more nuclear plants. Just two years later, after the Three Mile Island accident, public support had plummeted to 46 percent, and it dropped further to 34 percent after the 1986 Chernobyl accident. Since the 1980s, a majority of the US population has consistently opposed the construction of new nuclear reactors. Not coincidentally, there has been practically no nuclear construction in the United States since Three Mile Island.

The public perceives nuclear power as a very risky technology. In some cases, association with nuclear facilities is even subject to stigma. The nuclear industry has tried a variety of strategies to break down public resistance to nuclear power, but they haven't worked well. With growing public concern about global warming, the industry is experimenting with a new strategy -- playing up the climate mitigation potential of nuclear power. While this has increased the benefit side of the equation for nuclear power, it hasn't decreased the risk perception associated with the technology, and nuclear power remains a reluctant choice at best. Renewable energy technologies offer the same benefits, making it unlikely that a large-scale "nuclear renaissance" will materialize.

hit and run

Is the Public, 'anti-science'?

Of course it is.

The public can be swayed by any charlatan with a big enough mouth-piece.

See for example some guy posting here as Benjamin Franklin who claimed that Obama's naivete was comparable to "most of the Human Race".

Benjamin Franklin

"....... a big enough mouth-piece."

Is this, big enough?

I guess I was wrong about the Public naivete......

hit and run

Guessing is for weasels.

Benjamin Franklin

"Guessing is for weasels."


Sandy Daze

Frau Wiesel Wort,

If you want and will use a OMG-ABO bumper sticker(s), I'll have some made up. I'm thinking basic white sticker with black letters, just as it appears. Perhaps someone like Caro, who has superlative artistic skills, might have a better idea. . .




So many of those kids, even the Natl Merit sorts who do well in school and have Ivy aspirations, do not really know anything. They have gone to K-12, even in pvt schools, that is largely missing hard historical facts. An example was the girl who I tackily commented had an ego that probably would not fit in her Geo who told Red in an AP history course that nuclear weapons had killed more people than anything else in the 20th century. Mel will appreciate that Red only said "Do tell" under her breath.

I am worried about this group that has been so undermined by ed reforms from the 90s that most Americans thought were rejected. There was a drug bust with dogs last week that rounded up numerous kids. Most seemed unfazed by their arrests as they waited to be taken away. How chilling is that? They are just going through the motions with little knowledge and lots of attitude and opinions. And they can now vote.

Hardly any of these kids seem to have independent knowledge obtained through family interactions over the issues. And the question becomes "how do you know things that are not in the curriculum?".

Benjamin Franklin

"I am worried about this group that has been so undermined by ed reforms from the 90s that most Americans thought were rejected."

No worries, rse. I was in Yosemite few weeks back and had a conversation with a family from the Bay area. The mom and older sister were classicly Liberal, but the younger son was, self-described 'anarchist' upset with the liberal agenda, specifically, Social Security.

Nice kid, but the rest of his family was uncomfortable with his ideas.

There is a trend in this country toward conservative ideas. I'm not saying it's bad, because he was forthcoming and honest.

Just sayin'.....


Oh bf. Do you think I only kind of understand this a little bit?

Education has ceased to be a liberal or conservative issue. It is a fully loaded offensive weapon aimed at the essence of this country and elsewhere in the West.

But it's not a mystery anymore.

Benjamin Franklin

I just meant that kids have a way of working through challenges.
Parental love is the alchemy. They don't HAVE to imbibe the concoction, but it is there in the memory.


Postmodernism is like ice-nine. It's fuzzy thinking that promotes more fuzzy thinking.

Rick Ballard


Reality will check prog idiocy, whether it's the euro or the scientism involved in the warming scam. Amy's tale, just above, describes the historic norm. Politics is a null factor to much of the electorate until such a time as the realization that it has a measurable impact upon one's life becomes apparent.

I'm very aware of the palpable ignorance of the young and I share your concern as to the damage inflicted by credentialed cretins such as Professor (triple snicker) Ward. My question is whether the blatantly apparent damage being done is being absorbed as experiential knowledge by the Millenials or is it just causing a feeling of deep unease? The question is rather serious because the shift in sentiment towards conservatism generally occurs in the manner and at the ages described by Amy. Amy wasn't driven by her "feeling" about prog liars but by her observation that reality does not comport whatsoever with the lies they were telling. If that occurs at <30 years of age rather than >40, then Professor Ward will be able to contemplate the rest of his life being a bigger failure (if that were possible) than his life to date.

Benjamin Franklin


Don't be unduly influenced by the bitter musings of Rick Ballard.
It's not without reason, that I call him Marmalard.


Ice 9, doesn't exist, but AGW has as much an effect as that mythical element.

DVd drive

thank you very much, it is good


How did I not know Sandy Daze and Laura were Laura and Sandy Daze?

amy shulkusky

Rick Ballard - I've paid attention to politics for most of my life. Probably because I was a teen during Pres. Carter, and gas lines had a direct impact on my life, since my parents made me wait in those lines! We had 2 cars, one odd, one even, so that experience *really* stuck with me.

While in the USN, I was too busy to worry or pay much attention, especially when I did back to back overseas tours, but once back in the States, I devoured the paper and followed {mostly local} politics.

IMO, that's how it's supposed to be. We *should* have a higher awareness/knowledge of local pols/issues than of Federal ones, but we've flipped it and messed it all up.

I test out as a libertarian {I did the online test in what, 2005?} and I tend to in believe "family" as the answer for most problems. In the USN, everyone is family. We looked out for and took care of each other. I did 11 years, and I really miss it.

My point is I've known there were problems, but I figured we survived bad pols before, we'd do it again *somehow* but in 2010, it finally dawned on me I could no longer be a passive observer, and would have to be a part of the solution.

Those Millenials probably think so too, but since their 1st attempt was such a failure, I really think they'll sit this one out.

I feel bad for them. See, I DO feel, lol!

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