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September 28, 2011



Are you kidding me,

Christie has been accused of using his office's role in crafting deferred prosecution agreements to award lucrative federal monitoring positions in no-bid contracts to friends, supporters, and allies.[22] Questions first arose after Christie awarded a multimillion dollar, no-bid contract to David Kelley, another former U.S. Attorney, who had investigated Christie's brother, Todd Christie, in a 2005 fraud case involving traders at the Wall Street firm, Spear, Leeds & Kellogg.[23][24] Kelley had declined to prosecute Todd Christie, who had been ranked fourth in the investigation-initiating U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) complaint among twenty traders who earned the largest profits for their company at the expense of their customers. The top three were indicted, as were eleven other traders.[25]


I don't get it. He is to the left of Perry on immigration. He is to the left of Perry on gun control. He believes in man-made global warming. He is for a path to citizenship (read amnesty). But republicans are clamoring for him to run? Let's just elect Romney.


The worst thing for the country and for the Republican party would be a placeholder who nibbles at the edges of the welfare state so it can continue limping along.
Christie appears to me to be a nibbler in a very big way.

Dave (in MA)

It was funny hearing on Hannity yesterday that we need a fat man like Christie to fix things after "four years of this big-eared bean pole in the White House destroying the economy" -- a quote from the skeletal Ann Coulter, of all people.


Here's a transcript of a short speech by the Dallas Fed's Richard Fisher on why Operation Twist is a bad idea.
Contains this nugget:

“Theory is when you understand everything, but nothing works.”

“Practice is when everything works, but nobody understands why.”

“At this station, theory and practice are united, so nothing works and nobody understands why.”



I was listening to her (Coulter) and was simply annoyed. I typically like her but she is so in love with Christie running she is trying to tell me (Hannity's audience) what he said isn't what he said. Not he didn't mean it. He didn't say it.


Is it clear that Obama ever billed any time for legal work? That might have been fraud.



That information is guarded tighter than Fort Knox.

Cecil Turner

I think Perry remains the clear choice. (And immigration isn't the compelling issue.) But I'd happily vote for the fat guy, if it came to it.


I'd vote for anyone on the republican ticket but Huckabee and Ron Paul. That said, I still don't understand the fascination with Chris Christie. Let's just get behind Romney if we want a northeastern conservative.

Danube of Thought

I've never quite understood the pining for Christie. I like most of what he's done in NJ, but he's got a hell of a lot of baggage if one cares to look.

BB Key

Daily Caller has audio of Guv Bev yesterday...listen for your self and let her flacks know iof she was "joking"....she is too dumb to tell a joke


I hope Perry improves on his debating skills. I keep imagining Kay-Bailey sitting there saying "I lost to him?". ::grin::

BB Key

Daily Caller has audio of Guv Bev yesterday...listen for your self and let her flacks know iof she was "joking"....she is too dumb to tell a joke


What sets Christie apart is his straight talking, tell it like it is persona. Voters don't want another prez that we have to elect before we know what's "in him". To me, Herman Cain is similarly authentic, plus more conservative.


it's not clear what Christie had in mind about a "clear" path to citizenship

Same thing everyone in politics has in mind: we make it clear to everyone in Mexico and points south that they may either stay home and make perhaps $14,000 a year, or move here and make perhaps $25,000 a year (subject to maybe a $500 fine if they're caught). We separate the rest of the world into people who respect the laws of the United States and those who have a healthy contempt for our laws, and invite the latter to move in with us.


NC Gov. Bev "let's call off the next election" Perdue audio. Her Dem predecessor only escaped prison because his felony conviction appearing in future footnotes about him was supposedly ample punishment.


Well that would complicate things, lol,


What sets Christie apart is his straight talking, tell it like it is persona.

But I don't like everything he says. Granted, I don't like everything any of them say, but he has more negatives with me than positives.


But I don't like everything he says

Ditto, so I'm not disappointed at all that he's opted out.

Rick Ballard

"I think Perry remains the clear choice."


Ssssh. Today is clap for Christie day. I just wish Pawlenty and Daniels had stuck it out. I checked their qualifications and they make the cut for the omg-abo team.

The Alinsky cesspool may be bottomless but making the progs man the pumps all day, every day diminishes the effectiveness of their tactics. It's not as if that many of them rise above MarkO's assessment of the President. Most of them hurt their necks looking up to the jug eared idiot.

Go Christie! (go fast and go far)


Christie is a good talker but he knows that he can't be too conservative and stay politically viable in New Jersey. And he would bring back to the White House our first 400 pounder since Grover Cleveland.

Put that on the plus side of the ledger.  A man of the people.

Madoff fooled him? Yeah, and nobody else. What an idiot.

Danube of Thought

first 400 pounder since Grover Cleveland

William Howard Taft?


Seems like the main reason people like Christie is his confrontational style. I like it myself, but is this a good quality in a president?

Jim Ryan

Monday I was in it to win it for Perry! Tuesday I was in it to win it for Cain! Today I'm in it to win it for Christie! Tomorrow I'll be...


OT, but Fast and Furious just keeps getting worse and worse:

FBI informant smuggled Fast & Furious guns across border

Given that Obama said that they were working on gun control "under the radar," one needs to ask: What did the President know and when did he know it?


You'll need Kleenexes

Must be a Constitutional lawyer.

Whether it was hyperbole or not there is something far worse. She says during the interim that the representatives should not be held accountable for whatever they do to help the economy.


As Jim Ryan says--all of you seem to be changing with every day whom you want to get the nomination for president. Is this how you really feel, or are you just saying these things for conversation's sake? I hope the latter.


Mark me down as a NO Gov Christie. If he is of any value to Republicans, it is right where he currently serves.

The MB has too much support in the US government already. They do not need more.


Beauty pageant judging is hard.

Jim Ryan

Just jokin' around, bolitha.


I think people are "looking" at this stage. Believe me, when this bunch settles, they settle in real tight. Not always for the same candidate.


Giv Bev, then Orszag {
we need less democracy"), are they deliberately setting out to destroy the Administration and their party?

I remember when the fevered brow set was certain, against all evidence, Bush would cancel the election, But these clowns are saying it would be a good idea!!!!

I think Guv Bev ought to be impeached..just to keep the idea from getting out of hand.


I didn't know Pakistanis were racist. They are burning Obama in effigy.


Impeached? I can't wait to see Bev welcoming Obama to the non-union Dem convention next summer, just to see which makes the most herculean effort to keep the other at arm's length.


There is a poll where Ron Paul is beating Obama. At this point, either people are really, really anti-Obama, or stupid. Maybe both.

Ann Coulter

Oh, chuck the stupid policies, I just like him 'cause he's all man!! Go, Chris! WOOOO! I fantasize about going out to a five-star restaurant with him and having him tear the maitre-d a new one for screwing up our table. Right there in front of the whole restaurant!


--we make it clear to everyone in Mexico and points south that they may either stay home and make perhaps $14,000 a year, or move here and make perhaps $25,000 a year (subject to maybe a $500 fine if they're caught).--

Is that a typo, bgates? Because usually the choice is $1,400 per year vs $25,000.
Maybe you meant $14,000 for a lifetime.


It's time to indict EPA chief Lisa Jackson for fraud ...

In response to a report that could lead to questions about the credibility of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) , Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe, ranking member of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, is calling for hearings to investigate. The report — from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the EPA — reveals that the scientific basis, on which the administration’s endangerment finding for greenhouse gases hinged, violated the EPA’s own peer review procedure.

In a report released Wednesday (at Sen. Inhofe’s request, dating back to April) the inspector general found that the EPA failed to follow the Data Quality Act and its own peer review process when it issued the determination that greenhouse gases cause harm to “pubic health and welfare.”

And EPA wants $21 billion and 230,000 new employees to enforce this bullshit.

Get out the pitchforks !!

Jim Ryan

Sue, Paul has an army of clickers whose enthusiam for clicking is inversely proportional to the share of the vote their candidate gets in actual polls conducted by reputable polling firms.



It's a Harris poll. Not an online poll.


--I think Perry remains the clear choice.--

Maybe, but his actions since entering the race have made the choice less clear every day, IMO.
He better work out the kinks [which seem to be proliferating] pronto or that clarity will be gone in the wink of an eye.

Dave (in MA)
Let's just get behind Romney if we want a northeastern conservative.
LOL WUT? I'll vote for him if it's him vs. Bammy, but "conservative"?
Jim Ryan

Paul it is, then! Hail to the chief! Will he have a 911 Truth Czar for his base?

CO2 is plant food, said Bill Clinton, but only once.

Yah, Neo, that's a stake in the heart.


Christie is my Governor. I vote for him in a second for President over all the other candidates. My taxes didnt go up last year for the first time in 7 years. I moved 3 years ago because my property taxes went from 10,000 in 2001 to 16000 in 2008.

I dont need any other reason to vote for him and frankly all these secondary issues are meaningless when you need to make family and life decision based upon economics.

I wish I had the luxury to cast my vote based upon gun rights and immigration.

Vive la difference.

The difference between Americans and the British? Here we're stockpiling torches and pitchforks; there it is piano wire and lamp posts.


But republicans are clamoring for him to run?

Duke & Duke are throwing anyone they can into Palin's path, hoping to convince her (and themselves) that she hasn't got a chance.


As bad as Paul would be for Israel and possibly others of our allies and foreign policy in general and as weird as some of the other things he believes are, he seems to me precisely what we need as far as fiscal and federalist matters are concerned.
The first candidate who was an economic libertarian without the Ronulan baggage and extreme isolationism would get my vote for pres and my vote for repeal of the 22nd amendment.
I still haven't seen one of them whose clear agenda is a rollback of the welfare state, which is killing our economy and our liberty.

Army of Davids


Herman Cain was speaking on the front lines in Wisconsin at Tea Party rallies during the union pushback vs Scott Walker.

Herman Cain carries water.


To paraphrase Sam Donaldson:

Chris Christie -- the Hamlet of Hoboken.


Here is what we need to hear from Republican candidates.

Army of Davids

I admire Carl Roves political skills. About as precise w/ his words as any political operative I've seen. And he was right on w/ distancing from Trump's birth certificate push.

But he and his cadre of bundlers and operatives can't be allowed to call the shots on this primary as far as I'm concerned.

Not a shot at Christie who I like.

But this primary needs to be bottom up and not top down.

Carol Herman

He has a better chance of becoming a juggler at the circus, than he has gaining traction across enough states to win the prize of the Oval Office.

People just love lotteries, I guess.

And, then, built on the dreams of winning, they throw perfectly good money out the window.

What's Christie got? The FLARE of producing UTube videos that go VIRAL!

And, the media is so gosh darn bored.



Rush is talking about the Christie speech and he is saying how disgusting all that compromise talk was. I missed that part of the speech, but agree with both of you.

I just liked the kick ass part when he used Obama's own words against him.


Well Trump has long made my skin crawl, long before the 'birth certificate' gambit, his stance on Iraq, his gushing over Obama.


Well, then, Jane. How about Chris Christie as Press Secretary? But, for whom?


"all these secondary issues are meaningless when you need to make family and life decision based upon economics."

As I stated before I think Christie has done and may well do more good things for the people of New Jersey. I believe his efforts to promote members of the Muslim community can be contained at the state level, but not the national level.

However, Obama has moved many MB people into key positions in the federal government. Adding another President who is willing to do the same is criminal in my estimation. Once they have enough power.
all family and life decisions will be made by the Muslim power base not by individual citizens. This can be verified in dozens of countries they control today.

Captain Hate

I listened to Rush and got a good dose of why he really irritates me: "I was the only one who was criticizing Obama". Really? Mark Levin and Tammy Bruce weren't calling him out starting on Day 1? I think he hates El JEFe because he's as self-centered as he is although, to his credit, Rush created his persona on his own and with no help from the salad tossing media. But when he lets his ego run wild and becomes overly self-referential he turns me off.


Christi said one thing...compromise and then i turned the station..i shall not compromise with socialists


Now, Captain, I think he's talking in the context of a cowed GOP leadership, at the beginning, even many of the commentariat were
clutching their togas, at the outset, None of us, bought the glad handling folderall.


Yeah, that was lame, Captain.

Jenny Craig

I'd never vote for a food-addicted, physically undisciplined slob for President of the United States of America. Chris Christie is slothful and as a result confused when he should be clear. Case closed. Cain 2012. Ralph Peters for SecDef. John Bolton SecSt. James Dines, SecTreas. Abolish all other federal cabinet positions and departments Day 1.


There were naysayers, but I don't remember anyone getting the avalanche of abuse that Rush's "I hope he fails" engendered.


Rush says he will explain what's going on with Health Care Law and the Court coming up after the newsbreak.

jack is Back!


All these bloviators have selective amnesia when it comes to their past. If Rush was so much in front on Obama then where was he during he primaries? Oh, that's right he was running Operation Chaos which may have given us Obama as much as the kool-aid nation did. Boortz isn't much better.

He constantly talked about how Hillary Clinton was going to be nominated and elected President because of young, un married, white women. He said this up until Obama locked up the delegates and super-delegates. But today he is saying Sarah Palin will never get elected and is so certain of it. If I had the patience and time to stay on indefinite hold I would call him and remind him how fallible his predictions and admonitions can be.

They are entertainers first and that is all you need to know.


How did Operataion Chaos help get Obama elected? I think it might have cost him PA and IN, making NC a win-or-bust test for him. Of course, NC numbskulls like Bev Perdue saved him, but just barely.

Captain Hate

Rush got the avalanche of abuse mainly because ignorant El JEFe reacted specifically to him because the smartest politician ever is extremely lazy when it comes to, well, knowing anything; and reacting to the most prominent voice was part and parcel of that. I'm not going to state that Rush hasn't worked hard to attain the status he has; that was implied in the caveat I threw out of distancing him from BOzo previously. But he wasn't the only one; narc's mention of the thumbsucking Duke & Duke notwithstanding.

jack is Back!


If I remember right if Obama was favored he urge his audience to cross over and vote for Hillary and vice a versa. He wanted to have a hung convention and have them fighting each other for weeks if not forever. But then I could be wrong about the outcome and how it got there.


Police said Watson confessed to officers how he selected the homes to burglarize.

“He said he Googled ‘expensive homes along highways,’ and Indian Head Park and Burr Ridge came up,” Novak said. “He used the satellite view on those homes where you can see 360 degrees.”

Tell me, this doesn't sound like a major lawsuit in the making.


Man, this is a tough crowd. Rush isn't even working for you.

Rush loves Sarah Palin.

Captain Hate

They are entertainers first and that is all you need to know.

Yes; even Camille makes note of this when defending him from the attacks of her erstwhile hero. And that's the sole basis of my complaint: When he doesn't entertain me, I react negatively. When he makes me laugh; as he did with the "Barack Hussein Obama, mmmm mmm mmm" and yesterday when Bo Snerdley gave the official AA with slave blood reaction to his CBC address, I think he's very entertaining.


Rush knew Obama's nomination was inevitable, because the superdelegates couldn't vote against the black guy. Operation Chaos was a delaying tactic to force Obama to spend time and money until the final primary in June to officially garner enough votes. It kept Obama from having several months of glowing, conquering-hero press coverage. It also outraged many lib women who rightly believed Hillary wuz robbed.


Rush is the most consequential person on our side. A historic figure. I'm a big fan. I just agree with CH that when Rush says that he, one person out of 300M, was the only one opposing Obama after the immaculation, he's blowing hard.


I don't pay attention to him when he says stuff like that. Just like I don't pay attention when he says he knows liberals like every inch of his glorious body.


Wait, I left out a's even better...every inch of his glorious naked body.


The other down-side to the "Arab Spring" .. North Korea will keep it's nukes.

Britain's outgoing diplomat to Pyongyang has cast doubt on North Korea's willingness to denuclearise, saying its officials believe Col Muammar Gaddafi would have survived the Libyan uprising had his regime kept its weapons.

This then cinches it, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee will award the prize to the "Arab Spring" because it has done so much to end the process of denuclearization.


The primaries begin in January. By then the European crisis will have evolved. How that goes down is going to have a significant bearing upon the presidential race.

A sluggish jobs market versus a terrible one and continued uncertainty is going to have the most effect.

But at the same time, a number of Democrats are calling for less democracy. Statism may become one of the burning issues. The Tea Party has already defined this, while the protesters on Wall Street are up in arms about the oligarchs. In the meantime, the people who caused the mess in the first time want to shut the electorate up.

It may well be the people versus Duke & Duke and the Dem oligarchs. You really can't argue that it's us versus the little people when you have the trials lawyers, unions, G&S and Soros cashing in while everyone else is suffering. Romney fits well into that description.

Of course the Repubs could screw up as they normally do. But I believe the campaign may be defined as an existential one in terms beyond the current divide.

BB Key

Deb, the only thing that saved O & Bev in NC was the N&O sitting on the Easley story until after the election...we would have even known about Bev's free plane rides

Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce is stating that Christie not running is based on his health and that people should respect that.

Regarding Operation Chaos, it's impossible to know how effective it was just as it is to quantify how much crossover primary voting by donks got the Manchurian Candidate McCain in place. I believe that if Muffer would've won everything in 2008, we'd be in much worse shape now in terms of next year's election. She'd have much more skillfully moved not-quite-as-blatantly leftist policies while being more effective on the economy such that her re-election would be much more probable than the jugeared fellow's.


all of you seem to be changing with every day whom you want to get the nomination for president

The avalanche of pro-Christie enthusiasm which provoked that reaction:
Are you kidding me
I don't get it
The worst thing for the country and for the Republican party would be....Christie
I've never quite understood the pining for Christie.
I'm not disappointed at all that he's opted out


Is that a typo, bgates?

CIA fact sheet said Mexican per capita income is around $14k. Between the probable lower wages among the Persons of Differently Statused Documentation who come up here, and the level of trust the CIA deserves, I'd be willing to revise my figure to $1400.


Rush makes me laugh. For years I never listened to him because this is Massachusetts and everyone said he was the most horrible person in the world. I started listening when he had that thing with Harry Reid about some letter - does anyone know what I am talking about?

When my radio show was on at 11:00 AM I would turn on Rush as soon as I got out of the station and if Rush was talking about the same stories I was, I thought I was a success.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Suskind book via Althouse: [emphasis added]

What "sunrise" could the government subsize and stimulate. The advisers hit on health care:

That was where the jobs would be: nurse’s aides, companions to infirm seniors, hospital orderlies. The group bandied about ideas for how to channel job-seeking men into this growth industry. A need in one area filling a need in another. Interlocking problems, interlocking solutions. The Holy Grail of systemic change.

But Obama shook his head.

“Look, these are guys,” he said. “A lot of them see health care, being nurse’s aides, as women’s work. They need to do something that fits with how they define themselves as men.” ...

As the room chewed over the non-PC phrase “women’s work,” trying to square the senator’s point with their analytical models, [Alan] Krueger—who was chief economist at the Department of Labor in the mid-1990s at the tender age of thirty-four—sat there silently, thinking that in all his years of studying men and muscle, he had never used that term. But Obama was right. Krueger wondered how his latest research on happiness and well-being might take into account what Obama had put his finger on: that work is identity, that men like to build, to have something to show for their sweat and toil.

“Infrastructure,” he blurted out. “Rebuilding infrastructure.”

Obama nodded and smiled, seeing it instantly. “Now we’re talking. . . . Okay, let’s think about how that would work as a real centerpiece.... Don’t even get me started about potholed highways and collapsing bridges,” Obama said....

"Infrastructure," he blurted out ... see he is the smartest man in the room!

I do agree that men, more than women, identify with their jobs as a sign of who they are, but designing a jobs plan around the male ego? I wonder how all those male "corpsemen" feel about doing women's work on the battlefield? Althouse: "Obama wanted to rebuild masculine pride!" A feel good program for men?


If we could take a break from politics for a minute, to its credit the NYT has been highlighting folks who invented small fixes which immeasurably help millions of people around the globe.In past days, they highlighted people such as those who developed the idea of using vinegar instead of pap tests to detect cervical cancer in time to treat it by freezing growths. Today it's Joshua Silver and his self adjusting glasses.

How much more these handful of decent, smart people accomplish than UNESCO and the overfunded big disease foundations here.

Think of that when the solicitors come to call. Marching with pink ribbons will not do a damn thing to speed up cancer research which is already well-funded, supporting programs like those highlighted by the NYT will do a great deal more.

Think Small and Efficient.

Captain Hate

I started listening when he had that thing with Harry Reid about some letter - does anyone know what I am talking about?

Wasn't that about Reid doing something like sending him a letter of censure which Rush raffled off with the money going to the troops? And then Reid tried to horn in on by trying to get credit for helping the troops?



The conservative radio talk-show host turned an inflammatory letter written by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and signed by 41 of his fellow Democrats into a more than $4.2 million gold mine for the kids of Marines and law enforcement personnel killed in the line of duty, all courtesy of eBay.


The bid was for 2.1 million. Rush matched it.


It is a problem throughout the industrial world that factory type jobs which once provided unskilled men an opportunity to earn a decent living are fast disappearing. Efforts--costing billions--to provide better educational opportunities for these people have not delivered armies of brain surgeons and engineers and make work Davis-Bacon bridge repairs and weatherstripping won't either.

I don't have an answer but pouring billions down rat holes doesn't work either.The best solution I can find is acknowledging that dirty jobs are the best we can do and lifting some environmental and zoning regulations so that these jobs are available in cities once again.


Yeah and he ask Reid to match it too, and Reid of course said no.

That was it. I became his #1 fan that day.


Here is the letter

Captain Hate

Yes I remember Rush matching it also; he's very generous as are most conservatives.


Well, bgates--a while back, it was all Palin, Palin. Then, Rick Perry, Rick Perry. A few here have stayed with Mitt (only a few), and now there are a lot of people wanting Christie. Not many of you seem to even consider Herman Cain. I think most of you are waiting for the leader of The Clique is say his/her choice, and then all of you will "hop on the band wagon."

Melinda Romanoff


Math error detected. I believe the totals the CIA used were calculated as follows: Net Worth of Pemex and Carlos Slim, with a fudge for Drug Cartel Proceeds (Source:ATF) divided by population less transients (defined by Panamanian tolls).

Just wanted to clear up that methodology for you. So, I'd stick with the $14K figure.


I think most of you are waiting for the leader of The Clique is say his/her choice, and then all of you will "hop on the band wagon."

And who is our leader? Other than dear leader?

Dave (in MA)

inflammatory letter
Dingy Harry was upset at Limbaugh for characterizing phony soldiers as phony soldiers when they were demonstrably phony soldiers (remember Jess MacBeth?). This was back when Reid was claiming that the war was "lost".


Not many of you seem to even consider Herman Cain.

You're wrong about that. Cain is Able.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

So the guy who yelled to Bristol that her mother is a whore has apologized.

Via Big Hollywood:

“Having had an opportunity to view the camera footage of the incident this past Thursday at the Saddle Ranch Bar & Chop House in West Hollywood, and having reflected on the incident over the weekend, I have come to the conclusion that no matter what my feelings are towards Sarah Palin, I should not have expressed them towards her daughter, Bristol Palin,” Stephen Hanks said in a statement released by his lawyer to E! News.

The admission comes after, according to attorney Michael J. Gulden, Hanks received a number of threats directed at himself, his family—and even his dog! Hence Hanks’ decision to drop off the grid by shutting down his various social media accounts.

Hanks also says that, as far as he knows, the incident was not a set-up perpetrated by the production company behind her new TV show. He says he didn’t even know that their exchange was being filmed, though, considering Bristol had a crew with her duringher entire time in the bar, that seems unlikely.

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