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October 19, 2011


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Jack is Back!

If you want a daily dose of wild animal kingdom come to Florida where we keep the schools open.

We have a bobcat (lynx lupus) and family living in a lot between two houses in our neighborhood. At times, I have seen the cat with young ones tailing behind, walk down the middle of the street in broad daylight without a concern in the world. Once I pulled into the drive leading to our house and the cat was there walking between the hedges that line the drive. It walked straight up to the house turned down the side yard onto the golf course, across the fairway and past the clubhouse. This was all in the afternoon. No fear.

No fear on the part of the cats but not one to go "here kitty-kitty".

Then there are the gators and snakes:)

Captain Hate

They had this story as the headliner on the Today show so drama queens Matt and whoever that breathless twit is could get the vapors. I don't know if it was Lutz but some fat POS was bitching about how the state legislature needs to pass a law against this. I'm guessing that chasing down the animals kept him away from his daily dozen donuts and then campaigning against Issue 2; anyway, the latter day Jackie Gleason has lost sight of it's his job to enforce the laws, not dictate what they are. And somebody else reported that the owner of the animals, about whose death nothing has been reported, had permits for all of them. I'm hoping that the Columbus zoo people involved in the search will be able to capture some of the animals alive.

Danube of Thought

Awfully sad.


I was trying to figure what that was about Captain, was it a 'Planet of the Apes' type
Jail break.

Captain Hate

Dunno narc; maybe he was killed by his animals but they haven't released any details. He sounds like he was a strange one...


Yes, but all the cages, that seems unlikely,


OT, Krugman doesn't like the competition,

Jack is Back!

I understand the owner just got out of prison on gun charges. Also, has a record of animal abuse. He could be a strange one who just decided to give it all up and screw with the sheriff by letting them loose then offing himself. As DoT says, very sad indeed.


One day last summer as I was working, I looked out the window to see two sheep walking through my back yard.

Very strange, because I live in a residential area.

It doesn't get much wilder than that!


OT, Krugman doesn't like the competition

What, they're giving Dumb Awards and he somehow lost?


Oh, it gets wilder than that...sad to say.


I hope the polar bears are ok.

Mike Giles

Sooo! Which radical animal rights group decided to free all those "poor animals". The fact that ALL the cages were opened is the give away. One cage and the owner being the the victim of the animal(s) sounds reasonable. But not all the cages being opened. And if he was just going to keep them, why bother with permits? Nope, the animal lovers decided to free them, and the owner got in the way. The only reason they aren't claiming credit is because they killed the owner.

Dave (in MA)

I wonder if this is the handiwork of some animal rights activist. They won't say how the owner died.


Our local radio guys are speculating that PETA is involved. Just speculation on their part but interesting to think about.


Hmm...could be animal rights activists, but my first thought was that the owner committed suicide after opening the cages & gates.

Captain Hate



ABC News Radio is now stating the owner let the animals loose then shot himself.

Captain Hate

Would I be giving the animal rights people too much credit if I were to say I doubt that they'd unleash wild animals outside of their native habitat?

If I'm not making any sense, it's Laura Ingraham's fault because she has Pat Buchanan on shilling his latest book and my blood pressure is spiking.


Putting two and two, that seems an Iranian name, issue of concern:

Dave (in MA)
ABC News Radio is now stating the owner let the animals loose then shot himself.
Oh, he must be a Tea Party guy then. /sarc
JM Hanes


The video, LUN, is especially for you! Skip to minute 27:00 for part of Paula Poundstone's routine on last night's Craig Ferguson show. It must be karma, because I only caught it by accident. Her bit on Shakespeare was a stitch too.

Try not to jump around too much to get there, because every time you move the pointer, CBS makes you sit through multiple advertisements before the program resumes.

Has TypePad has gone hinky about posting links for anyone else? Sometimes an entire comment keeps disappearing till I strip out the link, even though I can include it successfully in a subsequent post!


Did He have a kangaroo? I've been looking for a kangaroo.


FOX: "Police said two of the men climbed a fire escape and entered an unlocked door on the fourth floor of the courthouse at around 2 a.m., reports. The men allegedly told investigators that they were visiting from out of town and said they were trying to get a tour of the city, according to the station."

Is entering a public building through an unlocked door a criminal act? If you're found inside the building, does the FOX headline that they were charged with an "attempted" break-in make sense?.


It it had happened in one place, maybe but read further:

Investigators said the men spoke French and had Moroccan passports. Investigators said other documentation found inside the RV showed the suspects have done extensive traveling to high-level security facilities around the country.

Melinda Romanoff


I'd like to say it's because you're so special, but I'm getting it too.


"Investigators have found 90-day visas, maps, cell phones and computers inside a recreational vehicle that may have been rented by five foreign nationals arrested after a break-in at a county courthouse in San Antonio."

Lots of info to be gleaned. Nothing says Darwin Award like young ME men parking their 30 ft. Winnebago outside a TX courthouse in the wee hours.

Manuel Transmission

There's a park near Jupiter, FL that has the FEC RR running through. I was working there over the Bicentennial 4th. It was just around sundown when the color starts to fade. I was on my knees bent over the rail and sat up to take a short break when I saw a cat saunter across the track from one thicket to another about 25 yards down from me. Not a big deal, except that his body was as long as the distance between the rails and then as he continued, so was his tail!


Call in the drones.


Typepad has been hinky dink for me, too.

Here's something from Bloomberg:Federal employees whose compensation averages more than $126,000 and the nation’s greatest concentration of lawyers helped Washington edge out San Jose as the wealthiest U.S. metropolitan area, government data show.
The U.S. capital has swapped top spots with Silicon Valley, according to recent Census Bureau figures, with the typical household in the Washington metro area earning $84,523 last year. The national median income for 2010 was $50,046.
The figures demonstrate how the nation’s political and financial classes are prospering as the economy struggles with unemployment above 9 percent and thousands of Americans protest in the streets against income disparity, said Kevin Zeese, director of Prosperity Agenda, a Baltimore-based advocacy group trying to narrow the divide between rich and poor.


Just arrived at work, so am behind on what topics are underway on what threads. Very interesting piece at Jim Geraghty (NRO) from his Obi Wan Kenobi. I am starting to think it is a group effort, not one person, written by some of our more astute commenters here.


Leave it Zeese, previously known as a delegalization crusader to miss the point entirely, (of course he is one of the brains
behind OWS),

JM Hanes


Skirting the security check in a courthouse may indeed be a crime. The rules on what you can bring in with you where I am are even more restrictive than they are for boarding airplanes. When I went down to pick up a document for my daughter, I was warned that the Feds could arrest me just for trying to come through security with a tape measure in my purse (it has sharp edges, you see) and that it's a felony, not a misdemeanor!

It's hard to imagine that there is actually an explicit prohibition on tape measures, but out of the goodness of his overzealous heart, the agent showed me to the exit, instead, so that I could divest myself of such weaponry in the parking lot and try again.


Thanks, JMH.

Rick Ballard


Thanks for the Obi-Wan link. It ties in well with Jane's frustration with people making 'can't win' assertions. Gallup has an interactive chart which allows one to watch first the Perry skyrocket and fallback and now the Cain skyrocket (fallback in near future). The T-1000 just keeps grinding down the track with its revolving light flashing and control assembly turning first right, then left. The animatronics are working fine and it will keep moving as long as the batteries hold up.

The end is not near.


Man oh man, Rick! Thanks for the chuckles, they completely erased my pessimism this morning!

The first thing I noticed from Obi Wan was the robot reference about T-1000. Programmed, I think he called it!

Jack is Back!


Would not be a Florida Panther. They abhor anything residential or near residential. Most of the Panthers are in the everglades as far away from people they can get. Most likely it was a Bobcat (lynx rufus). But that said, a Panther (Felis con color) can grow to 8' in length with a 30" tail. Since FEC is std. gauge, it fits more the Panther but I just can't see one that close to civilization. By the way, were you around mile marker 283 next to the river? There is a small lay switch there.

Dave (in MA)

Pursuant to yesterday's photo fun courtesy of centralcal in the Moth thread, am I right in assuming that thong shots are extra?


Jane, you don't want a kangaroo. Or a Koala bear. You just think you do.

Was staying at a place in Australia years ago where they were seven foot tall 'roos were in the front yard in the morning.

And I did hunt them once. Missed.



I think it is Matt Ridley who makes the point that countries where the political capitol is divorced from the business centers go into economic declines.

So that survey and Brussels and the EU are bad for hopes of future prosperity. As is so much else right now.

I think I know of a good use for Solyndra as an excellent illustration.



Yes, I'll admit it, I am a 99 percenter!

I can't afford to take time off from work like the 1 percenters! I can't afford to live off the kindness of others like the occupy walstreet crowd. I am part of the 99.9 percent that actual takes pride in earning a living and paying my own wway and supporting my family.

I suppose I could becaoe a one percenter, quit my job and go hang out in a park and expect others to pay my way, to support me while I smoke dope and surf Facebook.

Face it Occupy WallStreet crowd you are the elite, maybe you don't have monetary riches, but you have other riches, like tons of free time, free handouts and public subsidies. Its not always about money Occupy wallstreet crowd, maybe we need to tax the idele, the people with tons of free time and tax away their free handouts.

Perhaps we need to raise taxes on income you didn't work for, like handouts and in kind union donations etc.


And now the Dems are officially the party of the ruling class (via Drudge):

Reid signals government jobs must take priority over private-sector jobs

Because, of course, what we need at this point is more tax farmers, rather tha tax payers.


"It's very clear that private-sector jobs have been doing just fine; it's the public-sector jobs where we've lost huge numbers, and that's what this legislation is all about," Reid said on the Senate floor.


rse, I've been saying for a while DC is the new Brussels.

Manuel Transmission

JiB, I don't remember the MP anymore, but is was just south of the LORAN transmitter well north of the bridge going south towards Jupiter. (You could nearly hear the bit stream in your fillings and AM radio was useless.)

I am pretty sure he was a Florida Panther. The lighting was low enough that I could not judge the color, but he was at least 8 ft nose to tip of tail. That part of the park was quite a ways from neighboring development, so I could easily imagine it living around there without much interaction. Looking at a map, just now, I see that the park is quite large.

Jack is Back!

rse, I've been saying for a while DC is the new Brussels.

Actually, its worse in Europe.

Not only does the EU run its layer over layer of bureaucracy from Brussels but the 700+ European Parliament meets in plenary sessions in Strausbourg and its Secretariat is in Luxembourg. Imagine the extra costs for that.

It would be like having the House do its regular sessions in, say, Louisville, but have its committees and staff in DC but the CBO, Clerk, Architect of the Capitol etc. in Richmond. Silly, expensive and cumbersome. However, for comic relief there is nothing like watching a plenary session of the Euro Parliament.


"Reid signals government jobs"
The Republicans should not allow one single government job to be filled until the Democrat Senators can produce a budget. The insanity of letting the Democrats create all of these czars, hire hundreds of leftists in the DOJ etc. must end.


--It's very clear that private-sector jobs have been doing just fine; it's the public-sector jobs where we've lost huge numbers...--

Was going to ask what evidence there is that Reid is sane but realized, presumably one has to be sentient for the question to even arise.
Better question;
Is Reid as self aware as a planarian?

Jack is Back!

Anyone on Twitter?

I don't follow a lot of people or institutions but I decided to see what would happen if I started to follow Herman Cain (full disclosure I follow Rick Perry since he first came on board). Well what a revelation. As soon as I hit the Follow button, I got immediately 25 new tweets, all either replies to Herman Cain or retweets or just plain opinions on Herman Cain. Most of them were negative but some very supportive. As I was reading those I noticed I had another 16 tweets, all about Herman Cain.

Since I have had Rick Perry I get an occasional tweet from him or his staff but very few retweets or replays with negatives or outright nasty stuff. The only person I follow that gets nasty stuff tweeted to him is Andrew Breitbart. He is in the libs head big time and is probably as hated by them as much as Palin is.

I have not and will not start to follow Ron Paul. I can only imagine how many new tweets that will bring in.

Jack is Back!

I think Harry got hit in the head too many times when he was a boxer.

Captain Hate

If Harry was a planarian he could grow a new head.


"It would be like having the House do its regular sessions in, say, Louisville, but have its committees and staff in DC but the CBO, Clerk, Architect of the Capitol etc. in Richmond. Silly, expensive and cumbersome. "

JIB, did you see the "killed by friendly fire"story the other day? See LUN

"The Pentagon says Marines in Afghanistan and the crew controlling the drone in Nevada were unaware analysts watching the firefight via live video in Indiana had doubts about the targets' identity".

Marines on the ground (of course) are the ones to be punished. see story!


Once upon a time I live in a house backing up to a 500 acre park. The other side of the park was a cattle farm. My wife calls me at work to report several cattle grazing on my new St Augustine sod, and I tell her to call the police. She calls back after a bit. "Well what did the police have to say?" I asked hopefully. They wanted to know if I had a shotgun and a freezer, she told me.


DC is the New Brussels because like brussels it is a place where civil servants have created a cozy niche for themselves. Brussels is full of great restaurants packed to the gills every day by these folks no matter the economic condition of those picking up the tab. Ditto with DC where in the past 10 ears virtually every top chef in America has opened up shop here. Five days a week every hotel is full of people who come here to do business with the feds--and don't blame them or the lobbyists. With the fed beak in everywhere, every single interest groups in America including your churches and schools and charities MUST have a representative here or be screwed.


Other documents found inside the RV showed the suspects have done extensive traveling to high-level security facilities around the country.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and local law enforcement were called to investigate.

Authorities said the men spoke French and had Moroccan passports.


“I want to make the tax code so simple that even Timothy Geithner can file his taxes on time.”

Great line by Governor Perry.


--If Harry was a planarian he could grow a new head.--

Yeah, but it'd still be flat and brainless.
BTW what kind of underwear does Harry wear?


Since I dont give a flip what David Fing Gergen ever has to say, I did not know about Gergen's Law, but it sound like a corollary to the Morris Law:

...decades of systematic research by several noted scientific institutes have established that if Gergen makes an observation about the state of play in American politics, the opposite is always true. I invoke here “Gergen’s Law.”


He doesn't wear underwear, he's a Mormon.


Lets not start that again, I will be again accused of forgetting something I never before knew!

Jack is Back!


What's that old saying about old age:

"You start to forget things that happened and start to remember things that never happened".



I forget.


To cheer those you depressed yesterday I give you Obi Won on Newt & Perry ( and that other guy ):

It may eventually come down to him and Perry, since Romney can’t really move his numbers and last night will eventually lower Mitt’s standing.


You want wild critters on the loose?

I'll show you a wild critter on the loose? Plus he's cute:)

Small bear makes big mess in Ketchikan grocery store.

Stick with the short video to the 40 second point and it really picks up.


Speaking of wily predators, Judge Sullivan seems to have yielded at least half a loaf
on the EPA rules for polar bears,


I don't by someone "inadvertently" altering a press release.


or BUY

Charlie (Colorado)

If Harry was a planarian he could grow a new head.

If Harry were a planarian he could have sex with himself.

Something I've wanted to suggest to him more than once.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

it's the public-sector jobs where we've lost huge numbers, and that's what this legislation is all about," Reid said on the Senate floor.

Alternate reality. Scary!

Captain Hate

Btw lots of those animals got whacked today; like in the 40s. I think the Columbus zoo was able to tranq 3 panthers. Purportedly Kasich will be presented with a bill to ban ownership of "exotic" animals.

I'm not sure how I feel about that. Owning wild animals could be considered the pursuit of happiness; and if proper caging is done surrounding danger can be minimized to far less than driving on a road. Still a lot of people that are attracted to them seem to have at least a screw loose.


first they came for the kangaroos and I said nothing....


Ohh sure, now everyone is screaming for fences and gates and borders...oh my.

I thought I just spent a week with everyone saying fences and borders and gates and guards don't work and they aren't worth the time nor the money.


Where is Boehner?

Why isn't he on the floor of the house tonight offering the 'Biden anti-rape bill which will fund the 1 Billion for cops on the street. Fund the whole program with money from the green jobs programs'

Let Biden and numb nuts argue why it is more important to fund solyndras then stopping rapes.


Vice President Biden, I'd like to ask you a few questions about you rape and murder comments today.

Biden Yes?

Me: Are you aware tens of thousands of women and thousands of men and women have been murder by foriegners travelling illegally across our Southern border?

Biden: Well, those are probably just a couple bad apples.....

Me: Do you support closing that border to stop the rapes and murders?

Biden: Well No...I...I

Me: Then how are you any less culpable then any Republican who doesn't support your bill of 447 Billion that pays for less then a billion for cops?


Meanwhile the Obama/Biden rape machine goes on and on:

05/25/2010 - In what is a growing national trend, an illegal immigrant with an extensive criminal record and multiple deportation orders remained in the U.S. long enough to commit yet another atrocious crime.

In this case a Mexican national with an extensive criminal record and nine deportation orders raped a woman in Edmonds. The illegal immigrant (Jose Lopez Madrigal) was first deported in California more than two decades ago and has since been convicted of a multitude of violent crimes, including armed theft, sexual assault and drug-related offenses.

The crimes were committed in different states—California and Colorado among them—and Madrigal had a staggering number of encounters with law enforcement in the last two decades, according to the local news report that broke the story of his multiple deportations. When he got arrested this last time, it took authorities longer than usual to learn his real identity because he had well over two dozen aliases.

The level of incompetence among federal immigration authorities in this case would be comical if Madrigal’s crimes weren’t so heinous. After the first deportation in 1989 for using a firearm to commit theft, Madrigal got deported several more times in the next few years. In 1999 he was deported three times in a four-month period after drug-related arrests. After a similar offense in 2000 he got deported yet again and in 2002 he got deported after pleading guilty to sexual assault in Denver. In 2003 Madrigal got deported three more times.

It would seem like a huge joke if the illegal immigrant didn’t brutally rape a woman last week. Evidently ashamed, officials at the Homeland Security agency (Immigration and Customs Enforcement—ICE) responsible for removing such thugs refuse to comment on the case. One criminal justice source quoted in the news report says Madrigal is a “poster boy” for the federal government’s ineffectiveness at keeping the most serious criminal aliens out of the United States.

It’s not like this is an isolated incident. In the last few years alone similar cases have rocked the nation. On Mothers’ Day last year a 17-year-old girl was murdered in Nevada by an admitted illegal alien gang member who had been convicted of a felony years earlier and deported.

A year earlier authorities in Arizona discovered that a serial rapist who targeted young girls was a twice deported Mexican who lived and worked in the U.S. despite his documented history of drug charges. He was caught only because the sheriff’s department in Arizona’s largest county (Maricopa) bothered to confirm his immigration status.

Another Obama/Biden rapist and the media stays silent and has never asked Biden how many rapes he has helped happen.


Daddy, close your garage door!


I feel terrible that so many of those beautiful cats had to be killed.


I have a feeling that Obama's "We haven't made any mistakes" will drive his Gallup numbers down to 35% approval.


first they came for the kangaroos and I said nothing....


Army of Davids

(Soviet) Unions

Core of the Marxist rot

SEIU, AFL-CIO, AFSCME, NEA (k-12 education)

Army of Davids

I hope their are some Tea Party folks out there willing to man the gates for Kasich in Ohio.

He's up against the unions in a big battle.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I found this the other day and think everyone should start using it as their avatar on Facebook or anywhere that uses avatars. Any other takers.



That spout doesn't pour.


Why am I not asleep?

Wind. And the world.

Wrote an essay on ed-u-mah-ca-tion. "Suppose you have a car. If you know a great deal about that car, are you educated?"

If you know physics, do you know how to drive?



Are you a tea party folk?


Better than an avatar would be actually standing up and joining a tea party group Sara.



Good news I think. Checked out the regular gangsters in Shanghai today and could not find any bootleg copies of "Gourds" tunes. Hit the standard joint up near The Manhattan Club, then 2 other local seamy shops down toward the Blarney, but in all came up empty on "Gourds" knockoff CD's. I did not hit the Yellow Awning or Oscars, but with the crackdown that occurred during the Worlds Fair Pavilion 6 months back, those infamous places have never really recovered, and I think we must conclude that the kingpins of the Shanghai Underworld have not yet discovered the Gourds.

I think if The Gourds would consider hiring some hot blonde chick and sticking some metal thru her nose on the Album cover photo they would be successfully ripped off in China just like Brittny and Christiana Aguillara and the Black Eye Peas, but currently "The Gourds" are in that peculiar limbo of non-counterfeitism as are The Grateful Dead, Electric Bob Dylan, and Steppin-Wolf.

Can they do any boy band type of stuff? Chinese, as I've mentioned in the past, fell in love with Karen Carpenter (who didn't) back when Mao ala Nixon allowed the Carpenters and "Close To You" to pummel the earlobes of the Middle Kingdom. I recall years back talking with a Scotish DJ in Shanghai how after years of trying to soak the populace on his "Heavy Metal" call in radio show, he would got somebody asking "for Sabbath's "Paranoid" , but if not able please play "Yesterday Once More."

Anyhow, I did my part when I wound up at the Blarney today and was able to lend a hand and help unload the kegs of Guinness from the Beer Truck in prep for this weekends Rugby World Cup Finals. It is nice to know that one is appreciated and trusted by an Irish Pub as both patron and assistant to help keep the Pub going.


I am with sbw - that spout won't pour into any teacup!



Unloading the Guinness black stuff at a Shanghai Irish pub? You are a modern day missionary.


Breaking news is that Gaddafi has either been captured or killed (or maybe both).

One report is that he was shot in the legs... another says he was shot in the head while trying to escape (after being shot in the legs?)


The pictures of him look pretty gruesome. Also he looks kinda like Gene Simmons.

Odd how the news orgs are more than happy to show us these photos, but OBL was too much for our sensitive eyes.


It is odd, MayBee. We get to see Gaddafi, Saddam, & Saddam's 2 evil sons.....but no Osama.


Well it seems like the UBL pic was less neat,
and well Quaddafi much like Najibullah, two
decades ago, was fair game (remember that
fatwa from Quaradawi, at the beginning)


Did the news organizations have photos of Osama? I was never clear on whether they had them or not. Obviously the Obama administration has no control over the release of Daffy's photos, so there is that.


I think it would be rather wkward to pour with that spout, Sara.




Actually "wkward" is a great description of the spout! lol.

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