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October 16, 2011


hit and run

Gee...thanks a lot TM. Trying to put your special kiss of death on Sue's Rangers?

At least it wasn't a Bold Prediction with 70% confidence.


Minor league? Sounds so much less condescending ( but is not!).


I am rooting for the Brewers as I would like to see George Bush's team beat Bud Selig's team. And I am really tired of Tony La Russa. His pitching changes will make every game last until the wee hours of the morning.

And how about those Virginia Cavaliers?

And how about my son coxing his eight boat to a win in his very first crew regatta?


I see TM favors the whine league over the beer league. Go Cards.

Danube of Thought

Peter--I think you misspoke.

Minus 22 at Raz today.

Danube of Thought

OK, Peter--now I see what you mean. Sorry. (I thought you meant you were rooting for the Brewers to win it all.)

hit and run

I may one day tire of Instapundit 'lanching me on 3 of my posts in a span of 24 hours,but today is not that day.


Just don't forget us when you become rich and famous, hit.


Open thread?

"Previous versions of the New York State Board of Elections website that listed the qualifications for the Presidential Candidates to be a Natural Born Citizen have not only been scrubbed, but their website has html source code embedded to prevent archiving and specifically coded so as to be excluded in archival sites such as the Way Back Machine."

Why all this trouble over settled law?


Heh, this morning's Milwaukee paper has a feature on Brewers memorabilia on page one. Genuine stuff will be hot if the Bewers overcome a 3-2 deficit. The Brewers will start Marcum, 1-4 in last six starts including 0-2 in postseason. Anyone know how to go short on memorabilia?

hit and run

Welcome to the last day of "Obama's Less Than 1,000 Day Reign"

On day 999 of his presidency,Obama has spent 813 of them <0, 678 of them at minus 10 or lower and 93 of them minus 20 or lower on the Ras index.


This Ras index seems to me less about Obama and more a stupidity index of those who are still duped by him.

Agenda 21, starvation plans and more for US, LUN

Soros and Uganda


A Republican candidate ought to list out all of Obama's actions taking orders from Soros and the UN. Another example, during the Gulf Oil moratorium, US money was going to Brazil for Soros oil interests.


A comparison of Obama's Executive Orders with UN goals would be eye-opening, too. For example, EO 12425 giving Interpol free rein/reign in the US.


I have the MLK dedication on (muted). Aretha is doing a solo. Barry is rocking side to side seated in his chair. No one else is. Looks silly.


Did I mention Hit is my favorite?
(Don't tell bgates.)

hit and run

Hey bgates,I'm Clarice's favorite!!!!!


Anyone know how to go short on memorabilia?

Set up a fee for sale garage sale?


Since this is the sorta sports thread:

We are leaving for West By God Virginia on Wednesday to go visit the wee one. One night in Charleston and then on to Canaan Valley to finally see her play college golf. Anyways, they had a golf tourney in Moundsville 2 weeks ago that got SNOWED out and I see the current weather forecast calls for snow next weekend. Anyone know of any good weather prayers or have a weather god whose tummy they can rub to help avert this need for yellow golf balls and ski pants? Deployment of such would be most appreciated. YMVW in advance


"Barry is rocking side to side seated in his chair. No one else is. Looks silly."

Oh, God. he's trying to act black. take me home, Lord.


Oh yeah. To hell with the Cavaliers. What's the good word? Tohellwithgeorgia !!!


I'd just like to note for the record that autocorrect on the iPhone recognizes tohellwithgeorgia as a word. :)


Okay, we did this last year. It is no longer enough that we got there again. I want it all. Does that make me an OWS?

Go Rangers!!!!!!


No Sue it doesn't reduce you to the OWS clueless level. I'm torn between the Rangers and the Brewers because my cousins live in Milwaukee.Whatever happens today with the Cardinals will determine my final decision.



Naked shorts: sell before you purchase the items.


Well, our rivers are bigger than yours. For whatever that is worth.

TM, I pick the Cards in six. Though I took my son to Grant's Farm yesterday to get a picture of him feeding a camel for his 'camels eat ?' portion of his third-grade project. The attraction of Grant's Farm as opposed to Grant's home (a National Historic Site, with Junior Ranger badges and all) is the free beer they give to adults who drag their kids along. They are now serving a Shocktop 'Pumpkin Ale'.

If the Cards lose this series, it is because Busch agreed to distribute a cinnamon-flavored beer*.


The real shock is that it took this long for your genius to be appreE


I will be in SF next weekend (check the SFChron for 'Akins') Will you be in town? Walter dot Schuster aat gmail dt. com.

*No, I do not agree with the marketing folks that such an abomination can accurately be described as a 'beer'.



Who would have thought that I would have more difficulty adapting to a MacBook than an Ipad?


Go Cards! America's best baseball region-- St Louis is now too small to qualify as a baseball city any longer....

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